Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 52

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[52] Overflow (2)

“It’s different from when Mr. Gauld was in school.It’s an era where students are absorbed in performance evaluation even if they cheat.In such a situation, talented children will be left behind if they pursue romance.”

“Hoo-hoo. That’s just like Mr. Shiina.Well, the three of them are also promising prospects for the school.If those children fall behind, the school will suffer a lot of damage.”

Sheena did not deny it.I want to make talented students bloom even more.That was the education center in Shina.

On the other hand, Etella’s view of education was the opposite.You never favor or force someone to lead.I thought it was a way behind the competition.However, in terms of the results, the level of students she was in charge of was by no means inferior to those in Cina.

“Am I being selfish?”I don’t want to spoil the fun of my school days.But what will happen to the students’ future if it leads to a waste of talent?’

Sheena sighed with difficulty.

“I don’t know.I’m not sure either.Why do talented children always try to get away with it?And why did Shironet join such a place?”

Etella silently looked down at the teacup and was lost in thought.She was the only one who knew that Shironet had experienced nirvana.

It was Shirone’s, and it was Shirone’s land, so I didn’t want to tell her as much as possible, but it would not be the best thing to keep my mouth shut to Shirona, a dedicated teacher.

“Have you noticed anything strange about Shirone lately?”

“It’s Shiro, isn’t it? Well, it’s more than a coupleIt’s all because I’m hanging out with those kids.I guess Ned and Iruki were the reason for joining the research group.”

“Maybe there’s another reason.”

“What? What do you mean?”….”

“I’m sorry I haven’t told you so far.In fact, this happened during the speed gun test.”

Etella told the story of Shirone entering Nirvana while targeting.Then Shina turned pale. She turned pale.

“Really? That’s an emotional function.”

Immotal function is the best, but it does not mean the best level.In some cases, street beggars are more aware of the depth than magicians.It was too dangerous a concept to be controlled by Cyrone, who is still only a student.

“Why didn’t you tell me in advance?”This is a really big problem.”

Etella thought there were no major and minor problems in the world.Everything was up to him, and Shirone wanted to make his own decision.

“Shiro’s already known.In fact, it’s strange not to know.Nirvana is the ultimate enlightenment that even I have never experienced.I thought there was no room for me to intervene.

“I understand how Mr. Etella feels.You can’t force others to do what you don’t know.But what if an overflow occurs?It may be irrevocable then.”

Overflow is a common phenomenon found in children who awaken their genius at a mentally immature age.

The whole mind refers to a state of silence like water in a bowl.However, when it overflows, it becomes crazy because it can’t control itself.This is why there are many wild or eccentric personalities among geniuses.

The earlier you experience overflow, the more talented you are, but for Sina, it was an irresponsible remark from the public who liked to follow geniuses.

Sheena also experienced overflow at the young age of nine.The world was not a rainbow of curiosity in her eyes.It was just a gray space dotted with mechanical rules.

I was overwhelmed with fear.So he locked the door and buried it in the dark.Despite the continued interest of the Olifer school, Cina’s condition showed no signs of improvement.

She remembers the dark world she stayed in for a year.and a ray of light that miraculously cut through the darkness.

The blond boy opened the door wide and held out his hand.If he hadn’t handed over his light, Caina would never have reached this position.

– Shina. Let’s get out of here.

Sheena smiled bitterly as she recalled those days.Memories speak.that he should not let Shirone walk on the same path as he did.

Shirone achieved rapid growth in a short period of time.He was stimulated by interacting with numerous talented people, and broke the limit in a row through fierce competition.If it was an emotional function, nothing else, the possibility of overflow was quite high.

“Mr. Ethella,”When I was a child, I suffered from overflow.I’m sure Mr. Ethella does, too, right?

“Yes, of course,”

Sheena realized that she was a Umun.The average age of wizards is 28 years old.However, the two were not only 26 years old, but had already stayed in this class for six years.

Considering that the average time to be promoted from level 6 to level 5 is 10 years, he was already a wizard in the top ranks even in level 6.

With this level of genius, it was rather strange that there was no overflow.

“I first experienced it when I was seven.That’s why I entered the Carris Monastery.But I was able to escape safely because I met good people.”

She was slightly moved by the fact that her experience was two years ahead of her, but soon shook her head.

The younger you are, the more likely you are to collapse due to overflow.Even before they knew the world, the terrifying fear they faced would not have been enough for a child to handle.

“You must have had a hard time.”

“I was really afraid.If I hadn’t entered the monastery, I probably wouldn’t have lived normally.”

In other words, a seven-year-old would have awakened as soon as he knew the world.The Etella could have caught on because it had become a Carris monastery, where the nation’s top leaders were gathered.

“But why did you leave Shironet unattended?”You know the fear of overflow better than anyone else.”

“Shiro and I are different.I’m 18 years old, not seven or eight.Overflow is dangerous because the container to hold the mind is not solid.But I think Shirone has the capacity to overcome it.Overflow, on the one hand, is the process of accepting genius.If we overcome this crisis, Shirone will grow further.”

What Etella said made sense.In fact, it was after the overflow of Siena’s magical talent.

However, it was possible because of the miraculous help.And those who were precious in return lost their light.

“It’s not that I don’t know what Mr. Sina is worried about.However, just because you are caught in an overflow doesn’t mean you’re all going to collapse.And so did I.”

Etella is just a unique case.Overflow may not have been such a big threat to her, who is carrying out with all her heart.said Cina with such a heart.

“I know Shiro’s bowl is not small.However, I have awakened my mental function.I mean, the worst could happen.If that happens, will Mr. Etella be responsible?”

“We don’t teach students to take responsibility.I’m sure Shironet will get through it.”



said Etella firmly, putting down the teacup.

“If the worst happens, I’m ready to make amends for the child for life.”

Sheena shut her mouth.Etella’s determination went beyond the teacher to the monk’s spirit of sacrifice.

If she had not sincerely cared for the students, the free education policy would also have been nothing more than neglect.Perhaps it wasn’t himself who lacked determination?

Shina, who had put her hands together, bowed her head and said good-bye.

* * *

The Iron Gate of the Psychological Science Research Society has opened.In the dust rising from the floor, Cyrone gasped and floundered his arms.Leaving Shirone behind, Ned came in with a tired look.Then he left his bag behind and jumped into the sofa.

Iruki was playing chess.I was alternately holding black and white, but my hands moved without even thinking.When the first round was over in an instant, he rearranged his words and started the next round.

“Are you here? How was your day?”

said Ned, with his feet on the back of the sofa, in a sleepy voice.

“Well, nothing particularly interesting happened.”

Shirone sighed at the sight of his friends.Iruki skipped classes and played chess every day, and Nade’s only thing he could do was sleep.

“Irookie, you missed the afternoon session again, didn’t you?”What are you going to do if you get paid?”

“It’s all right. You can improve your grades as much as you miss your attendance.”

It’s a hateful answer, but I can’t refute it because what Iruki says is true.Currently, Iruki is holding out in the class five with only science and engineering scores.On the contrary, it meant that the humanities score was zero.There was room for an average of 20 points in the overall performance, so it was okay to relax.


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“But isn’t that too much?”I’ve never seen anyone who doesn’t study this hard on Class Five.’

Iruki, who skipped classes every day, was avoiding failure only with science and engineering scores, and even Nade was lazy but did not miss the middle and high grades.Looking at this, I felt like a fool to study with all my might.

“I think I shouldn’t have joined the research group.”

“What’s wrong with this?”You know there’s no softening, right?

“No, I mean it.If I stay here, I’ll get weird first.”

“What are you talking about?”What did we do?

“You say it’s a research group, but you don’t do any activities and just play.On the other hand, the results are better than mine.I think I’m getting more anxious because I’m with great kids like you.”

“Do you think that joke is funny?”You gave me a bowl of rice in the test. What should I do?”

“I know. He’s so humble that he sounds so arrogant.”

Ned joined in.It made no sense to compare Shirone’s grades, which were less than a year old, with those who had been educated since childhood.

“No, I mean it.From now on, I’m going to cut back on my research group activities.You don’t want to do a performance test anyway, right?I’d rather study at that time.”

Only then did Iruki and Ned realize that they meant it.It seemed that I couldn’t stand being anxious if I didn’t study for fear that someone was not a model student.

“Why don’t you study here?”

“Huh? Here?”

“Well, we’re a little sorry for you, too.I’d like to hang out with you, but I’m afraid it’s disturbing you.It’s not bad to do it here, is it?Maybe we’ll be stimulated, too.”


Shirone, lost in thought, nodded.I didn’t think that I would study well in such a bizarre research group, but it was worth trying if it stimulated my friends.Sweeping the garbage on the table to the floor, he put his bag on it and said,

“All right, then I’ll study here.Instead, don’t interrupt.”

“Hehe. Don’t worry.We’re busy in our own way.”

As soon as Ned finished speaking, he lay down on the sofa.

“What shall we do now?”It’s very boring.”

Shirone’s veins stood out in his temples.However, he suppressed his anger and began to study because this level would be nothing compared to the challenges ahead.Iruki, who has already played chess for 34 games, busily moved his phone and bishop and said to Nade,

“If you have nothing to do, read a picture book.I brought this month’s.”

“Oh, really?”

Ned, standing up like a bounce, crawled into a pile of garbage under the table.

“Picture book? Is it a collection of famous paintings?”

Ned, who was moving under his feet, was cumbersome, but Sirone was also interested in art, so he let it go for now.Ned, escaping from the garbage, crawled under the table and shook a book in the air.


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