Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1142

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Law War (2)

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The sun’s surface, from which the arch of fire stretched out on a cosmic scale, was filled with light.

“iced coffee.”

Satiel, who was born with a beautiful voice, felt the angel’s hometown as a being.

“It’s still here.”

Another archangel, Rayel, approached her and looked around.

Except for the absence of the asteroid, the silhouette of the light was the same shape as before.

Flames rose from all sides, and silhouettes resembling gigantic birds flew towards them.

“Welcome, being of light.”


Satiel walked toward the being that guarded the sun.

“Poor angels are losing their light. The sun no longer protects them.”

“Because God sees this universe in a different light. It feels different.”

Since it was a feeling, it didn’t matter how big or small the difference was.

Only God’s thoughts matter.

“I want to go back. Please let me go to the core. We will make it right there.”

Phoenix tilted his head.


“yes? Angels of course… …

“If the feeling of the universe has changed, shouldn’t we just move forward like that?”

is it?

‘Why do I care about the angels on earth?’

said Phoenix.

“Satiel, now a new angel will be born. They don’t have to be angels again.”

Satiel knew too.

“but… …

If the angels become different beings just because the laws of the universe have changed.

‘What are we from the beginning? Are you saying it was just an accessory that made up the universe?’


Satiel’s silhouette flinched as if his thoughts had been caught.

‘I would have been caught.’

In the sun that melts all matter, only pure spirit communicates.

‘mind. The power to choose for yourself. If this is what keeps my asteroid body alive.’

According to Phoenix’s judgment, her true body could be absorbed by the sun.

“Do not worry.”

The phoenix folded its huge wings of flame and gently stroked Satiel’s head.

“For a light-minded being, this is home. Go to Core. It will just be useless.”

The first concept to form the universe, it was difficult without all 8 archangels gathered.

‘I will definitely do it.’ If anger is also a heart, Satiel will not stop until he gets his revenge on Ikael.

“Let’s go.”

As the phoenix spread its huge wings and embraced them, flames covered the surroundings in an instant.

The 12th palace of the zodiac.

“majesty! An anomaly has been detected!”

The Exoverse, the metal orb that regulates the laws of the universe, began to malfunction.


Electricity burned in Kitra’s eyes.

‘Does it disturb the signal?’

What was contained in the Exoverse was the entire universe they lived in, but Kitra quickly saw through the change.

‘A certain signal is blocking the time wave. The inertia of trying to return to the original world.’

The corners of Kitra’s mouth went up.


The wheel of the law is not so light that only two archangels can move it.

“No force can reverse fate.”

The space screamed as the electricity from Kitra’s eyes scraped the walls. oh oh oh!

As the Exoverse went through again, the sequential time waves overlapped for an instant.

The place where the overlap of time had an effect was the pyramids built all over the world.

Kitra’s eyes calmed down.

“It’s just a little late.”

Kingdom of Paras, Pyramid of Truth. oh oh oh!

All the letters engraved on the inner wall lit up and a goosebumps sound was heard.


The moment Sirone looked back.

Sirone and the others went back to the time when they first stepped into the Pyramid of Truth.

“It’s strange.”

Ares said as he extinguished the lantern.

“There is no place for light to enter. How can we see it?”

Sirone was silent.

It seems like the former,” the memory of saying that was clear, and everyone should be feeling it.


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‘It’s not a sense of excitement.’

It was an overlap of realistic time.

“Sirone, this… … Ares, whose crimson eyes were lit, looked back at Sirone with a serious expression.

“yes. I came back.”

“Is it a reset?”

It was natural to think so, but Sirone guessed through the simultaneous events.

“no. It is a closed curve of time. It must be a phenomenon that only happens inside the pyramid.”

Like the upper echelons of Istas in Magic School.

“Events flow along time waves. Time waves rushing in from the past overtook the time waves of reality. In that case, from our point of view, it would be like going back to the past.”

“So you’re saying we can’t move into the future?”

“I don’t know that far. Although it is likely to be a one-off phenomenon, Sirone looked at the simultaneous events.


I felt an electric current through my body, but the only sound transmitted through my brain waves was noise.

‘I can’t come in either.’

Chicks, Chicks.

Because the pyramid itself is a huge electric current, it couldn’t receive Mika’s signal.

Meanwhile, the other party

There was no

The pupils seemed dead, and it was as if it didn’t matter what time it was.

Sirone was bitter.

‘Here, human life is completely dismantled. It’s a harsh thing to take responsibility for all that.’

As Maximus said.

‘What the hell is a super ancient civilization? Why is human life disintegrating here?’

He emerged from the darkness.

It was a being called a human being with a pyramidal face on a naked body.

Kanis was the first to react.

“You son of a bitch.”

The dark energy intensified, and Harvest’s body grew to the point of reaching the ceiling.

“Kanis, calm down.”

At the same time as Sirone spoke, Kanis charged ahead with Harvest.


He could never take responsibility for the possibility that Arin might be his blood relative.

‘kill. Just kill it.’

It was as if if I eliminated the existence in front of my eyes, the cause so far would also disappear.

In raised his hand.

As an intangible wave swept through the aisle, Sirone and the others disappeared before my eyes again.

Sirone gritted his teeth.

“Why are you doing this? Dismantling human life, what does it mean to you?” “Answer me! How long are you going to do this!”

“Until I meet God.”

said Yin.

“Meet the God who exists every moment in the chain of cause and effect. Then you will be able to get out.” I roughly understood what it meant.

‘I see.’

Kitra, the king of Paras, came out of the pyramid after being baptized with phosphorus.

‘Blind acceptance of the results. Even if you die right now, even if you are separated from your loved one, if you accept that it is your fate, you can say that you have met God. but… …

Can I call you human?

‘To follow the flow of the law, with one’s free will extinguished and even one’s mind lost…

Sirone’s face crumpled.

“Kitra has already… … not human

going to be.”

The human body has become a relic of an ultra-ancient civilization, an object called Oparts.

‘It’s a serious situation. All living things that enter the Pyramid of Truth become objects.’

said Yin.

“Leave your mind. When you choose nothing, you will be able to meet God.”

“Your Highness, preparations are complete. Please go.”

When the fortune teller of the Heavenly Gate announced it, the king of the Moon Kingdom, Wenryong, stood up.

“good night.”

Against Paras’ attack on the law, what they chose was war, not compromise.

‘Kill Kitra.’

Upon entering the mountain four kilometers from the delta, the entrance to the cave was blocked by an iron gate.

The moment the magician opened the door, the smell of hot blood came from the darkness.

“Huh?! Uh huh?!”

A man in colorful clothes was running around the hall holding a knife with a bell.

The kingdom of Moon had developed a technique using ghosts, and was thinking of attacking Kitra with this.


Munryong was also familiar with witchcraft since he was young, but he did not know it to the level of an expert.

“Did you say it was the other side of the world?”

“yes. Originally, this world and the other world were not divided by a barrier of space. It can be said to be an exchange of qi, and you can see that this place is also a combination of the two energies.”

“Then there must be a ghost here.”

“yes. Demon summoning has been popular in the West for a long time, but Jin Seong-eum, the princess of Jincheon, blocked the psychic realm, making it impossible. On the other hand, in the East, the science of dealing with ghosts, or energy, has developed. You can compare it with Western magic and Eastern law.”

The cloud dragon pointed forward.

“What is the author doing now?”

A man in a colorful suit danced on the blade and walked over to a pig tied to a rope.

When the stomach was opened, the intestines spilled out. Queueek!

“It is to poison the demons. If you ask what the most grievous emotion is for humans, the first thing to do is resentment. Unfortunate things happen without reason. Such as being run over by a wagon and dying, or falling to death by tripping. In this case, the energy of resentment accumulates in the place, and this phenomenon is called han. It is attached to the vitality of human beings and makes the metabolism rise. There is a saying that the blood flows backwards, but if it goes in properly, you may vomit and die instantly.”

Even in the middle of the explanation, the chicken’s head fell off and the shaman’s face was covered in blood.

“Firing this resentment is called killing. Once you get possessed by a ghost, you stop eating and drinking, get sick and die. Of course, overlords with the energy of a tiger will be able to withstand it, but what they shoot now is not normal flesh.”

As the sound of bells and drums distracted them, the amulets on the strings swayed wildly.

“The sorrow of the virgin ghost who was killed by the bandits was amplified with the strongest magic. If you just fly it, it will drop the dragon as well as the tiger.”

A woman’s scream was heard.


When the feeling of resentment broke through the shield of the amulet, the cloud dragon felt like it had been put on the ground without eating anything.

“… … It’s really boring.”

“It’s not boring. But this is not the end. Han’s fear is that there are no limits. I will prepare the strongest flesh by weakening the demons and further weakening them.”

“The key is how strong you make Han. Is there anything else I need’?”

“We already have the best notations and experts in the kingdom. I am only repaying Your Highness for his kindness.” Moonryong stroked his beard.

“I heard that since the pyramids were built all over the world, there have been many requests for contacts from other countries.”

“yes. Everyone is desperate to figure out what’s going on.”

“Is Kashan included?”

“of course. Because no country handles the law better than the kingdom of Moon. Hey, why are you doing that… …

“I mean that age.”

The cloud dragon pointed at the shaman and squinted one eye.

“Do I really have to blow it to one person? Depending on the method, isn’t it possible for more than one person’?”

“Of course, there are flesh that blows at the majority. What scale are you thinking of?”

“Well, 11 people?”

Moonryong turned his head.

“So, to all the kings in the temple?”

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