Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 431

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[431] Opportunity for Revenge (3)

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A secret underground laboratory of the Rebel 2nd HQ.

Reisis did not reprimand Sirone and Fleur for sacrificing two members of the SWAT team.

The subordinates wanted to release Sirone from his post and restore the commander’s honor, but they were more curious about the completion of the search for Babel.

After sequestering Syrone and Fleur in their quarters, Reisis took their blood samples again.

The superficial reason was that there was a possibility of being infected with an unknown pathogen, but in reality it was to enter Babel and secure a clone of the changed Sirone.

‘Angel’s Tomb. That place was Babel? Did it really exist? I thought it was a story in a myth.’

As long as Sirone came out after confirming the true nature of Babel, there was no way he could not believe it.

Also, if the myth was true, I had a vague idea of ​​what spirit Sirone found there.

‘Probably the Ultima system. If Sirone has learned the language of the ancients, it’s a great opportunity for me too.’

Resis went to the iron cage on one side of the laboratory.

A hideous monster was banging its head against the barbed wire.

“Kick! Kiik!”

The biologists recording the monster’s condition shuddered each time the iron bars thumped.

The king of breeding, Garas.

It is an extraterrestrial species whose reproductive instinct is 100,000 times stronger than that of humans, and it is possible to mate with 1,027 creatures known to the Norse alone.

Humans are no exception, and even males are recognized as objects of reproduction even though only males exist biologically.

According to academic reports, when Garas tried to reproduce with a human female and a human male, the probability of success was only 2%.

There is no clear definition of a garas, as they can interbreed with any species, from small insects to giant monsters.

However, the organ called ‘protein palace’ that manipulates the amino acid sequence and the rapid cell division that creates the genital organs were common.

Although they are smart enough to have an average intelligence ten times that of humans, they are only interested in breeding, so they are known to have failed to achieve independent intellectual civilization.

The ultimate play of the developed intellect? Or a natural occurrence according to the unique environment in which they lived?

The cause is unknown, but what is clear is that Garas is a species that only breeds and is a quarantined species belonging to the highest risk group in Purgatory due to its powerful ability to break down the barriers between species.

“Commander, why did you bring something like this? Command is doomed if they are ever released. No, the entire area will become a colony of Garras.”

“are you okay. You just need to manage well. If you don’t have this, you can’t produce a clone of Sirone, can you?”

Although he succeeded in combining Sirone’s genetic information with the egg of a Norse, it was difficult to conceive due to subtle differences in the evolutionary process.

However, the problem could be solved neatly by using Garras’ genetic affinity as a link.

The biologist replied with a puzzled expression.

“then… … We will start today.”

“no. Before that, clone Flu first.”

“yes? why… … no way?”

The biologist’s face went pale.

Clearly, the combination of Sirone, Flu, and Garras can produce explosive clones.

However, even scholars who crossed the forbidden line could not help but feel remorse this time.

Because he is human too.

Made of flesh and blood, and loathe pain and death.

‘Is this woman really sane?’

That was all the biologist was curious about.

“Commander, do we really need to go this far?”

“Now it is an exhibition. You have to make small sacrifices to win. You’re helping me because you’ve already made up your mind, aren’t you?”

“But this… … .”

Laceys stopped talking.

“I don’t have much time. If the Babel Sirone is searching for is the Babel I know.”

“Why? I understand that Babel is a weapon created by the ancient Gaians to attack Heaven.”

“Of course it is.”

Lacey shut her mouth.

I’ll tell you in advance, there won’t be any need to upset the headquarters.

At that time, the person who sealed Babel was the archangel Kariel.

* * *


The world of the dead where everything is frozen.

What unfolded before Gaold’s eyes was a vast ice sheet and a frozen mountain range that surrounded it farther away.

A world so cruel that a normal creature would be frozen solid before even encountering anything.

If Zulu hadn’t summoned the tier 2 monster Salamander to raise the temperature around them, they would have been in the same situation.

In any case, this is where the King of Giants, Ymir’s body is confined, ‘the wall of ice that never melts’.

The salamander, which was three meters long, was lying flat on the ground and generating heat with its whole body.

Even so, the ice sheet did not melt and did not even get wet, and rather, the salamander felt the chill and shivered.

Every time the flame weakened, the shape of a lizard, the true form of a salamander that you would never normally see, was revealed.

Gaold asked, spewing frost.

“How many?”

Gangnan checked the pouch.



Black Elixir is being collected later than expected.

The first commander of the rebels, Crude, said it was a 50% chance, but the chance of actually catching the demon and obtaining the elixir seemed to be less than 20%.

Of course, that alone is a very high probability, and with 24 elixirs, there is nothing that cannot be bought on the mainland.

However, it was insignificant compared to the results obtained at the end of penance, and a considerable amount of physical strength was lost in return.



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Gangnan emitted a long frost cloud.

Driving around Niflheim for six days was insane for a human to attempt.

Zulu also hasn’t been able to get any sleep since he hasn’t quit Salamander for a moment in six days.

Gangnan’s eyes turned to Gaold’s wide back.

how cold is it

If Gangnan is cold, Gaold is a thousand times colder.

If Gangnan moaned from frostbite to the extent that his fingertips were paralyzed, Gaold suffered a thousand times more than that.

‘How can you not even show it? How are you holding up with that?’

“At this rate, we’ll get tired first.”

Gaold looked back at the guide.

He was an old man with a scar on his face, with a rat-like appearance.

The reason he can roam around Niflheim is because he made a contract with the Ice Spirit with all his wealth.

However, no matter how high the value of the spirit is, if the magic skill is low, the place where you can’t even find it is purgatory.

In the end, the job he could earn was a guide in Niflheim, which had a high probability of death.

As much as risking their lives, the requirements were demanding.

They never get involved in battle, but they have to give 50% of the harvested items here.

There was no way Gaold would accept such an unfair contract, but he changed his mind when he realized that the probability of obtaining the black elixir after the first hunt in Niflheim was lower than expected.

Niflheim was an incredibly large place, and the frequency of meeting evil spirits was surprisingly low.

If you wander like this, you will collapse from exhaustion or freeze to death before you can fill the desired amount.

He decided that it would be better to hit the jackpot by entering ‘Hell’, where the ruler of Niflheim is located.

“How much further do I have to go? Hell or something.”

“Oh, if you go this way a little further… … .”

The guide who was pointing to the front closed his eyes tightly and shouted, as if he thought that it would not work in the end.

“no! I can’t go any further! Let’s go back!”

He was tired of Gaold’s group.

It is a land of death that no one approaches, but there are very few crazy people who enter with the goal of making a fortune.

The guide also explored Niflheim six times with such people.

It was once every two years, but it was a business that would be enough to get one black elixir, and if you get two, you can play for two more years.

Of course, before meeting Gaold and the others, all he had to do was to defeat the ghosts on the outskirts of Niflheim and pray for the black elixir to fall.

However, the current guides were different.

From the beginning, without even looking at the outskirts, he ran straight for Hel for six days, catching close to two hundred Grim Reapers.

Grim Reaper, the strongest evil spirit belonging to the Triple S hunting class in the mainland.

The guide couldn’t help but fall into incontinence when he saw the god of death wielding a huge scythe sitting on a black horse 5 meters tall.

I came all this way because I was fascinated by the fun of dropping the noble black elixir whenever I was bored, but to be honest, I just wanted to go home.

“okay? Anything you want to finish.”

Gaold obediently agreed.

However, one condition was added.

“If you want to break the contract and go alone.”

‘You evil bastard!’

The guide grinded his teeth.

I’ll have to put up with it because I can’t compete with power anyway, but a bitter feeling rang deep in my bones.

With 12 black elixirs, you can live happily ever after.

No, I will marry 100 native beauties. And I have to give birth to about 1,000 children.

It was an imagination based on evil, but it was the value of 12 black elixirs that made it possible in reality.

“Okay, let’s go all the way! But my role is until Hell. From there, I don’t even know the way!”


Gaold turned and started walking on the icy road.

Gaold was like a mountain to everyone, but his face was emaciated.

Zulu stopped sucking her black nipple and pointed straight ahead.

“There is something.”

The face of the guide who looked ahead was filled with emotion. It was an expression of pure professional calling.

‘I’ve lived here, so I’ve come this far.’

The reason why you can guide in Niflheim, a flawless zone where you can’t find any personality, is because the corpses of strangers who have invaded this place for a long time become a mark.

As Gaold’s group approached, well over a thousand creatures were frozen like statues.

They were in different time zones and different species, but all of them looked terrified.

“Is this the entrance to Hel?”

“wait. It’s my first time here too. According to our investigation… … .”

The guide took out his notebook and checked the memo. She turned her body around as if she couldn’t show it to anyone.

As the only Niflheim expert in the mainland, the notes were packed.

“Well, in the corpse of the Cathesis race frozen with one eye closed… … .”

The guide, looking left and right, noticed a bipedal creature with a long tail on the face of a lizard and approached it.

“The side the index finger of your left hand points to.”

The guide’s face wrinkled after checking his left hand.

‘Damn it, you only have three fingers. Which one is black?’

Presuming it to be the middle finger, the guide pointed at a 15-degree bend in the direction they had walked.

“If you go over there, Hell will come out. So at this point I… … Hee!”

The guide looked back at Gaold and stomped his butt with a surprised expression.

Terrible speculation was emanating from the party.

“I-that… … !”

A thick mist was rising over the ice.

It was a scene everyone was familiar with, but the situation was different this time.

As the black horse’s shape was revealed on the ice, it cried in a higher tone than the woman’s scream.

On the saddle, surrounded by black smoke, Grim Reaper clutched the reins, a four-meter scythe slung over his shoulder.

The number of objects is 40.

It was the largest number in a single battle.

“damn! damn! To die with 12 black elixirs!”

The guide poured out tears with a desperate expression as if he had already given up his life.

There was no one to comfort him.

Even Zulu thought it was a different level of difficulty than before.

“I will release the Salamander.”

If you’ve already exhausted your stamina, it’s a daunting feeling for Gangnan and Gaold to face.

However, Gaold overcame the gangranan and went alone towards the group of Grim Reapers.

“I am waiting here. Because you get caught up in it too.”

“Are you crazy? What are you going to do? And I’m not weak enough to get caught in battle!”

“I know. but… … .”

Gaold leaned over as if collapsing and looked back at Gangnan.

“It will be different this time.”

Gangnan’s face hardened like stone as he sensed something.

The hair starting from Gaold’s forehead was rapidly bleaching.


Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 430Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 432
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