Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 498

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[498] Despair. despair (1)

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life pain.

Gaold said so.


It was a time when Gaold, who had returned to Tormia, was struggling to raise the ranks of the association.

Gangnan, a 16-year-old girl who was walking in the association’s garden, plucked a red flower that grew next to the railing and showed it to Gaold.

“Isn’t this pretty?”

It was a splendid flower that could not be seen even in the southern part of her hometown, let alone in the desert where not a single blade of grass grows.

Gaold peered at the flowers with nonchalant eyes.

His magic skills were among the best in his age group, but politics was an area that required another talent.

He was gradually getting tired of the conflict within the association, and he was indifferent to everything.

Kang Nan also understood Gaold, so he did not wait for an answer and said, holding a petal in front of his eyes.

“What I like most about Tormia is that there are many pretty flowers. What is the name of this flower?”


Gangnan raised his eyes toward Gaold.

“pain? What is the name of this flower?”

“I don’t even know the name. But whatever the name, it is pain.”

Gaold strode forward and looked down at Gangnan.

Although he had become nervous lately, he had a colder and more fearful expression today.

“But these flowers are beautiful.”

Gaold snatched the flower Kangnan was holding.

“Strength, all living things can feel the world only through pain. Pleasure is actually just a way of accepting pain.”

“Daddy, you seem to be having a hard time these days. You better get some rest.”

Kang Nan expressed his sadness around the corner.

Of course, she now knows better than anyone how much Gaold must suffer and live in the world.

However, since Gaold had never expressed his misfortune, he didn’t want to see him say such a thing.

Gaold cast a spell and sharpened the tip of the flower.

“The reason why flowers are beautiful is to pass on to posterity, but from the time they are born until they wither, they never know who their mate is. You can’t even see what your child looks like. Kang Nan-ah, life is suffering. The five senses that make up us and the nerves that run under our skin are just functions designed to accept the pain of life.”

“Life is… … pain.”

It wasn’t a way of thinking that he liked, but Kang Nan thought that maybe Gaold’s words were true.

There is only a difference in degree, but this world that one existence accepts is full of suffering.

Pain 100 million times – air press.


All the fallen angels surrounding Gaold disappeared as if they had evaporated, leaving only a few drops of liquid behind.

It feels as if the sky has collided with the ground.

Among those within Gaold’s radius, Archangel Uriel was the only one who stood still.

Uriel’s halo spread out into a ring with a diameter of 100 meters and spun terrifyingly.

He didn’t appear to be shaken by the shock, but just by looking at how quickly his mind was accelerating, you could tell how powerful Gaold was.

‘Is this really human power?’

When it comes to a human being who transcends humans, Uriel only picks Mirage, but Gaold’s self-denial also had to be seen as having already surpassed the human category.


But that wasn’t what Gaold originally had.

After 20 years of hatred exploded all at once, the aftermath was enormous.

All I feel is pain.

Gaold, trembling as he lifted his egg white, lost his temper and screamed. Eventually, his lower jaw fell out and he began to emit sounds only through his throat.

“Aaaaaa! Aaaaaaa!”

Gaold ran madly.

Almost instinctively, running in the direction suggested by the realm of unconsciousness, he rushed toward the hardship.


As the second air press unfolded, the fallen angels and maras disappeared at the same time as the first.

“Ahhh! Khehehe!”

life pain.

Gaold felt 100 million times the pain, just by being there, all the information in the world was transmitted as pain.

Tears of blood flowed from Gaold’s eyes as he raised his head toward the sky, in shock too great for a human being made of flesh and blood to handle.

As if the soul imprisoned in the body is mad to escape the miserable creature’s prison.

Like that, Gaold struggled in the bondage of pain bestowed on creatures.

* * *

Tormia Kingdom.

Isabel, a certified third-class wizard and former manager of the magic library of the Magic Association, was hospitalized in a hospital dedicated to the association, one kilometer away from the Magic Association in Baska, the capital.

Although she was a talented scholar and magician recognized by the world, she was caught up in a political conspiracy within the Society and tortured for 48 hours for protecting Gaold.

As promised, Sakiri, the advisor, did not use the ‘balance of truth’ outside the rules.

However, the inside of his hands was cruel enough to feel even malice beyond the lack of emotion, and Isabelle painted all the time she was given in the color of pain without feeling even a second of comfort.

As a result, Isabelle endured 48 hours and bought time for Gaold’s team to go to heaven.

It was dawn yesterday that she had been unable to regain consciousness for over a month and depended on the life support system to continue her lifespan.

Healing wizards and surgeons checked her condition and asked many questions, but her mouth still remained unopened to this day.

He just blinked indifferently and looked up at the ceiling decorated with white wallpaper.


Even when someone knocked on the hospital room, her gaze did not return.


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However, the moment I heard the voice of the man who opened the door and came in, my pupils shook and my head moved slowly.

“Are you okay? They say you woke up yesterday morning.”

Sakiri, a 5th-class magician certified by the Magic Association who tortured Isabelle for 48 hours, entered with a calm expression.

Isabel’s heart rate began to speed up exponentially as the memory of that time came to mind.

However, the shaking of the pupils soon subsided, and the expression also began to stabilize to some extent.

He is a man I never want to see again in my life.

However, Isabelle did not stop Sakiri from approaching.

What he wanted to gain by paying the price of giving up his body was the answer to Gaold’s long-standing question.

“How did it go?”

Sakiri brought a chair next to Isabelle’s bed and asked as she slowly sat down.


“Gaold… … Did you go to heaven?”

“Went. But still haven’t come back. It may never come back.”

Sakiri sighed and looked at Isabelle, who was lost in thought, as she continued.

“The Association dispatched Cage Team B, but they are also out of contact. Things are getting complicated.”

Isabel couldn’t hear Sakiri’s words.

That wasn’t what she really wanted to know.

“… … Could it have transcended?”

Sakiri didn’t answer.

“Gaold… … .”

She clenched her right hand tightly, and she shuddered in shame and misery.

Amid all the tortures, Isabelle cursed being born a thousand times.

It was broken.

The feeling of falling endlessly towards something subhuman.

I felt like I could do anything mean, shameful, dirty and ugly if I could stop this pain.

That is the fate of living things.

The karma of human beings who have no choice but to be dominated by pain.

‘But how… … Gaold, how are you… … .’

Isabelle covered her eyes with her arms clenched into fists. Tears streamed down her cheeks incessantly between her eyelids.

“Gaold… … .”

Isabelle burst into tears and shouted.

“Did he really transcend! Could it have transcended pain, human bondage, and the fate of living things!”

If life is suffering, being born is a curse.

But if it was Gaold, maybe he could transcend that curse and become something truly free from pain?

If so, Isabelle can hold on.

Regardless of your will, you can overcome the hatred for humans that has been embedded in your brain and live again.

Sakiri answered honestly, embodying her experience as a torturer who tortured countless people.

“well. You can forget the pain. However, jumping over is impossible at the stage of living things.”

Turning his head to the window, he continued talking while looking farther than the sky.

“But if there was a case, it would be the only Gaold in the world.”

* * *


As the third Air Press was cast, the number of Fallen Angels and Mara decreased to about half of the first.

Now the enemies are beginning to realize the overwhelming force that has no choice but to disappear at the same time as they approach.


Gaold, who had become an incarnation of pain with no direction or purpose set, now forgot even the existence of Gangnan, who was chained to the wall, and ran wild without permission.

The appearance of Gaold with his lower jaw protruding, arms struggling, and bloody tears pouring out is like a goblin.

“mister… … ! mister… … !”

Like the girl who sent Gaold to Hell ten years ago, Kang Nan was terrified.

Life is not pain.

Gaold’s true face was not like that.

“Then why do we exist?”

As Gaold raised another topic as he walked to the flower bed, Kang Nando put aside thoughts of pain and roused his mind.

“It’s really strange. Humans experience pain from birth and must feel that pain until the moment they die. Then, is life just an illegitimate child with the curse of the universe?”

While Gangnan thought of an answer, Gaold walked over to the flower bed, scooped up the soil, and replanted the flowers.

“Can it survive, without roots?”

“Maybe it will take root again. Of course, you will have to go through a very painful process.”

Gaold looked back at Kang Nan who had approached the flower bed.

“But Kangnan, that is what life is like. Because you were born, flowers bloom even in pain.”

Gaold looked at the flower struggling for life with a hearty smile, then turned to Gangnan.

“So life is the most beautiful flower in the world. Just like this flower, our lives are also beautiful.”

Gangnan saw it for the first time.

Gaold’s face, with such a kind and beautiful smile, was the true face of Gaold before he became a madman.

“Aaaaaaaa! Aaaaaaaaa!”

Gaold cried out.

His tongue was pulled out and his face, distorted like a demon, seemed to contain nothing but pain.

Watching Gaold writhe in pain, Gangnan closed his eyes tightly and burst into tears.

“Ahhh… … ! Ah ah ah ah ah… … !”

Gaold had to live with a disease called self-reciprocal mutation, possibly a curse from God.

But he said life is a beautiful thing.

The man I loved the most in the world, the man who was more beautiful than anything else, was crumbling.

‘Get loose! Please let go!’

Kang Nan struggled to get out of the <jachung> that restrained both hands.

“Get loose! It’s going to be loose!”

He didn’t mind breaking his arm and shook it, but because the power was absorbed, there was no impact.

‘I can’t send it like this!’

Even if your body is broken, you must go down. Jump down the wall and meet Gaold.

“Ahhh! Khehehe!”

Every time Gaold screamed in pain, Kang Nan’s heart was torn into a thousand pieces.

“mister! I’ll go! Hang in there!”

Kang Nan burst into tears and struggled even more, but <Jachung> didn’t think to open it at all.

In the helplessness of her entire life collapsing, she let out a miserable scream as she was clinging to the handcuffs.

“Ah ah ah ah ah! Ah ah ah ah ah!”

The feeling of having to watch the pain of a loved one is infinite pain that cannot be expressed in words.

Gangnan was finally able to understand Zulu’s words.

“Aaaaaaaa! Aaaaaaaa!”

The human heart is hell.


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