Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1244

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Weight of Existence (4)

In front of the exit of the Hall of Evil, Cain turned around.

“Here it is. Follow this road and you will see the church. Giyorgi is there.”

Sirone and the others looked beyond the door.

There was a beautiful grove outside the hall, and over the grove I could see a spire with a bell hanging on it.

Cain continued.

“I made Melkidoo’s system, but in fact, they are the true owners of this place. Satanism.”

Nade asked.

“What are you going to do?”

Anyway, the first murderer, the back of his head would itch if he left it like this.

“don’t worry. Of course, I am evil, but as I said before, I am more of a scholar who majored in evil.”

Cain said, stepping back.

“I will be watching. The final battle between good and evil that my mother and I created. When evil triumphs, I will no longer have to hide in a place like this.”

“What if good wins?”

At Iruki’s question, Cain thought for a moment.


and said

“Is there such a thing as victory for good?”

As Cain disappeared into the hallway without leaving meaningful words, Sirone looked back at his friends.

“You’re here at last. From now on, it will not be Melkidoo’s system. It’s a real battle.”

The eyes of Iruki, Nade, and Eden changed.

“let’s go.”

From a distance, the Satanist monastery seemed no different from other monasteries.

However, as they got closer, the decorations, stone statues, and paintings carved on the walls all turned against each other.

“It is terrible.”

The group passed the fountain.

‘It’s usually for small children to pee.’

The decoration of Satanism was the form of a squatting pregnant woman screaming with her hands on her belly.


And the fountain of blood exploded.

Nade, who was about to step back in disgust, flinched and then looked at him with cold eyes.

turned the dog

There was a foul smell from the blood soaking the body, but no one evaded the seat.


The leaders and leaders of Satanism opened the church door and were approaching them.

‘Gyorgi, Gultan, Marit, Eufrapus’

There was a person Sirone was looking for next to the 4 demons who specialized in defeating the Great Yah.

“Miss Seina.”

Her eyes, already influenced by Satanism, were red like blood. said Giyorgi.

“You are finally here. How does it feel to tour the Holy Land of Evil? It’s a pretty nice place, isn’t it?”

“Give Seina back. that’s all i want There’s no point in fighting now.”

Gyorgi knew that the end was imminent.

“It was pretty close. It seems you didn’t spend your time in Melkidu in vain. But it is wrong.”

Giyorgi opened the Devil’s Bible.

“Asuka Agreement Chapter 7, Section 2. far above

Lie and crawl under The obscenity is there.”

Giyorgi’s shadow split in two and then a huge hand stretched out.

‘Is it the ability to break the light?’

As Sirone balanced the hand with the Hand of God, Marit, the guru of Satanism, stepped up.

“The emblem (magic statue).”

It was embarrassing to look at the form created by the unity of human demonic energy.

Eden wrinkled his brow.

‘I don’t know what it is, but I really hate it.’

However, now that I knew the birth of good and evil, I could understand the s*xual feeling.

‘If I expressed the feelings I felt when Lilith crossed the forbidden line in form, would it be like that?’

On the other hand, Sirone paid attention to the emblem itself.

‘The emblem collects the demons of Satanists. And attack with the ability of Euphrates.’

The memory of the emblem’s spear piercing the Hand of God and being lodged in his side flashed by.

‘It’s a weapon like Yahweh’s natural enemy.’

It is because the emotions of humans who deny Yahweh are condensed, not those of the demons.



Because Melkidu’s core is real, it connected with Mika.

‘How many followers of Satanism?’

-To date, the number of followers of Satanism is 1,273,018,388 worldwide.

At that time, the spear of the emblem that pierced the side had the power of about 30 million people.

‘I won’t last this time.’

Even if his life could be saved, the realm of Yahweh would be torn to pieces.


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-Due to the influence of Emotional Disease, the number of Satanists rose steeply to the 1.1 billion level. However, growth has slowed due to the recent special wave.

It was a human wave.

said Euphrapus, the elder of Satanism.

“Yahweh, admit defeat. You couldn’t prevent the emotional sickness or the change of the law. Why don’t you know that it is not good and children that rule the world, but evil and emptiness?”

Iruki accepted.

“You guys can’t beat the ball anyway. If we keep going like this, everything will be over.” Gultan said with a bashful laugh.

“doesn’t care. When that’s over, if you disappear together, that’s it. If someone blocks you, stop doing it again. It’s you guys that I regret anyway, not us.”

While the members of the Catacombs laughed, only Gyor looked uncomfortable.

He said.


the one who abandoned me

“This is your last chance.”

The moment he finished speaking, as if he had promised, Seina moved and stood in front of Sirone.

“This woman was baptized by Satan. She is closer to us than any human being.”

Eden shouted.

“Stop talking nonsense! You guys brainwashed me!”

“It’s the same for each other.”


Giyorgi was silent.

“If you want to save Seina, do so. But you will be killed by the demon’s spear.”

said Nade.

“Hmph, do you think we’ll let it go like that?”

“I don’t know. What is clear is that time is running out. If you guys lose here… …

Giyorgi opened the Devil’s Bible.

“There is no Ultima.”

As soon as the words were finished, Seina charged and Shirone and the others scattered left and right.


Until the end of mankind, another hour.

The end of the previous dream.

Yorahhan’s spirit was in Drimo, but her body was still wandering in the world.

how many years have passed

“Sanchi! Sanchi!”

The journey of the two traveled around the world countless times and reached a village deep in the mountains of the East.

“Kiaaa! I will avenge you! Weighty things! do you dare kill me How dare you guys?”

The 17-year-old girl’s face was badly damaged, and all the thread veins were coming up on her cheeks.

“Sanchi! Please come to your senses!”

While Sanchi’s mother sobbed, an old woman in the village frantically shook the rice container.

“Lord of the Earth! Please help this child! May I find freedom from evil demons!”


The corners of Sanchi’s mouth, which had been wriggling in pain, were torn, and a muddy laugh leaked out.

“Quack. Kkkkkkkkk!”

Fear flickered in the old woman’s eyes.


As if she had seen a vision, she fell backwards and said with unfocused eyes.

“You, such an evil ghost… …

“Try to do something!”

Sanchi’s mother cried out earnestly, but the people gathered in the yard did not move.

“Even the old woman who is the most magical in the village is like that. How do we catch ghosts?”

“Ah, then our daughter… …

“excuse me.”

When the people turned around, there was a man standing in front of them wearing iron armor.

“Aww! It’s a goblin!”

“I can feel the energy of evil. If it doesn’t bother you, may I take a look?”

It was clearly a man’s voice, but somehow it was neutral, and there was no malice.


Everyone was terrified, but the mother who was about to lose her daughter wanted to grab at a straw.

“My daughter was bitten by a ghost! please please… … !”

Armand entered the shabby house with heavy footsteps clap and clap.

“Kiyi! what else are you?”

He has traveled all over the world and inspired many evils, but this time it was of a new kind.

‘Evil evolves too. It’s an endless fight.’

Armand said.

“Get away from that child. Your place is where rivers of fire flow and skies of fire and brimstone are.”

“Kihehehe! You’re talking bullshit! What’s the matter with the two bitches burying me alive?”

‘Is it a grudge?’

Obsessed with grievous memories, he was a demon caught on the boundary between reality and the other world.

“I understand how you feel, but that was a long time ago. Those who hurt you must have already become white bones.”

“How do you know! My anger, my hatred… … !” Armand placed his hand on Sanchi’s chest.

‘Small world creation.’


People were frightened by the terrible screams, but soon Sanchi fell asleep.

“iced coffee! our daughter!”

Armand said as the mother crawled.

“It is not over yet.”

Having recited that, Armand faced the spirit of resentment that was connected to him as one.

In the dark and deep space of the heart.

“Kihehe! Now I see that you are also dead. Can you possess like me?”

The grudge was a form of rotten flesh with dozens of tentacles instead of limbs.

Perhaps it was embodied in the form of fear and struggle when buried alive.

“It’s better. The living ones keep trying to kick them out. Now this body is mine.”

The eyes of the grudge that arrived at Armand, filming the darkness with its tentacles, widened.

“what… … ?”

S’geunrut Swirut

One ‘?- – ? o , ‘ ? O?

The figure of a woman sharpening a knife, but on the other side, all sorts of monsters were mixed.

“Are you here?”

In terms of grotesqueness, even Han-gwi, who had confidence in himself, was terrified in front of this sight.

“What are you?”

“Stop lingering and cross the river of fire. Lethe of Oblivion will give you rest.”

“Are you going to throw away your lingering feelings?”

The grudge’s face contorted.

“What are you!”

And the moment Armand stung his tentacle, a huge wave of emotions rushed in.


“Forgive them.”

i will forgive you too

In the space of the heart, Armand calmly accepted the desire and obsession of the spirit of resentment.

It is indeed a disgusting and repulsive process.

‘Right, Jorahhan?’

she could smile

When the small world creation was released, her mind returned from the dark space to reality.

“It is done now. Your daughter is fine.” The moment the armor knight got up and left, people fell flat.

“Heaven! Please protect our village!”


Armand stretched out the tentacles, which were the bodies of the demons of resentment, in all directions from the gaps in the armor.


While people backed away in surprise, she walked calmly down the open road.

“I am just a lost man.”

Hundreds of years have passed since then.

“ha! ha!” In the wilderness without a single blade of grass, Armand could no longer walk and got down on one knee.

‘It’s the limit.’

He had developed his ability by swallowing the horse, but now he could not stand it alone.

“I am… … Now it becomes a sword.”

She imprinted on herself as an object.

“Those who have the magic sword will win the world. Good people, bad people, and even ghosts can wield me.”


“… … I want to be a good person.” Her lonely monologue will ride her wind and lead her to her sirone in the future.

‘It’s been hard, honey. Now I… … I think I can let you go.’

Parting with Jung In is always sad.

As the Diamond Armament was lifted, a sword was firmly imprinted on the stone floor in the wilderness.

Then the corpse, kneeling on one knee, began to dissolve like dust and tossed in the wind.



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