Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1248

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the terrible truth (4)

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Anchal said.

“Emperor Phehe }, Pama Mineral Star, 10 minutes left until power transmission is complete.”

The reason why his tone was more pious than usual was because Jin Kang was facing death.


Jin Kang spilled blood.


A half-mad madman.

Although he admits it himself, he was rather enjoying this feeling.


There seemed to be no chance to see her daughter’s face.

‘Will I want such a luxury?’

“Your Majesty, please command me. Information once transmitted cannot be retrieved. The only chance to turn back is now.”

Despite the psychological burden, Jin Kang looked at the temple with soft eyes.

“Thank you.”

I hope there will be no regrets whatsoever.

“your majesty.”

Anchal tried hard to hold back the tears welling up in his one eye and sent a determined look.

“Please tell me.”

Jin Kang’s face turned into that of a demon.

“Kill him.”

It’s all fake.

Ryan ran and ran.


Sirone’s body was as light as a feather, but the weight of her life was greater than that of Lian.


The sword of the yaksa that protects the lord split the beast.

‘There is no end.’

Outside the wide open field of view, more black monks were gathering than now.

‘The remaining distance… … About 40 kilometers.’

It is a distance that can be reached in an instant if one is determined and runs, but it was a problem to break through the tough terrain.

‘No, it’s a problem even if you arrive. Sirone is defenseless while purifying the chain of true voice.’

Ryan made a decision.

“I will protect you.” Because the sword does not judge, Sirone’s life was the top priority in any situation.

The Black Vulture flew again.

– Foolish sinner, why do you reject purification and disturb the laws of hell?

The unfathomable colony rotated like a whirlwind, concentrating its power.


Rian grabbed the Daejikdo in reverse and rushed.

‘Don’t worry, Sirone.’

The moment I clenched my teeth, the world vibrated and tremendous power surged into my right arm.


The moment he turned his shoulder, the muscle on his forearm evaporated, and the colony of black monks exploded with a bang.

-Oh oh oh oh… … .

Hearing the faint scream, Lian looked at his right arm, which only had bones.

Smille. smille

Ogent’s lineage began to repair the body, but it was decidedly slow.

‘It’s not long.’

Even if it was an idea of ​​divine transcendence, there was a limit to the restoration ability of living things.

“are you okay.”

Reinforcing his barely recovered right arm, Lian grabbed the great sword and walked again.

‘Even if I’m broken… … <Idea> is not destroyed.

After escaping from the Pyramid of Truth, Sirone stood in front of a huge hole in the sky.

The All-Seeing Eye was watching him.

“What are you thinking?”

Sirone asked, but the pupils did not show any reaction as before.

“Do you think you are defining me?” It’s not scary.

However, I wanted to do everything I could here before leaving for the unknown.

“Is the guffin there?” What kind of accident was the reaction at the Maika ruins, the whole eye did not move.

“Answer… …

A Photon Cannon floated in Sirone’s hand.

“I mean!”

As a single flash of light headed for a hole in the sky, the same flash flew from the other side.

It was like throwing a ball into a mirror.


Apparently, God didn’t want to compromise like a gentleman in their own world.

“If you want that, I’ll go in.” After finishing Simho Home, Sirone wrapped the Miracle Stream around her body and flew into the hole.

When the head passed the boundary line where the flashes collided, the all-eye disappeared and a black space appeared.


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‘Yania Idum.’

It was because if there was no light, there was no way he could see his hands.

Nothing, or such a concept.

‘A reversal of thinking.’

Having already experienced in high gear, Sirone quickly regained her thinking.

“Will something be different?”

High gear is a lower level of reality, but the outside world itself was nothing special.

‘ just??????

space is changing.

“It is a unique concentration method called sequence method.”

Ethella said.

“If any of you have ever counted from 1 to 100, either mentally or verbally, please raise your hand.”

While the students of Alpheas Magic School raised their hands, Sirone was indifferent.

‘Everything is just a huge illusion.’

Just by thinking about it, I go back to my alma mater’s Class Five integrated class time.

Ethella continued.

“great. So, who has ever counted from 1 to 1,000?”

While the students looked around, Sirone also took a closer look at the familiar face.

I could see Nade, who was still unfamiliar with him, and Iruki, whom he had clashed with from the first meeting.

‘haha! You guys are really young.’

Of course I would too.

Even though he smiled slightly, he soon turned away from them with sad eyes.

‘This is not my world.’

It is just one of many universes multiplying infinitely like a bubble.

“A sequence formula is literally a technique of arranging numbers. Unlike language, numbers… …

Ethella stopped talking.


When Sirone met her eyes, Ethella thought with a serious expression.

“you… …

she asked.

“who is this?”

The students of the advanced class all turned to see Lorne, but there was nothing to say.

“No, who are you? You are not Sirone.”

Ethella was convinced.

Her eyes, which had been sparkling with interest until just a second ago, had completely changed.

‘I’m not a student. No, even such a comparison is meaningless, the eyes that have reached the end of the world.’

her instincts spit out.


The students groaned.

“What are you talking about? Why is the teacher like that all of a sudden?”

It seemed that a commotion was about to break out, and Sirone stood up at the thought of being a nuisance to this world.

“Teacher Ethella.”

the person you admire the most.

“thank you.”

With a sense of farewell, Etella held out her hand.

“Sleep, wait… … !”

It was a dark space again.


What is going on by now in the universe that he had been mistaken for a while ago?

‘It’s a meaningless assumption.’

Literally, there are infinitely many such universes.

‘I can’t go back from here.’

Based on High Gear’s experience, Sirone can find where her heart resides.

“The god of the outside world.”

Now was the time to build a fence.

‘I must have come here too.’

What did he realize and where is he now?

‘no way?’

Sirone stopped walking.

In a space where only illusions exist, there must be only one way to meet God.

‘The only illusion.’

When he turned his head, his reflection was like a mirror.

‘But there is no mirror.’

As Sirone slowly approached, he on the other side closed the distance in the same way.

His hand reached out slowly.

Ymir’s black hole.

Sirone, who came to his senses in a great sense of unity, arrived in a dark space.

I tested the world of illusion, and when I thought about Nane, my steps suddenly stopped.

‘The only illusion.’

Since God is the result and unique, there is only one place where any delusion can reach.

Sirone turned her head.

‘But there is no mirror.’

Sirone of the two simultaneous incidents approached with exactly the same gait and touched hands.

After savoring it for a while, Sirone lowered her hand, and the mirror phenomenon returned to nothingness.

which sirone?

It was the Sirone who received Yorahan’s dream, and the one who did not receive the dream.

‘There is no contradiction.’

Sirone realized why she was disconnected from reality in Ymir’s dream.

‘It was blocked by a barrier of logic.’ There is no contradiction here.

Infinite freedom to do right no matter what, that is the identity of the Ultima system.

‘It must have been sad, it was me.’

Did he cry out in the vast emptiness that even the extremes of emptiness could not bear?

‘We should meet, me too.’

Extracting Ultima was the priority.

However, being the only God in an infinite delusion cannot undo cause and effect I_ U:

? =

‘There is no going back to the reversal of the accident. Even if you get Ultima, if you can’t bring it to reality… …

After finishing her resolution, Sirone recalled.

” god.”

Many people will imagine their own gods, but no matter what they think of, there is only one God.

That one illusion finally moved Sirone to the place where the god resides.

A material that is too smooth to be called stone and too soft to be called metal.

It was an all white space.

‘Is this the universe at the highest level that mankind can reach?’

No, it’s not.

‘I’m just holding on to the result using imaginary time. Human potential does not end here.’

If the chain of cause and effect created by God is broken, humanity will stretch farther into the future.

Perhaps that is the message left by Guffin… … .

‘Beyond infinity.’ Taking the first step calmly, Sirone walked down the hallway, devoid of personality.

For the first time his eyes saw something else.

“Hehehe! Hee hee hee!”

Arius, lying down like a dog, was spinning around.

“Uh hee hee! month! month! Hee hee hee!”

Sirone reversed the accident again and called.

“Mister Arius.”

He suddenly stopped moving, turned his head, and came closer to Sirone.

“Uh, uh? Ha ha ha! You’re here! It’s finally here! Sirone!”

“What happened?”

Arius bowed continuously.

“Oh oh! our god! Save man! Take this poor body! Fuhahaha!”

I was half crazy.

“By the way, how many universes have you traveled?”

Everything is momentary, and everyone ends up like this when wandering around in those countless illusions.

“Whoa, whoa!”

Arius wept.

“It’s all futile. You can go anywhere, you can be anything. No dogs, no insects, no air. God is infinitely huge, infinitely vast… … . no one can stand it In the first place, we couldn’t even be insignificant!”

that is infinite

“Aww! I am nothing! rather kill it! This f*cking space where even death becomes an illusion… … !”

“Mr. Arius!”

Arius shut his mouth at Sirone’s remark.

“Calm down. It’s just a god trait. You know. With Ultima, even humans have the strength to fight. can you extract it? Miro said he would have made a move.”


my master

“Extraction is simple.”

Arius spread his arms.

“Here, Ultima. take it. Whether it’s digging through a wall or sucking in air. All the concepts that make up this place are Ultima. It’s the exact opposite of reality. Integration is a natural phenomenon here. No contradiction. If you just throw out that effect, the cause will take care of itself and become a combination.”

His hands covered his face.

“Ha, the problem is that there is no going back. we’re stuck here I’d rather not come.”

After understanding the situation, Sirone stood up.

“Where is God?” Arius’ body


“Did you meet?”

no At that silence, I think I’m going crazy

“good night… … want to

In silence, in vibration.”

“So I have an idea to go back. Where is God?”

We have to find a way.


Arius laughed.

“Of course, where God is.”

For a moment, it felt like electricity was flowing through their bodies, and then a borderless white space opened up.

It was all about a glass ball the size of a human head floating 3 meters above the line of sight.

It’s not really accurate.

It is only estimated by seeing the electricity of various spectrums spread in a spherical shape as if trapped in a membrane.

“Is it you?”

Yurigu replied silently, but Sirone sensed that the electricity pattern had changed.

‘That’s it… …

Super-intelligent computing device, God.

continues in the next volume

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