Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1066

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Dongguk and Seoguk (2)

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The operator, a famous female chain in High Gear, is known as a ‘lady’ among operators.

The first reason was that he did not lose his elegance even in the battlefield where firepower was rampant, but… … .

“Lady is offended again.”

Number Seven’s tone was mixed with contempt.

“Do not misunderstand. I’m asking because you’re the only one who plays high gear among the operators. Are you okay? Yahweh 2. If we leave it as it is, it might break the operator’s stronghold someday, right? I’d rather exile now, “What’s that about? The reason the operator is ranked #1 has nothing to do with me being the operator.”

Number Seven giggled.

“No, I’m afraid I’ll be nervous. how is it? I can tweak the event a bit if you want.”

“Number seven.”

It was a cold voice.

“Don’t touch me. Twelve operators are building high gear, but I am the original designer. Event expansion that goes against the initial concept is unacceptable.”

“I’m a little annoyed to hear it.”

Number Seven responded right away.

“I’ll admit you’re a genius, but we’re here to experiment with the perfect world. It’s not to make a playground for a lonely girl.”

Hey hey hey!

A deafening high-frequency noise hit the operator’s conference room video.

the operator shouted.

“Are you going to die? what do you know about me Shall I explode your brain right now?”

“If you can, try it.”

“Number Seven! you… … !”

At that moment, Lollipop Mark shouted.

“stop! Please stop it!”

The ability to immediately block the operator’s noise attack was excellent.

“Because I keep doing this at every meeting, I can’t even go to academy. Can’t we just focus on the agenda?”

“That bastard keeps pissing me off!” No. 7 did not lose either.

“Are you? What if the operator sticks with the user? Do you know how many bug tests I do every time I prepare for an event? saturday

It’s about to come out.” “Look technically, technically. Why don’t you just log in occasionally and look around to see if it’s working? you are god You don’t have to hunt all day. Just take it with Status Max and wipe it all out. It’s the perfect world you want, because now I don’t quite understand it either? What do you want to do in high gear?”

The radio waves became quiet.

“??????I don’t know.”

the operator said.

“Can the created world really be perfect? After all, if the user turns away, it’s a lie.”

The accident passed in silence.

“Yes, I ran away because I hated reality. So you don’t have a choice. What I want to do in high gear is… … Maybe it’s just living itself. my heart is here So for me, this place is real.”

Number Seven asked.

“Are you satisfied with that? it’s all made by you What if a serious bug pops up? If high gear is a mess, can you live there?”

The answer came belatedly.

“… … I just wanted to live I’m done talking. I’ll go out first. I personally have no charges on the agenda. Please refer to it when voting.” The high gear mark has disappeared.

“joy! The raid time is guarded like a knife. Hey, I’m leaving too. Abstain on the agenda.”

After blocking access to Number Seven, Smile Mark sped up the meeting.

“I vote right away. Number 1 says sanctions should be imposed on Yahweh2, and number 2 says no charges.”

Numbers appeared on 10 screens.

“great. Then I’ll save and lock the contents of today’s meeting. See you at the next meeting.”

Yahweh 2, no charge.

wasteland of electrons.

Sirone and the others set the output of the high gear to the maximum and hunted the metal wolf.

“hey! run away! shoot! Shoot!”

At the same time as the rifle fired, the Metal Wolf rapidly twisted its direction.

707, God of Destruction, frowned upon seeing only debris flying from the poor ground.

“Ah, up about it! weird? Didn’t we catch this very easily in the past’?”

In fact, the average level of Metal Wolf was between 6 and 7, and it was a creature belonging to the weak.

Death Princess said.

“It’s because the level is too low. Usually in the hometown of iron, you get up to level 7 and come out.”

Sirone suggested a way.

“There is no chance of winning in an output competition. First of all, you can’t use the terrain because it’s open. Let us make it.”

“You want to dig a trap?”

“no. It’s to increase the metal wolf’s movement line by one person shooting. And if two people run in a straight line, the difference in speed can be offset. After driving it to a single road like that, the last person finishes it.”

The strongest codename nodded.

“It’s a good way. If you change roles, you will be able to level up evenly. Once you reach level 5, you should be able to easily catch a Metal Wolf.”

The hunting resumed according to Sirone’s strategy.

keying! keying!

As soon as the metal wolf spread on the floor with a sharp mechanical sound, the level rose immediately.

“You kill this? Because the level is so low, even if you catch one, the experience gauge goes up.”

“huh. It will be soon.”

After hunting in order like that, Sirone and the others reached level 5.

Sirone’s eyes sparkled.

“There is a new feature. A search radius of 200 meters.”

Death Princess said.

“huh. It’s an artificial intelligence feature that activates at level 5. Now the information of the user or creature within 200 meters will be displayed. The same goes for code names.”


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“I jumped twice. first 100 meters

It was.”

“Oh, how did you know? It’s not even listed in the manual. We knew it because we measured it ourselves.”

“Just what… …

Is it the feeling of a wizard?

“The search radius really matters. First of all, since artificial intelligence doesn’t work outside the search range, it’s automatic aiming and nothing. The only thing you can see is the code name, and that’s within line of sight. If you fall 500 meters or 1 kilometer away, you won’t even be able to confirm who hit you.”

“This is an advantage for snipers. That’s why the colonoscopy was shot at a full 200 meters.”

“That’s basic. As the level goes up, the combat range goes beyond at least 1 kilometer. Users can fly and even fire anti-personnel missiles.”

Sirone nodded.

“I get it roughly. As you level up, the AI’s capabilities increase and its performance improves. In addition, the output is getting stronger, so the 1 level difference is huge.”

“okay. There are five main types of artificial intelligence. What you currently have active are auto-aim, recoil compensation, and search radius, right? One more will be activated at 7th and 9th levels. I’ll let you know while hunting. From the next 10th level, you are now entering the world of selective options.”

“Aha, that’s why it didn’t open.”

Sirone couldn’t help but admit it.

‘Honestly, it’s fun. The system is also designed to be learned step by step as you level up.’

In that respect, Tenman’s existence was close.

‘Well, that’s because it’s the operator’s domain.’

For now, Sirone, who wants to enjoy high gear as a user, goes hunting again.

After catching a level 10 Metal Scorpion and Metal Worm, his experience went up. The scorpion shoots hydrochloric acid from its tail, and the dragon’s ability to hide underground is annoying.

At level 7, the penetration correction function was activated.

“I like that.”

Death Princess explained.

“It’s not a key feature, but a lot of variables come from this penetrating correction. The most important thing is that it is not a probability. Once hit, it can pierce the armor without fail. In other words, no matter how strong the enemy is, there is a chance for a headshot.”

“really? Then, wouldn’t it be possible to defeat the operator?”

“In conclusion, it is possible. But the odds are less than 0.001 percent I think. I’ll explain from now on. Aim your rifle at me.”

When I aimed at the Princess Death’s forehead, an aim popped up.

100% floated in the aim, and a red line drew a ring around it.

When the red line formed a perfect circle, the 100% symbol glowed golden.


“okay? The important thing in the penetration test is the computation time of the artificial intelligence. Now, since it’s an old helmet, the calculation finished in around 2 seconds, but if I had the parts installed, the time would have increased considerably depending on the durability of the gloves. Of course, if you equip better firearms, of course the time will be reduced.”

“I understand. So what happens if we aim at the Operator now? The durability must be the strongest, but doesn’t it take several hours for the penetration test to come out?”

“no. In that case, instead of 100%, a ‘critical’ judgment will appear. Because the limit of the power of a rifle cannot exceed the durability of armor.”

“But you said 0.001 percent.”

“That’s what you were talking about when you equipped a better firearm. Won’t the golden ring support you anyway? Do you want to fight with a rifle? And do you think the operator will wait patiently until you activate penetration compensation?”

” but??????

“It’s a really nice feature, though. You and the operator are in an extreme situation, and usually, if you succeed, you can pierce armor 10 times greater than your strength.”

“But it is just as difficult.”

“Whoops, that’s right. So actually, this is more important in defeating boss creatures. This is called a raid, but if you go to a higher difficulty, the durability of the creatures increases tremendously. At that time, the ‘critical’ judgment is like the rain of a drought. It is said that there are creatures that are physically impossible to attack if the critical fails even once.”

“huh. I think I know what it is.”

The hunt has begun again.

From now on, the level up required a lot of experience, so I had to hunt for a full 3 hours.

God of Destruction 707 said.

“Let’s stop today. It’s dark and hunting efficiency is low. I have to save high gear power too.”

“Out of power?”

“I don’t care at this level, but just in case. Of course, when you reach a high level, it consumes a lot of battery.” The strongest code name is very popular in the wasteland.

I cut down a dry tree that I could see and brought it.

“Let’s light a fire. We don’t need a night watch, but the game might still come.”

I lit a bonfire with the flint I had brought from the hometown of iron, and Sirone sat by the fire.

‘The heat is also real.’

maybe like a dream

“Yahweh 2.”

When I looked up, Princess Death was hesitating with a slightly flushed face.

“huh. what’s the matter?”

“excuse me… … We’re going to have some fun, would you like to join us?”

Sirone, who understood what he meant, looked at the Demon God of Destruction 707 and the strongest code name.

And I felt it in their unconcerned appearance.

‘yes. here is… …

It’s a virtual world.

‘All of those children’s appearances must be lies. That’s right, I’m the only one who’s thinking here.’

Sirone politely declined.

“sorry. I’m a bit awkward.”

“Okay then.”

Princess Death returned to her seat with a smile and started playing silently with her friends.

tadak. tadak.

While the sparks from the bonfire raged wildly, Sirone was lost in thought.

‘What is real?’

Three people sitting across from me were kissing, and beyond that was a vast darkness.

‘The heart… …

Sirone held out her hand close enough to burn herself.

‘Where is it?’

“O uh uh”

? n? 丁that?

The campfire was hot, but also too cold

it was cold

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