Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1172

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Before Murder (3)

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Albino touched his beard.

“hmm. Quan is a difficult sword to handle. In that sense, Shiina’s presence is great. In order to maintain her combat power, it would be better for her to keep her level, but… …

Rufist said.

“Other countries must be reading our thoughts.”

“yes. A nation that captures Shiina can avoid Ku An’s sword. Especially Wu Lin. As much as the nape of my neck is cold, I will run at it desperately. If you get involved in it, you might end up with neither porridge nor rice.” It was a matter of airlift placement.

“It would be the easiest hand to throw away. I can see everything. Shall we listen to Yahweh’s opinion at this point?”

Sirone said.

“I will protect the teacher.”

It’s a fair theory, but Rufist tilted his head.

“Is it possible? If you protect Shiina, someone else will die. It can’t be helped that there will be deaths while trying to protect everything. Because it is a rule of law. But if you show favoritism to someone, you will not be Yahweh, right?”

You cannot discriminate in your mind.

“do not misunderstand. To protect the teacher means to protect everyone. I have no intention of playing around with Harvits. I will break the plate.”

“It means attacking the system. Then there would be no contradiction in the heart… …

It’s that difficult.

“Is there a way? We’ve argued about this before, but an unattainable ideal won’t help.” said Guffin.

If you’re strong enough to protect the whole world, listen to everyone’s story.

‘I couldn’t.’

There were times when I shed tears out of resentment.

Of course, Ultima is still far away, but now he also had one card.

“You can do it.”

At least 7 million people will support him.

meeting room.

“I will take a break for a while. Have a nice lunch everyone and see you in the afternoon.”

Cyrano, the head of the International Tribunal, stood up coldly.

‘How dare you reject my resignation without my permission? What do these see me as now’?’


Socrates said with a smirk.

“how is it? Would you like some tea?”

“Shut up, pig. Do you know who is responsible for these four months? Half the resignation, did you do it?”

“Procedurally, there is no problem. I just rejected yours when I submitted my resignation.”

“I will kill you someday.”

“Chuck! Hearing that reminds me of my youth. how is it? A hot night like that time… …

Seeing Cyrano’s fist flying, Socrates closed his eyes tightly.

When there was no shock, Cyrano was laughing in front of him when he quietly opened his eyes.

“Stupid bastard. Do you still remember what happened 20 years ago? that’s a pity And most importantly, I wasn’t even straight at the time.”

“No, what… … Wasn’t it good though?”


Covering her mouth, Cyrano laughed and took out tweezers from her cosmetics purse and threw them away.

“receive. It is a gift.”


“You seem lonely these days, that will help. Enjoy it alone.”

Even after Cyrano turned around, Socrates stared at the tweezers for a long time.

My hands were trembling.

‘It’s soggy. annoying.’

Cyrano left the meeting room with a sigh and found a familiar face.

‘Armin of the light’s eye.’

I heard that he is an Ivory Tower resident and is currently serving as the brain of Corona Kingdom.

‘What’s going on here? There’s no particular VIP.’

Powerful people from each country would focus on protecting the king or attacking the king of another country.


Armin approached Shiina, who came out with the teachers of Tormia Magic School.


When Shiina was visibly flustered, Shirano put on an excited expression.

‘Oh my, my. Was it like that?’

said Armin.

“Can we talk?”

“that is??????

While the teachers moved away, Shiina looked over his shoulder at the corridor.

Armin’s wife, disguised or not, Keira leaned against the wall with her arms crossed.

‘what’s this? People in trouble.’

Armin is still a good older brother, but it was uncomfortable for the three of them to get together like this.

“What is it?”

“Exile to Corona. Right Now.”


Shiina was taken aback.

“Why is that? What is it?”

‘People who play cards… …


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I was just about to hear the results of a simulation of this murder before a corona think tank.

“You know that. The sword fighting has begun. Tormia will not do her best for you.”

Since it is a system led by Havitz, it is difficult to make an accurate prediction, but one thing is certain: “Your life is in danger.” Shiina understood.

“so? Abandon the country and run away?”

“All forces are focused on VIPs. Now you are just a teacher. Come to Corona first.”

As Armin grabbed his wrist, Shiina shook it off.

“Don’t treat me like a kid. I can protect my body. And it was my older brother who asked me to become a teacher.”

“How are you going to protect it? Do you know who the people who are after you are? Unless it’s stop magic… …


He had no face seeing Keira.

“Why are you doing this? Is there someone important to you over there? Now I have someone I love.”

That guy is the problem, you idiot. too strong

“Quan will not be able to come. A royal decree has already been issued. To protect you against the laws of the country… …

“What happened?”

Cyrano, who had been eavesdropping on the conversation with interest, turned her head with a surprised expression.

‘Oh my goodness?’

It was Parka Kuan, a one-armed swordsman approaching with a limp on one leg.

“Mr. Quan.”

Armin didn’t expect it, but the person who was most surprised was Shiina herself.

“How are you here?”

Kuan, who looked to the left and right as if people’s attention was strange, spoke calmly.

“I think the meeting is over. To have lunch together… … Are you busy’?”

Quan was a difficult sword to handle.

“Oh, no. I’m a bit perplexed. So, I thought Mr. Kuan would be busy.”

“There are some orders, but nothing urgent. And since I made a promise, I have to keep it.”

Promise to be by her side.

Shiina, who was dazed for a moment, quickly regained her smile and embraced Kuan’s arm.

“Come on, let’s go eat.”

She turned to Armin.

“Your brother is back too. don’t worry here The temple situation is not good, so take care of yourself. I was very skinny.”

In front of Shiina, who finally relaxed, Armin couldn’t be stubborn.

“Yeah, got it.”

The bandaged eyes looked back at Quan, but did not say a favor.

‘It’s presumptuous.’ Armin turned her around and Keira bounced her off the wall, brushing her hair.

“Are you relieved now? then… …

At that moment, the wind blew.

Everyone in the hallway turned their heads in the direction of the gale, but there was nothing.

‘On the other side!’

Twenty people wearing owl masks and black capes occupied the corridor before I knew it.


I felt that something was coming, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was too soon.

said the head of the squadron.

“Olifer Shiina. From this time on, we take over your recruits. Follow me obediently.”

As Quan was about to draw his sword, the leader held out his hand.

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to fight. We are trying to protect that woman.”

“protect? from whom? To begin with, Shiina-san belongs to the kingdom of Tormia.”

“For example… …

The outstretched hand of the leader pointed forward.

“Something like that?”

At the same time that the entire party turned their heads, about 10 bombs flew.


A gang with chicken heads was throwing bombs with their tongues sticking out.

Cyrano shouted, blocking the entrance to the small meeting room.


An explosion occurred.

‘Kuu! Those……

Most of them were able to move, but there were also temple staff who had no fighting skills.

‘Do you openly terrorize?’

As the smoke clears, I see the huge back of Socrates blocking the way. The swaying flesh of the poodle became calm, and he looked back with a smile.

” are you okay?”

“Move! You can’t see it!”

Pushing the bulky back, she headed for the collapsed wall through which the key characters escaped.

“oh my god.”

A bloody fight was going on.

“They are not trained. You hired a mercenary to hide your origins. What country is it?”

Each of them had different personalities and skills, but she could tell from a distance.

‘I’m only targeting that woman.’

Wrapped around Shiina’s waist, Kuan used external gravity to avoid numerous swords.

‘I can’t last long.’

Even if it was Chicken Head, Fengzhang’s simultaneous attack was also a considerable pressure for Kuan.

The biggest problem is… … .


A one-armed man cannot fight while defending someone.


Armin approached him just as he was escaping the encirclement with a path that defied common sense.

“Leave Shiina to me.”

“This is not the time to be stubborn. You can’t even draw a sword in that state. I will definitely protect it.”

Armin of the stop magic.


Knowing what kind of risk Kuan was taking, Shiina couldn’t refuse.


After those words, Shiina walked away, and the sword was finally in Kuan’s hand.

“These… …

Poongjang and Chicken Head, trying to take Shiina as if she had been entrusted with it.

“Am I that funny?”

early um.

As the world quickly turned left and right, the eyes of everyone entangled with Quan spun around.

Chicken Head screamed.

“Eh, what is this… … Kuck!”

Dozens of people’s necks fell off before they could feel the state.

‘I don’t need flying flies.’

Kuan’s gaze, rushing like a gale, aimed at the wind field floating in the air.

“It’s really creepy.”

Despite the feeling that the world was shaking, the head of the wind field did not even move.

‘joy! How long will I be able to relax… …

Just as Kuan was about to leap forward, a different dimension of life began to flow from the left and right.

‘ what?’

Kashan’s guards, near, middle, and circle, were charging at different distances.


At the same time, Quan, who hastily activated external gravity, disappeared in their blind spot.

“… … Jibakryeong.”

Powerful gravity grabbed my ankle.

In front of his eyes as he crashed to the ground with a thump, a silver spear blade flew like a hawk’s beak.

“Huh!” Using muscle vibration to destroy gravity, Quan rotated his body and swung his sword.

The battle stopped, and Kuan and Kido were aiming at each other in front of everyone.

Cyrano’s eyes widened.

“The captain of Kashan’s guard?”

Up to the wind chief, the guards, and the captain of the guards.

“You sent all available power? To catch that one woman?”

“I am not a woman.”

Socrates came to the side.

“It’s to prevent that inspection.”

said Quan.

“Go back. Your mission has failed. Shiina can never be taken away

does not exist.”

“Is it really so?”

Kido pointed to the sky with a wink.

80 Fengzhang flew from the other side of the sky and formed one with the current squadron.

People’s eyes flashed with shock.

“100 people?”

The completeness of the wind field.

The lead of the formation promptly changed, and Yula, the leader of the wind field, took off the owl mask.


Then he pointed his sword at the ground and said.

“This is your defeat again.”

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