Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 545

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[545] Daejikdo (1)

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Returning to the northwest colony, Sirone called priest Bebeto.

It seemed that Shirone’s feelings had become uncomfortable after visiting the forbidden holy place, so Yo stayed by her side, only paying attention.

As the code entangled in the temple, Bebeto appeared.

“Did you call, Archon?”

“Prepare to leave the colony.”

After cutting off the context, Bebeto and Yogi looked at Sirone with surprised expressions.

“You are leaving the colony? Then where are you talking simple?”

“I am not going anywhere.”

Sirone said confidently.

“I will change this world. Everyone lives together in harmony in a world without war and without food.”

Bebeto made a puzzled expression.

When he proposed an alliance with another colony, he thought so, but what he said now was not something a normal person could think of.

“What the hell happened?”

Bebeto asked Yo, but Sirone answered.

“It is not yet time to speak. When those who left to propose an alliance gather… … .”

“Guardian has arrived!”

The gatekeeper shouted before Sirone could finish his words.

When Sirone stood up and headed towards the entrance, the door burst open and a group of people including the guardian entered.


While Sirone stared at her absurdly, Excer, who entered flapping his bat wings, prostrated himself.

“As you instructed, Archon, we have signed an alliance with the eastern and southern colonies. These are the guardians of each colony.”

It was what Sirone wanted, but no matter how much I thought about it, it was too quick and easy.

For those who were extremely reluctant to have two suns in one colony, it was clear that they would be wary of the alliance’s proposal.

“What happened?”

At the question containing many questions at once, Ekseo finally showed a puzzled look.

“in fact… … .”

“It is my work.”

Shura in a green dress split the Guardians and appeared.

“The consuls of the eastern and southern colonies have already been removed. In other words, the only sun in this world is you, Sirone.”

Sirone involuntarily took a step back.

‘Can no one feel it?’

The aura of a snake rising from a woman.

I couldn’t see it, but I saw a huge snake coiled around and flicking its tongue.

It will be a specific frequency between banyas.

“Who are you?”

“I am Shura. He is the one who will make you a god at Ra’s request.”

“Ra’s request?”

“I think there must be an intruder. You must have known, too.”

Sirone remembered Miro and the others.

“Are you going to harm them?”

“No, rather the opposite. They’re coming to hurt us. I will do my best to stop it.”

Sirone, who reached the level of wisdom through the creation of a small world, belatedly realized how powerful Miro was.

It would have been all too easy for her to undo this incident if she put her mind to it.

‘but… … Mr. Miro said it was for me.’

Sirone, sitting on the powerless throne, asked.

“Maybe this world is a lie. What do you think about this?”

Shura with a kind smile came to Sirone’s side and bowed before she knew it.

She pricked Sirone’s head with her snake-thin fingers and whispered in his ear.

“There is no such thing as truth in this world, Sirone. Only what you believe is true.”

“… … .”

Sirone was lost in thought for a long time, then raised her head.

“So, what are you going to do now?”

“I have to go through the ceremony to become the sun god.”

When Shura put her hand on Sirone’s shoulder and looked back at the Guardians, their shoulders twitched.

When she came to visit with the titles of Ra’s wife and Sirone’s mother, she thought she was crazy.

However, after seeing Shura’s ability with his own eyes, even doubt was impossible.

“Shall we move places?”

Shura slowly closed her eyes, and the surrounding scenery began to unravel with code.

Fellow coder Bebeto trembled.

‘God’s language itself.’

Shura was truly the god of this world.


All three colony guardians looked around.

The scenery suddenly changed and we found ourselves in the middle of the desert outside the city.

“Huh, do you like it, Sirone? It is a place where you will become a god.”

“Why did you choose this place?”

“No matter how much I am, I won’t be able to completely protect you against Maze. More than anything, don’t you like something fancy?”


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“What splendor in the desert… … .”

Sirone stopped talking and stared blankly at the sky.

As Shura raised her arms and muttered to the sun, cuboid stones weighing dozens of tons fell endlessly from the entangled cloud-like cords.

In the face of a process that would take years even if all the inhabitants of the colony rushed forward, the children of the sun came to believe in the existence of a god.

In front of a huge pyramid hundreds of meters high, Sirone couldn’t help but feel fear.

‘Who the hell is this woman?’

Shura pointed to the pyramid and said.

“This structure will protect you from intruders. Because all my abilities are concentrated.”

It had to be at least this large in order to build a strong enough shield to block the incarnation of the labyrinth.

It was also a device for analyzing the codes that would arise from the union of Sirone and Ra tomorrow, though they did not speak.

“So is it a desert? But you won’t be able to unite with Ra here.”

“You have to accept that it takes time. Raga will bring all the mucus of the city to this place. Arrive by noon tomorrow at the latest.”


Sirone looked up at the top of the pyramid.

‘Tomorrow there… … .’

You will save a ruined world.

‘I’m anxious anyway.’

Shura thought as she bit her nails.

It didn’t end with just blocking the maze, but the maze’s party would also try to sabotage in some way.

‘I can’t. I hate to borrow a hand.’

Shura, who was looking up at the sky, suddenly frowned and turned around.

“What the hell is this monkey doing?”

* * *

“Hurray! It’s a hunt, a hunt!”

The underground fighting unit, who had given up on entering the forbidden holy ground, discovered another human and called for joy.

“It looks so delicious!”

Bak-nyeo looked straight ahead and caught the motorcycle squad passing by.

Behind the encirclement, the chieftain was sitting in a jeep with his arms crossed and a ferocious expression on his face.

The motorcyclists who stepped on the brakes in front of Park Nyeo aimed their guns at her.

“I’m hungry, so I won’t listen to the will.”

Park Nyeo analyzed the emotions that permeated her heart.

‘hunger. mockery. death. Last opinion.’

The moment she finished her thoughts, a gunshot exploded from the muzzle and sparks exploded.

Then their muzzles quivered and were pointed towards the sky.

“… … .”

The commander-in-chief stared blankly at the sight of his decapitated men convulsing and firing their rifles at the sky.

Moments later, the motorcycle collapsed from side to side, and Park Nyeo climbed onto the bonnet of the jeep.

“It’s quite the way. What is your true identity?”

‘Acknowledgment of me. question about the subject. The desire to understand.’

I am asking who

Although he had never learned the language of the underground people, the meaning of Taejang’s words was transmitted through his body.

Park Nyeo.

Sura Yaksha, 11,200 years old.

Unlike most Eternals who pursue human ideals, her mind burrowed into a more animal realm.

After thousands of years, she no longer found the line between what made me and nature.

The sixth sense developed in the process was beyond the sensitive level and is what is called a ‘monstrous sense’, and it was a level where it was possible to make predictions close to 100% for instantaneous phenomena where logic had no room to penetrate.

“I am your king.”

Taejang’s expression crumpled at Baknyeo’s words.

Because he also has wild genes, he is extremely sensitive to signals that oppress him.

“How dare you ignore me!”

As the taejang rose like a spring, Bak-nyeo widened her distance.

When the underground people who were standing in her arms fired crossfire, she landed on the ground and lowered her stance and wrinkled her nose.


Axing-Nirvana E-engine (8 cylinders with recoil power).

With a pop, her body swept all over the place.

As the afterimages of the blades passed by, as if the wind of a blade passed, the underground people’s bodies were slashed away, and Taejang raised the jeep with a monkey’s roar.

“Eat this!”

It was an outrageous force, but to Park Nyeo, the movement of the jeep seemed to slow down as time passed.

‘It’s cut.’

Her axing Nirvana E-engine pushes the cylinders of the Law with the power of Nirvana.

Up to 8 cylinders can be arranged, and one action is mounted for each cylinder.

Mechanism of 8 cylinders in series, 8 processes and 1 cycle.

The more you accelerate the Nirvana E-engine, the stronger the recoil force, the faster the cycle, and there is no limit.


Accelerating the power of Nirvana, Park Nyeo swung her sword at the jeep that fell over her head.

Her cycle, equipped with 8 directional slashes in 8 laws, has now exceeded 80 times, and it was so fast that even the eyes of the elder with amazing moving eyes could see it blurry.

The body made of iron split like a star, followed by numerous cuts.

By the time Bak-nyeo passed the jeep, the body had already been broken into thousands of fragments and was rolling on the floor as if it had been disassembled into parts.

“Whoops whoops!”

The appearance of his clothes fluttering in the heat rising from his body was the appearance of a yaksha.

“ah… … .”

Taejang looked at Park-nyeo with shocked eyes.

Even without language, wild physiology carried a feeling into his genes.

“Oohhh! Oohhhh!”


A king has appeared to rule the jungle of this city!

After screaming, Taejang strode forward and bowed his head in front of Baknyeo.

“King, rule me.”

Knowing that power is everything in the wild, Bak-nyeo naturally became their leader and gave instructions.

“Take me to the one who was your king.”

Taejang still didn’t understand the words, but his instincts told him where to go.

* * *

As the sun sets, Miro and the others finally found a place for Shura to perform the rebellion.

While the swordsman Lian guarded the ground, the remaining three wizards rose to the sky and looked at the huge pyramid standing in the desert.

“It’s a structure that wasn’t on the map. It seems to be over there.”

“okay. It’s really fast.”

“Wouldn’t it be late?”

“You have enough time. By noon tomorrow at least for Mucus to arrive.”

All the mucus in the city were wriggling and stretching out into the desert.

Thousands of times faster than the average rate of expansion, but still far.

As the day grew dark, Miro’s eyes gazing into the distance shone with light.

It was a telescopic magic that refracted light and made it possible to see a farther distance.

“Hmm… … .”

The bluish hemispherical curtain surrounding the pyramid must have been a defense against the law.

“I can’t beat you, can you?”

“Can’t you do it with your aunt’s skills?”

It was Fermi who tried to provoke him, but Miro accepted it unexpectedly.

“I don’t know if it’s real, but here… … .”

“Is there any other way?”

“We have no choice but to infiltrate directly. It is a barrier against the law applied from outside, so it is useless once you go inside.”

“What if there are defenses inside? For example, disrupting magic with anti-magic.”

I couldn’t stand the maze this time.

“Are you kidding me? That’s a barrier to keep me out. No human being can care that much about me.”


If the maze is not strong enough to block a full-hearted attack, there is no reason to install a shield in the first place.

It was only possible when Shura, the strongest human lawyer, was able to do it.

“Anyway, it’s embarrassing. It looks like they’ve integrated the Hive too. Can we get through the mutants and get there?”

“wait for a sec. Something appeared.”

Hundreds of headlights rushed in from across the desert.

The sight of the underground people crossing the desert with their own means of transportation came into Miro’s eyes.

“In addition to the colony, underground people also joined.”

Marsha said.

“To remove the barrier, you have to penetrate inside. Those who block us are the leaders of the Ten Commandments, the guardians of the Children of the Sun, the underground, and Mucus. can you do it?”

Miro shook his head.

“no. Vanya’s power is offset by Vanya’s power. As long as Shura is active, leaving it to me is not a good choice.”

“Then what are you going to do? Isn’t there a way?”

“Is it really so?”

Miro smiled and looked down at the ground.

“We have a yaksha.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Lian.

Unable to fly, he sat down on the floor and leaned his tired body on his sword.

“I am hungry.”


Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 544Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 546
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