Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 519

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[519] Unknown swordsman (3)

When Liz returns home, Lian and Sylvia are talking.

According to what Lian heard, most of the officers of the Red Spear Bandits are composed of defeated soldiers belonging to the Kingdom of Baiden.

In particular, the leader was a man in his mid-40s named Pecon who worked at a border post, and was a person who held the position of an infantry battalion commander before the border was pushed.

‘The battalion commander of the infantry.’

Lian, who had been to many battlefields, was able to gauge Paccon’s inaction just by hearing his name.

As if it were the capital of a kingdom, in a battle zone where war is fierce, rank becomes a measure of skill.

In particular, when it came to the battalion commander in the border area where the pride of both countries was at stake, anything other than skill was not a consideration at all.

“Hmm, why would someone like that join the bandits?”

“I don’t know. It could be exhaustion, or it could be personal circumstances… … .”

After a moment of conflict, Sylvia confessed her true feelings.

“But isn’t that what humans are after all?”

Rihanna found herself persuaded by her last words.

There may be circumstances.

But maybe because he’s just human, he chooses evil in search of a slightly better path.

“Red Spear Faken is a well-known person even in enemy countries. That’s why the Biden Security Forces are not willing to touch it. They have settled on Mount Arch, three kilometers away from here, and are expanding their power by plundering nearby villages.”

Fox, which Rian cut down, was also part of the power expansion Sylvia spoke of.

“It’s Arch Mountain… … .”


As Liz approached, Rian, who belatedly realized, apologized.

“sorry. You have shown a vicious appearance.”

“are you okay. I’m not really surprised.”

I couldn’t be happy to see a corpse, but when I saw it every day, I just felt the disgust of c*ckroaches.

“Tell me honestly. Oppa, are you a very famous person? You lied because you were afraid people would flock to you if you revealed your real name, right?”

“no. my name is rian And not even famous. The bandits were just weak. I never won because I was strong.”

Liz bowed her head sullenly.

“But we… … Even those weak thieves suffer and live.”

Ryan had nothing to say.

It’s not a sin to be weak, but on the battlefield, such words were nothing more than a vanity.

“I want to rest a little. The wound hasn’t healed yet.”

Ryan got out of his uncomfortable seat and entered the room.

As Sylvia looked at the tightly closed door with a worried expression, Liz asked as she cradled her in her arms.

“Mom, what will we do now if my brother leaves?”

“Liz, expecting too much from others is bad. My brother saved us, didn’t he?”

“But now I hate it. I don’t want to live like this.”

Who wants to stay in pain?

However, Sylvia could not tell her young daughter the harsh reality.

One thing I’ve realized in my life is that you can’t know something you haven’t experienced.

When she was young, she also boasted many words, such as life is like this and living like this is the correct answer, but it wasn’t once or twice that she had completely different feelings from the words she uttered when she was directly subjected to it.

“Liz, you will know when you live. No one can fully understand you. But do you have a mother? She will be your mother to watch over you.”

“I hate it when my mother protects me. I want someone to protect her mother.”

Sylvia smiled sadly.

That, too, must have been a fear that a child could have.

“Mom, let me tell you something. But even when no one helps her, she is always by your side.”

Sylvia hugged Liz tightly.

Long into the night, Lian did not come out of the room.

After breakfast, he skipped meals, but the heavy burden rested on his shoulders, enough to make him forget about hunger.

‘Red Spear Facken. A battalion commander?’

At the time of his confrontation with his older brother in the Ogent family, Ogent Lai was an 8th class sergeant.

Of course, the Lai that Lian knew was a genius, so he had no idea that he would be just a battalion commander when he reached the age of Facon.

However, if you compare only your current skills, the possibility of surpassing Rai was strong.

‘I… … Can I bell?’

According to Sylvia, there are seven officers of the Red Spear Bandits.

Among them, there were only three vice-captains, including Fox, so it was certain that the number of subordinates would exceed three digits, if not much.

You have to fight them all.

He had to deal with the thieves who had even given up on the Kingdom Security Forces alone.

‘I’m going to die.’

Why fight if you’re going to die anyway?

Justice that cannot be enforced is not justice.

‘I don’t know, Sirone. what should i do… … .’


In the midst of Lian’s agonizing night, he heard a knock.

“I am Sylvia.”

“Come in.”

Sylvia opened the door and came in.

And when he saw Lian sitting on the bed with no sign of lying down, he sat down in a chair with a slightly relieved expression on his face.

“What happened at this time… … .”

“I just wanted to say thank you for the help. You are a benefactor to me and my daughter.”


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Lian looked back on the journey of knight training.

More than half of those who called him a benefactor ended up calling Lian an enemy.

That’s what responsibility is.

“You just fought for me. The bandits would have killed me anyway.”

Sylvia nodded as if she understood.

As the silence grew longer, Lian, who could not stand it, spoke frankly first.

“sorry. I can’t face the bandits alone. The border security forces have also let go, and the villagers won’t come forward.”

“I have no face. It hasn’t been a desolate place since before.”

The problem was that those who could fight were already dead or attached to the bandits.

“I will leave in the morning. sorry.”

“I’m not asking the knight to destroy the bandits.”


When Lian raised her head, Sylvia looked away and said.

“Can you be Liz’s father?”

Ryan waited for the words to follow without showing emotion.

It was so nonsensical.

“sorry. At the age of thirty-three, I couldn’t bear to say the word marriage, so I sold her daughter. But I’m serious. Of course, I’m not asking you to stay by her side for the rest of your life. For five years, even three years, can’t she just stay by her side until Liz is out of here and she can live in the world?”

Rihanna’s chest tightened.

If he refuses the offer, will he become the enemy who ruined Liz’s life again?

“I will make a good wife.”

As the silence grew longer, Sylvia lowered her head as if she had made up her mind and began to unfasten her clothes.

Entrusting her husband’s friend, Fox, was something she hated more than dying.

But if it wasn’t that disgusting, a woman alone knew what she would give up to protect her daughter.

Ryan firmly held out his hand.


Sylvia’s embarrassing hand stopped.

There were a lot of people who just stayed overnight and left, so this was an unexpected situation even for her.

“There is someone I like. And you won’t change my mind this way.”


Sylvia straightened her collar and stood up.

There was nothing more to ask for because there was nothing more to give.

“I was grateful though. Fox is… … He really was like an enemy. I’ll pack some food, so take it with you in the morning.”

Seeing each other would only be embarrassing, so Sylvia was considerate of Lian and left the room.

Silence came again and the moonlight came through the window.

Lian spent the rest of the time immersed in agony.

What could be done and what could not be done flowed without a standard.

At dawn, Lian’s confused eyes gradually regained stability.

After inserting the greatsword into the leather scabbard on her back and leaving the door, there was a bag of food Sylvia had prepared in advance.

Ryan looked around for a moment at the room where the mother and daughter were sleeping.

“… … .”

And without touching anything, I slowly opened the door and went out.

He will never return to Lipne Village.

An hour after Lian left, Sylvia’s house was noisy as if Liz’s cries were about to leave.

“mom! My brother is gone! He left us behind!”

“No, Liz. My brother went his own way.”


Liz didn’t say anything more and just cried, as if she understood the world even a little in her young mind.

Then someone knocked on the door outside.

“Are you there? Let me ask you something.”

Sylvia opened the door without losing her vigilance and looked outside.

Then, with a dazed expression, he raised his head all the way to the threshold.

A body that is out of the standard of an average human.

He was over 2 meters tall, and his shoulders got caught in the door.

In her experience, this kind of thing has always dealt with swords.

When the man bent over suddenly showed his face, Sylvia took a step back in surprise.

A face long like a sweet potato, thick eyelashes, and a thin mustache peeking out from under the nose.

“Oh, sorry to startle you. Even if you go in for a while… … ?”

Sylvia asked as she hugged Liz.

“What are you doing?”

When the man stormed into the house without asking for permission, a seed that seemed crazy to his heart followed.

The servant was not short, but he was a dwarf compared to the man wearing black iron armor and carrying an iron sword carefully carved by a master craftsman.

The man, who had been sniffing and acting incoherently, nodded as if he understood.

“I heard rumors that a blue-haired knight with a long sword came to this village a few days ago. Have you seen it?”

There was only one person with blue hair who could think of a long sword.

“no. I don’t know anyone like that. Please leave.”

“Hmm, is that so?”

The man took out a chair from the table and sat down.

Every single action was transmitted to the mother and daughter as a sense of intimidation.

“Your introduction is late. My name is Ramdas, the Knight Acolyte. He is holding an official post in a distant country, but the late wind hits him and he is wandering aimlessly.”

Ramdas brought out phrases that he hadn’t even asked.

“Then I heard a rumor in the wind. This is the story of a young swordsman with blue hair.”

“You said you didn’t know such a person!”

“yes. Not that famous. But I don’t judge people by their reputation. In particular, the young prosecutor’s actions intrigued me.”

Sylvia gave up and kept her mouth shut.

“There are corpses that the young man cut down, of course there are some that were caught in the middle of the day, but there is a consistent aspect to some corpses. Excitement!”

As Ramdas slammed the table, the mother and daughter’s shoulders shook.

“They say everything is over with one sword. Whether it be horses, armor, shields, or weapons, they disregarded and cut them down.”

The end of Fox came to mind in Sylvia’s mind.

“Maybe that’s why it’s being evaluated as a rising divinity among knight attendants. Thanks to his bold swordsmanship, he seems to have been nicknamed the Knight of Macha in recent years.”

“A Knight of Mach?”

“yes. It means something huge like the sky, the sea, or the earth. But I heard, um, I heard from the villagers, that yesterday morning a young man tore up a man named Fox with his sword and armor. Also, I heard from the villagers that the young man is staying here.”

Sylvia’s lips trembled.

“really… … Don’t you know?”

Ramdas’ pretty eyes like a woman penetrated Sylvia’s heart like an awl.


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