Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1227

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Forbidden Zone (4)

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Uriel asked.

“longing… … say?”

As Ryker recalled the history of Heaven.

“You could have ended the war. When Ichael took your side. Only you could have done it. But you did not annihilate Ichael. As long as the concept exists, the angel will return from the sun as a pure psyche.

Even when you are born.” “I could destroy Ikael, but I couldn’t destroy the longing for this Kael. Isn’t that why Kariel was so obsessed and you were silent?”

“What do you want to say?”

“Indestructible Archangel of Destruction, you are more human than Kariel. And we can still end this war. Do not play with divine providence.”


Uriel did not deny it.

“But what will change if I say I fight God? Isn’t that playing with you?”

“You love Ikael.”

Even in the abyss, he could feel Uriel’s energy.

“That is love. The emotion you deny to the end and still ponder endlessly is love. Kariel’s love for her is different, only for her… …

When the judicial halo Ragnarok was accumulated, the darkness dissipated and Yuriel appeared.

“Honbaekryong, do not disrespect me.”

At this moment, it was the archangel of destruction that could end all wars in an instant.

“Or, you can just say no.”

is it?

Uriel had never thought that the Archangel of Destruction could love anyone.

Because there won’t be such a function itself.

” I am??????

He wanted to say no, but Uriel couldn’t utter those short words in the end.

“Do you think Ikael won’t know?”

Assryker said.

“Because I deny it myself, I’m just pretending that others don’t know. Perhaps someone is looking at your gaps.”

A woman came to mind.


Is that why she turned her insides upside down every time the Kwan Yin of the extreme line collided with her?

“Mudeungpyo said. When only one can destroy, Uriel ends the war. Stop accepting it. That is your real fight.”

The effects of Abiris’ Breath and Shadow of the Abyss gradually disappeared, revealing the scenery.

The forest swept away by White Bone’s wrath was dry as if it had been exposed to radiation.

Uriel annihilated Ragnarok.

“I’m not worried.”

The wings of light spread out.

“If a god is trying to use me, destroy the god and create a new one. If longing is holding me back, it will only destroy it.”

After leaving those words, it became a flash and flew away, leaving only the remnant of a magnificent vibration.

As Ryker lowered his eyes and muttered.

“… … To be honest.”

Well, since he’s so honest, Ikael may have relied on him even though he knew everything.


Asriker stood up.

“Is the war restarting?”

The 11 apostles waiting in the sky also confirmed that the shadow of the abyss was lifted.

Many of the fairies had aged and disappeared, and the angels also had exhausted faces.

Light Dragon Phaeton said.

“The forest was blown, but it worked. What do you want to do? Should I continue to stir with the breath? or not… …

Poine the Poison Dragon said.

“Don’t reveal your hand all at once. Because I don’t think the war will end like this. What are we missing?”

The dragon Argan asked.

“Is there a need for such a thing? It’s like it assumes we can’t win.”

Blitz said.

“It’s such a battle. The outcome of this war is not us, but Messiah’s change. But so far there is no special variable. It is a dangerous idea that we just fight well and win.”

The 12 apostles watched the forest in silence.

‘What am I missing?’

The shadows of the abyss were lifted and the elves and fairies were fighting again in the vast wasteland.

“omg! omg!”

After escaping the Rotten Swamp, an elf woman crawled across the floor with her filthy body.

“Sal, please save me!”


One of the elves who was shooting arrows at the fairy troops recognized her.

“Give me cover!”

The elf charged forward with a bow, grabbed Erin’s arm and entered the friendly camp.

“What happened? I thought you were dead!”

Erin wept.

“I was taken to the Crown’s barracks. I should have died, Grid for me… … Ah, ah!”

The elf, aware of the relationship between the two, hugged Erin without asking further.

“are you okay. calm down for now Let’s report it to Enox-sama.”


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Erin’s expression instantly turned cold as she entered the forest supported by the elves.

‘Hong, are we finally meeting?’ Looking down at the scene from the sky, the 12 apostles just averted their eyes indifferently.

‘What’s going on in this forest?’

No one knew.

Xing, as well as Yin-Ji and Yang-Ji, looked at the man who appeared through Mi-Moon’s body.


The first human Gaia, the dragon before that, and the source of all living things that existed before that.

Baal approached with cold eyes.

“Yes, I have heard of it in Hell. But they say that administrators operate independently of human goals.”

Taeseong was also questionable.


According to the dynamics of the universe, the two are set up as a married couple, but the way of thinking is different.

‘I am a program that protects humanity. But he… … I already tried to exterminate humans once.’

Because it invaded the realm of God.

‘if… … To protect humans?’ Taeseong shook his head.

‘I can’t do that. To me, human beings are a unique result, but he can create creatures in any plane.’ It was the reason Taeseong had maternal love for mankind.

‘but… …

It was Argones who gave the first human being the name Gaia and forgave Gaia at the request of Taeseong.

said Baal.

“Unlike Lethe-sama, the two of you have a complementary relationship. Do you really intend to protect Taeseong?”



Taeseong blinked his eyes.

“If the planetary program goes wrong, it will affect me too. Above all, you cannot be defeated by mere creatures. Someone like you that even your parents don’t recognize.”

“That is difficult to accept.”

Baal’s brow wrinkled.

“You made humans, not us. Well, demons came from human emotions, so they’re probably at least grandsons, but that doesn’t mean you’re superior to Lethe-sama.”

“Why are you here?”

Taeseong couldn’t believe it right away.

“You said you weren’t involved in human affairs. Weren’t you supposed to give it a chance?”

He was more afraid of the Cell Buster that Argones would cause than his own extinction.

“It is not a human problem. Neither the Drimo program nor the Underworld program are currently in a state where they can carry out their normal missions. If this continues, the balance of the five major systems will collapse.”

Argones turned his head.

“Give me one last chance. Go back to Lethe. We’ll take care of things here.”


The lecture was in Baal’s eyes.

“Can it be?”

Argones’ blow made him feel as good as his chest throbbed.

It is true that he wanted to test his ability since he had reached an unprecedented level in the history of the demons.

‘The end of the world. I felt empty because it seemed like it would end easily.’

thank god.

‘I can wield it properly.’

The next moment, Baal and Argones were hit at the same time, and the outer wall of the Ivory Tower was scattered like dust.


Except for Taeseong and Singh, who were fixed by the law, everything was crumbling.

Thing thought.

Perhaps this will be the battle at the end of the world.

“The manager is no big deal either.”

Argones, whose upper body was cut obliquely by the sword at the lecture, stood on a water hole with his remaining arm.

Then, the arm turned into a leg, and before I knew it, the upside down was reversed and it regained its original shape.

Baal leaned his sword over his shoulder.

“Can’t you kill me too?”

Unlike Mimoon, Argones, capable of cell proliferation indefinitely, was a true immortal.

“But I won. It wouldn’t be bothersome if I faced more enemies that I couldn’t kill


that’s also true.

Baal twisted his back with all his might and said holding the handle of his sword with both hands.

“I am the pinnacle of demons.”

It was a blow that could slash not only Argones, but also Taeseong and Sing’s party.


A familiar voice.

Taeseong and Singh’s expressions changed, and blood vessels began to rise in Baal’s eyes.


Even if you imitate a swordsman, you’re still a demon in the end.


The face of Baal, who tore his lips with a face contorted toward the center, was the devil himself.

Thing couldn’t believe it.

“Sir, Sirone.”

The figure covered in demon blood was not the Sirone he had seen before.

“Hehe, did you come after all? I’m sorry. In the end you didn’t keep anything. And the demon’s blood. After all, you are only human… …

“shut up.”

Sirone sighed briefly.

“Don’t talk to me.” Half of Baal’s body was completely crushed.

M | 99

When it returned to normal, it was already flying at a tremendous speed.

Baal pulled out the river and applied the brakes.


However, the body did not stop, rather, the pressure that seemed to destroy the body was pushed.


So he became a star in the sky.

“… … Aaaaa!”

After a while, it came back with great speed and cursed Sirone with its bloody mouth.

“Abominable Yahweh!”


Perhaps Baal should have been cool.

“Even if I’m just an abomination like you said, even if I’m just a hypocrite… …

Although it must have been unpleasant for his pride to have reached the pinnacle of evil.

“You guys have no right to say that.”

He couldn’t come back without understanding how he had been struck the first time.

“Photon Cannon.”

What was born was a small photon.

And if you put mass in it and send it out at 99.9999% of the speed of light.


You won’t feel anything.


All the internal atoms that already make up existence are twisted.

And something like that.


It has spread to innumerable numbers.

“Huh uh uh uh!”

It was a feeling of fright rather than shock, and it was a fear that seemed to drain the soul.

That moment when the body of Baal, whose front part was terribly crumpled, flew back again.

“Come on.”

When Sirone held out his hand, he flew forward again as if pushed by the current.

Tae-seong realized.

‘Waves of particles.’

It was the highest level that a human, not Yahweh, a wizard of light could reach.

“Oops! Oooh!”

Falling to the ground, Baal screamed and twisted his limbs as if he had melted from the heat.

With Baal between her legs, Sirone looked down at him and gently thrust her fist out.

“Photon Cannon.”

Baal shook his head madly.

“Ugh! Aaaaaaa!”

“… … Infinity.”

“Aaaaaaaa! Aaaaaaa!”

Baal’s limbs convulsed as he poured down an enormous number of light-speed particles.

It was as if the birth and destruction of the universe were passing through his brain.

“Are you in pain?”

There is no way to describe this experience, so Baal was only weeping and wriggling.

“It is not revenge. Because the dead don’t come back just because they haunt you. Do you know what this means? that there is no turning back You killed it, and you did something, and you, the person involved, cannot be held accountable!”

“Huh! Whoa!”

Said Rhone, looking down at Baal with sad eyes.

“I hate that.”

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