Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1126

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Ashur is back again.

The two-dimensional form trapped in the transparent panel materialized at the same time as the glass plate was broken.


He immediately drew his sword and prepared to fight, but the situation was different from what he expected.

‘what happened……

The bodies of the angels were emitting black smoke as if they had been heated by fire.

Sirone was the first to see it, but Ashur paid attention to the flame woman next to Ikael.


The fact that the conceptual angels were burned means that the firepower that transcends the phenomena worked.

‘Idea of ​​fire.’

As far as Ashur knew, the only being who had reached that level was Anke Ra, the incarnation of the sun.

‘You swallowed that dream.’

Recalling how Amy had been helped by Buddha, Ashur had a rough idea of ​​the situation.

‘She too has reached the end. Then no angel would be able to approach her.’

Because all angels are born of the sun.

The flames disappeared from Amy’s body, and she gasped for breath as she regained her human body.


During complete combustion, they were invincible, but after the lights went out, the aftermath was severe.

Sirone approached by teleportation.

“Amy, are you okay?”

Instead of answering, Amy’s eyes, which smiled, contained a little delight.

‘It’s definitely tremendous power.’

Sirone also had a history of blowing away angels with the Hand of God, but this time it was on a different level.

‘Idea is the essence. Nothing Amy can’t burn won’t exist.’


Sirone asked as Ashur approached.

“What happened to Wizard?”

“Contacted with subject. He asked me to leave it to him. It should have been settled by now.”

It was a fight with Satan.


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried, but I didn’t train her weak enough to be treated like a child.

‘I have no choice but to trust the wizard now.’

At that moment, Satiel’s voice was heard from afar.


Then, a shockwave rushed in, and Satiel, who grabbed Yuriel by the neck, flew out.

“Don’t disturb me! Even you are destroyed… … !”

Satiel, who had been hit in the face by the goon of paradise, flew off to the side without being able to finish his words.

With her fingers 20 meters away, she crouched, baring her teeth.

“you… …

Ikael said.

“Stop it.”

As it had been for a very long time, there was a special resonance in her voice.

“This is not the time to fight like this. The world is coming to an end. We must prepare for the end.”

“It’s all because of you!”

Satiel kicked off the ground and lunged forward, punching Ichael.

“The subject of betraying an angel!”

As Ikael grabbed her hand, the law halo nostalgia kicked off.


When the power of disintegration disintegrated the palm of my hand like sand, Ikael spread the asteroid.


As her presence amplified, even Satiel’s nostalgia faded and weakened.


Even so, Satiel did not back down.

“Ikael, you hypocrite. You just need our strength. For Sirone’s sake.”

“It could be.”

“You betrayed us! so… …

“But isn’t it the same for you?”

The moment he saw Ikael’s cold eyes, Satiel instinctively shut up.

“Because there are no more guffins.”

“… … What are you talking about?”

“No matter what means we can’t meet, the only thing left is your memories.”

Satiel’s teeth gnashed.

“Because if I quench the anger that burns now, I won’t be able to feel him anymore.”

“Doc… … Hit it.”

“Isn’t that why we fight?”


The moment the archangel’s command was given, all the ordinary angels prepared for extinction and flew away.


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While Sirone was blocking Ikael, Uriel rushed towards the ordinary angels.


The moment the Geon of Paradise struck the ground, a huge white electricity ascended to heaven as if it were flowing backwards.

The roar was not a problem, but the angels were frozen by the shock wave that shook the planet.

Ikael murmured with a surprised expression.


“Don’t get me wrong.”

Still blocking the way of the angels, he gently turned his head.

“Isn’t this a decision for you? If there is such a thing as a heart, it must be the intent to kill… …


Being able to destroy everything in the world, being an existence that cannot be touched even more.

‘It’s easy to destroy Ikael.’

The only question was whether she could handle herself after being destroyed.

Then all the angels turned their heads.


Then Ashur realized, and the next moment, the humans Amy and Sirone realized.

“Something is coming.”

What is clear is that it is not material.

‘What a feeling.’

An eerie feeling was creeping in.

The 12th palace of the zodiac.

The astrologers looked at the mechanism floating above the pentagram drawn on the floor.

‘It’s grievous.’

That the essence of the world is contained in metal.

Kitra, King of Paras, gave instructions while emitting a brilliant blue light from his eyes.

“Welcome to the new world.”

Having been baptized with phosphorus at the Pyramid of Truth, he saw the essence of God, albeit for a moment.

When I came to my senses, I was outside the pyramid, and my emotional illness had completely improved.

“Causes are meaningless.”

In addition to Kitra, those who have been in contact with the Pyramid of Truth have been spread all over the world.

“Giant Coordination.”

If reset means system initialization, grand adjustment is to change the system itself.

What happened as a result… … .

The ground shook.

Sirone looked at the pyramid structure rising over the horizon.

“That… … what?”

It was huge enough to compare with the Pyramid of Truth in Paras.


Ikael shouted.

“The time waves keep coming. It is changing the laws of this world.”

“Seeing through time’?”

It was the reason the angels first realized it.

“There are things like that being built all over the world. I can’t look down at them all, but there are already more than eight.”

Sirone bit his lip.

‘Ultra-ancient civilization.’

Evidence of the outside world created at a time when nothing existed in the universe.

‘Are you directly intervening? For what?’

While Sirone was lost in thought, ordinary angels flocked to Satiel.

“Archangel, what the heck is that… … ?” Satiel was silent.

Even the archangels had no information about being established before they existed.

‘No, even if I knew it would be the same.’

This is because Oparts disturb the information of all approaching beings with a magnetic field.

“What is it about to happen?” The 12th palace of the zodiac reported.

“majesty! You have entered your coordinates. Hey, once you change your destiny, you can’t go back.”

The reason I bothered to say it was because even the astrologers were terrified.

‘It’s crazy. It’s a matter of a different level than the world’s leading country, or the destruction of mankind.’

The world I knew so far disappears.

“Do it.”


Some astrologers shed tears in sheer fear, but Kitra remained calm.

‘If only I could become a god.’ It doesn’t matter if your head is flying.

“Giant Coordination.”

As the astrologers operated the machine, the sphere’s metal began to spin rapidly.

Blue light exploded from Kitra’s eyes.


It seemed that something hazy shimmered through the veil of vision that had all turned pale.

‘Dear God.’ The angels were intent on observing the state of the world by looking down.

‘This makes no sense.’

In the area where the pyramid was built, the topography was completely changed and no life was seen.

“Sirone, it’s not serious. Right Now… …

Just as Ikael was about to speak, the nearest pyramid was engulfed in electricity.


The heavenly body of the angels shook violently, and finally someone screamed.


pop! pop! pop! pop!

The angels whose starlight exploded began to fall to the floor like a puppet with a thread cut off.

The angels’ faces turned pale, and Sirone met Ikael’s eyes.

‘no way?’

pop! pop! pop! pop!

With half of the angels already fallen, Satiel bit her lip.

“Chief Angel! omg!”

When the star of the angel next to me exploded, my shoulders unknowingly moved.

‘Is it the end?’

The chain reaction of the explosion skipped Satiel and led to the angel on the other side.

like that… … .

” entire?”

The ordinary angels disappeared, and only Satiel, Ikael, and Uriel were left.

‘Why do we stay? Because he’s an archangel?’

Of course, that thought would come first, but Sirone shook her head slowly.

‘No, that doesn’t matter.’

Searching the Pyramid of Truth, Sirone found out the identity of the characters engraved on the wall.

‘Everyone said they were angels. Then even if he is an archangel, he cannot escape. They have something in common.’


Unable to think of anything else, Satiel clenched his fists and shouted.


It was the height of misery to see the angels who rule the world spread out on the floor helplessly.

“How could this be? Angels… …

At that moment, a flash of light flew in front of her, and Rayel, the archangel of light, landed.

“Satiel, the law is changing.” As the system changes, the definition of certain concepts will also change.

“The concept of angels has lost its absoluteness. It was downgraded to human status. Judging from the periodicity of the time waves, we will not be able to avoid it in the end.”

Satiel looked at the ordinary angels.

Although still breathing, the asteroid, a symbol of nobility, was nowhere to be seen.

Her gaze turned to the pyramid.

‘What the hell is that?’

The gigantic structure containing electricity looked like it would do something sooner or later.

“What are you going to do?”

“I can make it on time. Come with me. It needs to be addressed before it loses its status.”

Satiel immediately understood.


I want to punish Ikael right now, but right now, even her existence is in jeopardy.

“Hey, it’s better. Think of it as a punishment for you. To become a person I love so much.”

Ikael, whose energy from the Astral Light had become much weaker than before, just kept his mouth shut.

“Let’s go, Rayel.”

As soon as Satiel finished speaking, Rayel activated the Judicial Halo Accelerator.

Uriel murmured as he followed their traces as they disappeared at the speed of light.


It was a terrible thing that he had never thought of before, but his heart trembled strangely.

‘Not bad.’

He turned to Ikael.

“What shall I do? Satiel doesn’t seem to like this situation.”

Amy asked.

“Where did Rayel go?”

“It is the sun.”

“sun? therefore… … You mean that?”

As Amy pointed to the sun in the sky, Ikael nodded.

“yes. Humans are born on planets, but angels are born on the sun. We are conceptual bodies. It is because the signals of light are condensed and materialized.”

Sirone said.

“Raiel will be there in 10 minutes. It’s not a problem to follow, but… …

Can the human body withstand it?

“Hmm, that’s right.”

As if to dispel Syrone’s worries, Amy’s body burned again with flames.

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