Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1113

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big dream (2)

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The hall was quiet.

As much as they are proud of their country’s armed forces, they realize the seriousness of the situation.

‘It broke through all the guards of 12 countries. It’s right to see that it can’t be stopped.’

In the minds of the heads of state, Kuan’s status was elevated to the level of Havitz.

‘There’s no need to step out and get attention.’

Being cautious in the face of a realistic threat of assassination was not enough no matter how excessive it was.

Of course, it has nothing to do with pride.


Starting with the cloud dragon’s snort, the kings of each country didn’t like the current situation.

just… … It is better to point troublesome arrows at others than at yourself.

Uorin turned to Harbitz.


God’s frequency is still operating, and Quan’s voice is probably being collected in his sleep.

‘As expected, it doesn’t happen.’

At one time, a man who had cut his own throat seemed insignificant to Satan.

‘It was like that.’

Uorin realized why she was able to rely on Havitz for a moment.

‘I don’t complain about anything.’ He would have had a life too. Accumulated causes even before he was born may have created Satan today.

‘I don’t think A being that has a cause but is not affected by a cause. The most unhuman thing.’

so it’s atrocious


If Satan also had a dream, I was very curious about what the landscape in the dream would look like.

Keira of Corona Kingdom asked.

“Do you care?”

After Kuan entered the hall, it felt like Armin’s hips were shaking.


Armin changed his mind.

“in fact… … okay.”

Although he had put aside his feelings for Shiina, he was still a precious person.

“Do not misunderstand. It’s not that I care in that sense. It’s because of Mr. Kuan.”

Keira looked over at Quan.

“I lost one ear. It doesn’t seem like it was cut.”

“The reason for disrupting the physical balance is to create mental asymmetry. The first time I cut off my arm, I had to cut out the schema, but strictly speaking, it’s a matter of the mind. Even when I cut one eye, I didn’t care too much about the shape. It seems that blocking the senses is enough now.”

“I’m glad. Honestly, it’s someone else’s business, but from Shiina-san’s point of view, it would be too terrible.”

“It is rather the opposite.” It was the reason why Armin was concerned.

“Now you won’t be able to lean by cutting something. Even so, I sat down next to Shiina.”

“… … What more can you cut out?”

“I don’t know. Only the person involved will know, but one thing is certain: he made his decision.”

I will not hesitate.

And when he finally cut out half of what was left of him… … .

‘What will Quan be?’

While receiving the attention of the audience, Shiina continued to glance at the seat next to her.

Kuan had no expression.

‘I can’t figure it out.’

She had been excited about meeting Loquan since she was selected as a member of the teachers’ association.

‘Because he never came.’

To the extent that it was clear that he was intentionally avoiding it, he did not even go where Shiina was.

“Why did you change your mind now?” There was no answer.

“You kept avoiding it. Aren’t you going to have to tell me why? I have pride too.”

I don’t think Kuan’s mouth will open.

Shiina, too, burst into anger and spat it out.

“That’s Okay. go back To be honest, I was just about to put an end to my feelings for Mr. Quan.” Quan quietly stood up.

“Oh really.”

In desperation, Shiina grabbed Kuan’s wrist and pulled him down with force.


How did it come to be so stubborn and intertwined?

“all right. I won’t ask why, so I’ll tell you later. Don’t run away again.”

He didn’t say anything about losing one ear.

‘He’s a good person.’

It was because he knew that even saying such a thing would be a burden to Quan.

“Miss Shiina.”

Looking back at Kuan, Shiina was dazed.

It was the first time he had ever smiled with such an expression.

“I like. I mean it.” Shiina’s face turned red at her sudden confession, and her teachers cleared their throats.

Shiina hurriedly turned her head.

‘Why is this all of a sudden?’ Quan’s face was not frightened at all, but on the other hand, he was filled with fear.

‘You’ve decided on something.’


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I made a promise with a nervous heart.

“all right. Then promise me one thing. Don’t ever leave that way again. If I say I want to meet Mr. Kuan, I should be able to.”

Did he prepare to die, or was he going to leave somewhere again?

Thousands of thoughts swirled in his head, but unexpectedly, Quan nodded.


I wondered if I had eaten something wrong, and when I turned my head, I saw Quan’s one eye full of conviction.

“I’ll be by Shiina-san’s side.” After watching that scene for a while, Shiina realized what her expression was like.


Hiding her shy face, she raised her glasses again, following her cold image.

“I will watch. Is this your last chance… …

Kuan also turned his head away, but the smile lingered on his lips for a long time, like a lingering aftertaste.

The chairman stepped in and rectified the situation.

“The remarks of my predecessor a while ago were judged to be against the motto of the temple and will be nullified. The sanctuary exists for world peace and an official initiative will be made as soon as possible… …

It ended in an uncomfortable state, and the representatives of the organizations affiliated with the temple gave a briefing on the world situation.

Amira of the World Climate Organization reported on the situation of the Pandemonium open to each country on the big screen.

“Emotional sickness, mutations, tidal waves, heat waves, etc., the whole world is suffering from catastrophes. As a result, countries… …

A lot of small talk was drowned out by the sound of the microphone.

“75 points. Her face is pretty, but her eyes are a bit I hate women like that because I’m scared.”

“Ah, Prince. Because that style is hot. Just look at your body. Aren’t you going to kill me?”

The secretary, who overheard the conversation between the two, scratched his thumb nail with a disgusted look on his face.

‘Ah, Mr. The gem fell again. I paid for it expensively. Would it look strange if I found it now?’

Amira flipped the screen.

“mom! mom!”

A child was sitting in the spot where the tsunami had swept away the house, shedding tears.

“There are hundreds of thousands of war orphans, and relief supplies are in short supply. Above all, to establish an orphanage… …

“Oh right. It is said that a royal banquet will be held on Arachne’s side around midnight. Are you going to attend?”

“Oh, let’s go. They say that humanity is in danger, shouldn’t we do something big?”

“Of course it is. Because there is no time to rest these days. The prince is suffering.”

Seriel from the World Health Organization is up.


The prince’s eyes changed.

“hello. It is an honor to stand at the gathering of heads of state. As you can see on the screen, a lot of people are suffering. As a researcher at the World Health Organization, I would like to tell you a case of emotional illness rather than a specific explanation.”

“85 points. Passed.”

Seriel opened the file.

“A terrible tragedy in a family that happened just 10 days ago.” Emotional Disorder Case, No. 9-674.

“Aaaaaaa!” The man screamed as he was tied to his chair.

“dad! dad!”

“Do not come!”

Near the end of the Emotional Illness analysis, the unassisted household knew what to do.

‘no! No way!’

If you can’t stand it, you have no choice but to drive yourself into a state where you can stand it.

‘My family will never.’

Unable to endure the pain, there were many cases of killing family members for temporary comfort.


It hurt so much, and his skin, tied to the rope, was in tatters.

The nail in the bottom of the chair swayed.

“go! Do not come!”

Even while unconscious from the pain, he did not regret his choice.

‘I have to be tied up.’

He’s a man and he’s the strongest.

‘Yeah, that’s what it was made of.’

Then the locked door slammed open and two children and their mother came in crying.


A knife was in his hand.

“Dad, I am very sick. It hurts so much I think I will die.”

“I love you.”

The man smiled and nodded.

“The family who lost their head hanged themselves three days later when emotional illness broke out again.”

The atmosphere became somber.

‘You fools. All you have to do is believe in Satanism.’

Seriel’s voice was locked.

“Do you think this is an extreme case? There are still deprived areas around the world where information is lacking and relief is unreached.”

“The more I look at it, the better it gets. Okay, 87 points.” Fermi turned his head as the prince’s small words permeated the air.

Seeing the cold eyes, the prince said with a mouthful.

what, kid?

After that, Fermi, who had been glaring at the prince for a long time, turned his head and muttered.

It was an insult.

King Manolka of Kessia shook her shoulders.

“Cluck! As I live, I also see you show your emotions. Leave it alone. I’m just doing that because I’m bored because there’s no food to eat yet. The same goes for you.”

“Go to sleep.”

“World peace? It is human beings who cannot even seek peace of mind. There is no end to greed, and full of dissatisfaction. I’m dying to go to the bathroom, but will that video catch my eye?”

“It just grows.”

“Or what? Do you have anything with that wife?”

Fermi’s mouth closed.

“People who lead the world! More support for humanity, please!”

‘Damn it, all I did was money.’

“Don’t lose your loved ones! Don’t lose your human dignity under any circumstances!”

‘If the bonus comes out, pay off the loan, give your mother something, and move to a place with a good education environment…

“Don’t give up on yourself the precious memories, relationships, and love that everyone holds!”

‘The Moon Kingdom side decorations are pretty. Should I tell the manager and ask for one?’

“If you join forces, you can change the world! I beg you earnestly!”

‘Soon it’s time for everyone to speak. The direction of the angels is important. First of all, keep Kashan in check… …

Seriel slammed the podium and shouted.

“Please gather your will!”

” bra… …

Just when Geese jumped up and was about to clap, he heard mad laughter.

“Hee hee hee!”

The atmosphere became chilly, and everyone in the conference hall turned their heads to follow the sound.


Harvits was holding back a laugh desperately, his neck bent to one side.

“Oh sorry. I’m sorry. Uhhhh!” Seriel was distraught.

“What is so funny?”

“It’s not like that, cu cu cu cu cu!”

“You ask what’s funny!”

The thunderous shout finally made the air heavy, and Havitz exhaled deeply.


he said, twitching his beard.

“hmm. Oh, what a pity. That so many people are suffering.”

“You thought that was funny?”

Harvits waved.

“no. that’s sad The reason I’m funny is the people here… …

God’s frequency.

“Well, I get it. It’s hard and difficult, and life is like that. I just want to say… …

satan asked.

“What are you guys doing here?” Satan’s gaze swept across the crowd.

“huh? huh? yes?”

Some turned away, some looked straight on, and some were angry.

‘It’s annoying.’

that reads the mind.

Habitz, who returned his gaze, pointed at Seriel and nodded deeply.


Then they got up and clapped their hands together.

match. match. match. match.

Amid the dry applause, Luffist muttered bitterly.

“It was close.”

The holy war was about to end.


With a smile, Sirone proudly looked at Seriel, whose makeup was smeared with tears.

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