Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1204

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mind and error (2)

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When Armand made a suspicious expression, Yo Rahan hurriedly turned his head.

“Okay, let’s eat. I have to eat.”

It was an unknown fish.

Of course, it is a familiar species to the Fire Tribe, but Armand did not dare to name it.

Perhaps she is feeling the magic of taste that fire brings, but she never appreciated it.

After the simple meal, the two stared blankly at the campfire.

“What do you want to do?”

Armand asked.

“You said you wanted to change the world. Do you intend to fight by reforming the Hua people?”

“Fighting… …

Johann rested his chin on his knee again.

“I don’t think violence can change anything. Many thinkers try to find peace through war. In some sense, it will be correct. But in the end, it only applies to your kingdom, your city, and your family. Taken as a whole, their logic is no different from saying that half is saved by sacrificing half.”

“How is that?”

Now that he trusts Yorahhan, he spat out the words he had stored in Armando.

“That’s how you live. How are we different now? You have to kill something else to eat it.”

Johann asked.

“Do you want to fight?”

“The Hwajok suffered a lot of persecution. Humans treated us as cattle simply because we were passive. To be honest… … I might be more angry with the non-human Fire Tribe. A power that can’t protect anything is just too insignificant.”

“it is not so.”

When Armand raised his head, Jorahhan’s eyes were filled with confidence.

“It is a blessing to be able to share each other’s hearts. I think the future of human beings depends on the Hwajok. That’s why I stayed in the village.”


While Armand was lost in thought, Jorah Han continued.

“You can’t change anything with the logic of power. Humans are just afraid. He’s afraid he’ll be eaten by someone stronger. When we understand each other like the Hwajok, fear will disappear and true peace will come. It is you who are strong.”

Armand smiled.

“Yes, you may be right.” Their gazes crossed for a moment, and Yo Rahan mustered up the courage to open his mouth.

“excuse me… …


At the sudden addition, Yorahhan heard a tinge.

“Ouch! Kuck!”

Whether he knew his heart or not, Armand said with strained eyes.

“Even so, I can’t be beaten like this. You don’t know, but the Hwajok were really severely persecuted by humans. If you knew what happened, you wouldn’t be able to forgive them either.”

“… … Yeah, I don’t know.” suffering of others.

“But we will start there. To create a world where fire people and humans can live together.”

As soon as the bonfire became weak, Jo Ra-han said with a relieved expression.

“Let’s go to sleep. Because I have to leave early tomorrow morning. the townsfolk worry

going to be.”

Jorah Han, who entered the cliff to avoid the water’s edge, spread a blanket to avoid Armand’s seat.

I was tired of the thick pebbles, but the excitement I felt today made the bed feel like a cloud.

‘I should have brought my notes. I’ll write it right after I get home tomorrow.’

In order not to forget what I realized, I could feel the presence of that time when I was repeating the words in my head.


As the startled Yorahhan tried to stand up, Armand pressed his chest.

“I know, your heart.” Her mouth didn’t open, only her heart beat wildly.

“I will show you my heart this time.”

Still, Yorahan was silent, but I could tell from his heartbeat.

‘Small world creation.’

As their hearts reunited, Jorahhan felt a thrill.

“iced coffee.”

Perhaps the reason he was born was not only for this moment.

It was a feeling that could not be expressed even with the word love, and even if it disappeared forever like this, there would be no regrets.

“Let’s become one.”

Since they had already shared everything, there was no need for pretense, and the two achieved a unity that transcended concepts.

‘A mind bigger than the universe.’

The realization of that moment is the key to helping Yorahhan reach the realm of god later.

It was mental data.

Artists from each country were in the middle of final rehearsals for the performance at 10:00 p.m.

El Qiana and Maya, who adorned the finale song, finished the song with a good harmony.

El Qiana was also a pro, although she lost the climactic part to Maya.

Panier said.

“Once you pass.”

Knowing how strict a producer he is, the musicians were relieved.

Reina of the Ogent family, who was in charge of playing the piano, also knelt down on the keyboard.

‘It’s hell, hell.’

Panier added.

“Of course, it means passing in the judgment that the main performance will be better than the rehearsal. Don’t relax.”


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Reina hurriedly stood up and answered.

“excuse me.”

When the door opened and someone came in, Ye-in put on a look of disbelief.

Maya and Cayden spoke simultaneously.


Since he was now the king of Kesia Kingdom, Panier hurriedly approached him.

“His Highness the King.”

“Sorry, no message.”

Actually it was.

If the king of a country was able to move, he should have already been contacted through an aide.

“What’s going on here… …

“I like to hear the sound of music on the way. Can I take a tour for a while?”

Fermi put it like that.

‘Cell Buster is unstoppable.’

At least not yet.

In the last updated Apocalypse information, humanity is still facing destruction.

‘Maya and Kayden and…

There were as many as three people in the performance room who would be hints of that huge disaster.

“long time no see. How are you?”

As Fermi raised her hand and approached, Maya hurriedly lowered her head and replied.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Take it easy, classmates. By the way, how is the fort? In case someone comes to me… …

Cayden blocked the way.

“What’s your business with Maya? tell me.”

Having once been involved in the ring of gold, I knew that Fermi would not approach me without a specific reason.

‘And for the most part… … for your own benefit.

Fermi, who alternately looked at Cayden and Maya, laughed.

“Are you Maya’s manager now? You’ve improved a lot though. You will be the most successful fan.”

“Just say what you have to say and go.”

“I want to be alone with Maya. If you accept my offer, you will become even more famous.”

As there was an incident of Arachne’s reception, the entertainers reacted sensitively to the sponsor.

“How are you, Maya? Is the time okay?”

“Uh, that… …

When Maya noticed Panier, Fermi spoke up to face reality.

“Consider my face too. He is the king of a country participating in the Holy War, but he cannot be rejected.”

In that moment, everyone realized.

‘Yes, even if it is a foreign country, he is the king of one country. If I refuse here, I will lose my life.’

Caden bit his lip.

‘It’s still mean. But I can’t go out now. If I stop here… …

I don’t know what Maya’s life will be like.

Despite that promise, the moment Fermi approached Maya, his right hand moved of its own accord.

‘damn! no!’

Seeing the fist flying at the king’s chin, the entertainers’ faces turned pale.

“Oops! danger.”

However, as if he had already expected it, Fermi lightly flipped his upper body to avoid the attack.

Only then did Cayden grab hold of his right hand.

“I, I… …

Fermi’s eyes cooled for a moment as he watched him bewildered.

‘This is a prison break.’

Even with Maya’s career at stake, Caden’s right hand is out of control.

‘This should be enough for now.’

Fermi smiled and stepped back.

“It’s a joke, a joke. So, be sensitive. With celebrities hugging each other’s shoulders.”

And I looked back at Maya.

“Sorry to startle you. I’m your fan too I will be looking forward to the finale performance.”

Maya, terrified of receiving a sponsorship offer, was still not relieved.

“Didn’t you have something to say?”

“Because it’s a joke. Who is touching you?”

I wanted to say that Sirone would not stay still, but Caden noticed.

Turning around, Fermi erased his smile as if he had never done that before and headed to Panier.

“Can we talk?”

“?????Yes, Your Highness.” After giving the entertainers some free time, Panier took Fermi into the room.

“Shall we bring some tea?”

Since it had been a long time since he had treated a high-ranking person, Panier awkwardly walked around.

“it’s okay. Have a seat.”

Then I heard Maya singing.

“The part has changed. El Qiana must be disappointed.”

Panier’s eyes narrowed as it was information that could not be known without investigation.

‘It’s not an ordinary bet either. He was said to have been the real power of Kessia Kingdom even before he became king.’

Fermi asked.

“Is it a skill problem, or some other reason?”

If Maya is the keyword for the future, it is necessary to know as much as possible about the changes that have occurred to her.

‘Because the result is the sum of all the causes.’ Panier said.

“As a producer, I value a lot of Yein. But what I feel in my life is that there is no perfect standard for evaluating a person.”


“Human beings are not good at taking care of themselves. Me too. When I evaluate someone, I tend to look at how well they did their best.” “Of course, it is not an exact standard, especially in the art world. But when I came this far, I thought… …

Panier was bitter.

“Still, that was closest to the truth.”


The spotlight of the performance will be on Maya.

‘Maybe this could be the decisive hint of the cell buster. But it still didn’t fit.

“First of all, I’m sorry I came to you without contacting you. Because it’s something you have to listen to yourself.”

Information about future events could not be shared with anyone.

“Yes, please.”

“Do you know a man named Robe Ranstin’?”


It was an unexpected question.

“Your Highness, how do you know Ranstin?”

why don’t you know

Madou 7 Girls’ Kitaru Man was not a celebrity, but a celebrity among wizards.

“I do not know them directly. I heard that you were at Mr. Panier’s company, but are you still able to contact me?”


It’s been quite a while now, but Robe Ranstin was still a name I couldn’t forget.

“It’s a big part of my life. But now we don’t know the news. Dead or alive.”

“In conclusion, I am alive.”

Is it like that?

‘Yes, were you alive? I still can’t let go of that road, I live like that

Are you there?’

Panier asked.

“Your Highness, what kind of person do you think an artist is?”


It was not a question for an outsider to answer.

“Is there really any justice? It’s all the same job. Nothing special, nothing great. What I want to say is, no matter how good I am, I’m not going to call myself an artist anywhere. They say he’s a musician. Someone who makes money from music.” Sensing a subtle difference, Fermi asked.

“Then what kind of person is an artist?”

“It is life.”

Panier said.

“People whose life itself is an art. No matter what the world says, live as you want. Of course, sometimes great artists come out, but nine out of ten they will be the perfect place to dine on the street.”

Panier’s eyes turned vague.

“Robe Lanstin… … He lived a life closer to art than anyone I knew.”

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