Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 459

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[459] Call of Ra (1)

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The rider of the iron wall blew out.

Moments later, his electrical barriers shattered like glass windows shattered.

Blood leaked out in an oblique line from his shoulder to his waist, and his upper body fell as if sliding.

‘Defense magic is over.’

Gaold pulled a muscle and put the missing shoulder in place.

It was an excruciating pain for those with a sensitive sense of pain, but his eyes were only scanning the surroundings.

The afterimages of Cage Team B raged like a storm, but it was clearly an intentional move.

‘What are you aiming for?’

So far, the dealer’s strong power has not appeared.

Of course, they must know that a mediocre attack is ineffective.

‘Am I betting on the Terminator?’

Probably almost exactly.

‘I don’t put more than two regular eaters in the cage level. That means… … .’

meaning this is the last time.

Cage Team B is aiming for one attack that can be perfectly caught, and if it is blocked, the victory will come.

Gaold’s thoughts reached that point, and the corner of his mouth went up.

“I’m talking nonsense and I’m sleepy.”

Gaold’s hand aimed at Roche, the metal mage.

Puff puff puff puff!

When the air gun exploded, Roche, unable to even think of a counterattack, created a metal barrier in front.

Kaka Kaka Kaka Kakang!

Bullet marks of air appeared on the surface of the steel with a deafening roar.


Roche gnawed his teeth at the vibration coming from his omnipotence.

The thickness of the barrier continued to grow, but the air bullets quickly gnawed at the iron plate like an angry beast.

Dozens of holes were pierced through Roche’s body as the clay-like metal barrier was finally destroyed.

It took only one second for the air gun to penetrate the 20 cm thick barrier.

But that one second gave Rose time to approach Gaold.

‘This is it.’

Fragrance Magic Placer.

It is a magic belonging to the highest level of fragrance magic that affects the mind, and it has the effect of stimulating the human brain to evoke the most intense nostalgia in life.

Gaold’s face contorted cruelly.

The emotional aftermath of his already vulnerable self-indulgence grew and plagued him.


The gates of hell opened in his heart, and his ruthless self-denial unfolded, turning his son-in-law into hell.

It was like making an already violent beast even more rampant, but Rose had a different ulterior motive.

Gaold could not be subdued by force anyway. If so, it makes them more excited and creates a cognitive blind spot.

That square was the only gap to subdue Gaold.

“Roche eh!”

But Rose overlooked one fact.

It could be considered luck for Gaold because he didn’t know it, but the fact that the dead person was Roche was a perfect vital point.

Tarvan’s anger, who had been friends with Roche since childhood, reached its peak, and that emotion clashed with Gaold’s anger, creating a new gap.


Rose’s head was severed by the blade of the wind, and Gaold’s upside-down egg caught up with Tarvan’s path.

‘It’s over.’

Horkin bounced off Gaold in a move separate from the maneuver.

Tarvan, and all the wizards in this place, are young and talented children.

‘For the sake of the kingdom’s future, let’s finish with this.’

Horkin activated detonation magic regardless of the target’s reaction.

A powerful explosion swept the area as Suicide, which exploded itself and created a temporary magic assimilation effect, was cast.

The scale was not reduced like the battle arena, so the radius was enormous.

Cage Team B, who hurriedly left their seats, looked at the place where the deflagration was floating, devastated.

Horkin’s message was clearly communicated by taking his own life.

As the eldest member of Cage Team B, he became the father of countless wizards.

“Inspiring tank… … .”

Tarban gritted his teeth.

It was a mission he was originally supposed to carry out.

But he was the best tactician to the end.

Suicide’s power was not inferior to Tarban’s Kaiser Blast in the slightest.

“Did he die?”

Saint Moriac’s voice was low.

The smoke disappeared and a black figure was revealed as a silhouette.

Gaold, with blood flowing from his forehead, stood there with an uneasy expression on his face.

“I lived.”

With this, the mission ended in failure.

Rose, who will use the strategy, is dead, and the dealer Roche and Horkin are lost.


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“There is only one thing left.”

Wagan of communication magic said.

“Am I going to go all the way or go back like this?”

I have no thoughts of going back.

However, Horkin’s will that those who live should live was only bothering him.

“I will go till the end.”

At Tarvan’s words, insect mage Beam stepped forward.

“I have to report to the superiors. I can’t go all the way.”

“Choose anyone. I will stay.”

Wagan raised his hand.

“I will go. I won’t be of much help in battle.”

No one would survive against Gaold anyway, but no one criticized Wagan.

A wizard with enough pride to join Cage’s Team B. The rest of the group were only grateful that he had chosen to live with shame for the rest of his life.

“Then shall we go?”

As the rest of them turned around, Gaold flew in at high speed.

He also realized that further battles were meaningless.

“It was a great team. I mean for you.”

Tarvan’s eyes flashed with life.

“You don’t really think it’s over, do you?”

If it’s enough to stop Suicide, even Kaiser Blast won’t work.

But you have to try. Because that’s the Terminator.

“Stop it.”

Gaold relaxed and straightened his back.

“The game is over. You gave me as much as I wanted, didn’t you?”

“play? Play?”

Vibration energy gathered in Tarvan’s hands.

Gaold continued as if he was not interested.

“and… … You can’t go back anyway.”

While everyone in Cage Team B looked puzzled, Communication Wizard Wagan asked.

“You can’t go back? Why?”

“You guys were thinking of going back to the Metagate you received from the Association, right?”

No one answered, but there was no such thing as a secret in front of Gaold, the former head of the Magic Association.

“Perhaps the time-space of the labyrinth has disappeared. So the coordinates of the metagate must have been disturbed as well.”

Wagon’s brow narrowed.

The reason why Heaven’s army cannot threaten mankind is because a new dimension called the space-time of the labyrinth intervenes between the two dimensions and disrupts information.

Therefore, except for Maze, the master of space-time, no being in heaven can solve the code locked in the space-time of the labyrinth.

However, since metagate has a fixed coordinate value, it remembers the coordinates of the state in which the space-time of the maze exists.

However, if the space-time of the maze disappeared as Gaold said, there was a high probability that the currently recorded coordinates would have become empty coordinates.

“What is the probability that the space-time of the labyrinth has disappeared?”

Saint Moriac asked.

Of course, since Cage Team B has no way to kill him, Gaold can’t lie.

However, the metagate only takes 1 minute to activate.

If Gaold was wrong, he was wasting his chance to get back home.

“Not 100 percent. But it will be more than 80 percent.”

“That high?”

Cage Team B started to mumble.

“According to the information I obtained, Miro was taken by the Archangel Kariel. An archangel of creation must have found a way somehow.”

The labyrinth is in heaven.

Everyone’s head was complicated by the new fact.

If the space-time of the labyrinth is destroyed, the army of heaven will come to the ground.

Sooner or later, the Association will find out about this, but by then it will be too late. It was a race against time.

“Can’t you just check it out?”

As Moriak looked back at the party and said, Tarvan asked back.


“I will have no choice but to go in myself.”

“The question is who will do it in the end?”

“I will do it.”

The one who raised his hand was the communication wizard Wagon this time as well.

There was no disagreement, and Wagan activated the metagate.

In front of the black sphere, Wagan looked back at his comrades.

More than 80% chance of dying. Almost 100 percent emotionally.

“If the coordinates haven’t changed, I’ll be right back, so get ready to leave.”

Because it was such an operation, even a minute was tight.

Tarvan nodded and said.

“Come quickly. Don’t leak anywhere else.”

“haha! You never know.”

Wagon entered the metagate with a cute eye smile.

A minute passed like that, and he didn’t come back.

* * *

Great World War.

A small magic circle appeared on the top of the maze and penetrated into my head.

Miro’s eyebrows narrowed slightly.

A binding power that is on a different level from man-made magic control devices.

In addition, it was a dangerous magic circle that exploded just by entering the spirit zone.

“Why not kill him? The dimensional wall must have already disappeared, right?”

Kariel laughed.

“do not worry. It will be over soon.”

Even if the space-time of the labyrinth is destroyed, the army of Heaven does not move without the permission of Ankera.

It is said that in order to destroy the hateful humans, an independent force is needed after all.

So the maze was still useful.

I have already convened the meeting of the archangels. If we get opinions from the 8 archangels, we should be able to secure enough power to destroy humans.

On top of that, if the situation of Gaold trying to attack Heaven overlapped, even Anke La would have been forced to move.

“Look forward to it. I will prepare a splendid execution ceremony.”

Kariel left for the archangel meeting room with a cold smile.

Even in a situation where her life was at stake like a lantern in front of the wind, Miro showed no sign of fear.

‘If you don’t kill me, it means that the final war has been put on hold. But why?’

I still don’t know anything.

Once she realized something, she needed someone’s help to get started.

‘Gaold is here?’

Then Sein would be with him too.

His mistake caused a terrible tragedy to Gaold, but he hoped that they would do their job properly, since the time-space of the labyrinth was destroyed anyway.

‘by the way… … .’

“Beep. beep.”

Arius rubbed his face while making a sound of pain as if he felt sorry for the master whose ability was restrained.

Miro raised one eyebrow while stroking his chin as if he were handling a puppy.

‘What the hell have these idiots been doing for 20 years?’

* * *

Seventh Thousand Araboth.

Ikael sat on the floor and meditated quietly.

Ashur left to gather information about what Kariel was doing, but has not returned yet.

It is difficult for even Gra, who handles signals freely, to observe the world war while avoiding Kariel’s eyes.

It will probably take much longer than usual as information is assembled using signals and their interference.

As such, Ikael’s anxiety grew even more.

Things in Purgatory are taking an unusual turn. What the hell is going on?

As I sighed softly and calmed my mind again, I heard a voice in my head.

– Hey Ikael.

Her eyes flashed open.

It was Ankera’s voice that I hadn’t heard in a long time.

-Ikael, the guilty one, is called.

– The time has come to hear the answer.

-What if you say it’s an answer?

Ankerra didn’t say anything about it.

– Audience me. forgive your sins

The light began to shine brightly in her open eyes, as if the Milky Way was flowing.

‘at las… … .’

The time when he was on probation with his powers restrained for committing an irreversible sin passed quickly.

I didn’t feel excited or happy.

I only thought that I had to go back to the position of archangel and put everything that was messed up back into place.

-All right.

Ikael jumped up and left the room.

Her body blurring, and in an instant she soared up the high spire of Arrabot.


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