Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 452

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[452] The Beginning of Change (4)

“The Targis was stolen?”

It was a meat gun that was always proud in front of the captain, but this time I couldn’t help but bow my head.

The elite unit of the Night Blind was killed.

No traces of the death struggle were found at the scene of the direct inspection. It was beaten one-sidedly.

In particular, more than half of them had traces of being killed in an instant left on their bodies.

“It happened. We are currently using the children to search.”


A single blow from Frank Wein’s fist crumpled the iron table inward.

“You don’t know who? There must be an organization that knows the secret route among those who raided the Night Blind!”

“But there is no organization on the mainland that can subdue my men so easily. Don’t you know?”

Frankwine’s fist hit the meat gun.

There was a snap and the sound of bones crashing, and the slender body slammed against the wall.

“But you were overpowered! who is this? If you don’t know, it’s better to make it up and say it.”

Mitgan rose to the ground and wiped the blood from his lips.

If you don’t come to your senses quickly, you will probably die.

“The only thing I can guess is them. Those who have been catching S-rank game every day.”

“Armin or something?”

As for the suspects, they were definitely the only ones.

Each of them had excellent skills, but the ability to kill subordinates was extremely difficult to find even in the mainland.

But why? Wasn’t the tagis being transported to the rebel headquarters anyway?

‘Hmm, I guess I need to go see it.’

Frankwine put on his coat and said.

“Go to First Command.”

Meat Gun responded immediately.

“How many subordinates will I collect?”

“Load? Do you think you can try with them? You and I are going.”

Meatgun’s eyes changed.

It was a signal only for the two of them who had crossed countless lines of death before arriving in Purgatory and settling down.

“All right.”

Meat Gun bit off his teeth and cleared his throat.

It didn’t matter if Frankwine was beaten for no reason, but he was itching to get hit by the back of the head from the same guys.

* * *

The atmosphere at the 1st Rebel Command was the most tense since the invasion of Babel.

Commander Crude accompanied Gaold and his party and greeted Frankwine.

The rebels were fully armed and guarded his side, but he was rude in his steps as if he had entered his own house.

“Hmm, do you live in a place like this? It’s worse than I thought.”

Of course, Babel’s attack had destroyed half of the facilities.

Crud skipped the details and asked the main point.

“What happened? It’s already past the scheduled time, but the Targis haven’t arrived.”

“Why are you asking me that? We sent.”

“I mean that now… … !”

When Crud widened his eyes and tried to approach him, Sein put his hand on his shoulder.

“wait. I will.”

Sein scanned the Frank Wine with a cold gaze.

The leader of the Night Blindness.

At most, I thought he was a merchant from the mainland, but the energy he actually encountered was extraordinary.

“Did you say you sent Tagis a while ago?”

“Sent. We are.”

“But you didn’t arrive here?”

“well. That’s your case, it’s none of my business.”

Sein couldn’t figure out why he was confident.

If you’re thinking of cheating, you don’t have to risk your life to come here.

‘I sent the item but it didn’t arrive? Is it stealing?’

Sain realized Frankwine’s intentions.

“Are you suspicious of us?”


A violent energy flashed in Frankwine’s eyes.

“Are you kidding me? Are you all going to die?”


As his lungs ached as if poison had permeated the air, Crud held his breath and took a backward step.

The rebels were aiming at the arc, but they couldn’t dare to shoot it. It was because he had such a vague thought that he would die the moment he pulled the string.

“When you say something nice, it’s better to be honest. That’s definitely your skill. who is this?”

A thought passed through Sein’s mind.

‘It finally moved.’

I heard that Ya-maeng’s skills are the best in the mainland.

If such people lose their subordinates and come all the way here, it means that the skill of the thieves is not normal.

“Let’s go to a quiet place for now.”


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Sain, who entered the command and control room, sat Frankwine down and said.

“First, I want to hear what the situation was like.”

Meatgun tilted his head.

If Targis, which was made by pouring a huge amount of minerals and elixir, disappeared, it would be appropriate to go on a wild rampage and cover the damage somehow.

However, the man in front was curious about the process of stealing rather than the object.

When Frankwine crossed his arms and gave a signal, Mitgan began to explain.

Of course, all he could say was the state of the remaining corpses after the situation was over.

However, it was enough information for Sein.

Dozens of corpses cut with sharp objects. One corpse was completely blown up to death.

It is also said that he was a leader.

‘Roche of metal, Tarban of vibration. Cage Team B.’

Although they haven’t worked together for a long time like Team A, Roche and Tarban have been comrades since childhood and have been the backbone of Team B and the strongest dealers.

Frankwine sensed it and quickly spoke up.

“I think you know something, but if that’s the case, it’s unfair for us too. As for stuff… … .”

“Tagis is done.”

Frankwine frowned at Gaold’s words.

“done? What will happen?”

“It means that I will not ask any more responsibility for that.”

When he made Sein move away and Gaold took his place, Frankwine’s gaze ran over him from head to toe.

‘This guy has a different level of military power.’

Everyone here is a person who is in the middle of the day, but Gaold’s temperament itself is different.

Before childbirth? No, he is the one who came to fight a battle beyond that.

like yourself

“I don’t mean to hold you accountable… … .”

Gaold cut off his words.

“Instead, there are requirements. There’s one thing you need to find out. The largest community in the mainland can do it.”

“Look for it. what?”

Gaold opened his mouth.

It was a short word, but the ripples were so great that Frankwine frowned.


Frankwine’s shoulders trembled.

“This bastard knows who he is!”


Frankwine, who had kicked the table and stood up, swung his fist at Gaold.

Of course, it wasn’t a Gaold who would greet me without hesitation.

Sirone and the others were taken aback by the sudden action, but Meat Gun rushed forward with both fists as if he had waited.

Etela blocked it, and rapid fire like rapid fire was exchanged.

As Etella’s fist was directed at her side, Meatgun lowered her elbow to block it.


The vibrations of the Yin-Yang Wave Fist spread through Meat Gun’s body like water.


Meat Gun crashed into the wall in a sideways push position.

However, Etella could not land any more extra hits. The same kind of shock was spreading through his body.


“Annoying… … .”

The moment Gaold tried to cast his magic with a nervous expression on his face, Ethella shouted.

“No! That person… … .”

A mighty air press pressed down on the command and control room.

All equipment standing on the ground was crushed flat, and the backs of Frankwine and Meatgun staggered.

‘Mirror cycle.’

In the next instant, all the pressure acting on space was exerted on Gaold.

Cuckoo coo coo!

As the place he was standing on collapsed into a hemispherical shape, Gaold could feel his own power for the first time.

“Hehe, I’m still a long way off.”

Silence fell in the command and control room as Gaold wrinkled his nose and laughed.

Because Frankwine and Mitgan were surprised by the sane Gaold, and it was the first time the others had seen Gaold even slightly shocked.

Sain turned his gaze to Meatgun.

‘You’re using a strange ability. It’s not a reflection of the impact, but a feeling of bouncing off the event itself.’

Eating out of the rules was the first thing that came to mind, but even with his iron eyes, he couldn’t find any special triggering conditions.

It was only possible to guess that they also came from another world.

“Whoa, I want this… … .”

As Meatgun walked out, stroking his fists, his face cracked.

Frankwine, who was examining the meat gun caressing his cheek in disbelief, turned his gaze back to Gaold.

‘Is the mirror cycle broken? He’s an incredibly dangerous guy.’

Even in the original world, it was a meat gun that there were not many people other than himself to deal with.

As soon as he thought about it, the cumbersome anger subsided and the merchant’s brain started to work again.

“Okay, I’ll find you. But we also have conditions.”

Gaold nodded meekly.

It wasn’t just time to fight night blindness.

“say it.”

“Hand over the facilities of the 2nd Rebel Command, Raysis, to us. It’s ruined anyway, so there’s nothing to write about.”

“good. As long as you get it right.”

Frankwine snorted and turned away.

damn shit.

Moving his facial muscles back and forth, Mitgan felt more cracks on his face, but the cracks soon healed.

When the two of them got out, Sein asked.

“Gaold, what are you thinking? It wasn’t in the original plan, was it?”

“I heard the wind in Niflheim.”

Gaold said that and turned around.

If the maze is caught in a great world war, it may be too late to return.

Gaold’s watch was running faster than anyone else’s.

* * *

That night.

Gaold said at the gathering of the party.

“I won’t go anywhere for a while. We will attack as soon as Tagis is supported, so be fully prepared.”

Fleur asked.

“Where are you going? If it’s a mission, bring your team… … .”

Gaold shook his head. It was something no one could intervene in, only he had to do.

“Come back tomorrow. Take care of the house, mutts.”

As Gaold disappeared into the darkness, Sirone asked Sein.

“Are you going to find Tagis?”

“Perhaps. If Hel’s words are true, Miro’s life is in the dark. She knows she can’t delay any longer.”

“But do you know where it is and look for it?”

“There is no need for Gaold to find it. They will find Gaold on their own.”

Sein looked back at Gangnan with a disgusted expression.

“You said you raised your pain a million times?”

“yes. That was the power I saw.”

“It is dangerous.”

“I think so too. If any… … .”

“No, I don’t mean that. What I said was dangerous was his state of mind. Since he came to heaven, Ga Old’s threshold for pain has risen, and his power has increased remarkably. And now I’ve even checked the location of the maze. He’s not showing it, but he’s probably crazy.”

Gangnan said.

“What are you tracking right now?”

“Impossible. Even though he’s an annoying guy, there’s no way he’d be able to follow him. I have no choice but to leave it to you.”

Sirone looked back at the darkness Gaold had passed through. I had an ominous feeling.

“I’ve been curious about it before, what happened between the president of the association and Mr. Miro?”

It was an innocent question, but everyone’s ears were sharpened.

It was a story that only Sein, Gaold, and Miro knew.

Sein looked up at the sky.

It seemed that the night would be long for Gaold to return.

“There is nothing to talk about here. Don’t change your seat.”


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