Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1137

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Key keyword(1)

Uorin got up from the rug, gulped down a glass of cold water, and sat down at the table.

Kido approached her as she pressed her temples and was lost in thought.

“Are you okay now?”

Suddenly realizing Kido’s presence, Uorin turned her head and waved her hand.

” get out.”

Kido frowned.

“That’s right, you speak really nicely.” Can’t even say thank you to a friend who ran to the crisis situation in a month.

‘I’m sure they’re friends.’

At least that much, I thought.

“it’s okay. take care of it.”

Seeing him coldly turn around and head outside, Uorin made a displeased expression.

“Kid too.”

When he turned around, she had a friendly eye smile.

“Thank you for protecting me. Would you like some tea?”

The goblin’s lips pouted.

‘Anyway, lies… … He knew at least the heart of a person who endured a long time to meet Sirone.

‘Something like me wouldn’t even come into my eyes.’

Kido turned around again.

“I’ll go. I am the captain of Kashan’s guards. he has a lot to do Call me if anything happens.”

When the door closed like that, the expression disappeared from Uorin’s face as if it had never happened.

With a thump, her hand hit the table.


It was a key keyword for the future found through a combination of history search and future poetry. From now on, it was the realm of thinking.

‘The biggest factor with Cayden is the problem related to the prison break.’

At Arachne’s banquet, Cayden’s right hand almost made a big mistake.

‘Even when the law was twisted, he retained his initial inertia to attack Marcus. it’s a jailbreak. But why? How does he affect the future?’

Her thoughts raced fast.

‘of course… … It must be Maya.’

A famous singer from Tormia, only she can influence Caden’s heart.


Uorin crossed her legs and rested her chin.

“But why?”

you’re just a singer

‘Giant pyramids were built in each country. Humanity is steadily approaching destruction. But maya? The voice of a person in this situation… …

Uorin’s thoughts stopped.

“Ultima System.”

She became a human body through many generations, but at one time she was also Gaia.

‘Yeah, I can’t think of anything else. This is a problem related to the integrated mental system.’

The meaning of the keywords was analyzed, but that was all she could infer.

‘I don’t know the process. There are too many gaps in the logical context. This is nothing but a delusion.’

Uorin’s eyes glowed golden.

‘Future Poetry!’

The moment I endured the pain and checked the timeline again, the shock was so intense that my brain seemed to explode.


Due to the changes in the law led by the 12 signs of the zodiac, the time waves were vibrating like an earthquake.

In the end, she couldn’t bear the motion sickness caused by the overlapping of hundreds of incidents, so she blocked her ability.

“it’s annoying.”

In this state, it would be difficult to even find keywords, let alone predict the future.

‘Anyway, Maya. And Cayden.’

Where are the two of them and what are they doing now?

The ensemble room at the Delta headquarters.

The world’s most famous musicians gathered in one place to practice. Numerous emotions clashed in the preparation for the performance that would mark the finale of the temple.

As each of them was an entertainer representing their country, it was impossible not to have a competitive spirit.

said the gig manager.

“There will be full-scale rehearsals soon. Take a break for about 10 minutes.”

Artists who stopped practicing like knives confiscated their faces and scattered as if they had never done that.


When Maya relaxed and sighed, Reina came over and patted her shoulder.

“great job. He did well.”

“Reina sister.”

Among those from Tormia, only Maya and Ray were of such high level that they were selected for the finale performance.

“I thought I was going to die because it was difficult. Others are great. You never make a mistake.”

“Whoops, it’s not like that. Everyone is doing it desperately.”

Cayden brought water.

“Maya, drink this. Please take Reina too.”

Falmus, the head of Maya’s agency, couldn’t attend the temple, so Kayden volunteered to be the manager.

Maya returned the water cup and said.


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“Thank you, Kayden. To be honest, it’s my first time playing an ensemble, so I’m really nervous, but I’m glad you’re here.”

“don’t worry. I don’t know much about music, but I liked your voice the most.”

As Maya’s cheeks slowly blushed, Reina, who was watching her, smiled.

‘Jeong is scary.’

Then I heard a voice from the sofa.

“Hey, you.”

The woman sitting proudly with her legs crossed was El Qiana, the world’s greatest singer.

“Bring me some water too.” Cayden met Rayna’s gaze and approached, pulling out a new cup from her bag.

“Ah yes.”

“for a moment.”

Maya stepped in front of Cayden and said.

“Kaden is my manager.”


“Don’t you have to beg pardon to ask for a favor? And don’t talk nonsense.”

El Qiana’s eyebrows narrowed and the foreign artists watched with interest.

‘I thought he was gentle, but he’s poisonous. There aren’t many guys who have flesh left over from El Qiana.’

El Qiana looked around.

“Whoever the manager is, I’m not the real Manny anyway. We are preparing for the finale Diva performance right now, but is there any other male in this room besides him?”

“Kaden is not a hired man. He’s my friend, and he’s willing to help.”

El Qiana covered her mouth and laughed.

“To attract. do you know you don’t know? It would be obvious if you brought a man to a place like this.”

Maya didn’t lose either.

“What are you thinking? Cayden is just a friend! No relationship! ah… …

Maya hurriedly looked at Cayden, but he didn’t show it and smiled.

“Maya, we’re all performing together anyway. I can do water errands.”

“But he treats you carelessly.”

That’s true, but Cayden didn’t want to create any trouble here.

‘It’s a big deal if my right hand moves.’

Also, the biggest problem was the legal change that had happened to him a few hours ago.

‘It’s not quite right yet. However, if he swung the sword right now, he might not be able to exert the same power as before.

‘There’s no need to make enemies needlessly.’

With that thought in hand, El Qiana looked Kayden up and down.


Snatching the water bottle, she said.

“I know you are lucky. The people here, even the royal family, have to wait months before they can see it. And the water bottle I drank is destroyed in front of my eyes. What are you going to do with it… …

“Mr. El Qiana.” Just as Maya was about to argue again, the door opened and a man with a strict impression entered.

U Q”

Even El Qiana, the overwhelming celebrity, couldn’t hide her stern expression when she saw him.

‘Pannier? Is that person in charge?’ As the world’s best performance planner, it has produced numerous musicians, and El Qiana was one of them.

There was no one who didn’t know him on this floor, so the atmosphere in the practice room froze in an instant.

Panier, who slowly examined the faces of the entertainers, spoke in a cold voice.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you going to practice?”

‘It’s still the same.’

Those who had heard of Panier’s notoriety gathered on the stage without muttering.

The finale song started in such a tense atmosphere that even Reina took a moment to catch her breath.

There were 5 divas, and each voice with a different personality came together.

‘The duet part.’

El Qiana and Maya faced each other to decorate the climax of the song.

The eyes of the two women were very affectionate, as if they had never had an emotional fight. Raina analyzed objectively.

‘El Qiana. The sound is great. The emotional expression is the best, and above all, the voice is so outstanding.’

If there’s one area where Maya is better than El Qiana, it’s the level of subtle emotional expression.

‘Of course, Maya’s skills are excellent, but… …

None of the divas here were technically underpowered.

At the end of the song, like El Qiana’s monologue, a calm voice permeated the air.

Panier’s eyebrows twitched.


It was a qualitatively different performance from 10 minutes ago, but all the entertainers noticed him.

“Good job. You practiced a lot.”


El Qiana raised her eyes to the ceiling, and the others let out a sigh of relief.

‘We did a really good job.’

It was notorious because the standards were too strict, but it was not the personality to catch people.

“The flow is good. Let’s change the concept of some sections. I can feel the impact leaking out.”

Wearing nose glasses, he looked at the names written on the sheet music and compared their faces one by one.

“Um, mysterious Maya?”


“You did a good job of contrasting your emotions. The last part of El Qiana, I want to hear it with your voice too.”


El Qiana raised her hand, as was her childhood habit.

“If you change that part, the role changes too. Doesn’t that change the interpretation of the song?”

“You can do that, what’s the problem? I will listen to it first and then make a decision.”

that’s why i feel bad

‘I admit that Maya’s emote is good. However, to the extent of experimenting while changing the interpretation… …

I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong.

“What did I do wrong? You’d better tell me. Then I will fix it.”

“El Qiana.”

Panier took off his nose glasses.

“Don’t be c*cky.”

Back in the days when she was taking lessons, she couldn’t lift a finger.

“Since you touch some money, you can’t see much, right? Do you think you became famous because you were great?”

His gaze scanned the entertainers.

“Society determines what skills are needed. In the old days, a person who was good at catching rabbits must have been a genius. But now? I am just a hunter.” “El Qiana, you told me. I want to be the most famous in the world.”

“… … yes.”

“If you’re still great and want to sing your own song, I’ll give you a chance now.”

El Qiana bowed her head and stepped back.


“Why not?”

At Maya’s sudden question, Yein turned her head with a surprised expression.

Panier put on his glasses again.


“I understand what Mr. Panier is saying, but you push yourself too hard. Actually, isn’t everyone working hard because they want to do their own art?”

El Qiana whispered.

“Hey, are you crazy?”

Rather criticizing the master who was trying to give him a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

‘What happened to your brain?’

Contrary to the worries of the artists, Panier looked at Maya with calm eyes.

‘It’s your own art… … ‘

It reminded me of a man who loved music and guitar, but was clumsy about life.

“I am disturbed.”

In the secret room in the Sector of the Kingdom of Kessia, Fermi confirmed Apocalypse’s information.

When the law changes, the contents of the artifact change, but there is still information that is the same.

Opening the triple-security box, Fermi took note of the contents of the memo.

4 also??????

A short phrase reflected on my retina.

‘This doesn’t change.’

After thinking about Sirone’s face for a while, Fermi shook her head and took a deep breath.

“Let’s work, work.”

Equipped with a magnifying glass, he took tweezers and put the scraps of paper on the desk together like a puzzle.

‘Cell Buster.’

One of the worst things that could happen in the future


‘ yes’?’

The name is written next to the torn part

The folded paper fit almost perfectly.

‘This guy is one of the 7 Madou girls… …

guitar man.

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