Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 450

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[450] Beginning of change (2)

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The command and control room of the 1st Rebel Command.

While Sirone took Caña and Lena, Crud gave a briefing on the battle to Gaold and the others.

The damage caused by the barbell was greater than expected, promptly losing 40% of power and 53% of munitions wasted.

The main point of the briefing was that an all-out war with Heaven was impossible in the present state.

It was a surprising achievement that the Syrone party unified the 2nd rebel army, but it was the same that the headquarters was cut off anyway.

“Sooner or later, the production of the large Targis will be completed at the Night Alliance munitions factory. However, there are not enough personnel to carry out the operation. Even if you avoid Angel and Mara, it is impossible to get close to Arabot by passing through the fairies of the Ministry of Justice and the giants of the Royal Guard.”

Sein’s thoughts were the same.

Neutralizing Heaven’s air defense system, Aegis, is to break through the outer walls.

From then on, it depended on how much time the rebels could pull off, and how far Gaold could go.

‘And Sirone. To cast God’s Punishment, you must be able to enter at least the entrance of Arabot.’

Once the mass is gathered at a high altitude, it takes about 14 minutes to fall to the ground.

Therefore, the calculation was completed by firing the Seindo laser close to the vertical and predicting the rotation period moving for 14 minutes to the center of Arabot.

The reason why the high-difficulty ultra-short-range strike was set is because the operation centered on recapturing the maze.

Depending on the state of the maze, the variable will change in real time.

In that case, it would be a loss to use God’s Punishment in advance to narrow even the margins of recapture.

‘I want to see the situation until the very end, even at the risk. In that sense, Syrone’s penetration requirements will be the key.’

While everyone was lost in thought, they knocked on the door and Sirone entered. Kanya and Lena, who did not know why, were also together.

Knowing that he had left to comfort the two sisters, Crude looked suspiciously at Sirone, who accompanied them.

“What’s going on? Do you have something to say?”

“I have a suggestion for you. Where is Babel now?”

“A metal angel? He is in Kuroi Quarantine.”

“Please guide me there.”

“Why? Metal Angels are classified as Level 1 Security within the Command facility. I understand the sadness of losing a family member, but I can’t open up about it.”

“Maybe I can restart Babel.”

“Babel… … Are you restarting?”

Crude looked incredulous.

Didn’t Sein actually say that? The metal angel’s system is said to be the product of a higher-dimensional being that goes beyond the angel’s information system.

‘Have I been persuaded by the two sisters?’

He was the one who clearly watched the scene where Kanya tried to destroy it by swinging Cigna when the Babel stopped working.

“Sorry, but that… … .”

“Please allow me. I don’t know if Sirone can do it.”

“Mr. Flew.”

Crude is a cold-hearted commander at the meeting, but he is a little warmer to Flew.

“What does Sirone mean if you can do it?”

Flu was the only person who knew that Sirone had an Ultima system.

It was because the follow-up of the 1st Command was too busy to report everything that happened in the 2nd Command, and the other team members also needed a break.

‘How do I explain this?’

Not only was the Ultima System unknown to anyone but the person involved, and there was a sense of reluctance to disclose the fact that Sirone liberated Babel.

Of course, she never thinks that Sirone is responsible for the disaster at First Command.

But I wondered if other people thought so too.

‘It’s good to hide things that can be hidden.’

Sirone could not ignore the voice of conscience, but Flew was a mage who was thoroughly thorough from the bone.

“First, please guide Sirone to Babel. Sirone will give a detailed explanation there.”

Then, when Sain made a formal request, Crud followed their words and headed to the warehouse where Babel was quarantined.

The guard was strict, but the fear in the eyes of the guards could not be hidden.

It was literally an existence that drove the headquarters to the brink of annihilation.

“Now, how do you reactivate this?”

Babel had her head down as if she had fallen asleep, but Sirone could already feel it from the moment she entered the warehouse.

‘The output is the same. The order just disappeared.’

The flow of charge that forms the barbell has been clearly conveyed through the Ultima system.

As Sirone approached slowly, feeling as if he could lift her up right now, Crud said.

“Wait, are you really sure? one of a kind… … .”

Even if Sirone reactivates Babel, if he attacks the rebels like before, then annihilation is inevitable.

Sein said.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Because the angel’s algorithm is completely broken. It’s a fact I’ve already confirmed with the Iron Wheel.”

Even Sein, who said that, did not know how Sirone would restart Babel.

He guessed that the system grafted onto Babel is a groundbreaking information system that unifies all signals in the world.

The closest thing in the original world would be a binary number, but this was a level higher than that.

‘Connect to Babel.’

Sirone closed her eyes and resonated with the Ultima System. Then, the panels embedded in Babel’s eyes glowed red.

– New user detection. Ultima system access.

As invisible signals extended between Babel and Sirone, their information was integrated.

‘This… … .’

The feeling of connecting with Babel for the first time was amazing. What Babel sees, he was seeing.

-Run the Babel native program. Gaia code number 2 discovered.

-Absolutely inviolable. Enter algorithm setting mode.

Sirone’s will was converted into a unique programming language that powers Babel and began to be input automatically.


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-First goal. protect the rebels

-Second goal. Eliminate the enemy quickly if insurgent protection is impossible.

-Third goal. Protect Kanya and Lena when it is impossible to eliminate the enemy.

If the 3rd algorithm is activated, the battle situation will already be lost.

It was a program that contained Shirone’s own sense of responsibility for the sorrow of two sisters who lost their father right in front of their eyes.

The algorithm was complicatedly connected as it progressed to the 4th and 5th order.

Being able to resonate between humans and machines with a single signal was a technology on a completely different level from telepathy.

-Applied Sirone Algorithm. Babel program running.

As Babel, who had been kneeling, stood up with the sound of an engine, the guards guarding the containment center aimed their arc at the same time.

Even Crude, who was aware of the overwhelming pressure of Babel, had no choice but to take a step back, swallowing saliva.

Babel, who walked straight to Sirone with clattering footsteps, got down on one knee and paid homage to Gaia Code Number 2.

“Babel. I will carry out sirone-sama’s instructions.”

Babel’s voice, heard for the first time, was so calm and clear that it was impossible to imagine the brutal performance.

“Oh, how could this be… … .”

Crude was shocked when the weapon of fear that destroyed the headquarters took a submissive attitude to Sirone.

Subduing Babel, which even destroyed the angelic mental system, meant that the spirit of the Nephilim surpassed that of the angels.

‘Is this the light of Area 73?’

In any case, if Babel became an ally, nothing could be better. She was more than capable of restoring 1st Command’s lost fighting power if she was her strong arm.

But Sirone thought differently.

In order to use a barbell as a combat weapon, efficiency alone should not be considered.

Who would want to fight alongside the machine that killed their family?

As expected, when Kanya saw Babel stand up, her eyes lit up and her fists trembled.

Abominable machine.

What was even more irritating was that it was made of metal that was so strong that humans couldn’t break it.

Sirone said in a calm tone.

“Babel, carry out my orders from now on.”

“I carry out Sirone-sama’s orders.”

Sirone looked back at Kanya and said.

“Destroy you right here, if you want, Kanya.”


Fleur shouted.

Why destroy an ancient weapon as powerful as an angel?

Gaold, on the other hand, raised the corner of his mouth.

War is a clash of all things, and emotions are more important than tactics in human fights.

Now that half of the rebels have lost their families, if Babel is not treated clearly, there will be no fighting spirit.

‘It’s like you, Sirone.’

Of course, Sirone’s method is unconventional.

Perhaps the humanity or boldness of thinking that if Kanya destroys Babel, that’s it.

‘haha. Well, I don’t know about war.’

Babel said calmly.

“If Kanya wants it, I will destroy myself.”

When the choice passed to Kanya, the guards who had lost their family paid attention to her with cautious eyes.

‘I want to kill you. want to destroy but… … .’

Kanya bit her lip until it bled.

It was really strange. The machine that brutally slaughtered the rebels did not sense the slightest murderous intent.

Because there was no such thing as flesh from the beginning. Everything was just the appearance of a machine from a human point of view.

“When this war is over… … .”

Kanya clenched her teeth and turned around.

“You will have to pay the price.”

Behind her as she walked away, Babel answered in a kind tone.

“When the war is over, I will pay the price.”

* * *

Sirone couldn’t fall asleep until late.

It was the only choice I could make for Kanya, but on the other hand, I was worried that I might have hurt her more.

At that moment, Zulu knocked and came in.

“Were you sleeping?”

Sirone jumped out of bed.

“no. Come on in.”

Although they are working as a team, Zulu was still a difficult senior for Sirone.

“How are you feeling?”

I thought I knew why Zulu had come.

Even if he thought, he couldn’t say for sure that the destruction of Babel wasn’t mixed with emotions at all.

“sorry. There will be no such thing in the future. I will clear my mind so that there is no disruption to my mission.”

Sirone put effort into acting with clear eyes.

Although he was inferior in experience to his teammates, he had no intention of becoming a burden.

However, Zulu’s words were unexpected.

“Sirone, you don’t have to try too hard.”

A hot and heavy foreign body sensation caught on Sirone’s throat. Her eyes were red with tears and she was speechless.

“Humans are not that strong. The mind rules the body. What, then, governs the mind?”

As Sirone calmly waited for an answer, Zulu lightly placed her hands on her chest and said,

“It is the heart.”

“mind… … .”

“The mind has no substance, so it cannot be trained. Gaold, Sein, and Miro also have great mental powers, but they know sadness, and sometimes they are shaken. Even if you have a heart as strong as an adamantine stone, being sad is sad.”

Sirone spoke frankly.

“Actually, it is very painful. I think I’m responsible for Kanya’s father’s death and the deaths of the rebels.”

“Accepting sadness is natural, but if you hold it in for too long, it can get sick. Now, let me teach you the secret of impermanence. Try this.”

Zulu placed her hand on Sirone’s chest.

“The body, mind and heart are all connected. To put you in the cycle of breathing. Then you can stop the activity of your mind for a while.”

All living things breathe. Therefore, focusing on the breath was an act of returning to the basics of living things.

“Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale.”

Life is, after all, breathing.

As she focused only on that, the distracting thoughts in Sirone’s head were pushed out of reality.

After a minute like that, Zulu slowly laid down the sleeping Sirone and spoke in Middle Eastern.

“Sirone, the human heart is hell. If one day you fall into that hell, don’t forget this breath of thoughtlessness.”

Zulu stroked Sirone’s forehead with a pitiful look, got out of bed, turned off the light, and carefully left the room.


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