Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1251

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The Horrible Truth (7)

“Tae, Taeseong… …

There was no life, no hostility.

No, even if there was, Sirone probably wouldn’t have been able to respond.

It was about that size.

“Why me… …

The size of your heart that Shirona relied on Taeseong in the lonely fight for humanity.

Taeseong straightened up and pulled out his hand.


As Sirone fell to the floor, she looked at her bloodstained hands for a moment.

Thing’s gaze went down.


A clean fatal blow.

Gentle convulsions were all Sirone could do.

“I know.”

Taeseong said as he wiped away the blood.

“Why are you doing such a useless thing?”

Sensing a chill that seemed to freeze his soul, Singh asked with his shoulders trembling.

“Did you trick us?”

“What are you talking about?”

Even Singh, who did not believe Taeseong, must have forgotten one thing.

The fact that she is not human.

“I am the manager. We cannot leave alive those who have infiltrated the outside world.”

When Taeseong turned Sirone’s body over on his feet, a frowning face was revealed.

“Turn it off! please!”

“Heart stopped. Regeneration is impossible. I don’t want you to try anymore.”

Sirone gritted his teeth.


I tried to move my heart with the Miracle Stream, but it didn’t budge as if it had become steel.

‘The legal code has entered. Regeneration is… …

Sirone’s eyes rolled up, and at the end of her consciousness, her vision narrowed like the eye of a needle.

What came to mind at the last moment.

-Save yourself from the terrible truth.

‘I’m angry.’

Even the faint sound of breathing disappeared, and Sirone remained motionless, revealing the white of her body.

It was death.

“uh… …

Singh stared, dazed.

I watched Sirone’s death right in front of me, but I still couldn’t organize my mind.

The only thing that moves is anger.

“I will kill you.”

Staring at the life in Sing’s eyes indifferently, Taeseong moved on.

“You still sound stuffy. I have no life. And now humanity is over.”

She stopped in front of Argones and said.

“Let’s start.”

“Hmm.” The manager is a program that manages an independent area, but eventually moves under the god’s computing device.

Singh didn’t know how much they knew about each other, but… … .

“Cell Buster.”

Argones’ expression was not pleasant.

As his body differentiated into numerous anticells, Thing, who came to his senses belatedly, reached out his hand.


However, when Taeseong regained his freedom, nothing could stop them.


Taeseong blocked Singh’s law, and Argones transformed into countless cells and soared into the sky.


Because he has a stronger opinion than anyone else, even his fighting spirit disappeared the moment he thought about it.


Singh fell to his knees and wept.

Taeseong is approaching.

“I didn’t want to go this far. If possible, I wanted to live with the children I created.”

“Huh. How, how could he not hear anything at this moment, so Tae-sung turned around.

“Please, in the next reincarnation… …

She, too, flew into the sky, and only her cold voice remained in the ivory tower.

“I hope you don’t make this mistake.” What remains is the crying Sing, the devastated Yin and Yang, and “Aaaa! Aaaaa!” It was Sirone’s corpse.

Spirit of Ymir.

After leaving the gate installed on the first level of depth, Sirone and the others turned around with a surprised expression.

“Mr. Louver.”

Luver, holding Ultima, was still in Ymir’s mind.


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“I’m sorry.”

Sein, Miro, Gaold, and Gangnan did not know what he was trying to say.

“Oh Dae-sung.”

Mong-ah put on a sad expression.

“You made a big mistake.” And at that moment, an incident occurred in the Ivory Tower where Taeseong stopped Sirone’s heart.


I learned the whole situation belatedly, but before I could do anything, Sirone collapsed.

“you… …

The moment Miro rushes first, Gaul Dewa Sein, and Gangnan follow.

“The outside world.”

Louver said.

“Something no one should ever approach.” The gate closed at the same time as the incarnation of the Thousand Hands Guanshi Yin discharged the capital.

“One second.”


The fist of Ymir’s superego was within reach of them.


A powerful shock wave pushed all the atmosphere in the depth 1st stage and exploded in a flash of light.

In the place where everything was swept away, Louver looked at the giant’s fist that had stopped in front of him.

“Take it.”

Louver handed over Ultima, but the giant’s fist didn’t even move.

Avatar, Ymir asked.

“Is it a deal?”

“no. Are there any more left?”

Sirone and the others returned to reality, and the only thing left in reality was the destruction of mankind.

“You are annoying.”

Of course, if Ultima had been extracted, it is already unknown what would have happened to Le’s future.

However, if he had only been afraid of such a problem, he would not have yielded a blow to Guffin.

so that.


Ymir was furious.

The incarnation’s blows were violent enough to stop the heart of a creature.

Louver calmly kept his seat.

“Don’t take it.”

When the giant’s index finger and thumb picked up Ultima, it instantly permeated and a black hole was born again in the sky.

“I hate being in debt. Let me know if you want anything.”

“Are you going to the human world?”


It was the hottest battlefield in the entire multiverse.

“Destroy, thoroughly. If you are the last one left, then I will recognize you as the strongest.”

Louver and Mongah disappeared.


He had no particular complaints about the proposal, but he was displeased with the thought that God was putting him down.

‘wait. Because you’re next.’ Having made a deal anyway, she was sure of what Ymir had to do.

“Quack! Shall we play properly?” annihilation of all mankind.

Thing’s heart fell endlessly.

“I couldn’t make it.”

Soon, anticells would attack the world, and mankind would return to nothingness through the first cells.

“If only I had been a little stronger. If only I had pushed through a little more… …

“Oh Dae-sung.”

Where Singh turned his head, Yin and Yang Zi stood.

“Thank you so far.”


I realized what I was going to do.

“I don’t know how long it will last, but at least it will give humanity time to react.” It was a strategy to temporarily delay Cell Buster’s law by using the power of Taegeuk.

“no. We still need your strength. Yahweh is dead too. If you guys leave too… …

Yangji shook his head.

“You know. Human thinking cannot reach the perfect Taegeuk. We are determined.”


A thunderclap was heard in the sky, and the silvery anticells began to differentiate.

“There is no time. Please let me do it.” Thing gritted his teeth.

Even if they stop the cell buster for a while, what’s the point?

‘The reason I have to fight to the end.’ to take responsibility


When Xing’s decision was made, Yin Zhi and Yang Zhi smiled and nodded at the same time.

“Bye… …

The bodies of the two women who opened the immortal function shone brightly, and their minds scattered into the world.

and after a while

Grrrrrrung! Grrrrrrung!

The anticells that had covered about 1/10 of the field of view began to gather again into a single point.

Thus, a huge aggregate of cells gathered in a circle like the moon was born.

Sensing a vibration that seemed like it would explode at any moment, Sing hugged her body.

“You have to think.”

In the short time the two have earned, mankind must find a way somehow.


Amidst her blood-drying nervousness, her gaze turned to the cold Sirone.


Kang Nan woke up screaming.

From dream to dream, from dream to dream again, after going through countless dreams within dreams… … .

“Huh! Huh!”

It was an unfamiliar yet somehow familiar temple.

‘It was a terrible nightmare.’

After thinking about that for a while, she realized that this was Galliant Island, not far from Tormia.


It wasn’t just a dream, and where she turned her head, everyone in the party was awake.

No, not everyone.

Miro approached Arius, who was lying peacefully on the bloodstained bed.


Holding his forehead, she looked back at the temple the Kergos had prepared for her.

“No one came in.”

It was an enclosed space, but the silence, deeper than silence, created an ominous feeling.

And another one who hasn’t woken up yet.

“Sirone! Wake up, Sirone!”

Gangnan shook his shoulders, but Sirone closed his eyes and remained motionless as if he were dead.

“What happened?”

Said Sain as Gaold approached.

“It must be the aftermath of a simultaneous incident. It must have been a fatal shock in another space.”

“But it is strange. Simultaneous events are incarnations. If it’s really fatal, I can’t keep it.” After a moment of silence, Miro opened her mouth.

“It is dead.”

Everyone looked around the maze.


“He was mortally wounded, but his mind is awake. In other words, the heart is dead, but the brain is alive.”

Gangnan opened his arms.

“Does that make sense? When your heart stops, it means you are dead.”

“How do you know?”

Gangnan kept his mouth shut.

“Has your heart never stopped?”

“That, that… …

“Of course, this would be an unusual case. But this situation happened because such a peculiar thing happened. In other words, Sirone is currently dead… …

Miro raised his index finger.


two… … .

‘please! please!’

Sirone desperately tightened her heart.


pounding! pounding!

When the stopped heart finally started beating, a tremendous shock hit the body.

“Huh uh uh uh!”

The moment he jumped up, it was Thing who was rather surprised.

“What, what?”

Watching with an absurd expression, she saw Sirone in pain and crawled away.

“Sirone! Sirone!”


His body, which wanted blood, was as hot as if it were on fire, and the wounds on his back were still intact.

“From hemostasis… … !”

Sing concentrated on the law as blood poured out.

When the recovery power of the Miracle Stream was added on top of that, the bleeding was quickly stopped.

“What happened? Aren’t you dead?”

“He is dead.”

His heart stopped, so of course he did, but his brain wasn’t even paralyzed yet.

“I’m sorry, Thing. because of me… …


Thing shook his head.

“I didn’t decide based on what other people said. I did it because I understood. You persuaded me.”

Thank you for saying that.

“The cell buster has been activated. We have to find a way to stop it.”

“Where is Taeseong?”

This time, Singh was also angry.

“You still don’t know? We’ve been tricked. Administrators are just servants of God anyway!”

Of course, Sirone thought so too. but… … .

“Why didn’t you aim for the head?”


“Why heart? No, it could have burst your heart. Why did you stop it?”

“Are you crazy? Tae-seong tried to kill you!”

“know. But I don’t know. God, can a perfect arithmetic device make such a mistake?”

“that… …

Thing couldn’t answer.

“This is an important matter. You must check.”


“Maybe Taeseong… …

Just like the reason why the jet we met in Apocalypse was different from many jets.

“Maybe something went wrong?” In other words, it is called the mind.

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