Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1135

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Colossal Adjustment (4)

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Sirone’s expression became serious.

“Black River City.”

Except for the fact that he was a shaman from the Moon Kingdom, much of it was a person who was covered in a veil.

‘That amulet is tricky.’

It was difficult to block the method of carrying out the law with the power contained in a specific object with Hexa.

“Are you sure you want to stop me?” Unlike the villagers, if it was the star of the ivory tower, Sirone did not need to show mercy.

“You won’t know until you try.”

As soon as Heukangshi finished speaking, flashes of teleportation fell around Sirone.

‘Tanjura, Daeho.’

1-star stars and moons of the Ministry of Justice.


Then, Borbor, a 2-star star in the balance department, landed with the back of Sirone suppressed.

‘A total of six stars.’

I was ahead in the number of stars, but even so, I didn’t think it was balanced.

“I could die.” The corners of the mouth twitched upward on the face of Hokgangsi, which was covered by the amulet.

“It is a very human word. Who do you think we are?”

In an ivory tower where even the residents risked their lives, life was more insignificant than belief.

A battle began as the residents who regained consciousness retreated to the outer wall of the tower.

The Miracle Stream surged up to the ceiling, and the stars and satellites changed their positions at the same time.

cried Supreme Court Justice Tanjura.

“300 years in prison for the crime of inciting trouble in the ivory tower ahead of the crisis of mankind! Ah, the crime of falling into the house and misjudging, imprisonment

273 years!”

As his ability ‘Judgment Statement’ was activated, a restraining force began to dwell in Sirone’s body.

Borbor shook his head.

“It’s no use.”

All the stars of the Ministry of Law deal with the law, but it was Yahweh that even Singh could not block.

‘Of course I know.’

Nevertheless, Tanjura continued to issue judgments.

“600 years in prison for ignoring the Supreme Court’s ruling and escaping! A sin of appeal without repentance! 987 years in prison!”

The more Sirone refused to pass the judgment, the more the weight of guilt in Tanju Ra’s judgment increased.

‘Someday I’ll get caught.’

The proof was that hundreds of amulets blown by Heukangshi were gradually biting Sirone’s tail.

“Add 800 years because you do not repent! Add another 800 years! Another 800 years added!”

After 20,000 years in prison, Sirone’s movements were finally restrained.


At the same time as Tanjura delivered the final verdict, his satellite Daeho drew his twin swords.

The ability of ‘Jakdu’, which is activated in the ‘imprisonment’ state, is equivalent to Lian’s Divine Transcendence.

‘it’s over.’

The moment the amulet clung to Sirone’s body and the sharp cutting power of the head bit the nape of her neck.

‘Hand skill!’

Sirone is gone.


If everyone is 100 percent sure, Sirone can fool their minds.

‘A double-edged sword. But it never fails.’

The problem of the heart was not something that could be corrected right away just because it was known.


Borbor shouted, and a huge fist of light flew towards the ganglion.

‘I can’t stop it.’

Heukgangshi, crouching in the sky, burned all the amulets attached to his body.

The brilliance exploded, and through the Hand of God, Sirone felt an enormous shockwave.

‘Did you stop it?’

A long, thin breath was heard.


Heukangshi’s body, with all the amulets gone, was shining as bright as the sun.

“It’s been 20 years since I’ve seen this.”

“Baekgang City.”

Even though the talisman was gone, the magic of the Moon Kingdom was engraved on his body.

Tanjura brushed his beard.

‘Hokgangsi has no satellites. Because when the seal is broken, he becomes a different human being.’

According to Taeseong, Baekgang City was at the 4-star level.

‘Like the yin and yang, the s*x brain, and Louver, they’re little different beings to be called humans.’

As if fuel evaporated, a haze shook Baekgangshi’s long, hard body.

“Yahweh, I am a being born as a weapon of the law in the kingdom of Moon. There are 88 spells dwelling in my body.”

Each one was truly the strongest spell.

‘It’s full of turmoil, that person too.’

The life he lived until he became a star in the ivory tower, treated as a non-human weapon.

‘Everyone has their own baggage.’


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The stars of the Ivory Tower were impossible to convince because he had decided to shoulder them himself.

said Tanjura, flapping her fan.

“We are not ordinary citizens. You can kill it, but you can’t save it.”

Even so, it was unpleasant that Sirone was acquitted.

‘It’s the skill of the hand. It’s really creepy.’ The victim may feel cheated, but in reality, that is the reality.

‘As it stands, the judgment is useless. To block Yahweh, you must first break the heart.’

Borbor, who made the same judgment, said to Mika, who was dwelling in his body.

‘Scan the five great castles.’ When Mika, an electromagnetic creature, scans Yahweh for information, she will imitate him.

– This is a risky tactic. Yahweh’s feelings are predicted to be of a kind not in the database.

‘It’s the only way.’

Once mimicking the mind, Borvor can change the opponent’s emotions at will.

‘It leads to a sense of shame and destroys the mind.’

As the satellite Mika electrified, the Miracle Stream twisted like a snake.

‘Did you react?’

– I think you’ll be faster than me. He thought he knew Sirone, but meeting him as an enemy was a different level of difficulty.

“Oh Daesung.”

Baek Kang-shi’s body burned like steam.

“It is an honor to know.”

The body, which accumulated all kinds of magic, became a talisman and flooded Sirone.

‘The Power of Power.’

As the fist with the swirl pattern struck the ground, an explosion shook the floor.

Sirone’s skin was tingling.

‘It’s not easy either.’

As Tanjura’s verdict restrained his body, he could feel Borbor’s gaze.

‘I don’t want to kill you.’

Aren’t they still fighting for humanity?

“… … Stop now.”

“It’s great too. Relaxing in front of the stars of the ivory tower.”

Baek Kang-shi did not stop.

“But we can’t.”

The hieroglyphs engraved on his abdomen began to contort into his muscles.

‘Three thousand worlds.’

The abdomen burst open, and rainbow-colored fragments rotated as if looking through a kaleidoscope.


Sirone, who came up with a sermon from each color, defended it with the Hand of God.


The release of a huge energy wave scratched the surface of Hexa and pierced the walls of the Ivory Tower.


It was probably the essence of the human talisman called Baegangshi, which could not be used twice.

‘Something like that… … To spend it on people, not the world.

“You fools!”

Tanjura’s judgment broke through 20,000 years again, and Borbor hugged Sirone.


A fleeting moment when a spark arises.

-Scan complete.

Following the dry voice, Borbor’s mind accepted Yahweh’s feelings as they were.

‘This is the end.’

In the mental space where Pia disappeared, Sirone and Borbor faced each other.

Tears welled up in her left eye.


It was so huge that emotions that I couldn’t feel at first covered my entire body.

Ah ah ah ah ah!

In the world of the spirit, tears flooded and filled her space.

-shock! Shock! Cessation cut off… …

In the storm of emotions that even Mika’s voice was buried, Borbor realized.

‘I can’t even imitate it.’

She wouldn’t be able to handle even a part of the misery that Sirone felt.

‘How can I hold on?’

No, why do you have to go this far?

‘It’s so unfair. One human… … It’s a world that has to go this far.’

The resentment broke through the limit and penetrated my mind, and I finally lost my consciousness.


While the other stars watched, Shirone hugged Borbor and shouted.


An electric current ran through her body, and her closed eyelids slowly lifted.


– Completed defibrillation. but soon dies Your heart has already been destroyed.

Like a rubber band that has lost its elasticity, her spirit could no longer dwell in reality.

“… … Oh Dae-sung.”

Borbor opened his mouth.

“I’m sorry.”

Thing couldn’t be persuaded.

No matter what Borbor says, it’s because from Sing’s point of view, it’s false information.

‘It’s not different from me. Knowing humans best, yet not trusting humans.’

But Sirone was different.

‘It doesn’t matter if it’s real or fake.’

Even if it’s an illusion, it would be beautiful if it were a world where such feelings could dwell.

“Please send five stars.”

Of course the stars of the ivory tower won’t change their minds with just a few words.


Borbor showed his expression for the first time.

It felt like that.


When Borbor died, amulets flew from all sides and sealed Baek Kang-shi’s body.

“Oh Dae-seong, it is not that you have changed your mind. It is the sadness of losing a big star.”

All the stars of the ivory tower loved her.

“Borbor is… …

The life that Syrone knew as Omega lasted until the age of four, but that was enough.

“He was a man of great courage.” – Your heart has stopped. While her blood flow was cut off and brain death progressed, Mika spoke to Bor Bor.

‘okay. Biologically already dead. You too get out of my body now. Thank you for that time.’

Mika seemed lost in thought.

-I will stay here.

‘I can’t think of any more. If you stay here, it’s the same as if you die.’

-is it so. I bet it is.

Since Mika had no feelings for her, Borbor felt puzzled by the satellite’s words.

-It’s a calculation that parasitizing on your silence is much more constructive than parasitizing on someone else’s mind.

‘Whoops, yes.’

With Mika, I wondered if death would be like falling into a long sleep.

‘When I open my eyes again… …

A kaleidoscope passed by.

Borbor, born in Moray Market, was abused by his stepfather at the age of three.

By the time I left home at the age of 17, my father had changed three times, and they were all terrible people.

All she did while her mother was selling was sitting on the market floor.

“Oh, there’s a kink over there. Hey, break it!”

At the age of 12, she had grown tall without even having time to gain weight, and was teased by her peers.

“Hey, you! I’ll give you money if you play with us. shall we go together?”

Public security was also a mess, and traffickers often talked to me in broad daylight.

“I’ll treat you well. Let’s go together.” Whenever that happens, Borbor just observes the distance with his slender body crouched.

‘It’s not scary.’

The scariest thing is at home.

In a bad way, she became a market specialty and became a spectacle.


Then one day, I suddenly realized.

‘It’s not looking at me.’

The fact that there is no difference between people watching you and yourself watching people.

“… … Borbor.”

Looking at the cold Borbor with sad eyes, Sirone grabbed her hand.

‘Please rest in peace.’

At that moment, I felt a thrilling current through my fingertips, and a voice spread in my head.

-I have something important to tell you.


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