Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1101

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Beginning of Ruin (3)

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A petite woman wearing a hood arrived at the square overlooking the Vatican.

Candler Eden.

With the name of the ancient city as her name, she was a yo-ra who practiced love.

Eden took off his hood and gazed at the top of a tower that stood tall enough to pierce the sky.

‘It’s not over there.’ Slowly lowering her gaze, she passed through the entrance to the Vatican and savored the invisible depths of the ground.


It was so faint that you couldn’t feel it unless you concentrated, but it definitely smelled of evil.

‘My feeling was right. But why is there such an aura in the Vatican?’

After hearing the voice of Havitz’s heart with <Nemesis>, Eden suffered from nightmares.

Then one day, while chasing the demons with Dante, he heard a strange rumor.


The founder was Giyorgi, and surprisingly, he was a demon tribe made up of emotions abandoned by Yahweh.

After breaking up with Dante, she investigated Satanism, and this is the place where she arrived following the evil energy.

“Papal office.”

Lamigyo upholds the good will.

The paladin made a great contribution in the war against the demons, and the priests took care of those in need.

Leaving countless questions behind, Eden wore the hood.

‘I’ll check it with my own eyes.’

Satan’s spiritual foundation, Satanism, will be destroyed, and you will escape from a terrible nightmare.

‘Lord Yor.’

After kissing the cross pendant in the circular frame, she headed to the Vatican.

‘Please protect me.’

“This is it.”

The expression on the high priest’s face as he guided Sirone and his party to the front of the Pope’s office was still uncomfortable.

‘What are you going to do?’ The world’s three major religions are Lamism, Yoreism, and Theraposism.

‘Yorkism does not grow an organization, and Teraposism has fallen with the Papal Curia of Therapos. A few extremists cause terrorism, but it’s not dangerous.’

Only Lamigyo was strong in this turbulent era.

‘Isn’t this proof that Krea created the universe? But from sometime… …

The name Yahweh began to be heard, and word spread so fast that it was impossible to use hands.

‘I should have cut the buds from the beginning.’ If the world map is decided in this temple, the pope of Lamie will notarize it.

‘A chance to become the only religion in the world.’

Yahweh came to the Vatican at the point when the unprecedented achievements were just around the corner.

“Again, behave reverently before the Pope. If you speak rudely because you believe in a different God, you will act according to Lamite doctrine.”

Nade was hot.

“joy! After all, they are also knights



Sirone dried.

“all right. It will be a short conversation. When I hear the answer I want, I will quietly return.”

The High Priestess was even more anxious.

‘What kind of answer do you want to hear?’

He knocked politely, as standing in front of the Pope’s office was not a good sight.

“Sir, a guest has arrived.”

“Let them come.”

Following the grave voice, the door opened, and Constantine, who had a good impression, appeared.

Sirone proudly entered, and a wary Iruki and a nervous Ned lined up on the left and right.


Constantine, who had been looking at Sirone for a long time, smiled.

“You are the fraternity of the age, Yahweh. I’ve heard rumors, but you look much younger in real life.”

“I have heard of fame. You helped me a lot in the Demon War. Thank you.”

Constantine offered a seat.

“Is there anything to be thankful for? Compared to what you’ve done, you’re just ashamed. sit down.”

Sirone thought while sitting in a chair.

‘I don’t think there is a need for honor. but… … I’ve been far from that since I was young.’

I knew about his youth through Omega.

‘The Pope of Power:

In fact, Constantine’s divine power was so strong that even within the Papal Office, he competed for supremacy.

‘I am not one to be shaken by the energy of evil. But why do you feel here…’

Does it smell like Satan?

“Yes, Lord.”

The pope opened his mouth.

“You must have wanted to see me before the temple opened. How is it? Am I not up to your standards?”

“You are not qualified to judge others. I just have a question.”

“is it? I’m a little sorry.”

Sirone’s answer was rather disappointing, as he had lived without a single point of shame throughout his life.

“Okay, ask me anything. As you know, I have to leave for the temple soon.”

“What are you hiding?” The pope closed his mouth at the straightforward question, but his expression did not waver.


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“Hmm. What are you hiding? my to you? Let’s see… … What was he hiding?”

The Pope, who had been walking around the room, turned to Sirone.

“I once broke a toy of a close friend when I was a kid. I couldn’t tell you the truth Oh, that’s right. It was during my adolescence. I had a crush on the girl next door. It’s not something I would do as a servant of God, but I’ve had depraved thoughts. and… …

“does not matter.”

Sirone said.

“Everyone is swayed by desire.

What I want to hear is more fundamental issues than that.”

“I don’t know. Could you please explain?”


The pope’s eyebrows twitched.

“The martyrdom code. I heard that the Paladins of Lamie religion are trained from a very young age.”

Constantine’s face contorted.

“Yahweh, I tried to understand you. But why are you discussing doctrine?”

“I am not discussing, I am asking. Don’t you think it’s wrong? Remembering clearly that you broke your childhood friend’s toy, why do you think about it?

doesn’t it say?”

“Because I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Constantine was adamant.

“Lamicyo has fought against evil. Paladins are those at the forefront. What’s wrong with training them? I don’t know if you’ve ever asked a quibble, but as the Pope of Lamie, I have no questions about doctrine.”

“Then I can’t accept Lamie religion either.”

The pope’s face wrinkled even more, and the furniture shook like an earthquake.

‘ tremendous.’

Although originally an aura that resists evil, it has power that even affects heartless beings.

‘A fair amount of demons will just be crushed.’

said the Pope.

“Creating a peaceful world, wasn’t that a common task between you and me? Why is this? Are you saying that even the way you fight should follow yours?”

“I know all the history before I was born. Of course, there are Lamies in that history.” “It doesn’t matter which god you believe in. Because religion basically exists for human beings. But not a paladin. It’s not a religion. What Lamigyo did to them… …

Sirone said.

“It’s brainwashing.”

Perhaps the Pope was no exception.

“Receive harsh training, arm your mind, and defeat evil with the powerful divine power obtained in that way. Isn’t that how Lamigyo has grown?”

“You saved a lot of people. You saved the world from evil. Is that such a bad thing?”

“The biggest mistake was making them unable to even consider themselves at fault. That is brainwashing.”

“Humans are weak!”

cried the pope.

“The whole world is swarming with evil, and their temptations are so sweet. Shouldn’t we also have something deadly to fight against it? If you don’t have the faith and spirit to overcome evil, then everything is over.”

“Those thoughts… …

Sirone pointed to the floor.

“I called evil into this holy place of God.”

“… … What do you mean?”

The pope, not understanding, felt the most terrible insult in the world.

“Is there evil in the Vatican?”

“Humans are weak. He is easily swayed by desire. But if you try to suppress it by force, you will give in to the temptation of a greater evil. Rather, it fosters evil.”

“I see now.”

The pope calmed down.

“Looks like I misunderstood you. Was it something like this? Did you gain recognition by biting the doctrines of other religions?”

“Don’t go to the temple.”

Sirone was adamant.

“Remain here and see the evil that Lamicyo has brought in. That is the way it is.”

“It’s about time.”

As if he had completely blocked his ears, Constantine remained unresponsive to Sirone’s words.

He shoved his pocket watch into his pocket and turned his head before opening the door.

“Your plan has failed. I intend to go to the temple and do something for the world. If you agree with me, we can be good friends. However, if you intend to take advantage of Lamigyo by damaging it, then I will fight against you with my honor and conviction.”

There was a thud and the door closed.

The three remaining in the Pope’s office were so tense that they didn’t even have time to review the conversation.

“… … It’s bloody.”

It was a life felt outside the door.

“If you wait, they will come into your room. What do we do? Shall we stick together? Or run away?”

“I cannot leave now.”

Sirone stood up from her seat.

“Now that I know the Pope’s position, I should also check. What is going on in the Holy See.”

Nade asked.

“But is there really evil here? The Pope doesn’t seem to feel it.”

“Because it is the Pope. Detecting evil is the seesaw of the law. Why, if you stay in the water for a long time, you adapt to the temperature, but people who have just entered feel cold or hot.”

said Iruki.

“I guess he’s more sensitive because he’s an outsider.”

“huh. Besides, the stronger the evil, the less the evil energy. because it’s clever Because I don’t know about Harvitz at all.”

A knock was heard.

“Stop coming out. The Pope has also gone to the Temple, so he has no reason to remain in the Holy See.”

Iruki opened the Spirit Zone.

“Seven people.”

The magic limiter was not a problem for him, who even hacked Shiok’s hidden code.

“Don’t make it too big. If rumors spread that Sirone was messing around with someone else’s church, public opinion in the temple would deteriorate.”

Nade lit blue electricity in his hand.

“That can’t be right. Should I just kill him?”

“… … Well, for now.”

When permission was granted, Nade lowered his center of gravity and took a posture to charge.

“Goes? Are you really going?” Iruki shrugged her shoulders, and Shirone moved her hand as if pushing her, as he had no other choice.


The moment the door was smashed with a bang, six blades came in from all directions at the same time.

‘I knew it would be like this.’

As Nade’s body was engulfed in a thunderbolt, he evaded the attack with superhuman reflexes.


Among the paladins waiting for a special order, there were patrol members Leon and Seina.

“Punch heresy!” Nade, who had moderated his strength until now, couldn’t stand it any longer.

‘These children… …


The Lightning God’s electric shock surged up, broke the ceiling, and swept down the hallway.


As a powerful electric shock raged through the hallway, the paladins trembled while holding their swords.

Sirone shouted.


Ned, who had come to his senses, hurriedly adjusted his power.


Although the brain power was strong, it had the disadvantage of losing reason the longer it was maintained.

“Now! let’s go!”

While the Paladins couldn’t get out of the shock, Sirone’s party ran to the other side.


Leon’s fist hit the floor.

“We summon all paladins from the Trust Management Department. We must not allow them to leave the Holy See.”

“Hehehe, there is no need for that.”

The seven paladins hurriedly turned at the gloomy voice behind them.

“Hee hee ha]. Hee hee hee.”

A man whose lips were torn to the bottom of his ears was smiling helplessly, holding twin scythes in both hands.

Seina’s face went pale.

‘The one who laughs.’

The most secret organization in the Holy See.

‘Heretic management department.’

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