Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1225

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Forbidden Zone (2)

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During Yorahan’s conflict, Areon showed off his ability in front of the Hwajok.

“purple. I conquered this forest with 100 horsemen. And I have over 10,000 troops. Sooner or later the world will lie at my feet.”

Armand thought in a gaze that could not be found fear of the world.


Young, beautiful, and that active attitude, as if born only to dominate… … .

‘It must be the lineage of the king that humans say.’

It wouldn’t be strange to feel the light emanating from Areon’s body.

‘But I don’t like it.’

The light offended Armand.

‘If only you are the one who needs to shine, that light is never beautiful. Yohann is…

He was the one who would become the light that encompassed the world.

Chief Lutia asked.

“What are you going to do with us?”

“I am generous.”

Contrary to the words, Areon’s long sword cut into Lutia’s chin.

“But only for my people.”

Areon withdrew his sword and looked back at the Hwajok.

“You will soon become citizens of a great kingdom. You will be entrusted with a very heavy duty to assist the king. A good house, good food, and all kinds of treasures will be given to you.”

said Ruthia.

“We don’t want anything. I just want to live peacefully in this forest.”

“I’m sorry.”

Areon’s eyes grew cold.

“You don’t have to be good at anything. because i’m good at it What do you think this means?”

“I do not know.”

“All you can do is obey.”

Just as Areon was about to cut Lutia’s head, Armand stood in the way and raised his sword.

A strong rustling sound was heard, and the cavalry charged at her with displeased looks.

Areon raised his hand.


Fisk said as the cavalry retreated.

“It is a carnivore. It looks like it needs to be tamed a little. Leave it to me.”

If it was killing children, it would be better for him to do it himself than to be a soldier.

“No, there is no need for that.”

Areon, stepping back, was full of confidence.

“Woman, what is your name?”


“I like it.”

Only that mattered.

“You are not a slave. strong and active come to me I will save you from hell.”

Having lived with Yorahhan for more than two years, now she too understood the man’s language.

“I am a married woman. I can’t.”

“haha! Didn’t I tell you, I’m generous. I don’t care what happened before you met me. But denying it now is a sin that has nothing to say even if all the members of the fire family die.”

Armand was speechless.

‘I’m sorry, guys.’

Because she cannot betray Yorahhan, the Hwajok will be annihilated, but then she will also raise her sword.

“Hmm. indeed… …

Areon looked at Armand with mad eyes, who expressed his intention of refusal in silence.

“Kill them all.”

“Wait, wait a minute!” When Yorahhan ran out of the warehouse, Armand’s expression showed emotion for the first time.

A sense of relief flooded over me, enough to make me forget the current situation, but my brows crinkled.

‘Why are you here? stupidly.’

Areon asked.

“Who are you? Are there traitors among the Hwajok?”

“I-I am human. It is an idea that travels the world. I was captured by the Hwajok and humiliated for two years.”


To this gentle race?

“Armand here is my wife. She passed on her knowledge and skills here for two years. She was also constantly monitored so that she did not touch other fire tribes.”

A clumsy lie would blow away even the only chance, so I packed up the truth.

As Areon turned around, Fisk said.

“It is possible. The carnivorous species recorded in the ancient documents are said to be cruel and tyrannical.”

A scholar would have written the truth.

It just ignored why carnivores had to be cruel and tyrannical towards humans.

“Yes, this is it.”

Looking at Yorahhan with curious eyes, he looked at Armand’s expression and asked.

“If you were held by force, would you mind if I took your wife?”

“That, that… …

“why? Are you in a bad mood?”


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“Oh no! How could I have such a heart for Prince Mikas! I have but one request.”


Johann lay flat on his face.

“Please take me to Mikas. If you ask me to do anything, I will do my best!”

Arreon felt good from the point of view of being hired by talented people from all over the world.

“haha! They say you are a thinker, but you have an eye for seeing the times. good night. I will keep you by my side and use it.”

“thank you!”

Since humans cannot know the truth of others, it is natural for the Hwajok to feel betrayed.


Armand knows the truth about Jorahhan.

‘There must be no way.’

My doubts deepened as I knew that he was not a person who would abandon his wife even if he had to die.

“Okay, that’s it. Your husband also knelt before me. So why don’t you choose too?”

Believing Jorahhan, Armand lowered his sword, but Areon accepted it as a sign of obedience.

“Yes, this is the way of the world. wake up too You will have to do a lot for me in the future.” Yorahhan looks up at the world from the lowest place, and Areon faces the sky with his feet on the ground.

do you know


It is believed that the gap between the ends is the best place to see the human breath.

Jo Ra-han, whose expression disappeared for a moment, naturally stood up and swung the dagger in his bosom.


It wasn’t hatred or resentment, so at the end of a smooth movement, like swinging without an object.

“??????uh?” A fountain of blood burst from the nape of Areon’s neck.


Jorahhan, who accurately cut the area that could not be covered with armor, turned around and shouted.

“Run away!”

The fire tribes were shocked.

‘Teacher… …

Because I never thought of myself as someone who could hurt anyone.

“What are you doing! Do you all want to die?”

If everyone in the world gave orders, only Jorahhan would be the one they followed.

“Guys! go to the woods! now!”

The Hwajok, who came to their senses, ran with all their might.

The cavalry commander, knowing that there would be no catch if he went into the woods, mounted his horse.

“Follow me! Do not leave even one alive!”


At Fisk’s cry, the cavalry raised their front legs.


Areon’s condition was serious.

I pressed the wound on the nape of my neck, but hot blood was pouring between the palms of my hands.

‘I avoided the spinal cord and cut off only the arteries. Maybe to buy time to escape? This guy knows anatomy.’

At the time, not many people knew about it.

“Phi, Fisk.”

Areon, whose face was inflated like a balloon, grabbed Fisk by the shoulder and squeezed out his words.

“me… … save me me… … live.”


If they were a Hwajok or something, if the prince died, their lives would end here.

Fisk raised his head.

“I’ll take the prince and return to the base right now! hurry! You can’t waste even a second!”

The sacrifice of the cavalry was essential to cover the maze-like forest in the shortest distance.

“Prince! Be patient, my prince!”

Even while transporting Areon, Fisk mobilized all his knowledge to stop the bleeding.

‘It’s soil that closes the wound, but this one bleeds too much. Then, with the power of water… …

Could you make blood?

In the distant future, humans will understand everything, but only after much more warfare.


Fisk’s face dripping with cold sweat was hopeless.

“I don’t know!”

No matter how the four elements of air, earth, water, and fire were combined, blood could not be created.


or something else.


Perhaps because he was highly focused, Areon’s voice was annoying this time.


Even non-experts could tell that Areon was on the brink of death.

“I want to die… … no.”

After those words, the prince of Micas Kingdom passed away without even closing his eyes.


Even if he returned to the kingdom like this, the king of Micas would kill him.


It didn’t matter anyway.

“It’s blood.”

If you ruined your life, wouldn’t it be worth risking your life?


Jumping off the chariot, he watched as the prince’s corpse was taken to the kingdom of Mikas.

According to Omega’s records, Fisk devoted his life to it, but failed to create blood.

Although he completed a book titled Blood Composition and Ingredients, it is also a story that has nothing to do with traditional dreams.

The place where Syrone’s subconscious, immersed in a deep dream, headed was Jorahhan’s agony.

“ha! ha!”

As he led the fire tribe and ran frantically through the forest, he felt that his eyes were getting dark.

It was only when I got down on my knees that I realized that I was out of breath and the pain rushed in.


Armand was speechless.

“I, I… …

Shaking his hands, Yorahhan muttered with eyes that seemed to have lost his soul.

“I cut people, people.”

The beliefs that preached love and shunned violence disappeared in an instant.

No, that’s just a matter of reason.

“Huh.” I was just afraid, and my heart throbbed like a poisoned frog running amok in my stomach.

“Armand, I, I… …

“Wake. you kept the fire family That’s it. If it wasn’t for you, I would have died.”

“Cow, small world creation. Honey, I… … I can’t stand it… …

Seeing that Jorahhan’s eyes were half-rolled, Armand hurriedly connected their hearts.

The moment they became one, she wept.

‘How soft a heart is this.’

He was such a kind person that he would not kick even a rolling stone.

Armand whispered.

“Sorry. everything is my fault I couldn’t protect you I’m you…”

I wanted to make my dream come true.

It is said that if you share your sorrow, it will be halved, but this time it was true, and Yorahhan calmed down.

“No, it is not.”

Have you ever wandered in a dream?

“I was stupid. He had never lost anything, but he was ignorant of the reality and only had high ideals.”


“Let’s hide. Let’s hide and never go out into the world. I live with the fire people in a place where there is no violence or selfishness.”

“Then what is your dream? You said you wanted to save humanity.”

“Many Hwajoks have already been sacrificed. I don’t want to lose anyone anymore. Above all, without you I… …

Since it was already one heart, she felt the same way that she had no regrets.

“OK got it.”

If my husband wants it, that’s enough.

“Let’s leave. Into the woods where no one can find, where no one can disturb us.”


That’s how Yohann broke his faith.

Nevertheless, the transfer dream was still in progress, and Sirone was rather convinced.

‘I see.’

If it is something that can be accomplished because you know better than anyone that practicing love is difficult.

‘Now all that’s left of him is… …

first jora.

His last case, which he finally reached through a perfect match, was about to unfold.

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