Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 455

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[455] The Beginning of Change (7)

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The movements of the remaining 18 members of Cage Team B became even faster.

After killing the carnivorous Benifis, Gaold’s next target was the crowd control type Black and the manipulation type Jonah Bang.

Anyway, there was no way to get rid of Gaold by force.

What they were aiming for was a variable through non-physical magic, and Gaold was steadily reducing that possibility.

‘Amplification Wizard… … .’

Gaold aimed at Mami, the spirit magician.

As hundreds of airguns per second aimed at her, a bluish curtain appeared in front of her.


It was a Rider who was well versed in defensive magic enough to be called an iron wall, but the shock was enough to collapse the Spirit Zone.

Rose surveyed the battlefield.

Three deaths have already been reported. It could be said that if Cage Team B’s power fell below half, the probability of eliminating Gaold would converge to 0%.

‘You have to gamble. This is a failure.’

cried Rose.

“Activate the final plan!”

The eyes of the rest of the team members lit up.

There is no order to death from now on.

Roche, the metal mage, took the lead, and Rider spread the shield.

Mong-Rang, a wizard of the torrent type, changed the water into a water dragon and threw it at Gaold.

“Stupid things.”

Gaold didn’t even snort.

No matter what attack I tried, everything was blown to the ground with a single air press.

At that time, flowers began to bloom on Gaold’s body. It was White’s magic dream, another crowd control technician with Black, who was already dead.

In the face of his brother’s death, he had already given up on living. He knows that even taking revenge is impossible.

‘But you must die.’

Magic just for that.

White’s mind penetrated the dream flower and directly hit Gaold’s mind.

The deceased White collapsed, and the spirit beyond death shook Gaold.


As Gaold’s self-control opened, Great Superheat Hell wrapped around the space.

No one was surprised by the scream of the hungry ghost, but White’s dream turned to black ash and disappeared over the horizon of hell.

‘Ha, my trivial life… … .’

Aroella of Flame burned the unprecedented flames in both hands and rushed towards Gaold.

‘I haven’t even had a wonderful love.’

I gave my money, my body, and even my heart, but in the end, all the men left.

‘still… … Wasn’t it hot?’

Hellfire Infinity!

A whirlwind of heat wave raged in the great heat hell. At the same time, Gaold, whose face was distorted, rushed forward, squeezing the flames with the air press.

Remembering the smiling face of the last man she dated, Aroella smiled.

A sharp wind blew her face away from her neck.

Gaold smiled at the laughing Aroella.

‘Good eyes. He’s a wonderful wizard.’

Perhaps the sincerity was conveyed, Aroella, who was getting farther away, grinned brightly.

Her faceless body spontaneously charged at Gaold and exploded.

Even huge explosions reaching 6,000 degrees Celsius were crushed by Gaold’s atmospheric pressure.

‘It’s a success.’

Rose raised her trembling lips.

Gaold was feeling it too. Monoros, a scale wizard and a regular outsider, had put a sticker on the back of Gaold’s neck.

Eating Out – Battle Arena.

A small arena with a diameter of one meter formed beneath their feet, and Gaold’s body shrank and entered it.

‘It’s a scale family.’

To others, it was like a miniature in a toy, but from Gaold’s point of view, it was a splendid and gigantic arena.

Monoros’ rule-of-thumb, which reduces the opponent’s scale according to the ratio of a specific space, was powerful in that it could control the environment as desired.

‘How can I escape?’

Gaold looked around the arena and figured out how to escape.

If the scale tuning has this degree of coercion, it will not be affected by external forces.

However, if Monoros wasn’t an idiot, there’s no way the physical force inside the arena was designed to affect the outside world.

‘Time limit, or step. Otherwise, this kind of environment cannot be implemented.’

“The way to escape the battle arena is to step.”

As everyone looked down at Gaold in the arena, Monoros said.

“It can be unlocked by defeating the three monsters that appear in the arena.”

Tarban said.

“Even so, it’s the same scale anyway, right?”

Monoros shook his head.

“There are two ways to enter the arena. One is to reduce the scale through stickers. And another… … .”

Monoros rummaged through the bag he was wearing next to him.

A huge octopus clung to my hand and wriggled.


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“A creature that can fit into the arena can be put in as it is.”

“… … Right.”

As soon as Tarvan finished speaking, Monoros dropped the octopus.

Gaold saw a gigantic, light gray wriggling object falling through the blue sky.


A carnivorous mollusk that lives in the Mediterranean Sea and attacks even sharks larger than its own body due to its savage nature and tremendous appetite.

As soon as he saw Gaold, Poktopus, who had already starved for two days, swung his legs with sharp stingers and attacked.

Gaold sharply inflated the atmosphere, severing his leg, and charged.

The relentless air press pressed down on the arena, but only Gaold felt that way.

Mocking and crumpling for a moment, the Poktopus swung the remaining leg as if it had not received any major shock.

“Cheuk, a prank that doesn’t work… … !’

As the scale weakened, the power of magic dropped exponentially.

However, Gaold is not concerned about the deterioration of his condition. Because he knows no limits.

Pain 1 million times – air pressing.


The octopus was crushed flat, and eventually it could not stand it and exploded.

Gaold wrinkled his face at the place where all kinds of internal organs were stirred.

It would have hurt his pride to use the power he exerted against Hel against an octopus, but he didn’t even have time to think about it, and the excruciating pain tortured his body.

Cage Team B, who was watching Gaold’s battle, didn’t say anything.

Monoros explained the next strategy.

“Now you know. Even the Gaold of the world can only deal with an octopus when the scale is reduced.”

“So what are we going to do now?”

“In the second step, we solve this.”

Monoros opened the bag on his back. Hundreds of crickets swarmed and mingled.

Vice-team leader Horkin nodded as if he understood.

“Are you saying that ‘many’ doesn’t matter as long as it’s in a form that can enter the arena?”

“Yes. Reduce power with scale, and confuse with humane tactics. The last… … .”

“That’s what I have to do.”

Tarban stepped out.

A Terminator that uses the strongest power among the team members.

But Monoros shook his head.

“You need a sticker to enter. If it shrinks to the same scale, Kaiser Blast will inevitably weaken.”

“I will.”

Another regular eater, Porcol, came forward.

In the end, eating out of the rules was the only way to exert enough power to kill Gaold on the same scale.

Monoros agreed. If it was Porcol’s eating out, even Gaold of the world would not be able to do anything about it.

“Then let’s begin.”

Hundreds of crickets were poured into the arena. Then Monoros put a sticker on Porcol, and as the scale shrunk, he also infiltrated the arena.

Eating out – Phantasy Star.

His body started to glow brightly.

When several swarms of crickets collided, a powerful explosion occurred and shattered like shells.

Equivalent exchange of aging and explosion.

He can unleash 100 kilobusters of explosive power at the cost of one hour of aging.

Porcol looks like he is in his early 40s, but he is actually 32 years old.

As time goes by, his lifespan will decrease, but in the end, eating out was a being who could only be happy within his own trauma.

“What is this again?”

Gaold mercilessly destroyed the waves of crickets.

Pleasant smells vibrated and ugly objects scattered, but his eyes were only looking straight ahead.

‘Let’s try to hide it with something like this… … .’

Cage Team B knows what kind of person Mikea Gaold is, a former head of the Magic Association.

So the worm is a trick. The truth would have been hidden in numbers and monstrosities.

Eating Out – Life is short and bold.

Whoa oh oh!

Porcol accelerated all the aging his body could possibly use.

His face grew old quickly, and at last it turned into a skin-and-bone, and finally a scrawny skeleton, flying towards Gaold.

With death at hand, his mind was twisted like a greedy old man who envies his youth he couldn’t have, and was full of madness.

“Kihahahahaha! I’m killing Gaold!”

Gaold remained calm even in front of the skull of greed, which seemed to terrify him just by looking at it.

No, I was nervous about the twisted thoughts that the regular eaters risked their whole life to exert.

Pain 1 million times.

The moment Gaold gritted his teeth and cast a spell, Porcol struck Gaold.


The arena exploded at the same time as Cage Team B was scattered in all directions, creating a mushroom cloud.

It was a power beyond imagination to see it as a drastically reduced scale.

“You crazy bastard, how long were you trying to live?”

“People who eat out are usually crazy. by the way… … .”

Tarvan relaxed his shoulders and approached again.

After completing the steps, Gaold returned to reality and stood in the smoke.

Anyone who knew Gaold would not believe the sight of this moment.

The top had been completely blown off, revealing a muscular and scarred body, with a dislocated right shoulder drooping.

His hair was white and blood was running all over his body.

Tarvan wanted to applaud with all his heart.

How many humans in this world can endure the equivalent exchange with life cast by a hypocrite?

“Awesome. Honestly, I admire you.”

“now… … .”

Gaold struggled to open his mouth.

“Seven people.”

It was the death toll of Cage Team B.

“No, six people.”

As Tarvan spoke, there was a loud bang. Monoros, the regular eater, fell to the floor with his throat cut.

Even if everyone evaded the explosion, the magician of Eating out could not move as far.

However, even after the explosion, he would not have known that his mind would not be shaken and he would launch a counterattack.

‘A monster is a monster.’

“No need to shake.”

Rose came to Gaold.

“I was already mortally wounded. Even though the number has decreased, the victory is still with us.”

Rose’s eyes were as firm as Gaold’s.

kill gaold That is the duty of a wizard belonging to the Association.

“Stop giving up. If you accept the aura obediently, I will guarantee your life.”

“Hehe, that sounds like a tempting proposal.”

Gaold knew it was a lie.

Rose is a woman who would do any kind of perjury for the sake of her mission.

But that means, in the end, Team Cage B is still not confident of success.

Nothing will change. You just have to fight your own battle.

“What else is left? Didn’t you do something with the final plan earlier?”

Rose was also puzzled.

They still have utility, amplification, curse, and defense mages, but the damage to the dealer is significant.

‘From now on, even if only one dealer dies, the chances are slim. Even if I have to give up leadership, I must die.’

So maybe one chance to make another tactical attempt.

Rose bought time to come up with a solid plan.

“The human mind is so cunning that when you are obsessed with something, you can’t see anything else.”

Gaold also needed time, so he responded silently to Rose’s conversation.

“However, it is an instant to return that much. How about letting go now? Your feelings are nothing more than the childish unrequited love of a child who desires what he cannot have. I have to shake it off and move on again.”

“Maybe it could be.”

Gaold opened his mouth slowly.

“But why should I shake it off?”

“that… … .”


Gaold stopped talking.

“You must have really loved someone.”

Rose thought for a moment and said.

“That’s right.”

“Tell me then. You, who are no longer childish because of your age. Have you ever spent your whole life feeling something more beautiful than that feeling?”

Rose couldn’t answer.

“There is nothing childish about being sincere. There are only those who can handle the pain and those who can’t handle it and run away. And I… … .”

Cuckoo coo coo!

The air vibrated and the forest roared and the air became heavy like steel bars.

Gaold, who had changed into the face of a demon, glared at the world.

“Never run away from my pain.”


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