Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1231

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Missing Link(3)

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Even after Sirone finished talking about the good and evil of mankind, the party remained silent.

Iruki was lost in thought.

‘It was something like that.’

A Gaian who has mastered the mind.

To them, who could make the whole no matter what they did, there would be no distinction between good and evil, public and mourning.

‘Ultima is broken.’ It’s not a matter of what you do, it’s a matter of how you define it.

Sirone continued.

“I don’t know what happened to Cain after that. The last record of Omega disappeared along with the thick smoke. In the end, he left reality and fled to Undercoder.”

Even if it wasn’t left in the record, Melkidu, which Sirone and the others experienced, was telling them what they were doing.

“I thought about it countless nights and pondered over it.”

Cain said.

“Where did it go wrong? No, was it really wrong? Why did I have to make that decision? Is that really evil?”

The group was listening.

“The bottom line is that everything is a game of dice. I just threw the dice. Not knowing what numbers might come out.”

The fact that the cold world chose Abel and stabbed his brother in the chest at that moment.

“Yes, chaos. We are beings of chaos.”

Cain patted his head.

“Before I say I am, there is an order that moves me. There is a special signal sent to us from the top of this head. An electric spark, perhaps a priori, what we call an impulse… …

There is a missing link.

“In the end, humans are just puppets of signals coming down from afar. even mind. That is, we cannot do something ourselves, and therefore we cannot change it.”

It was an evil conclusion to the Veron problem.

Sirone asked.

“Does the guilt go away if you come to that conclusion?”

“… … That’s always the problem.” Cain looked back at Lilith’s portrait.

“Melkidoo is a world based on the methodology of evil. So far, many sinners have gathered. Although I’m stuck here, I’ve heard many stories. However, whether they knew it or made a momentary mistake, what the guilty human being thinks in the end is the same. I wish I didn’t have to do that day… …

Because pleasure is fleeting.

“Of course, there are people who like this place and sit down. Those kinds of people attach special phrases to make Melkidu sacred, but… …

Cain looked at Curtis.

“Even if I don’t go to prison, even if the case is expunged, it doesn’t mean that what I did has gone away.”

Because there is no holy ground for the devil.

said Iruki.

“I have a question. According to Syrone, Lilith was supposed to have been killed by Adam, so how did the human lineage reach this point?”

“Because I’m not dead.”

Sirone said.

“Of course Lilith died, but the Mitochondrial Eve seed was still there.”


No, maybe it’s a curse?


On that night of thunder and lightning, Adam visited the village to check on his family.

Heading to his wife’s house first, he heard screams in the noise of the heavy rain.

” what……?”

I turned around and arrived at Abel’s house, unexpectedly, and the smell of blood was strong.

When he opened the door, all he saw was Abel’s corpse and Lulu, who was in shock.


Luluwa regained her focus and said.


“What happened?”

Adam is also accustomed to death as a warring Gaian, but at least not in Eden.

“Ka-Kain older brother… …

Luluwa explained in a trembling voice.

When Adam learned the whole story, the murderous spirit of Gaia flashed terrifyingly in Adam’s eyes.


Adam said as he left the door.

“Don’t leave here tonight. When the day dawns, then go find the brothers.”

“Yes, got it.”

She and Lulu nodded, but her expression cooled as soon as Adam disappeared.

“… … What happened?”

She raised her hands and examined her body.

“why me?”

has it been released?

The moment I was shocked by Abel’s death, enormous memories rushed in as if my brain opened.

‘It’s my memory from a long time ago. Before giving birth to Luluwa. But my life with Lulu is also left in my mind.’

How much he loved Abel.

Thanks to this, he was able to fool Adam, but to be honest, he doubted his own identity.

‘Which one is Lulu with Lilith’s memories, or Lilith with Lulu’s memories?’

After thinking for a while, she got up.

“I am Eve.”


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There is no such thing as identity.

It was the generic term for life itself, which lives for eternity, endlessly repeating generations.

‘Now what should I do?’ The day dawned while I was immersed in unanswered worries, but Adam did not return.

She went to Lilith’s house.

In the desolate silence, his own corpse with a broken neck lay on the ground, dripping with bodily fluids.


The reason why her husband killed her was probably not unrelated to Cain’s disappearance.

“Ahahaha! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Tears ran down her cheeks.

“it’s over.”

Thus, the age of the Gaians in Eden had come to an end, but Eve’s life had now begun.

She crept in between her siblings.

Sometimes chastely, sometimes vigorously, he spread his descendants by acting out numerous personalities.

‘Let’s forget.’

No matter who Eve loves, it becomes an incestuous relationship, so it’s not love, it’s just a dirty desire.

‘I’m going to forget everything.’

As generations passed, her offspring changed into primitive forms with only animal desires left.

‘love me! more!’

Each time the taboo was broken, Ma became stronger

The daughters became the new Eve and spread throughout the world.

‘Pleasure! sense! Endless desire!’

Why is Mitochondrial Eve inherited only in females?

“Grrr! sniff! sniff!”

Because they are all Eve and… … .


Sirone said.

“Regardless of where it originated, all human beings born on this earth will become the children of Eve.”

Iruki let out a long breath.

‘Now, there have been so many mutations that even conducting an epidemiological investigation is meaningless… …

Conceptually, Eve is the mother of mankind.

“okay. In fact, what her mother dreamed of was a brilliant and beautiful love. However, since all human beings are children, all they can do is surrender themselves to pleasure. Then we met in the end. Sirone, you.”

Everyone turned to Sirone.

“Hexa, you have no cause. It means that you are the only one in humanity who is not Eve’s child. It’s contradictory like a virgin giving birth to a child, but it’s also a signal and proof sent by a god with a heart to this world. You are special to my mother.”

“So Uorin… …

The group realized

Why is the Empress of Kashan obsessed with Sirone, and why is Sirone avoiding her?

s*x Brain, said Adam.

“It’s still the same, those eyes.”

While Kido did not let go of his tension, Uorin fired at him with a ferocious expression.

“Don’t treat me badly.”

It faded from its primitive form, but as it evolved into humanity, memories from Eden were revived.

“You killed me. He said he saw me with a broken neck. With what kind of face did you appear in front of me? no.”

Uorin built arsenic.

“Actually, I don’t even have a face. What is the reason for living in such a pitiful way? With such a hideous appearance.”

Adam looked back at Kido.

“Is that goblin your lover now? Even now, tastes do not change.”

Uorin bared her teeth.

I am confident that I will not lose to anyone in the world, but the relationship between the couple was not easy.

“Don’t talk nonsense. I’m not the me you knew Do you know how many generations I have gone through?”

“Of course you know. Because I became like this and came back with you through the history of mankind.”

Adam gave up his body.

If Lilith lived a new life with Eve’s abilities, he imitated humans as an illusion.

They experienced the history of Eve as countless human beings, including men and women of all ages, politicians, doctors, and beggars.


Wu Lin asked.

“Why? Like me, you were disgusting. What do you care about what I do?”

“To take responsibility.”

When he left Eden, he was about to die.

“Lilith, you have done something irresponsible. That must be the evil you created. But I also couldn’t be free from that responsibility.”

Adam held out his hand.

“Come with me. The end of the world we made is coming. Shouldn’t we do something for humanity at least once’?”


“If it’s because of Sirone, give up. he doesn’t come to you Because I know what you did.”

“Hong, it doesn’t matter. What do you think I’ve endured through these long, tedious years? Rather than using this body and abilities perfected over countless generations for you… …

Uorin hugged Kido’s arm.

“I’d rather dedicate it to this goblin. This is your final warning. Don’t appear in front of me again.”

“You have clear eyes.”

Adam looked back at Kido.

“Don’t love the release. That woman will suck everything out of you. She will dry up forever.”

“shut up.”

Kido held out the window.

“I don’t care what my ex-husband is. Because I love you. of course… … I am a goblin.”

The reason why she insisted on adding the second word was proof that she was conscious of her ex-husband.

‘shit! It can’t be helped!’

Because he was a man who had already won her heart a long time ago, which he could never have.

Adam laughed.

“Do you have the courage to say that even now when you see me? nice do not worry. Lilith won’t care one bit whether you’re a goblin or not.”


Kiddo didn’t understand.

“you… …

Without avoiding Uorin’s gaze, which was full of death, Adam took a step back.

“Lilith, if you can’t live for humanity, leave with that goblin. The moment your entire history falls into the hands of Havitz, you commit another sin.” Even though he hated Adam, he knew the importance of words.

Gaia’s body disappeared and his gray matter brain floated and disappeared into the darkness.


Kido, relaxed, put his hand on Uorin’s shoulder.

“are you okay?”

“Don’t touch me.”

At the cold voice, Kido, who was lost in thought for a moment, slowly withdrew his hand and stepped back.


Uorin was more offended by that.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking, but don’t pay attention to what Adam says. I have absolutely no intention of doing anything with the goblins.”

Kido nodded.


Thirst surged again, but he accepted the huge lack with his whole body.

‘I love you. At least… … You don’t push away what I love.’

I don’t know Kido.

That his savagery and intellect reminded Uorin of a past he wanted to forget.

But also guessing.

‘There must have been a lot. I must have done something I didn’t want anyone to know about. It’s okay though.’

To Kido, Uorin was still the most beautiful and noble empress of Kashan in the world.

“Kid too.”

And the man the Empress loved…

“Take me to Sirone.”

A human who shines so brightly that he, a monster, would not even dare to compete.


Kido answered in a hushed voice and smiled.

“Let’s go, Sirone.”

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