Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 54

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[54] Overflow (4)

Sheena was determined to be weak.Cyrone, who awakens the emotional function, may fall into overflow.Etella said she could overcome it on her own, but if what she feared became a reality, Shirone’s life would be miserable.

While I was lost in thought, Eastas stopped.She went in without delay.Walking along the corridor, I opened the iron door with the sign of the Psychic Research Society of Supernatural and Psychological Sciences.

The children sat among the white smoke.Sure enough, when she saw her relaxed smile without a sign of surprise, she burst into anger again.

It was a familiar scene for her.The difference was that all the people who had clashed enough were now graduated, and that Shironet was newly added to the place where they were.

“Why do students change whenever they join this research group?”and no one else, but Shirone.”

He usually smiled brightly and greeted me, but now he had a perfect poker face.I expected it, but I couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.Next to Ned, who was proudly crossing his legs, was Ruki, who leaned back against the chair and raised his head to the ceiling.She laughed and entered the atmosphere of pushing the teachers away just with her attitude.

“You don’t even say hello to the teacher?”These things…”

“I was so absorbed in the discussion that I was distracted.Welcome.”

said Ned, with a cold look.The research group, a self-organizing organization of students, was able to grow to one of the pillars of the magic school community by adhering to a method of thoroughly wary of interference from teachers.It couldn’t have been good to ignore such traditions and question them.

“Hmph. School is a school and research group is a research group, right?’

But today was the last time I was full of energy.The teacher’s meeting had already failed to approve the dissolution of the research group, and the teacher in charge, Etella, had reached a convincing agreement.

“What’s the matter, sir?”These days, I’ve been quiet without any accidents.”

“I got an official letter about the research group.I’ve come to tell you in person.”

“Well, come on in.though shabby.”

Ned shook a seat off the sofa with his hand.It was as if nothing had been stabbed.

“Thank you. Why don’t you give me a cup of tea?”

“Can you trust me to drink my tea?”You know, if Eastas moves, no one will be able to find it.”

Sheena laughed at me with one eyebrow raised.I already knew that there was no cold water in such a shabby warehouse, let alone a cup of cold water.Even though I didn’t like what they did, I didn’t hate them because they showed such wit.

“Yes, sir, you’re a little anxious, too,”Then I’ll just get to the point quickly.I want you to return the lab within a month.”

Ned’s eyes widened.He immediately returned to his student status with the same sound as a bolt from the blue, and asked.

“What? Return?Why all of a sudden?”

“After reviewing the papers, they didn’t meet the required number of members this semester.The school has already cut off the subsidy.So I’d appreciate it if you could arrange it within a month.”

“Wait a minute! Sirone has come in now!”From three people, it can be recognized as an official research group.”

“But isn’t there no activity?”If you want to save the research group, you have no choice but to produce research results within a month of maturity.Of course, I don’t know what kind of research I can do in the field of supernatural things.”

“That’s far-fetched!”Just because it’s a research group doesn’t mean you have to hold a presentation!”

“It’s a special situation.The lab is in Eastas, and it’s infamous.Few research groups are as inactive as you are.The reason why I gave you a month was because Mr. Etella asked me to.I’m very grateful.”

Shironet was stunned.Now that I’m starting to love the research group little by little, I can’t believe it’s suddenly dismantled.

“But there is one way to save the research group.”

Ned pressed his face in a hurry.

“What’s that? What should I do?”

“Let’s get Shirogane out of this research group.Then I’ll close my eyes at least until the next semester.”


Ned rose, as expected of Sina.

“No way!I didn’t force Shirone to come, and the three of us are friends who always hang out at school.”Why do you keep trying to tear it apart?”

said Iruki.

“Don’t worry, if I missed the lesson.When it comes to studying, we stick to our own ways.”

Shironet could not sit still and listen.

“I feel the same way.I know that the research group is notorious, and I know that Yuruki and Ned are not faithful to their lessons.However, they are also doing their best in their field.I’m not wasting my time.So please be kind to me.”

Knowing that Cina cared for Shirone very much, Ned looked forward to it, just in case.But she stuck to her principles and said straightforwardly:

“It’s no use saying that.More than anything, Shiro, it’s a decision I made for you.”

“What do you mean a decision for me?”I think I’m doing my best”.

“What has been going on with you lately, Shiro?”

Shirone’s heart sank.Ned and Iruki also avoided looking at Shina.

Sheena saw their reaction and knew it.As expected, he told his friends everything.

“You’re so mean, aren’t you?In particular, Ruki, you would have known that Shironet might have fallen into an overflow, but why didn’t you tell the teacher?”

Shirone looked back at Iruki.

“Irookie. What’s overflow?”

“It’s just… It’s nothing.Should I say that it happens when you wake up higher than the current level?I did it when I was eight.”

Sheena was not satisfied with Iruki’s explanation.

“If you fall into an overflow, your mind may collapse.I heard a story from Mr. Etella about the facial function.If you miss the timing, you may not be able to recover.”

Shirone bit his lips and thought.Even now, she has nightmares every night and suffers from a sense of portrait.Sometimes I was worried that I might go crazy.If this situation persists, there was no guarantee that it would not.

Shironet asked Iruki again.

“Well, how was it?”In your case?”

“Well, I really didn’t have much.It was a little scary.I told my father that you were always like that, and that’s how you should live your whole life.”

Sheena looked puzzled.I can’t believe that’s what my little son says when he cries.However, considering who Iruki’s father was, it was understandable.In any case, it was undeniable that his father’s neglect played a part until Yi Ruki’s eccentric personality was formed.

She asked Ned, feeling as if she were grasping at straws.

“Nade, what do you think of yourself as a friend?”

“Hahaha. I don’t know.I don’t know what overflow feels like.”

When she heard her friends’ experiences, she sighed, expecting Shirone to change her mind.Still, Shirone will follow his own will, for he has imprinted the danger.

“Anyway, for that reason, Shirone will withdraw from the research group.If you have a heart for your friends, admit it.The most important thing now is the state of Shirone’s mind.”

said Ned, with a reluctant look.

“Isn’t that the teacher’s judgment?”I don’t think so.

Sheena sighed frigidly.Being stubborn even though you knew your friend’s condition was far from friendship.

“You don’t understand the fear of overflow.I’m sure Iruki will allow it.”

“No, I’m a little strange, aren’told you.Either way, Shiro’s own business, right?I don’t know why you care so much.”

It was a cold word to be said among friends.But this was the reason why they were friends.The fact that Shirone, the party involved, was not disappointed was proof that their way of thinking was based on the same rationality.

“Then you mean you don’t mind if Sirone goes crazy?”


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“There’s no reason to be bad.But rather than that, I think Shironet can overcome it.It’s a lot to bear since I’ve decided to be the best on this floor anyway.”

Ned answered.

“I feel the same way.Come to think of it, aren’t you favoring Sirone too much?It doesn’t matter to us, but it can be quite burdensome for us.”

Ned thought for a moment, then added, his eyes shining.

“There is even a rumor among the students that the teacher sees Shirone as a man.”

Of course, such rumors have never spread.However, this method was the best way for teachers to take medicine.Sheena was not easy either.She had clashed with the Dark Research Society for many years and had not nodded despite more severe rumors.

“Let’s say so.Then I can take on the role of Sirone now, right?”

Even teachers cannot arbitrarily withdraw students from the research group unless they violate the school rules.In this case, Nade’s consent was urgently needed as the research chairman’s decision was more important than the steering committee.

“Don’t force yourself.Does that mean the rumor that the teacher sees the student as a man is true?”

“If you think so, feel free to think so.I won’t give in.”

“Really? Then you can go out with me, too?”

Sheena shook her head as if she didn’t even want to imagine it.

“No, that would never happen,”

“Look, sir, what you say is contradictory.After all, you have a partiality for Shirone.”

“I mean, Shiro’s good and honest, and he’s very popular, so that kind of rumor could spread.But you’re not, are you?”

“Can I be hurt now, sir?”

“No, I can’t.Listen. It’s useless to trap me like this.Even if I’m in my senior year, I never see my student as a man.But if I were to take Shirone, I wouldn’t mind hearing such a misunderstanding.Shirone needs constant attention.You’re the ones who’re pushing it.”

Instead of Ned, who was speechless, Iruki stepped up.

“I know you’re worried, but if you can’t get over the overflow anyway, that’s the limit.You’re not going to die.Isn’t it reasonable to believe in Shironet?”

“You’re not going to die?I wouldn’t do this if it were another matter.But it’s a mental function.There is no guarantee that the worst will not happen.”

“I suppose so, but it hasn’t happened yet.I feel that Mr. Cina is too worried about an uncertain problem.This is not an interest, but an obsession.”


Sheena swallowed her saliva.I felt as if I had been exposed to the pain inside me.Perhaps Iruki’s words are not wrong.The darkness that came suddenly in her childhood had a bigger wound in her heart than the overflow.

“Now that you mention it, I think it’s my problem.”

Shironet took advantage of the silence to speak.

“I’m all right.To be honest, I’m scared, but I want to watch it more than that.I don’t know what will happen to me.And I don’t know if I can get over it.Even if you fall into an overflow, you will never resent your teacher.”

Shironet’s words reminded Shina of a dim memory.The man who saved himself from hell said the same thing.

– Sheena. Look straight at what’s coming to you.No matter how scared you are, don’t turn away.Just because you close your eyes doesn’t mean it’s gone.

Go away! You don’t know anything!

“If I had the courage to do so…”….’


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