Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 404

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[404] Final Decision (4)

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Team Sirone gathered at the park for the first time in a while and discussed their schedule during vacation.

If the second half of the senior year is going to be more intense than the first half, it was better to set up a strategy in preparation for it from now on.

“Last year, I practiced alone, but I found out that there are some kids who form a team and do it. So, we thought it would be a good idea to form a group and do camp training.”

It was a part that could not be easily thought of unless it was Amy who went through the senior year, so her friends were also reviewing it positively.

Iruki raised his finger and said as if there was one thing that bothered him.

“Of course, students with a team have an advantage when it comes to occupying a hill or interpersonal combat. But do you know After all, only 10 passers-by. Even if we team up, we still have to compete with each other to make it to the final 10. In short, how far should information be shared?”

If you have a trump card ready, it’s natural to want to save it until the graduation exam.

If it was a two-person team, it would be close to a miracle for all five to pass, so it was an issue that had to be addressed clearly.

It wasn’t something that Amy didn’t know about either.

“I thought so too until last year. But you don’t have to use all the vacation days. First of all, we can gather together and focus on basic training, and then study the special moves alone.”

Amy emphasized that strengthening teamwork might increase the passing rate rather than studying special moves.

The reason is that the one who controls the current senior class is Fermi, and Sirone and his party are all stamped by him.

Since it was not known what would happen on the day of the graduation exam, the only way to reduce variables was to stick together.

“I think Amy is right.”

Nade unconditionally agreed.

Actually, the graduation exam was okay, but it was thousands of times more fun to train with friends than to endure months in a terrible hometown.

“How about doing this? Let’s do a short-term training camp for about a month, but let’s borrow the senior class system. We set goals for each day and score each other.”

Iruki nodded as if he understood.

“You mean to keep up with the senior class routine. that’s a good way In a short amount of time, you can increase your achievement level, and in the remaining time, you can practice your own special moves.”

Even while various opinions were presented, Sirone kept her mouth shut. He just kept his friends’ faces in his eyes one by one.

Nothing has been decided yet, but the feeling is strange.

If I had to think of something in the last moments of my life, it would be the faces of my friends gathered here right now.

“huh? Maya, where are you sick?”

Sirone looked back at Maya for the last time and asked back in surprise.

Maya’s complexion was not good. Her face was frightened pale, and her chest was rising and falling wildly as if she was having trouble breathing.

Nade, who belatedly discovered Maya’s condition, asked anxiously.

“Are you okay, Maya? Shall I take you to the infirmary?”

Maya quickly shook her head.

Then, as if he had come back from amnesia, he raised his head and looked back at Sirone.



“love you.”

Silence fell on the park bench.

Nade opened his mouth, and Iruki quickly blinked. Amy was the only one waiting for Sirone’s reaction with a calm expression.

Sirone glared at Maya and swallowed.

It wasn’t a joke this time. Her emotions, which had fallen like drops of water every day, formed a lake in her heart before she knew it.

“Uh, there… … Shall we get out of the way?”

Maya shook her head again and said.

“I didn’t think I would be able to summon up the courage twice, so I wanted to say it in front of everyone. I’m sorry, Sirone. but i fell in love with you Please accept my heart.”

Maya took out a stationery from her pocket. It smelled like flowers.

“Can you read it?”

After delivering the letter to Sirone, she averted everyone’s gaze and got up from the bench.

“I will hear the answer then.”

Nade looked at Amy as Maya left, leaving behind unknown words. Even in this situation, it was still a poker face that was not disturbed.

Amy walked behind the bench and peeked out from over Sirone’s shoulder.

“Envy you. Get a confession from a woman. What is written on it?”

It would be rude to return Maya’s heartfelt letter.

However, considering the delicate relationship between Sirone and Amy, it was a problem that could not be said to be absolutely necessary.

When Sirone hesitated, Amy smiled and tapped her on the shoulder.

“It’s a joke. what’s so serious You knew Maya liked you.”

“No, it’s too sudden… … .”

“Go to your room and read it to yourself. Read it two or three times. Then you can do whatever you want. Maya is a good kid. I’ll go first. I’ll see you tomorrow. hi.”

Amy sighed and left without a moment to catch her breath.

It was only his face that was calm, but his voice was angry, and his behavior was awkward.

“Hey, what are you going to do? Is there anyone who has decided?”

Sirone held the stationery and looked into the distance.

Amy and Maya. They are so good that you can’t even think of hurting anyone.

‘Now I have to make a decision.’

Maybe Maya’s confession was a good thing.

Heaven or humanity, I wondered if it was something that had to be sorted out first before discussing such grandiose issues.

“Nade, Iruki. I have a favor to ask you.”

* * *

afternoon the next day.

Sirone entered the principal’s office.

Alpheas silently pointed to the library and opened the secret door.

When I went down the stairs to my room, the expected and unexpected people were waiting for me.

The former were Gaold and Fleur, the latter Etela and Shiina.


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“You’re here, Sirone.”

Shiina’s face didn’t look good.

As I had heard everything about the existence and danger of heaven, and the people involved in the dark side of this incident, I couldn’t help but feel it.

Sirone realized why Gaold had come to Alpheas.

Now that his limbs have been amputated, there are not many people he can turn to for help. If he was a teacher at Alfeas Magic School, he would have enough power.

“You must have had a hard time alone. Now the teachers will protect you, so don’t worry too much.”

Ethella, the Bishop of the Monastery of Karsis, would not fail to take action in the face of the fate of mankind, but Shiina’s decision this time was solely for Sirone’s sake.

There is no room to reveal Sirone’s life, feelings, or dignity in a world-scale event. With the heart of a teacher who only cares about the safety of her students, Shiina willingly chose to go to heaven.

“teacher… … .”

Was it sad without realizing it?

Days of nightmares, fearing that his life would be destroyed by a sudden incident and worrying that he might be caught and sentenced to death by the NIS, passed by like a kaleidoscope.

“Are you here? Called to share all information as per the terms of the contract. Open Eastas today and meet Maze. It will be impossible to have a conversation in samadhi, but it is something you must check before going to heaven.”

Gaold’s voice reminded me.

This is the first reunion with Miro in 20 years. She also knew that it could be her last day seeing her.

“But can we go on like this? I don’t know if there are still agents left.”

The NIS set up barricades around Estas and searched the warehouse to find the ‘upper level’, which is said to contain the space-time of the maze.

Although he made a fuss and turned away, the possibility that he was still hiding could not be ruled out.

“Hey, it’s okay. In the yard that came this far, it doesn’t matter, right?”

Gaold left the room proudly.

When the wizard known to be the strongest in Tormia acted as if there was no problem, others followed without a sound.

After crossing the barricade of Estas, ninety-eight warehouses were scattered like dismantled blocks. Operation was stopped at the highest level of isolation.

“Nothing has changed here.”

Gaold opened the lid of the Istas’ instrument panel.

At that time when my hands were wandering because I didn’t know which one to touch first, 10 National Intelligence Service agents came out from the back of the building.

“Mikea Gaold, under the Kingdom Security Law, you are arrested for treason.”

Sirone hurriedly prepared for battle.

When his fears became reality, he realized how foolish he had been in following Gaold.

It was overlooked that even a first-class archmage was basically insane.

How could he have left such an easy judgment to Gaold? As if possessed by something.

Gaold wasn’t even looking at the agents, he was examining the instrument panel.

“Hmm, how did you manipulate this? Hey, was it the red button?”

A cold voice came from behind the agents.

“It’s the blue button, you idiot.”

The agents split left and right and a man walked out.

The moment she looked at him, Shirone felt goosebumps all over her body.

All Baek’s hair had no eyebrows, and her thin, thin lips were indistinguishable from her skin.

Most bizarre were his amber eyes. The irises were ticking like the gears of a clock.

“Ah, right, it was blue, right? As I get older, I keep blinking.”

The man ignored Gaold’s words and walked towards Alfeas. Then, in what seemed like a perfect isokinetic motion, he bent his back.

“How are you, Headmaster?”

“okay. It’s been a while, Sein.”

“Se, Sein?”

Only then did Sirone look away from the agents.

One of the first members of the Supernatural Psychic Research Society that Gaold had mentioned before. He was also the creator of the Master Equation of Istas.

Etella gently put Sirone on the shoulder and pointed at the agents.

“Sirone, look at them with synesthesia.”

Following Etela’s instructions, Sain’s Spirit Zone split into tentacles, and he could feel that he was connected to all the NIS agents.

“Mind control?”

“that’s right. That is the highest level of mind control.”

If they came from the NIS, the force of the agents would be more than average. Also, due to the nature of the job, it had to be seen that there was resistance training in the mental system.

A person who succeeded in mind control on such people with 100% probability.

I’ve heard from Arin that in order to be able to do that, concentration equivalent to 20 times the opponent’s mental strength is required.

Estas started to hum.

Gaold released his hand from the blue button and introduced Sein to Sirone, still looking at the instrument panel. This was also included in the contract.

“Sain is a Servant and a spirit-type mage. He currently works under the pseudonym Snake in Black Line. After all, he’s a red-lined triple-A offender. Get your autograph.”

“A black line?”

Sirone glanced sideways at Sein with an uneasy expression.

The Black Line is a group of people who deny the taboos of magic and use magic only out of personal conviction.

It is different from simply killing and harassing people.

It can be seen just by looking at the fact that even Arcane, the villain of the world, was located at the end of the red line spectrum.

Arius of the 7 Magical Girls, who illegally infiltrates the human mind and steals intellectual property, is classified as a risk factor that can collapse the social system.

“Usually, in the Black Line, if I were to pick the strongest spirit type, I would pick two people. One is Madou 7 Girls’ Kitaruman, and Snake. Our team will take the order. Of course, I am the commander.”

Sein snorted.

“The bullshit is still there. Did you really become an idiot for playing house in the association? The reason a guy like you can even imitate a commander is because my orders are accurate.”

‘He has a similar personality to Iruki… … .’

Sirone saw Iruki’s arrogance in Sein.

I thought that if I lived with superhuman calculation ability, my confidence in myself would peak like that.


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