Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1053

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Rihanna in the fire.

‘Damn it.’

Purifying Ymir’s demons was on a different level from his previous emotions.

‘Is this Ymir?’

It was dissatisfaction without limits.

As if you haven’t breathed for over 100 million years, as if you haven’t excreted for over 1 billion years.

‘No creature can stand something like this.’

But in the cosmic contradiction he was born to endure, what will Ymir think?

“Kuaaa! i will eat it! I will eat them all!”

Monoras yearned endlessly.

The more he did, the bigger the flames of Gehenna became, and the land that turned into lava rolled over like the sea.

‘The height of emotion.’

The reason why Sirone couldn’t take action coincided with the reason Lethe was watching.

‘We’re pushing each other beyond our limits. Not providing a variable helps.’

Lian’s body began to melt as the chains of Gehenna crossed the limits of purification.


Blood ran up in Monoras’ eyes as he saw the burning flesh dripping down.

“I, I… …

The land of lava shook as much as a mountain.

“I will eat!”

A cold smile appeared on Lethe’s lips as Lian’s body evaporated with a thud.

“No one can stop Ymir’s demon. It would be the same in real life… …

She turned to Sirone.

“I feel sorry for you. Your efforts and the Archduke’s efforts were in vain. Just give up.”

Extinction in the underworld literally meant nothingness of existence.

“Can not help it.”

While Lethe’s eyes narrowed, Sirone continued.

“… … feel that When that happens, when those results have already come out.”

The lava rocked unnaturally, and the entire land began to swell up.

“But Lian is different. If you want to do that, you must do it. If Ymir’s power comes from contradiction, then Rian’s conviction must also be contradictory.”

Lian’s sword is a sword that denies everything.

“Also, denying everything means transcending the world and accomplishing it.”

You could say this.

“Divine Transcendence

Lethe turned her head as the lava that had been slowly swelling soared rapidly to the end of the sky.

There was shock in her eyes.

“That… …

It was probably Rihanna, so large that it could be seen even beyond the hellish horizon.


There was no vocal cords in the lava in the form of a yaksha, but the world was shaken only by the common vacuum.

At that moment, Lethe realized.

“Monoras! Run away!”

But perhaps it was already too late, Monolas was suffering with his whites exposed.

“I will eat! I… … I… …

It flashed and the world was engulfed in light, and all matter within visual range evaporated.

Lethe, who was contorting with her face covered, opened her eyes as soon as the heat dissipated.

A huge pit with no end was formed as dark as outer space.

‘Everything has been purified.’

The land, Laviette, and the countless cities around it became nothing.

Sirone went into the pit. “Lian!”

As we descended several tens of kilometers, we heard the sound of tens of thousands of people screaming at the same time.

‘Dark Resonance. It’s a big deal.’

The abyss was created because Lian cleansed the whole land.

‘The sense of excitement is fading.’

Time does not pass in the abyss.

This is the same reason that time disappears when all matter in outer space is removed.


Sensing that all 11 senses were paralyzed, Sirone exploded the light of Agape.

If you go deeper here, you will not even sense your own existence.

‘Where are you? where are you?’

A light as sharp as a blade broke through the darkness, but nothing was caught.


It was no longer a space.

“Hey, hey. are you okay?”

In the darkness of the abyss, Son Yu-jeong groped for Lian’s body as if she had fallen dead.

Richera’s voice was heard from the waist.

“Quick get out of here. It’s a strange place. I think I will go crazy if I stay like this.”


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Son Yoo-jung felt the same way.


Powerful mother nature that swallowed countless yōkai.

“Son Yoo-jung.”

Hurrying to her senses, Son Yu-jeong focused her attention on the hand that was touching Rian.

‘I can’t be careless. The slightest distraction will make you lose your senses.’

To be honest, even now, he doubted whether the thing he was touching was real.

“Ah, it’s warm. Yoojung Son. The sea is so beautiful. My mother fell into the water… …

“shut up. Don’t be crazy.”

Son Yoo-jung shook Lian.

“Hey, hey! Come to your senses!”

“Puhihihi! So you idiot, you idiot, why are you rushing in to save this guy? You should have run away.”

I wanted to hit Richera on the head, but I couldn’t tell where my hand was.

‘Do you think I saved someone because I wanted to?’

If he could only act once while injured, he had to capture Lian.

‘In the abyss you lose yourself. The only one who can escape this place is this guy.’

Ideas would be the only criterion.

“hey! wake up! Get up and see!” I’m in a hurry, so I’ll do anything, but it’s probably hard to get my consciousness back

it was

‘I’ve never heard of a human being able to make something like this. This guy, where is the limit?’

Now I had no choice but to gamble.

‘hair. my hair.’

In a final effort of concentration, she plucked her hair and caused a string effect.


A faint light seemed to illuminate the surroundings, but darkness soon swallowed up my hair.

she screamed.

‘no! Wake!’

However, it was only a matter of consciousness, and the voice did not actually leak out.

‘ah! iced coffee!’

No matter how much I shouted, my senses did not return, and even my consciousness was plunged into darkness.


The moment even the ego disappeared, a drop of light from the string fell down.


Feeling the refreshing energy wash over his mind, Lian slowly opened his eyes.

‘What is this again?’

Nothing was visible, and the fact that it was different from the darkness people commonly imagined was quickly discovered.

‘I can’t feel anything.’

When he stretched out his hand, Gehenna’s chains were sucked in and <Idea> was caught.


Lian, who was lost in thought with her head raised, gently raised the corner of her mouth.

“It got stronger.” Ymir’s demon absorbed by him energized his whole body as if it were about to explode.


The big sword is stuck in the dark.

“Divine transcendence.”

One coordinate that Lian pushed through redefined the nothingness of the abyss as a space.


The light of Agape rushed in wildly, illuminating Lian’s surroundings brightly.

While Sirone met Lian’s eyes and smiled, Son Yu-jeong, whose joints all over her body were distorted, could be seen.

“anyway… …

In any case, it was admirable that they tried to save Lian, and the Hand of God captured them.

“let’s go.”

When he cast space movement in that state, a flash of light instantly pierced the abyss.


Directly beneath the cloud of fire, Lian inspected the great pit he had created.

“That’s amazing.”

Sirone nodded.

“huh. But this is only part of Hell. It will be much more difficult to purify the voice.” Rian grabbed the big sword and looked around.

“What about Lethe?”

“I left. see you again soon I’ll be waiting for you where the voice is.”

It was regrettable that a decision could not be made immediately, but Lian decided to bury it in the darkness of the abyss.


It would have been nice to have a drink.

‘May you rest in peace.’

Stang National School of Magic. When I wake up in the morning, make coffee, and go to work, the students are training fiercely.


The teachers greeted Sirone.

“yes. Good morning.”

For wizards, Oh Dae-seong was an object of longing for the ivory tower, but he had a special feeling among them.

During World War II, most of the veteran teachers were recruited, so the teachers’ age was roughly the same as Sirone’s.

“Thank you so much for helping me with the advanced class make-up yesterday. You have no idea how moved the students were.”

“no. It’s definitely something you have to do.” The Magic Ten Members Association and even Amy come forward to teach the students, but the core is still Shirone.

Amy noticed that the female teachers’ gaze was changing day by day.

Amy, who had been watching Sirone chat, sighed, but heard a familiar voice.

“Oh Dae-sung is doing too much.”

Lampa, who had returned after receiving a special order from Sirone to check the situation in each country, was standing behind her.

“Mr. Lampa.”

“I don’t know much about dating, but it would be better to draw a line on that kind of thing.”

“It’s because I have a personality that can’t say things I don’t like.”

He didn’t show it, but he couldn’t help but feel a little relieved after hearing Rampa’s words.

‘No matter how busy he is at work, how come he never visits me in the middle of the night?’

However, it is not possible to find it out of shape first.

“Amy. Mr. Lampa.”

Sirone said goodbye to the teachers and approached, but Amy’s reaction was unexpectedly cold.


Just as Sirone blinked, a wizard ran out of the training ground.


Amy was more embarrassed by the hug, but it was too shabby to feel jealous of a seven-year-old child.

“What is your training today?”

Sirone looked at Amy’s expression once more and greeted the Wizard with a smile.

“Today we are going to do a little special training.”

At the word special, Amy gently turned her head and showed interest.

“The Force, have you heard of it?”

“Force? no.”

It was basic for students who went through regular courses at magic schools, but wizards were unfamiliar.

As Sirone walked to the center of the training ground, teachers and students stopped training and gathered.

Receiving direct guidance was very helpful, but every moment of Sirone and Wizard’s training was history.


Sirone raised her index finger and said.

“Tell me about colliding an existing idea with another idea. You could call it a mind-changing skill.”


The Wizard nodded, but the voice was a nuance he didn’t quite understand.

“To put it simply… … Yes, if today is test day, I had a big fight with my parents in the morning. Then that person won’t be able to concentrate on the test because of what happened in the morning. yes?”


Sirone gave another example.

“A loved one has died. I was walking in sorrow when suddenly a carriage came running. At that moment, the brain forgets the person you love and runs fast to respond to the carriage.”


“Force is to use it artificially. As far as magic goes, it replaces the batteries in an instant.”

Wizard understood.

“It is a very cool technology. It’s also cruel. You have to forget the person you love.”

“Haha, yes.”

Sirone suddenly became serious.

“If you don’t, you will die.”

“… … yes.”

“The basic is cross force. Keep crashing the batteries along the crossroads. In this way.”

A curtain of light spread over Sirone’s head, and a cross over 10 meters in length was drawn.

“It would be faster to see it than to say it. This arcane magic will show my force in real time.”

Wizard swallowed and nodded.


The moment Sirone spit out, numerous marbles symbolizing each magic filled the cross.

Kaka Kaka Kaka Kaka!

The marbles bounced off at great speed, and the effect flashed over the heads of people around them.

“Speech, nonsense.”

When Oh Dae-seong’s buff magic came in,

Not only the students but also the teachers looked at their bodies.

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