Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 468

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[468] Like that again (1)

Second thousand Rakia.

On top of the Hall of Corruption, Kariel, Uriel, and Surtur, the leader of the fire giants, stood side by side.

Since it was not designed for war, the inner wall was higher than the outer wall, and the endless plains could be seen at a glance beyond the outer wall.

A huge drawbridge was built over the huge river that crossed the plain, one kilometer wide and four kilometers long.

Gaold’s party will probably enter one of the seven sins.

The end of the seven roads was exactly 10 kilometers from here.

But in a way, it was a pointless calculation.

No one here thought that Gaold would show up here.

“It is still peaceful. Well, it must be natural. What about the distribution of troops?”

When Kariel turned his head to ask, Surt immediately got down on one knee and answered.

“We gathered 10 percent of our troops on the Plain of Tongtan outside Rakia, 20 percent on the capital, 30 percent on the Kespa Mountains, and the remaining 40 percent on the drawbridge. Even if you cross the Kespa Mountains, the drawbridge will never be pierced.”

“You say so.”

Kariel looked down at the maze kneeling at the end of the castle wall.

With her hands bound with henna-engraved handcuffs, her face looking at the river was as calm as the flowing water.

A leash was tied around his neck, and at the end of the long chain, Arius was on his knees, his eyes closed as if exhausted.

“How does it feel to be treated like a pet dog?”

Miro didn’t answer.

Even the relationship between master and servant has no meaning because he does not throw his heart anywhere.

Her eyes were on Gaold, who was coming from afar.

The space-time of the labyrinth disappeared and the war with Heaven eventually broke out.

If Heaven wins, the next thing that will happen is the destruction of mankind.

‘Don’t come, Gaold.’

Gaold must not come here.

Currently, only Kariel and his remnants who denied Ra’s will remain in Lakia.

Gaold’s fighting prowess must be used to win the war, not to save himself.

‘Do not come. Think soberly. Go to Jebul right now. Destroy the Akashic Records.’

Kariel was only looking at Miro’s back, but he smiled as if he guessed her feelings even without looking.

“What if it came all the way here?”

Currently, Kariel’s power is exhausted to a large extent by suppressing Miro’s ability.

Even Brahma was temporarily destroyed by Miro, so Uriel was to protect him.

“Come out, Shiva.”

When Uriel enforced the law of his family, a black sphere was born in front of his eyes, and a triangular Mara appeared.

It was a man with fangs protruding from his lips on a bluish body, and wearing numerous swords around his waist as thin as a tiger.

In the human world, Shiva is called the god of destruction.

Even Surt, the best swordsman in Purgatory, swallowed his saliva at his appearance.

“Shiva, you are called by the Archangel.”

“Guard the outer gate. No one should approach it.”

Shiva’s eyes flashed and immediately kicked off the ground and flew up.

Kariel smiled with satisfaction as she drew a parabola with one leap and moved away from the outer castle gate.

“Everything is ready. This is where the festival begins.”

Whether it would be first for Gaold to come all the way here or for Heaven to win first, I still can’t guess, but either way wasn’t bad for Kariel.

* * *

‘little bit more… … .’

As the giants destroyed the fire barrier made by their bodies, Gaold increased his speed even more.

All kinds of fallen angels attacked the party from all sides, and their subordinates followed.

The party of eight, including Gaold, was like an arrow that pierced through everything.

Etela and Zulu guarded the rear, Armin ran side by side in the center, and Kuan and Shiina ran side by side on the left and right.

In the future, Gangnan and Sein followed side by side, and Gaold was advancing alone at a distance twice as far as the group’s distance.

‘Go, Gaold.’

Zulu cheered Gaold with all her heart.

A puddle of emotions that has not been circulated for 20 years.

However, it was densely compressed into pure anger that did not contain any impurities.

The space and time that I was able to reach because I had only hoped for one thing.

‘Put it all out, Gaold. You deserve it.’


Gaold clenched his fists and released his powers.

Pain 2 million times.


Tremendous pain drove Gaold’s mind into Hell.

Great heat hell unfolded, and the hungry demons ran amok.

As the demons of hell crossed the sky screaming as if to embody Gaold’s pain, even the fire giants struggled to overcome the heat and burned to death.

When the plains were over, Jiangnan looked behind him and said,

“We will enter the city soon.”

The capital of Rakia was splendidly laid out on the vast land.

The gates of the city opened and numerous giants came out.

They were giants of a different level than those he had dealt with so far.

But more serious than that was the fact that the number of fallen angels was increasing.


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Armin’s stop magic and Zulu’s various summons are quickly coping with their abilities, but the fallen angel’s ability is bizarre and powerful enough to be a miracle that they have endured so far.


At the same time as Gangnan shouted, fireballs flew towards Shiina.

The huge flame soon turned into a giant and drove Shiina away.

As Shiina spreads powerful cold air around her, an ice barrier surrounds her with sharp thorns.


The giant’s fist broke through the thick ice barrier and came in.

Even a fire giant who is incompatible with cold is still a giant.

The power of the schema used by the upper giants was not comparable to the schema exerted by the human body.


Armin, who was running in the center, jumped towards Shiina.

Currently, he has tied 20 fallen angels with stop magic, so there are not many timelines he can use, but there is nothing more important to him than Shiina’s comfort.

When Shiina was taken out by casting flicker magic, more fireballs arrived one after another.

The two were cornered in a situation where no one could help because they were almost buried by the enemy.

Armin’s collar was scorched whenever the blades of flame wielded by the giants were drawn intricately like a net.


At the same time as the blade passed in front of the blindfold, another giant came in with a greatsword.

Shiina cast freezing magic, but the giant threw herself and held out her sword to the end with the determination to return home.


At the same time as hearing a sharp metallic sound, the giant’s trajectory was pushed aside as if flowing.

Quan, who was running on the other side, appeared before he knew it, deflected the giant’s sword, deflected it, and burrowed into the enemy.

“It’s dangerous!”

As if not hearing Shiina’s words, Kuan spread outward gravity in all directions.

Every time he swung his sword freely in space, the giant’s body began to disintegrate into pieces.

Even in the midst of an emergency, Shiina and Armin calmly watched for a while.

“Uh, how?”

Skills that are much more advanced than when they first came to heaven.

Armin could guess the achievements made in a short moment.

‘It’s not reinforcement. It is enlightenment.’

It didn’t really increase the speed or power, but the lubrication of the movement was beyond imagination.

A genius movement that completely shatters human thinking, to the point that even Shiina could not read its trajectory and missed its appearance.

‘Not yet.’

Kuan cut to his heart’s content.

The transcendental trajectory that could be obtained by ignoring death flowed only through the blind spots of the giants, who seemed impossible, and the giants lost their lives without knowing what they were fighting as if they were fighting invisible ghosts.

‘My grave… … .’

Quan took flight, feeling both extreme joy and equal sadness.

‘It’s not like this!’

Kwak Kwah Kwah Kwah!

As the centrifugal force was added to the centrifugal force, the sword wind began to blow.

A sharp flash that even blew away the giant’s flames brought Shiina’s troops to the brink of destruction.

As if he didn’t like it, Sein turned around and shouted.

“Hold your position!”

Apparently, when he first started charging, he told him not to care about the safety of others, but he didn’t like Quan’s decision to ignore his position and cross over to the other side.

Quan heard Sein’s voice, but instead smiled faintly.

The external gravitational force that protruded in sixteen directions came in like a bend and made his body rotate faster.

Riding on the rotational force and kicking off the ground, the body began to fly back to its original position at terrifying speed.

In the landscape where the entire world overlapped like a panorama, Kuan could clearly see Shiina’s face in Armin’s arms.

Perhaps she will never be able to forget Armin after all.

‘That’s why I can die.’

Because he can’t win Shiina’s heart, and he can’t express his feelings, he can die happily.

childish coming. Or the jealousy of a more childish man.

It didn’t matter anyway.

‘for you… … .’


As it turned with tremendous acceleration, even the landscape was enveloped in black darkness.

Dozens of waterspouts rose around Quan, who returned to his position.


The 12-meter-tall giant fell down as if going down the stairs.

The giant’s ankles were cut, his knees were cut, his calves were cut, and his waist, chest, and neck were cut off again.

Everything was being swept away by the gust of Quan spinning in a sitting position.

‘Sheesh! I can’t say anything.’

Sain, who had confirmed that far, looked straight ahead again.

Before I knew it, the main gate of the capital was approaching right in front of me.

Gangnan sped up even more and caught up with Gaold.

‘The president of the association.’

Gangnan stared intently at the back of Gaold, who had been running for 20 years, staring at Miro’s back.

‘Once upon a time… … . Since I came this far, at least once… … .’

Could I run alongside him?

Now there will be no chance to run with your back again.


Before he could stop thinking about the river, the wall in front of him flew inward.

Then, all the walls within the visible range began to collapse behind them.

‘You’re crazy. It’s already beyond the human realm.’

Now, it was impossible to guess how far Gaold’s pain threshold was.

And as the distance narrows, the phenomenon will intensify.

‘how… … How sick are you?’

Kang Nan finally caught up with Gaold.

“Chairman, now… … .”

However, Kang Nan, who looked back at Gaold’s face, was unable to say anything.

“Black! Whoops!”


Neither the demon nor the face of the madman could be found now.

A truly pure emotion.

finally, finally came.

It was a catharsis in which all the resentment I had endured for 20 years was vomited out.

“Uhhh! Whoops!”

Gaold gritted his teeth and ran.

Tears flowed from her eyes and left her body, reaching Kang Nan.

‘is it so.’

Kang Nan slowly slowed down and bit his lip.

Gaold’s back came into her eyes as she smiled bitterly.

‘Go, Gaold.’


Gaold vomited the resentment in his heart that he had never been able to get out.

Buildings collapsed in an instant, as if God had stepped on them, and all the giants that rushed at them turned into a handful of flames and were buried on the ground.

The remaining distance to the maze, 19.4 kilometers.


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