Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 400

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[400] The rapidly changing situation (4)

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Kashan Empire.

The coronation ceremony of the emperor of the Kashan Empire, which occupies one-third of the territory of the human world, the conqueror of the northwestern part of the continent, was approaching in an hour.

The succession process, as always, was informal and clandestine.

In the spire on the 23rd floor of the huge palace of Aganos, there were only two Theraze who shared the same memories and a few who knew their private secrets.

The transfer of power from Theraze Mystra to Theraze Uorin.

From the outside, it’s a common succession ceremony in which parents give their place to their children, but someone knows.

The only thing that has changed is the name.

Theraje was a proper noun for ‘something’ that had lived through the ages, repeating itself only.

“With this, the handover of the temple is over. Well, if the crusade is over, it should be considered finished.”

14 hours ago, Uorin was on her way back from a visit to the World Chamber in the Central Continent.

And there, he was introduced to the temple for the first time, and after an hour, he ascended to the Three Emperors.

Even within the Holy Temple, the world’s strongest superpack, Theraze’s influence was strong.

Under the Three Emperors, there are Chilwangseong, the kings of the seven most powerful nations on the continent, and King Lee, the head of the fairies and dragons.

It was no exaggeration to say that these 12 monarchs who belonged to the Holy Temple were the ones who were at the top of the world.

In an instant, Uorin became the ruler of the world from Kazura’s princess, but she couldn’t find joy in her expression. Anyway, everything was only a subset of the name Theraje.

“I don’t need any rubbish. Because I have already verified that there is no error between you and my memory. But I have a question.”

Uorin stopped walking and looked back at Mystra.

“Why are you so fast? I thought it would take another four years for me to ascend the throne.”

Because the memories of mother and daughter are shared, they are two, yet one. Therefore, it was an issue that must be pointed out that there was an inflection point in each other’s thoughts.

“Hmm, that’s the point… … .”

Mystra turned to Uorin.

While she had black hair and strong eyes, Uorin had white hair and a transparent look.

Neither her husband, Orkamp, ​​nor herself are gray. Hence the mutation.

It was ‘herself’ with ‘future poetry’, which was extremely rare among the ability ‘history search’ that made Theraze the present.

Perhaps, among the many daughters, it was an established fact that Wu Lin would become the emperor.

However, today’s emperor’s enthronement was an irregular undertaking that had not been calculated even in Mystra’s head.

“don’t worry. Extinction will surely do it. It’s just that I came to Aganos because there were things I needed to pass on among the memories I had after you were born.”

Now that Uorin has ascended to the Realm of the Three Emperors, there is no reason for Mystra to exist in this world. But she still had work to be done in her stand.

It was for this reason that the succession to the throne had been advanced by several years, and that he had pushed things forward so quickly, even accusing Mikea Gaold of treason.

Mystra entered the room and took out a locked box from a desk drawer. Then I handed it over to Wu Lin, who was sitting on the sofa and waiting, and sat across from her and crossed her legs.

“This box contains all the answers to your questions. You can take care of it, but it is a secret of the present mankind that no one knows. It will be a powerful weapon if used well, but given the circumstances, I had no choice but to use my hands first.”

“How do I open it? You won’t be able to break it.”

“The key is with me. I can’t show you yet. Before that, I have someone to introduce you to.”

A knock sounded just in time.

There are only a handful of people in the world who have the right to enter the 23rd floor of the huge palace of Aganos, and Mystra told them to come in right away.

A tall man entered. His thin eyes and a good impression, his purple hair was swept back in an all-back style, and only one strand came down.

Former Tormia Magic Association Guard Captain Gando.

Since he is the first son of Theraze Mystra, biologically he is Uorin’s older brother, but from a psychoanalytic perspective, he is a son. This was the reason why the genealogy of blood was meaningless to Theraze.

Gando bowed his head toward the ambiguous position of the two mothers.

“Did you call, mother?”

“Okay, come this way. You did a good job on this one.”

To Gando, who was adopted by Tormia as soon as he was born and raised by the caregivers, Tormia’s Magic Association was nothing but his whole life.

But all of that was a lie.

Even joining Gaold’s bodyguard was just a false life designed by his mother.

In such a life filled with lies, the only sincerity Gando found was awe of Gaold.

In the end, however, he convicts Gaold of treason, and he escapes and ends up in his mother’s arms.

“Oh, what’s wrong with your expression? Could it be because of Gaold? You didn’t have a private mind, did you?”

“The only person dear to me is my mother. but… … As a mage, I respect his accomplishments.”

“ha. Gando, you are Theraze’s son. You don’t have to respect the president of the Magic Association.”

Gando shut his mouth.

The Three Emperors would be fully qualified to say such a thing. However, having spent most of his life in Tormia, he still couldn’t tell which was the truth.

Uorin looked at Jiandao and nodded.

“You are definitely different from Zion. I got it right this time.”

“Whoops, right? I didn’t expect you to be my son. Since you have talent, would you like to develop it into a wizard? You can put it next to it and use it if you want.”

Gando lowered his head.

Did you pull it out correctly? do you grow well?

To Theraze, what kind of existence is she?

human? Biology? If not, is it a cogwheel part that must be turned around for the rest of its life stuck in the clock?

“Put it aside? Hmmm, I’m satisfied with the crouch. where. Gando, come this way.”

Gando approached Uorin like a slave sold in a slave market. Every time her gaze penetrated here and there, it felt like that part was being stripped naked.

I couldn’t make a bad tee.

Today, his biological mother, Mystra, will disappear. After being abandoned by Uorin, the only thing left was death.

“Yeah, what… … Shall we take it for a while? I have to pay attention to Kashan for the time being anyway.”

“Thank you, Mother.”

Gando bowed his head deeply. His eyes wandered as he looked down at the floor.

he will die

If Uorin is Mystra’s incarnation, don’t believe any word that comes out of her mouth.


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“Instead, there are two conditions.”

Wu Lin burst into laughter. The fact that she put forward her conditions to Terra Ze, the member of the Three Emperors, meant that she wanted to live that long.

“say it. If you can listen and listen… … .”

“Please do not confront anyone in Kashan.”

It was meant to be recognized as an independent institution. If he survived and had to assist Urin, it would have been a natural move.

“good. second is?”

“Don’t let me criticize my mother. I am just a warrior blindly fighting for her mother.”

It just meant to be treated like a dog. Desperate, but the will to not want to go down to the line of servility.

Perhaps that was also a cool-headed way to break through as a mage, but Uorin didn’t care.

There’s nothing wrong with raising a puppy.

“You saved your life, Gando.”

“I am grateful to my mother for her kindness.”

said Mystra, waving her hands.

“Stop going out. Because there is work left.”

Perhaps this was Gando and Mystra’s last meeting, but I couldn’t sense motherhood in her tone.

When Gando left the room, Mystra took out the key from her bosom as if the time had come.

“The reason for inheriting the throne faster than planned is to create a variable. Gaold will go to heaven and do something. It will help us in the end.”

“Do you think he can make it? A 20-year plan went awry at once.”

“It doesn’t matter whether you succeed or not. In the end, it doesn’t matter that something changes. Humans gamble on low odds because the rewards of winning outweigh the frustration of losing. I just gave it to Gaold.”

“I still don’t understand. I don’t know what you’re thinking. How could this be?”

“Of course. So you have to open the box. There, the déjà vu about the ‘underlying incident’ that only I know about is recorded. If you read it, you’ll know exactly what I’m thinking.”

Theraze has all the memories from the beginning to the present, and can quickly search through the vast amount of memories with its unique ability called ‘History Search’.

At first, it was just a simple data search.

However, as the Guffin Reset occurs, this ability undergoes an explosive evolution. In other words, as a new history was created after the reset, a ‘base event’ was created under the existing history.

A kind of future foresight that was created when two different timelines sharing the same timeline were contrasted through déjà vu.

If it was Woo-rin, who added ‘future poetry’ to it, conquering heaven in her generation would not be just a dream.

“The reason I hid it until the end was because I thought subjective judgment would be involved in the history search if we exchanged opinions. See for yourself and judge for yourself. After all, I am you, and you are me.”

Mystra walked to her desk. At the point of handing over her keys, she and her life’s mission were all over.

Wu Lin asked.

“What are you going to do with it?”

“It doesn’t matter whatsoever, just neatly.”

Mystra held up the sword lying on the desk. The blade, pulled out with a gurgling sound, scattered the light in the room.

Uorin nodded and put the key in the box. Meanwhile, Mystra held her handle in her hands, lifted her head, and placed her blade at the nape of her neck.

She blinked as she stared at the ceiling, then suddenly remembered her and turned to Uorin.

“Right, you said you were eating sirone, right? Are your thoughts still the same?”

Uorin shrugged as she opened the box.

“Ataraxia, aren’t you handsome? The rest doesn’t seem particularly important. Why, is there even an element of anxiety?”

“no. Yes, then.”

Mystra raised her head again.

The touch was a little off, but this was also common. The long history of Theraje was not weak enough to provide a variable to a boy.

The moment Uorin opened the box, Mystra’s sword moved sharply and a fountain of blood gushed out. After a while, there was a thump and the sound of Mystra collapsing.

Uorin didn’t even pay attention. Her only interest was the information that was in the box.

The box contained documents on two agendas.

The title on the cover of the first document was ‘Guffin Expungement’.

Because it is estimated that the Reset happened 19 years ago, Uorin, who was born after that, had a vaguer background than Mystra. However, it was not particularly important information because it was currently an issue that had been identified not only by the temple but also by major organizations in each country.

Uorin put down the first document, which had become a relic of the old era, and took out a new document lying under it.

‘This is it… … .’

The hand that had reached out to the coffee cup stopped, then came back and grasped the document with both hands. And for a long time he savored the title written in the center of the document.

Anchera Eradication

Wu Lin quickly turned the page. Storage comes first, analysis comes second.

After memorizing all 200 pages, down to one Toshi, in 5 minutes, she took a candlestick and burned the document.

Uorin’s eyes staring at the flames were fiercer than before. She finally realized what Mystra wanted to convey.

‘You were right, Mystra.’

Gando knocked on the door and came in. He paused for a moment at the completely different scenery from when he left, but soon returned with a calm expression and lowered his head.

“Mother, it is time to celebrate the coronation.”

“I get it. Don’t leave now.”

Gando turned his head to Mystra, who had fallen to the floor.

She cut her throat with a sword. You could tell without looking that she was an undisturbed cut.

“What about the corpse?”

“Take it away.”

Uorin replied briefly, as if telling her not to interrupt her thoughts.

Gando took care of the sound of footsteps and removed the body.

It was the mother who gave birth to her. But now Mystra was Uorin. She is an existence that cannot be treated with human common sense. that’s theraje

Uorin left her seat and strode out into the hallway.

At the end of the 23rd floor tower, there was a balcony overlooking the plaza where hundreds of thousands of imperial citizens had gathered.

When I pulled back the curtains and went out onto the balcony, a huge crowd stretched all the way to the horizon.

A huge shout erupted from the ground where they found Theraje. The heavens and earth shook and the heat rose to the top.

“Long live Her Majesty! Long live Her Majesty the Empress! Long live Her Majesty!”

Wu Lin raised her hand. Then, the volume he thought he could not go up more than doubled and paralyzed his hearing.

The whole world lay beneath her feet, but Uorin just looked down with a cold gaze.

Humans are unique creatures with as many personalities as the number of individuals, but when gathered together, they are also a species that is bound together under the name of human.

A gigantic monster called a human being, not someone else, was roaring at him.

‘Sirone, there is no time. Meet Ichael. you have to change Otherwise… … .’

Uorin looked up at the sky. Only the sun was higher than her.

‘Humanity will perish.’


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