Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1123

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Peer identification (4)

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After having a meal with Iron and the royal family of Arachne, Gis received a report from his room.

“Angels out of Delta?”

“yes. Ignoring even the nonsense that Satiel had made with Jive, he led his forces and set off.”

“Hmm, that proud angel?”

As for demons, contracts to angels are far more powerful than humans think.

“yes. and… …

The aide hesitated and said.

“Sirone seems to have followed suit. Seismic waves were also captured at the Jive border point.”

The situation was sketched out roughly.

“Looks like Ikael or something. pass in moderation If you go after each and every one, there is no one to work with.”

“I think the word will come out from another country.”

“It didn’t happen in the temple, so drive that way. It’s stupid.”

“All right. and… …

The aide pulled out a newspaper.

Jive As a daily newspaper published nationwide, it had a great influence domestically.

“A tracking article appeared. It seems that information about last night’s banquet has been leaked.”


Geese, who had changed into a new suit, snatched the newspaper from buttoning up.

Under the title, “Accusing corruption in the temple,” I saw the signature of a reporter named Maykele.

“Is this guy again?”

“He is a brilliant graduate of the Royal Political School. I have been writing articles critical of the royal family for a long time.”

“It’s been bothering me for so long. Arachne guys, have you been so lax? This is why you shouldn’t play with cheap ones.”

“What should I do?”

“Try coaxing with money, and if that doesn’t work, coax with bigger money. What is that, didn’t you say your son was sick?”

“I am hospitalized with a congenital heart defect. He said he had been receiving treatment at the hospital for two years already.”

“How is it?”

“I hear you are improving quite a bit.” Geese, who was fastening the last button, stopped her big hand and turned her head.

“Hey, aide.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Do you have children too?”

Of course, when I asked what he knew, the assistant officer answered with a puzzled expression.

“yes. Her first daughter is going to school soon. She is the second. She is four years old this year.”

“What if, how would you feel if your son had such a disease?”

“You must feel bad. Maybe it feels like your heart is being ripped out?”

Geese’s eyes tightened, and he turned his arm with all his might and slapped his cheek.

The aide fell on his side, and Geese’s foot landed on his stomach.

“A guy who knows that handles things like this’?”


“When a child is sick, parents’ hearts are torn or not? will it tear? Then what should you do?”

Geese’s feet flew into the side of the crouching aide.

“You don’t have to mess with the kid any more! Kill half of it! Whether you bribe the doctor or strangle him, don’t you think you’ll have to catch your breath!”

Geese hit the aide with the nameplate on the desk where Harvitz was sitting.

“Is your head full of poop? Your head isn’t spinning like that? Go right now and overturn everything!”

“Forgive me!”

Although beaten until bleeding, the aide could not bear to say that he would do it.

‘How can a person do such a thing.’

While living as a politician, he committed numerous corruptions, but there was a line that could not be crossed.

‘As the aide dutifully endured the child who suffered from high fever every day, and the child who could not breathe without medicine, Geese

I lowered my nameplate and gasped for breath.

‘Look at this bastard?’

It seemed like he was going to get hit a few times.

“Hey, wake up.”

“yes yes!”

Even in a state of confusion, the aide jumped to his feet and dusted his clothes.

“Hey, are you going to do politics with that? Are you going to live here only wiping my back for the rest of my life? Is that all a man can do?”


“I am the one who donates to the foundation. Do you know how many patients I saved? Do you think that small conscience of yours will help this society?” The aide bit his lip.

“The state takes care of the children to use it at times like this. Are you smart? Why do you keep projecting your life onto other people’s children?”

Geese put his hand on the assistant’s shoulder.

“Or what? Do you really have to see your child hurt that much to know what reality is?”

The assistant officer’s pupils shook in shock.


Then he turned into a tearful face, then fell on the floor and hugged Geese’s legs.

“sorry! really can’t

I will! majesty! Please save me just once!”

My hands trembled in fear.

‘It’s a monster. This man is a monster.’


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What does it mean to be on top in a world where everyone wants a higher place?

Gis dropped his nameplate.

“I’m really excited.”

I want to beat and kill him right now, but the value of use is more important than emotion.

“okay. wake up. A pitiful fellow.”

“sorry. thank you I will do my best. Thank you, Your Highness!”

Geese rubbed his back.

“It’s just what it says. You must have misunderstood something, but you don’t have to get blood on your hands.”


The sight of the aide blinking his eyes while bleeding from his nose made Gis tense.

“If you can’t do it, let someone else do it. Is there a thug for nothing? Find an idiot and bake it with money. you know what i mean you know how to do it.”

“ah?????? yes.”

Geese nodded.

“What are you doing? If you know, go quickly and deal with it! Do I even have to scoop it up with a spoon and feed it?”

“no! I will do it right now!” As the aide rushed outside, Geese changed his blood-stained clothes into new ones.

“Anyway, just call the ship. What kind of hands and feet have to be right to eat? annoying.”

After putting on his tie, he went to the mirror and saw Havitz standing behind him.

“Isn’t there a smart guy? Other kingdoms are full of speedy guys. I have to do everything, very.”

Harvits let out a yawn.

“It’s boring.”

No matter where you go in the human world or whoever’s mind you read, you’re going to get sick of it.

“I got a hint, though.”

Geese couldn’t recognize Satan until Harvitz opened the door and walked out.

“by the way… …

His expression became serious.

‘Which kid did you snitch on? Is it a trap? No, Arachne doesn’t have that kind of guts.’

Do you think you should refrain from pleasure for the time being?

“Sir… …

A sixty-two letter came out.

Tormia area.

Having received information that Sirone has left Delta, Lufist summoned the leadership.

Among the albino and ponies included, Rufist threw a newspaper on the table.

“Today’s daily newspaper. Published by the Kingdom of Jive. The reason it wasn’t published in the morning paper must be to avoid censorship.”

Flew opened the newspaper.

“I saw it before I came. It’s still just a suspicion, but Jive is the host country of the holy war. Wouldn’t that be a blow to Geith’s position?”

“There will be no big shock. With Gis’ level of power and money, it’s not even a job to make a single person an idiot.”

Albino touched his beard.

“Still, there will be restrictions on your actions. Attending the banquet would be self-respecting. Who is the snitch?”

“I don’t know yet. It won’t be a trap. Arachne’s world of beauty isn’t that clumsy.”

Fleur asked.

“Then why did you inform me?”

“Since it is a human matter, there must have been an incident that night. Once the eyes go back, it’s human to do anything.”

“so? Why did you call us?” Lufist opened her mouth.

“I want to take advantage of this incident. Personally, I think it’s a hint.”

“It’s about burying it politically. It’s more peaceful than assassination. But how?”

“As a result, it seems that Arachne’s beauty world has failed. But Geese is like a beast. He’s out of the banquet, so he’ll be suffocating. I thought maybe I could dig into that gap.”

said the albino.

“Right now, even Tormia can use beauty type, is that what you want to say?”

“yes. Geese will be extremely careful. But what if there is a person who can pierce that vigilance? Then it becomes fun.”

Fleur asked.

“Who is that person?”

Rufist and Albino turned their heads in silence, and she pointed at herself.


“Tell me if you don’t like it.”

“no. I admit it’s a good operation. But I’ve never been trained in the world of beauty. Besides, she’s not particularly pretty.”

“Don’t underestimate yourself. As long as you are good enough. It was decided considering the ability to judge the situation and the ability to respond.”

said the albino.

“Above all, the reason why this worked was that Gis was in a very unstable state. safety first. Wouldn’t it be sweet bait to have a tryst with the chief secretary of the Tormia Magic Association?”

“Wouldn’t you buy yourself at all?”

“Testosterone is powerful. Apart from scientific theory, history proves it. Of course, it depends on how much you trust Kish, but there is a good chance.”


While Flu was running the simulation, the albino looked back at Lufist.

“… … So is it now?”

“yes. Sirone will be against it. It will go as far as breaking the alliance. But we still need Yahweh. This agenda must be conducted in secret.”

Rufist asked again.

“Answer?” Fleur’s eyes softened.

Harvits strolled through the town of Jive.

“There are a lot of people.”

As if being the host country of the temple was a kind of pride, events were being held every day.

‘Well, it’s not a job to look for.’ The daughter of Kish who fell into luxury and gambling. The voice of her heart was excellent even in a crowd.

Entering the casino, she was shouting.

“good! bet! 200,000 gold!”

Holding a drugged glass, it was easy to see that she was insane even without God’s frequency.

Havitz drew his sword.

“The daughter of Kish.”

If you destroy the child of the person who pushed you to kill someone else’s child, how will he react?

‘I’m curious about that sound.’

It wasn’t particularly crazy, but it was going to be a game of its own in a boring temple.

‘This is why a history search is necessary.’

It was not possible to collect extreme sounds simply by killing and harassing.

No one recognized him as he approached the casino table with a long sword.


Although, the moment Rebecca is stabbed, the nations of the crusade will point to Havitz.

“It’s not a temple, this place.”

Gisui’s logic was also included in his play.

“Good good! 300,000 this time! Eat right!”

Havitz, who walked up behind Rebecca, glanced to the side for a moment before raising his longsword.

‘Shall I cut off the arm first?’

At that moment, he noticed something in the scene from before and opened his eyes wide and turned around.

A seven-year-old child was standing.

“Is Gustav Havitz the atrocious of the times?”

Havitz opened his mouth blankly, looked left and right alternately, then pointed at himself.

“Can you see me?”

“I will kill you from now on.” I tapped her child’s mind with God’s frequency, but I couldn’t feel her murky life.

only one piece of information.

“Wenna… … Wizard?”

Only her name pulsated.

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