Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 479

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[479] Jikji (1)

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Flew brought his injured body and stood in front of Sirone.

Among the 72 classes of fairies, Mirka, who is in the 2nd class, had an aesthetic power different from that of an angel.

If the beauty of an angel is huge and reverent, Mirka’s beauty comes from the color of a cute fairy tale.

Of course, none of that mattered to Flew.

It was naked and the pain of the burns ran through the nerves and scratched the brain in real time, but the professional mage’s mental strength undoubtedly created a spirit zone.

“Sheesh, I knew that. Somehow, I felt uneasy.”

Fleur’s gaze turned to Peope, who was assisting Mirka.

Do you feel any remorse?

Feope kept her head down from start to finish, but that made Fleur even more angry.

The awe-inspiring fairy Mirka approached with a solemn face.

“A bunch of insignificant humans disturbing heaven and harassing countless subjects. Get your aura right now and ask for forgiveness. And leave the world clean.”


When Sirone called her name, ignoring Mirka, Peope shrugged and slowly raised her head.

There was deep fear in those big eyes.

In front of the feeling of fear of hurting Sirone, Sirone said nothing more.

It’s not that he didn’t doubt Peope. But even that doubt was erased from his head.

because she… … .

‘Because he tried to die for me.’

The scene where she willingly gave her life for herself at Jebul was still lingering in Sirone’s mind.

‘No, it’s not like that.’

Sirone suddenly realized.

Perhaps, on the other side of my heart, I thought that this was what I wanted.

The battle with Heaven is inevitable, and in the end, the two of them have no choice but to become enemies.

And with this, the hearts thrown at each of them were recovered.


Feope still had no answer.

He was just waiting for Sirone’s words with fear or even a hint of anticipation.

As magic power amplification, one of the functions of the Diamond Armament, occurred, Sirone’s robe fluttered terribly.

“I will kill you.”

When Sirone spoke, as if to firmly root her own true feelings, a cold killing spirit penetrated the spirits of the fairies.

It was the same with Peope who felt the chills from Sirone’s life.

However, her face also soon became cold, and that’s how we closed each other’s hearts.

“Do it if you can. I am not what I used to be.”

Undoubtedly, Peope has become stronger.

When Sirone first came to heaven, she was the youngest of the fairies, but now she holds a position that corresponds to the middle class among the 72 classes.

The reason for his high-speed rise in status was mainly due to his relationship with Sirone.

As the riot that started in Sharmain accelerated, the Ministry of Internal Affairs used Peope, and while studying various spirits from high-level fairies, he rapidly improved his skills.

That’s why you can’t ignore the internal government.

When Sirone returned to heaven, she was more excited than anyone else, but in the end, the ones she chose were the fairies of heaven who accepted her.

“Arrest Sirone.”

When Mirka held out her hand, dozens of fairies flew from behind.

Sirone and Fleur stepped back and surveyed their surroundings.

It was best to go to Arabot as soon as possible, but the skills of the fairies around her were not so good.

Even without exchanging glances, the energy of the flu was transmitted.

It was a situation where I needed a timing to get out of here and an opportunity to predict that timing.


At that time, the incarnation was broken by Sirone, and Dana, who was delirious, knelt down to Mirka.

“I am the great Eternal. Please save me! They tried to kill me!”

Mirka looked at Dana pathetically.

The reason Anchera is wary of humans is because they have the ability to actively seek death.

When they begin to actively plan death, humans become more than human.

However, after gaining eternal life, Dana lost her greatest strength as a human being.

Of course, not all Eternals are as weak as her.

In fact, it is known that the members of the Church of the Ten Lords, who are over 10,000 years old, are out of the yoke of life and death.

“A foolish thing. What greatness is there in a creature like you? You too are sentenced to death for the crime of scorning the grace of Ra.”


Once more, Dana’s avatar screamed as words that Dana should never have heard penetrated her brain.

The fear she felt because she hadn’t thought about dying in a thousand years completely destroyed her half-mad mind.

“I hate it!”

Dana raised her magic with all her might.

The madman’s mana resonated with his mind and soared endlessly, but he could not find any purpose because he had no reason.

Even so, a strong current of air could be sensed surrounding it.

“no! you die!”

Dana’s head snapped back as she held out her hands and cast an ancient spell.

The spiral fairy Peope quickly rotated her neck with the power of a powerful spiral and completely ripped her from her body.

The moment Dana’s shocked face soared through the air, Sirone and Fleur realized at the same time.



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As the bodies of the two turned into light and soared into the air, Mirka shouted.

“Follow me! We have to catch it in Shehakim!”

Arabot is the most sacred land in heaven where Ankera resides.

The infiltration of humans from the perspective of the fairies was an unprecedented figure in the history of the internal government.

Even though it happened unconsciously, there was no hesitation in the movements of the fairies.

At the same time as dozens of fairies chased after Sirone, fairies flew up from all sides of Shehakim like flocks of birds.

This made it clear that key figures in the interior government were keeping an eye on Shehakim.

“Peope… … .”

There was no doubt that the main person in the case was Peope.

His identity had already been discovered, and with all the fairies chasing after him, the only option left was to infiltrate Arabot at the shortest distance.

“Sirone, go first!”

Flew, who was injured, could not keep up with Sirone’s flight speed.

Thinking that even one person had to escape, she stopped flying and turned around.

Numerous fairies were running towards her.

Activated by the Dawkins Algorithm, she ignited the flames of the flames while avoiding the magic of the fairies.

Sirone, who flew up vertically, spotted Fleur struggling in the distance and launched photon cannons in all directions.

However, there were well over 100 fairies flying into him as well.

Like the angels’ abilities, they didn’t apply a few levels of logic, but the fairies’ magic, which had their own affection, was threatening enough.

It was impossible to evade all attacks even with Armand’s body strengthening ability, and as Ringer’s skin was activated, the robe turned into heavy, super-strong metal.


Sirone, who could not handle the weight, spread his wings through artificial brains and others.

When the wings of light hit the air with a bang, his body stretched out dozens of meters in an instant.

The air sparkled in iridescent light with all sorts of magic, and the fairies meticulously drove Sirone to one place, repeating assembly and separation.

Without knowing how far she had flown or where she was now, Sirone defended herself from the fairies’ attacks with all her might.

At that moment, there was a popping sound from where Fleur was, and she saw her body fall to the ground.


The moment Sirone was about to jump out, the sleeve on his right arm spun rapidly and twisted as if breaking his arm.


When the robe was tightened to the point of tearing, Ringer’s skin activated and turned into super-strong metal.

It was only after the rotation stopped that Sirone looked ahead.

Feope, who raised her eyes fiercely, was activating her ability toward herself.


Feope did her best to infuse the power of the spiral.

It was definitely an incredibly strong mana, but Ringer’s skin didn’t budge.

‘Senior Fleur.’

Flue had already disappeared from the empty landscape.

For now, I could only hope that she had been spared.


Sirone gritted his teeth and extended Armand’s tentacles.

As soon as the two tentacles appeared, they exploded due to the power of the spiral, but Kenser’s absolute restoration ability quickly created new tentacles.

As afterimages bent like whips flew in, Feope couldn’t stand it and retreated.

At the same time, all the fairies that had caused Fleur to crash began attacking Sirone.

Fleur’s enemy.

A fire soared from Sirone’s chest, but the sorcerer’s cool-headed reason quickly killed the embers.

But that didn’t mean he forgot his anger.

“catch! You can kill me!”

The moment the fairies cast magic around Sirone, Sirone’s eyes flashed open.

‘Santan movement!’

Puff puff puff puff!

Huge flashes of light spread in eight directions.

When one of the fairies fell without being able to avoid it, the flash of teleportation sharply broke and sprinted there.

The bullets spread countless times, and in an instant, the air became a tangled web of photon cannon flashes.

The power of the Photon Cannon with Galtomic’s magic amplification was on a different level than before, so most fairies were in a hurry to avoid it.

Feope stared blankly at the sight of numerous comrades falling.

It was a force that was on a different level from the ones that were harassed by the fairies even when they stopped Ilhwa’s alcohol in Area 73.

In particular, the fairies in this place were all fairies with powerful minds, located in the middle of the 72nd class, unlike back then.

“Follow me! Don’t stop!”

Even while his colleagues were being bombed, the fairies flew endlessly.

With its wide wings wide open, Sirone engaged in a dogfight in harmony with the fairies with its flamboyant movements.

“this… … !”

The fairies later found a red dot between their eyebrows and gritted their teeth.

When the homing photon cannon equipped with a seeker was fired, the fairies surrounding Sirone dispersed all at once.

However, the Homing Photon Cannon relentlessly pursued the fairies, and in the distant sky, screams of despair and explosions erupted.

‘Can’t even block this many fairies?’

According to the report of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, when Ilhwa’s drinking was stopped, Sirone’s fighting power was enough for a unit of 65th-class fairies to block it, but now, even if dozens of 40th-class fairies attacked, they were in a position to worry about annihilation.

‘Goes! To Arabot!’

Sirone flapped her wings to the maximum and accelerated.

The fairies with weak mental power gradually moved away from each other, and finally no fairies caught up with him.

– Pathetic things.

The moment she thought she had completely won the speed battle, a fairy’s voice spread in Sirone’s head.

The second-class Mirka flew in with a blue flash and blocked the way before I knew it.

Sirone launched 16 homing photon cannons and fired them all at her.

She held out her hand the moment it flew away, drawing a curve like a flash of light.

Eating Out – The Razor of Truth.

Around Mirka, blades as thin as thread glittered at great speed, and the homing photon cannons were all slammed into place.

Puff puff puff puff!

Sirone raised her wings and abruptly stopped herself.

‘This… … ?’

As if not in the slightest shock, Mirka was still flapping her wings with her hands out.

‘I didn’t block it. What kind of ability.’

A fairy’s durability is never strong.

Even if it was the 2nd class, it was impossible to stand still after being hit by 16 shots of the Photon Cannon, which had been strengthened by magical power amplification.

“This has been clearly decided.”

Mirka looked at the confused Sirone and spoke solemnly.

“There is absolutely no variable that allows you to beat me.”


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