Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 414

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[414] Second Purgatory (1)

The Arun Mountains located in the northeast of Tormia Kingdom.

In this place full of gloomy aura from ancient times, there is Belkyr’s seal, which was sealed a long time ago.

Just as there was magic even when you didn’t know magic, it was the mages who dealt with the law who sealed the demons.

But now, thousands of years have passed, the will of good has faded, and the evil of Belkir has gradually entered the gap and started to encroach on the law.

This is the story of Belkyr’s resurrection.

The majesty of Belkyr, which broke through the 20-meter-thick underground bedrock and appeared in the hollow of the mountain range, was overwhelming.

Its huge body, which was 15 meters tall and weighed 32 tons, resembled an octopus, and its skin was dark as if it had rotted.

The two arms looked like human beings, but if you look closely, they were a combination of colorful snakes.

Its reptilian, ferocious face had only red flames imprinted on its pupilless eye sockets.

Burning the dot of flame, Belkyr tumbled over the 24 legs of the octopus like a wave.

– I will destroy the world! I will subjugate all creatures under my feet!

That is the only law that makes up Belkyr.

But the big star of thousands of years ago had to feel the futility of time.

Humans who had achieved civilization were no longer easy enough to perish at the appearance of a single demon.

The mage sect, which had previously identified the location of demons based on ancient documents, sent an official letter of cooperation to the Ministry of Defense of the Kingdom.

A cage-level party was organized with the King’s approval, and 21 wizards entered the caves of the Arun Mountains.

Now, 8 hours and 37 minutes have passed since then.

Cage B Team, which consisted of official 4th grade to 6th grade, amputated all of Belkyr’s legs and was putting on a final offensive for complete extinction.


Belkyr crawled through the cave, struggling with his arms entangled in snakes.

Although it is a Demon God equipped with all kinds of regenerative abilities, the power emitted by 21 humans was not at the level that he who was active thousands of years ago could handle.

“Insignificant humans! How dare you like me! Aaaaagh!”

Belkyr’s body dented in the shape of an X, and as the flesh split open, slimy liquid spurted out.

The fat bald man jumped into the wound and began swinging his two tanning knives even faster.

“Is the letter X a decoration? uh? decoration? uh? decoration? uh? decoration?”

Currently, 28 kinds of super-powerful buffs were applied to the man.

His arm showed no sign of stopping, and endlessly opened the flesh in an X shape, digging into the heart.

A blush turned on the man’s face when he discovered a light purple muscle mass.

And bit the demon’s heart.

“Aaaaaagh! delicious! So delicious!”

I pulled the heart straight with my teeth and cut the connected part with a razor blade and struck it, and the flesh fell off.

The moment I passed it down my throat, the intense flavor of the raw meat spread and firecrackers exploded in my head.

“Oooh! Oohhhh!”

Meat addict Benifis

Certified 5th Class Battle Mage

Amplify omnipotence through the joy of eating game meat

Special note: Operation of a butcher’s shop

“Turn it off… … !”

Belkyr held out until the end.

Ordinary living beings would die as a matter of morality if they suffered this much.

I could see how tenacious and obsessive the concept of demons was born.

“I-I can’t disappear like this… … .”

“sorry. I’m so sorry.”

A woman with a pale face and gray hair that hung down to her waist shed tears as she hugged Belkyr.

Every time her hand stroked the demon’s body, the wriggling flesh stopped working.

“How much does it hurt? how painful would that be Hehehe! sorry. I can’t help… … Hee hee hee!”

An unbearable laugh broke out between the sobbing voices.

The contrast between the big eyes that shed tears and the grotesquely twisted corners of the mouth was chilling.

Saint Moriac

Certified 6th Class Healing Mage

Wide-area healing magic reaching 100 meters in diameter is long-lasting.

Peculiarities: Manic Severe

In the human world, to the point of being called a demon, it was a position equivalent to a two-legged mara in heaven, but now it was just a demon in danger of being destroyed at the same time as the advent of only 21 humans.

Belkyr finally realized that he had been imprisoned.

The magicians’ abilities sealed themselves off like ours and beat them for 8 hours.

When the devil was in trouble, Rose, the team leader of Cage Team B, went to the main dealer.

As expected, he was preoccupied with smoking in the corner and goofing around.

“hey! Can’t you come in soon? Do you know how much this party costs per hour? Does the association give you money by digging the ground?”

“Ah, that witch.”

Tarvan shook off his cigarette and looked at Belkyr.

It was clearly compacted and in perfect condition to be destroyed.

‘Stop messing around, you jingling bastard.’

Tarvan spread his hands as he rushed towards Belkyr, and a high frequency sound pierced his eardrums from the top of his palms.

Kaiser Blast.

All the wizards who heard this name scattered in all directions.

As Tarvan’s hands extended forward, Belkyr’s heavy body began to vibrate.

“Remember, humans! I am… … !”


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At the same time as the explosion, Belkyr’s shape disappeared without a trace.

Flesh splattered everywhere, but even that melted in the heat.

“Mission complete.”

It was the result that came out exactly 8 hours and 49 minutes after Cage Team B arrived here.

At that time, the eyes of the communications wizard, who had been dozing with his back leaning against the cave wall, opened.

Information was output on the crystal ball in front of me.

It took roughly four hundred lines of code to convey just one sentence.

“manager. manager.”

As Rose turned around, the communication wizard floated a crystal ball over her palm and said,

“It’s an association call. Gather all of Team B in the cage.”

Magic Association.

The hallway on the 18th floor, where the president’s office was located, was full of wizards.

Team B’s face was full of dissatisfaction as they were all scattered and waiting for the team leader.

Basically, Cage B Team is made by selecting only the best performers in each field.

It’s no exaggeration to say that they were the busiest wizards in the kingdom, so it was natural that they weren’t happy to be called after the mission was over.

“What are you anxious about? I need to go home soon and look after the baby. Are you sure you don’t intend to do anything more here?”

“By the way, why doesn’t the team leader come out like this? Do you know anything, old man?”

Tarvan asked Horkin.

Cage, the eldest member of Team B and the person in charge of the order, would know something, but he just smiled dubiously.

When the door to the president’s office opened and Rose came out, wizards rushed towards her.

As expected, it was not a good thing, but her expression was not good.

“Team leader, what did the president of the association say?”

Currently, Rufist temporarily serves as the president of the association, but those who are not members of the association do not care whoever takes over as the president, as long as the settlement is done properly.

“It is an urgent mission. I guess you guys should run one more time.”

No one said a word, but the hallway shook uneasy with the cold blood shooting from their gaze.

Saint Moriac asked.

“Why us? There is also a cage A team, right?”

There is almost no difference in skill between Cage A and Cage B.

No matter how top of each field, Tormia’s defense power is not so weak that there are not 40 such talented people.

However, if Team A of Cage worked together for a long time, Team B of Cage was an improvised member depending on the situation at that time.

In that minor difference, there is no choice but to be in the middle of the day.

If they had to carry out the mission of the association this time, the target would be the Cage A team, not themselves.

“I also suggested. But currently, Cage Team A is temporarily unavailable.”

said Horkin.

“It’s because of Gaold.”

“that’s right. Currently, Team A has a person presumed to be Gaold’s bodyguard. Until the truth is uncovered, we are the only cage-level party in the kingdom.”

Tarban said.

“Still, it can’t be done. Isn’t it the team leader who asked for a contract from the beginning? And this friend of Roche has a daughter who can’t even stretch yet. She is beaten to death by Jesu.”

“That’s right, chief. please take me out Even if I had to pay a penalty… … .”

Rose’s eyes narrowed.

“Don’t be mistaken. This is not a guild. Settlement is just an example given at the association level. Currently, the first-class mobilization order of the kingdom has been declared. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the red line and be punished according to the laws of the kingdom. Do you know what the kingdom atmosphere is like right now? You better know how to crawl.”

The wizards were silent.

Anyway, leaving the red line, I couldn’t think of their location, so in the end, I had to remove them from above.

Rose’s expression softened a little.

“As the team leader, I am sorry. However, when this mission is over, the association also promised a sufficient reward. You will be able to get three times the original down payment and reputation points equal to the special promotion.”

Money is money, but the words of reputation points changed the eyes of the wizards.

From the official 6th grade, the number of points to be accumulated for promotion was enormous, so if this task was successful, it would be a solid hold on one’s share.

Horkin asked.

“so… … What are we supposed to do?”

Rose kept quiet as if this was a problem.

Isn’t the level of difficulty too high, no matter how cage-level?

“This target is… … It is human.”

“human? Who is the human?”

Rose’s eyes flashed sharply.

“The former president of the Tormia Magic Association, Mikea Gaold is eliminated.”

* * *

Purgatory outside Heaven. Forest of the Vulnerable.

After coming out of the tunnel where the light flowed like a torrent, a vast expanse opened up before Sirone’s eyes.

The concentric circles of heaven were visible beyond the sea of ​​floods, and drones were clustered like gnats in a certain section.

Having already experienced it, Sirone took a deep breath and prepared to land.

As expected, the direction sharply changed and it fell vertically.

The sea disappeared and the forest passed by.

I watched with my eyes wide open until the ground was right in front of me, then I twisted my body.


It was a much more stable landing than before, but no one congratulated Sirone.

The nine people who passed through the Guffin’s door first were scattered, looking in different directions, lost in thought.

Sein said.

“It is the forest of the profane. It is the habitat of monopods.”

“Single ears. It’s a quiet place. Shall we go then?”

secluded place.

Sirone recalled the situation in which she had been surrounded by poisonous ears.

Thanks to that, I was able to meet Kanya and Lena and enter heaven, but it was never a safe place.

‘Well, it might be a secluded place for these people… … .’

Sein explained as he walked.

Purgatory is largely classified into three places: the habitat of cults, the mainland, and the outskirts of the community.

In particular, the outskirts of the community is a general term for the areas where non-subjects live, and they are specially called borderline people.

Sein’s current destination is a place called the mainland, and since it is the only neutral zone where heretics and vigilantes gather, it was a place he had to stop by to get information.

As I passed through the middle of the forest, the ground suddenly started shaking as if an earthquake had occurred.

The party, who was on alert, waited for a new change to appear, and as the sound gradually died down, they exchanged glances and made their way through the forest.

“oh my god… … .”

Hundreds of giants formed a line in the plain below the mountain and were heading somewhere.

A giant created through Anecdotal Sake.

At the time, they were shocked by the mere existence of giants and didn’t have time to think about it, but according to Sein’s explanation, they were currently on their way to Jotunheim, the land of giants.

There, he regains his identity and returns to heaven to keep the law, but if he falls, he cannot come to heaven and is banished to the land of fire called Muspel.

“A giant is also a power that cannot be ignored. But they are just monsters. I’d rather ignore him and go.”

The faces of the 10 people who were stuck in the bush disappeared without a sound.


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