Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 410

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[410] Task Force (2)

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If you go about 2 hours by carriage from the city of Creas, you will come to the small port town of San Ferros.

Galliant is a world-class resort, but the scenery here outside the holiday season was just a secluded fishing village.

Arriving around lunchtime, Sirone bought a handful of fish fillets from the stall.

The fish pho, which is said to be delicious only when slightly spoiled, was chewy like jelly and had the deep taste of the sea.

There was no liner, so I thought I would have to hire a captain.

The fare is expensive, but the money saved so far will not be enough.

When I asked the villagers, they said that it takes about an hour for the boats that left early in the morning to come back with the meat.

Since there was nowhere to go, Sirone walked to the breakwater and looked at the distant sea.

It’s not the first time I’ve been on a trip, and my teammates are waiting for me on the island, but I felt like I was left alone in the world.

‘School must be lunchtime now.’

Sirone didn’t think about it.

There is nowhere to go back to. shouldn’t have been

“Are you Aryan Sirone?”

A woman in a costume completely different from that of the Tormia Kingdom was standing behind Sirone.

Even in the warm weather, the sleeves came down to the wrists, and the hood hanging down the back was thicker than winter clothes.

The look of her biting on a black nipple was very different, but the woman’s eyes were deep and mysterious, so it was an atmosphere that made it impossible to look at her with strange eyes.

Sirone turned her attention to the strange creature floating above the woman’s head.

It was a soft and transparent monster, and the sphere inside it was generating an electric field as it rotated.

An auto prism that scatters light to create a transparent effect in a specific range.

It had almost no fighting power, but it was a monster listed in the 4th tier of summoning magic with great utility.

Sirone gave a wary look.

In the worst situation, he would pick up Armand and fight, but if he was a wizard who summoned a Tier 4 monster, he would have to be seen as inferior in terms of ability.

“Who are you? how can i get my name… … .”

“My name is Zulu. Gaold told me to bring you.”

“huh? Everything?”

For a moment, being embarrassed by the bizarre use of language, Sirone opened her eyes wide and looked directly at the woman’s face.

“yes? Zulu?”

There was no way he didn’t know the name of the world’s only and strongest summoning wizard who could match a tier 1 lich.

In disbelief, Sirone pointed her finger at her and checked again.

“… … Zulu?”

“Yes, Zulu.”

Zulu nodded nonchalantly and said.

“I don’t have much time. I need to cross the border before dark, so follow me.”

“Where is the president of the association?”

“They have already arrived at Galliant and are preparing for the Gangran. Are you going or not?”

“I’ll go.”

When I gave up my exhausting search and approached Zulu, she disarmed the auto prism and cast a mass teleport.

The landscape seemed to be pulled into a single point, and then expanded into a new landscape.

It was halfway up the mountain behind the port.

The breakwater where the two of them were was small at the far end of the field of vision, and at the bottom of the mountain was a village of fishing villagers.

Zulu summoned the grotesque Kaidra from there.

Its smooth, hairless skin had a long snout like an awl, and its huge claws that supported its body seemed to be holding a mountain.

Contrary to his hideous appearance, Kaidra rubbed his beak on Zulu like a child, then knelt down and let one wing hang down.

Sirone climbed on the wings following Zulu.

Caydra’s backbone protrudes out of the skin like a shark’s fin, so it blocks air resistance and allows it to sit in the hollow of the backbone, giving it a good sense of stability.

“be careful. I will fly high.”

Caydra, flapping her wings and pushing off the ground with her two legs, flew straight up as soon as she surfaced.

Shirone, tired of her pale face, stared at the fast-approaching sky.

When I started flying in normal orbit, the ground was only a distant dot.

“A lift-based rogue named Kaidra. They don’t need as much oxygen, so they can fly at higher altitudes than strength-based creatures. In this way, the probability of avoiding the search system Joner’s algorithm increases.”

Searching the sky is not too difficult for zoners who have a spirit zone with a basic diameter of 2 kilometers.

However, as the altitude increased, the shape of the spirit zone had to be transformed into a target type or sniper mode, so it was natural that the search range would decrease.

Sirone finally felt a sense of reality.

The person in front of me was really a Zulu.

“Thank you for coming to pick me up. To be honest, I never thought that such a great person would come to greet me.”

“Gaold said the Association would move sooner or later. It looks like there is stillness inside. I fixed it as soon as possible and took the lead to heaven. So I was in charge of the transport. Right now, I am on my way to pick up a woman named Shiina.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Of course, I would have come even if the matter was not urgent. Sein said he would use anything that could be used to produce results. I’ll be in charge of utilities on the team, so you can tell me anything you need for the mission.”

Zulu’s words made sense.

From now on, we need to move organically as a team. Regardless of seniors and juniors, they must do their best in their respective duties.

“yes! I wish you well!”

Sirone bowed her head courageously.

* * *

Kentra city.

The meat produced in Kentra, Tormia’s famous pastoral area, is designated as a royal tribute because of its high quality.

The catering business was also active, and an entire street was filled with restaurants.

People wearing cowboy hats often passed by, leather clothes were popular, and whips sold like hot cakes.


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However, the reason why Shiina decided to meet here wasn’t because the meat was delicious or to buy Kentra specialties.

It was because this was exactly the halfway point when they started from Kreas and Baska.

Shiina checked the restaurant sign and opened the door.

Compared to Creas, the atmosphere was more conventional, and although reservations were made, the seats were sparsely empty.

After emptying the glass of water the waiter poured out, she anxiously waited for the person she would meet today.

There were about 20 minutes left until the appointment time, but it was still unsure if he would come out.

No, if you’re sane, there’s no way you’ll come out.

After seeing the match, I didn’t contact you once, but I only got a certified 5th grade congratulatory letter, so I made a lunch appointment.

That too by rapid telegram.

There was no one who received a telegram at dawn, prepared it in a hurry, and went all the way to Kentra City to eat meat.

‘Because it’s worth the bottom line.’

The door opened with a bell and a man entered.

Parka Kuan, an instructor at the Kaizen Swordsmanship Academy.

The cold eyes watching the atmosphere in the hall were still the same, but the outfit was different from the last time they met, and they seemed to be quite careful.

Kuan’s icy stare only softened a little when he saw Shiina sitting at the table.

As he moved his body with a limp, all eyes of the nobles focused on him.

I never tried to hide the fact that my legs were uncomfortable, but I always felt like a loser in the crowd.

Especially when people’s eyes shifted from Kuan to Shiina, I felt the urge to cut down everyone in this place.

Shiina stood up and raised her hand.

As per his personality, he couldn’t even give a friendly smile, but he had an attitude that didn’t care about people’s gazes.

There is also Armin who sacrificed both eyes for her.

The fact that Kuan’s legs were uncomfortable didn’t bother Shiina at all.

Being conscious of prejudice is not something that can be hidden, so Kuando could feel Shiina’s sincerity.

Maybe that’s why I didn’t even know the topic and didn’t know if I had come this far.

“You came. Sorry for the rude request.”

“As this is an urgent telegram, I thought there must be a reason. For now, please sit down.”

The food was served, but the two were still silent. I was just concentrating on cutting the meat and putting it in my mouth.

Whoever it was, there was no immunity in this position.

Still, Kuan, a man, mustered up the courage to speak to me for the first time.

“Congratulations. Certified 5th class wizard. You are really cool at such a young age.”

Shiina couldn’t put it off any longer.

She didn’t have much time, and if Quan refused, she had to leave immediately for Galliant.

“I sent you a telegram because I have a request for you.”

It was a strange word to say in return for congratulations, so Quan blinked while holding the tableware.

Then he nodded his head and said.

“Yes, you say.”

Shiina explained the project.

Information that could put the team at risk was blocked, but the world’s notice would end tomorrow, so the content was core and nothing harsh.

“… … So, I wanted to have at least one hitman in the team. I think Mr. Quan is the right person.”

Quan, who remained motionless until the end of the story, dropped the tableware onto the plate with a rattling sound. And she gulped down the water as if she had lost her appetite.

Shiina calmly waited.

It’s no different from saying that I’m going to die. It will leave a stigma in history.

Persuasion is impossible anyway.

From now on, it was entirely up to him to decide.

Quan turned his gaze to the dining room floor, lost in thought. Then he looked back at Shiina and said.

“Can I ask you one question?”

“Anything. Any information that can be revealed.”

“Why me?”

Shiina’s eyes fell coldly.

“As you can see, my leg is not intact. And for me, the legs are an important test. Why does it have to be me?”

“That’s Kuan-san’s skills… … .”

Shiina swallowed the compliment in her throat.

There was no way he didn’t know how Kuan had come to this place. No man would drive all the way to lunch with a woman he didn’t even like.

Armin had sent him off with his heart, but he thought that he shouldn’t use Kuan’s heart.

I just wanted to reveal the truth and wait for his decision.

“Quan-san, it doesn’t matter when you die.”

Shiina said with a determined expression.

“I heard that there are no parents, no siblings, no connections. Even if Mr. Quan dies, there is no force that can move. I thought there was no need to take care of it even if things went wrong.”

Kuan looked at Shiina with blank eyes.

No matter how much you say this to someone’s face.

Somehow, from the moment I received the urgent telegram, I thought things were going well.

“But never underestimate your skills. Kuan-san’s swordsmanship… … .”

“Kuk-kuk. Whoop whoop whoop!”

Kuan lowered his head and laughed with his shoulders trembling, and Shiina stopped talking with a nervous expression.

“Even when I die, I don’t have to take care of it? If you really thought so… … .”

Quan opened his eyes and bit his lips.

“You’ve come to the right place.”

Now I know, why was this woman.

There is no pity as much as there is no prejudice.

To him, who was tired of the pretentious life of a human being, he showed self-deprecation.

Kuan withdrew his earlier thoughts.

Still, it seems that God is still looking into her life.

it’s heaven

Could there be a more suitable place for a sword demon’s tomb?

Kuan got up from his seat on the table.

“Let’s go. It seems urgent. There is nothing to do other than prepare. The personal affairs were already done 10 years ago.”

“I’d appreciate it if you would, but at least a message… … .”

“Do not worry. It’s a decision I made as a single prosecutor. It will be too late if you prepare yourself at the moment of death. There is no need to look back on the way to the battlefield.”

It was a bit of an extreme resolution, but it was hard to find a more suitable person for the role of a hitman.

Regardless of their motive, a suicide commando who takes on the future of mankind and plunges into the fire.

Shiina sincerely respected his resolve.

“thank you.”

Kuan, as a swordsman, also lowered his head as if swearing by a sword.

“I am.”


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