Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 516

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[516] A New Journey (2)

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* * *

Heaven’s Third Heaven, Shehakim.

In the aftermath of God’s punishment piercing Zion, Paradise, the home of the eternal, collapsed in the direction of the seismic wave.

However, there was one building that kept its shape even in the ruins: the Great Hall of the Judicial Office of the Leaders, located to the north of the city square.

In the basement of the current building, commonly referred to as the secret room, the 10 highest leaders of the Eternals were gathered.

The leaders of this group, called the Society of the Ten Lords among the Eternals, were all those who had reached the art of incarnation after living a long life.

Murka, Dana, and Raun, whom Sirone dealt with during the war, were also masters of the art of incarnation, but they fell into the abyss due to their obsession with life.

On the other hand, the leaders of the Church of the Ten Lords were seekers who had enjoyed eternal life for at least 10,000 years, and who had overcome lingering attachments to life and death.

“They say Garas was destroyed by giants.”

said the bald old man who was the only one sitting at the top of the rectangular table.

The pupils were only slippery black jaundice, and whenever he spoke, the bottom of his chin swelled like a balloon like a toad.

Baron (age unknown) – Amitabha Banya, president of the Ten Commandments.

The man sitting to Veron’s left said.

“The failure of selective evolution. All the angels have departed.”

His sculptural beauty, his blonde hair pulled back, his face was pale as a corpse, and sharp fangs stuck in his gaping mouth as he spoke.

Faust (estimated age 13,000 years old), 3rd in the Order of the Ten Commandments, is a yaksha with a hundred ghosts.

said the man sitting across from Faust.

“I don’t care about Garas. The important thing is that Ankera has been erased. From now on, we must rule over humans.”

It was a solid body, with a round hump protruding from its head, and the teeth of a triangular, closed, aggressively meshed precisely.

Huama (estimated age 17,000 years old), 4th in the Order of the Ten Commandments – Vajrapani Yaksha.

said the woman sitting across from Huama.

“I said Syrone, the light of Area 73. It seems like you fought against the Eternals during the war.”

Her hair was pitch-black, so it seemed to be permeated with darkness, and her body, as smooth as a snake, was composed of only curves, as if the body’s boundaries had collapsed.

The silhouette itself was beautiful, but considering it was a human body, it felt grotesque.

Shura, 7th in the Order of the Ten Commandments (estimated age 10,200 years old) – Apostle Vanya.

“joy! Even if they were eternal, they were babies who hadn’t been weaned yet. You don’t have to worry about anything other than the maze. Surely, Shura, you weren’t afraid too, right?”

Shura countered Huama’s scolding.

“Who said what? I was just curious about a human named Sirone.”

Then, imagining Sirone, he tucked his snake-like tongue into his clothes and licked the curves of his body.

“It looks delicious, Churup.”

Faust, who confirmed that her tongue was quickly sucked into her mouth, added.

“It is not something to be overlooked. The annihilation of Archangel Faiel and the momentary flash of light right before the eradication of Anchera were all achievements he accomplished. And above all… … .”

Huama slammed the table in frustration.

“So that’s it!”

“It’s an Ultima System.”

“Keep it!”

Huama turned her head with an indignant expression.

Even the Eternals had no way to refute the spirit of Gaia, who became their ancestor, as long as Sirone possessed it.

The woman sitting in the corner seat murmured.

“Are you a man who killed God… … .”

It had a ferocious expression like that of a wolf, but it had a strangely tender face.

His black hair was plentiful like a wild horse’s rake, and it was clad in a thick turban, sticking out like a flame.

She was wearing rags like a tattered turban, but the clothes were so thick that the graves of her breasts were exposed.

He leaned his head on the hilt of his greatsword and raised one leg on a chair, revealing the depths of his bare thighs.

Bak-nyeo (estimated age 11,200 years old), 9th in the Order of the Ten Commandments – Sura Yacha.

Veron opened his mouth after silence.

“I can’t see that I killed him. Anyway, it was erased by Ra’s own will. However, it is true that the boy was the main variable in this war.”

Faust asked.

“Are you considering recruiting him into the Order of the Ten Presbyterians?”

said Shura.

“That is a bit hasty. First of all, Sirone’s incarnation is in a state of inactivity, so I can’t even hear his opinion. I won’t stop you if you go to <Under Coder>.”

“Anyway, you just want to eat him.”

Huama, who fired at Shura, gave her opinion.

“In the yard where Ra has been erased, there is no one to be wary of. If I had to put it that way, among angels and humans, Miro is the only one. Ultima and what, strong is everything.”

They have the power to rule the world with powerful incarnation techniques, but they have had to live under strict control until now.

What he could not do against Ankera, who erased the information of the Akashic Records itself.

But now, humans were free, and the Eternals’ shackles were completely lifted.

said Faust.

“I will have to decide soon. Is Syrone, the only Ultima system in existence, the light of Area 73, an enemy or an ally of the Council of Lords?”

As the silence grew longer, Veron proposed.

“Don’t do it by majority vote. After all, we are human. Now, raise your hands if you see Sirone as an enemy.”

After a while, 10 people gathered in the secret room expressed their thoughts with raised hands.

As Veron said, the voting results were extremely humane.

* * *

A black sphere was born on a snowy mountain 7,000 meters above sea level.

After a while, the group began to appear one by one, leading the maze.



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Flew trembled and looked around.

It was the summit of a mountain range where even oxygen was scarce, and all I could see was a horizontal blizzard.

“If I summon a salamander, I’ll be able to hold on, but then an avalanche will happen.”

Zulu summoned a tier 3 monster, Kaidra.

Riding on a giant bird that could fly 7,000 kilometers in a day, the group quickly left the mountain range.

The destination was a village located 600 meters above sea level.

In the gloomy landscape covered with snow clouds, the road made of stones was damp and the clothes of the people were unfamiliar.

Suddenly, a gigantic bird landed on the small town, and all the residents stopped what they were doing and looked back.

Miro approached the old man with deep wrinkles.

“I will ask you something. Where is this?”

When the interpretation was made through Sein’s spirit world magic, the old man blinked and pointed to the mountain and said.


It was a nonchalant reaction to seeing magic for the first time, but after learning where it was, Miro soon agreed.

“Ah, Escato.”

It means the center of the world, and it was the name of a mountain range in the northeast of the continent.

“Once you entered the continent. So what to do? It was meant to be that we met like this, but a small dinner party?”

When no one responded to the joke, Miro licked his lips and got down to business.

“Let’s break up here for now. Be careful because there might be a chase. Have you all decided where to go?”

Gangnan said he was going to Zulu’s hideout with Gaold, and Shiina and Ethella were planning to go back to magic school.

Quan kept quiet about his whereabouts, and since Armin had already left the Ivory Tower, he was free to go anywhere.

The problem was the flu.

It was because the Magic Association she had to return to had already been taken over by the new head of the association, Lufist.

“Are you okay? Would you rather go with me?”

At Gangnan’s suggestion, Flew shook his head.

“no. First of all, I want to go back to the association. I’m worried about Isabelle-sama too.”

“What if they question what happened in heaven?”

“If you want something, you should let me know.”

All eyes were focused on Flew.

“I don’t know how much they’ll get from me, since Cage B’s already gone, but I’ll provide information if needed. I am also a certified mage belonging to the kingdom of Tormia.”

Kang Nan, who had heard that far, nodded.

“Yes, it is you.”

I didn’t include it in the project simply because I followed Gaold.

Knowing that he was a professional who puts his duty first under any circumstances, he was able to trust and entrust Sirone’s assistant.

“Be careful though. Rufist won’t easily reinstate you.”

“It’s something you have to accept. But would you stop using talented people like me?”

Kang Nan also laughed at Fleur’s joke.

To believe what you believe is right.

If a professional wizard thought so, no one could stop him.

“Please take good care of Gaold. In the future, I will be working for the association, but… … .”

Flew said, squinting one eye.

“Once a comrade is a comrade forever.”

“Yes, once a comrade is a comrade forever.”

Realizing the meaning behind Fleur’s words, Kang Nan looked back at Zulu and signaled to leave.

“People who go to the city can ride. I will take you.”

“Ah, then we too… … .”

Only Shiina and Etela decided to accompany them to the city.

Those who remained were not particularly busy, and they were not weak enough to struggle on rough terrain.

Armin looked up at Shiina and said.

“Shina, you will be a good teacher.”


Shiina understood Armin’s words.

Her pride was hurt when she was only used as bait to lure the Eternal Reflector into the project, but now she knew.

Why did Gaold want Etella more than he did?

“Not everyone has to fight. Not everyone needs to be strong. Go back to school and do what you want. To be a great teacher.”

Shiina made a friendly expression for the first time.

“okay. You should be happy too.”

Those words rather made Armin sad, but on the other hand, laughter leaked out.

My beloved sister is finally able to overcome the trauma of her past and start a new life.

“Then, see you next time.”

Kaidra, the grotesque bird, soars into the sky, and Armin also ignores Quan and disappears with flicker magic.

So one by one they went their separate ways, and Arius, who was the last one left, approached Miro with Sirone on his back.

“Miro, what shall we do?”

Miro looked around at the world as if it were running.

“Well, where should I look around?”

The world she returned to after 20 years was full of unknowns, but to her, all the unknowns were just a playground.

* * *

After completing the history search, Uorin opened her eyes.


After a long journey through the entire history, what she found was a crack different from the base case.

Gando asked in an urgent voice.

“Did you find it?”

“I was born in the Middle East. He is between 15 and 30 years of age. His gender is male. His name is Akaze, but if he had already left his hometown, he could have changed it.”

When Uorin called for a wind chime, the door burst open and 30 people wearing owl masks were sucked in like smoke.

“Did you call?”

“Use your best espionage power to find it. He was born into a tribe in the Akkadian Desert. My family died in the Oasis War, and I am one of the survivors.”

That was the end of the information Uorin delivered.

It was a task to search the whole world with only approximate age, gender, and simple information, but it was well worth it.

“All right.”

Fengzhang slipped away without a sound, and Wulin walked around the room biting her nails.

Ra descended to earth.

has only one purpose. To destroy humanity that builds chaos.

“Are you sure that Ra was born on this earth?”

“okay. You must find it, before he can act. If he can’t… … .”

Gando could imagine the words Uorin couldn’t bear to say.

It is none other than the reincarnation of the Akashic Records.

The event that will happen when he finishes his judgment on this world will come to mankind as an unprecedented shock wave.

“A great disaster has come.”

“doesn’t care. Even a god couldn’t cross Theraje’s stronghold. We must be fully prepared.”

Uorin finally stopped walking and looked back at Gando.

“A new era has opened, Gando.”

Erase the Anchera following the Erase the Guffin, and this is the third and final reset.

It was called the Great Purification Period.


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