Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1266

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End of History (3)

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Shiina frowned.

‘ Boarding?’

To treat a person who is still alive despite being mentally injured as a corpse.

“Even if you don’t know what the Illuminati is, we’re not interested. So go back.”

The ominous feeling was so strong that I didn’t want to be entangled in any sweet proposal.


Crown pointed to Quan.

“Maybe that human can regain his sanity?”


Shiina’s eyes widened.

And she felt that she must be entangled with the author at all costs.

“Is there a way?”

“Simple. cant fix it For instance… … The receiver is broken. The signal is coming in, but it’s not being processed. But maybe I can fix it once I get on board.”

“That boarding is… …

Crown made a circle with his index finger and thumb.

“All you have to do is drill a small hole. Then cover again and you’re done. It won’t look ugly.”

I knew by intuition that it was a brain.

“Are you crazy?”


Crown turned to the battlefield.

Girshin and the human were fighting on the side of the mountain as if they were reflected on a large screen.

In the sky, Sirone and Nane were in conflict, and on the ground, humanity’s elite and Ymir were colliding.


The building of the temple overlapped with the other side world was burning from below with a scream.

“It’s a yojigyeong.”

I am not interested in good and evil.

His interest was the fundamental question of living things even in the outside world.

-Does love transcend death?

Why did living things choose the system of death to leave behind posterity?

– There are new children born in the outside world as well.

even though they have eternal life.

Therefore, it was insufficient to see it as an inevitable choice to respond to the virus.

Crown said.

“To enter the Yojigyeong, you need a stronger body than you do now. It might be an opportunity for you. choose Is it a moderate misfortune or a low probability of hope?” Shiina was silent for a long time.

widely. tadak.

The area that turned into charcoal continued to expand around the place where Harbitz was standing.

Uorin, who couldn’t get up, was hugged from behind, and Kido widened the distance.

‘It’s a big deal. Even if I activate Vanishing, if I can’t attack Habits, it’s useless.’

Because all Satan wants is Uorin.

” escape?”

Havitz’s mouth split open.

“These are funny things.”

With a bang, his body caught fire, and it was shot at Uorin at terrifying speed.


Kido aimed the spear reflexively, but flinched as he recalled the terrible pain from just before.

‘If you run into it again… …

My legs were already shaking.


Just like Gaold, he erased his defilements and stepped into the pain.


The window began to burn immediately upon impact, but this time he did not let go.

‘I have to protect it.’


The moment Harvitz tore his mouth open, the cheekbones exploded and fragments flew out.


Staggering sideways, he turned his head to see Natasha clenching her fists.

“Run away.”

Hearing the sound of her heart beating incredibly fast, Kido examined her fist.

It was hardened black like coal.

‘It must be painful.’

At that moment, the battle doll, Natasha’s incarnation, forcibly injected power into her hand.

When I spread my five fingers, the ashes exploded with a pop, and light pink flesh sprouted.

She said.

“I am the one who has business with Havitz. evacuate people You will experience hell if you stay here.”


Kido had to ask.

“You were also in the team with that guy. plural? Now, what does it matter whether the other person dies or not?”


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“… … Because we are friends.”

Kido couldn’t ask any more, feeling as if he had said something very difficult.


“Don’t talk nonsense!”

As Havitz burned himself again and charged, Natasha quickly blocked his way.

In front of Kido’s eyes, a series of hits at the speed of sound exploded.



Seeing Natasha’s distorted face in pain, Kido didn’t worry any more.


As I ran down the hallway with Uorin on my shoulder, Harbitz in the flames let out a scream.


Kido was stunned.

‘please! please!’

don’t chase

A pain that makes you lose the will to fight even if a part of your body is burned.

‘If you are completely encroached by the Death Field… …

only eternal pain

Fighting itself, not force or skill, had turned into a fearful existence.

‘You have to run away. All of humanity if possible. You have to get as far away from Satan as possible.’

After leaving the underground, humans and demons were fighting fiercely for territory.

What does it mean?

” entire……

Kido exhaled with all his might.

“Get out of here!”


Missing Uorin, Harbitz turned her gaze to Natasha with fearful eyes.

Her right arm and left leg were carbonized, and she was biting her lip in a cold sweat.

“Are you sick?” “Do you want that to annoy you? Didn’t I say I don’t like to play? What are you like to interrupt?”


Natasha couldn’t concentrate.

‘Feeling like human coal.’

However, regardless of her will, the incarnation of the god of death made her stand up.

“Aaaagh!” When the superhuman Natasha screamed, Havitz was also having fun this time.

“It’s ugly. I didn’t like it from the start. Anyway, you guys pretended to be close because of our family.”

Natasha seemed to be able to hear it in her ears.

– Harvits, Harvits. Let’s glow.

I don’t have a clear memory, but even there, it seems that Habitz was a difficult guy to deal with.


she spat out with her eyes open.

“Get some iron.” Crumpled, Havitz’s face crumpled and black ashes fell down.

This world, if you set your mind to it, you can set it on fire right now.

said Natasha.

“Let’s go back now. Friends have gone too. Whether our memories are true or not, it ends here.”

Harvits was speechless.


Even if his memories were true, he would never leave her behind.

“no. If you are going, you go.”


Even in the midst of feeling terrible pain, Natasha invoked the Shinigami’s martial arts.

“Then I’ll let you go.”

Harvits’s mouth opened.


5 minutes after that.


The corpse of a victim was lying in the hallway, burnt black like a fire scene.

It was unclear even the identity of the figure grilled over charcoal with its limbs twisted.

Queek. Queek.

The incarnation, which cracked her joints as if malfunctioning, revealed that she was Natasha.

“I told you, you go.”

A corpse that trembles intermittently with its fingers crumpled.

You can’t hear because you don’t have ears, and you can’t speak because you don’t have a mouth.

It was an eternal pain.

“How do you want to die? Shall I kill you?” Havits, who was watching the corpse’s vibrations with annoyance, stepped on his face and broke it.


Queek. Queek.

The battle doll folded like a piece of paper and fell, then completely disappeared after a while.

“Next time, do it in moderation.” What liberated Natasha was against her friend.

Was it a consideration, or was it a mockery?


What was clear was that in the future he would show no mercy to the world.

“It doesn’t matter where you are.”

If you turn the whole world to ashes, you will be the only one left.


As Havitz’s body ignited again, the embers of the already burnt-down building revived.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

The Death Field was expanding at a tremendous rate.


The ground forces all turned their heads at the sound of screams coming from the Delta Headquarters.

“I-what is that?”

The building burned in an instant, and even the ground was expanding the black radius.


As if to prove the birth of a true atrocity, a huge ship appeared high in the sky.

The Supreme Court informed the world.

– Judgment Day has arrived. Humanity, the results of all the history you have built up to now will stand at the judgment seat. In the battle between good and evil… … .


Sirone screamed and charged.

“me : yes!”

A huge number of photon cannons were fired, but Nane’s sermon destroyed them all.

“Why did you kill me!”

“Sirone, look at the world.”

“why! Why did you kill him!”

“Look at what humans have done! Look at Satan created by human ignorance, evil, desire and obsession!”

As the death field expanded, all the humans in it were turning into charcoal.

Aww woo woo!

They have no mouths, but they all seem to hear their souls howling.

“What more do you want in this world? They can’t even die! With a heart burned black, to live until death. That’s what this world is all about!”


Sirone finally arrived in front of Nane and grabbed him by the collar.


Tears flowed.

“Why did you kill him?” “I mean, it can’t be undone. That’s something you can’t take responsibility for! why! why!”

“I take responsibility.”


Sirone raised her head with lifeless eyes.

“Then die.”

When the Photon Cannon Infinity was activated, waves of particles spread at the speed of light.

“A fool.”

At the same time, a sermon containing the strongest logic pierced Sirone’s chest, breaking the waves of particles.


Watching him fall to the ground with sad eyes, Nane raised her hand.

“I will save sentient beings from suffering.” A huge golden sword began to spin in the sky.


Rian, who noticed the falling sirone, jumped past Ymir.

I checked the condition immediately after sliding on the ground, but there were no visible fatal injuries.

but… … .


Consciousness showed no signs of returning.

In the defeat of Sirone, the elite army as well as those who fought alongside admitted the reality.

“I lost.”

humanity is defeated

“Take Sirone and leave.”

Miro approached, inspecting the Death Field.

“I cannot stop you without Yahweh. Even if we fight Satan right away, the outcome will be the same.”

Lian hugged Sirone with one hand and asked while holding the great sword with the other hand.

“Where can I go?” There was only one thing Miro could say.

“As far as possible.”

Rian, who understood perfectly, nodded and kicked the ground at the same time.

I was determined to run even to the end of the planet.

“Where are you going?”

Ymir blocked the way.


“I think it’s all over anyway. We have to finish it too.”

When the world closes, even if it closes, I wanted to know who was the last one left.

bang! bang! bang!

Every time Ymir’s attack hit the great sword, it felt like his bones were being crushed.

“That’s ridiculous.”

Such an extreme defense.

“Was it like that after all? Wasn’t the reckless spirit, the violent inaction, just a bluff?”


It has nothing to do with recovery ability.

However, he was afraid of leaving the world meaninglessly without being able to protect Sirone.


The moment the strength entered his convulsive hand, Ymir narrowed his eyes.


Instead of Lian, it seemed as if a large sword was standing in front of him.


The great sword, driven by conviction, had already cut off all three of Le’s right arms.


Ymir looked at his shoulder and turned his head again with a dazed expression.

“ha. ha.”

Lian’s hand, which had lost its muscles and was left with only bones, was clutching a great sword.

“you… …

At that moment, Lian kicked off the ground and walked away.


can’t go on like this

‘You’re a savage. it’s a devil You’ve reached this far, but you’re running away? you?’

Do you want to see a giant go mad?

“Come back.”


Ymir’s face wrinkled the moment he realized that he had already disappeared from sight.


you said


Earth Annihilation.

As the golden sword plunged into the ground, the products of civilization turned to dust and settled down.

“Aww! retreat! after??????!” Even someone’s cry is buried in the distant clouds that spread out.


Thus, human history came to an end.

Omega, quit.

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