Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 55

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[55] Overflow (5)

A terrible accident may not have occurred.He was as honest and pure as Shironet.

Then he lost his light.The genius whom God especially cared for lost his light because of himself, who was a coward.

“Yes, I understand your thoughts.”

Sheena escaped from her recollection.

“I won’t respect Shiro’s idea and urge him to leave.”

“Well, when will you respect the chairman’s opinion before that?”

“Hoo-hoo. Can I afford to play with words?”It’s a month away.If the school fails to produce convincing results, the Psychological Science Research Society will be disbanded.The research group, which has produced many graduates, will end in your generation.”

Ned’s heart thumped down.Come to think of it, it didn’t just end up on the street.

The seniors of the Supernatural Psychological Science Research Association are in key positions in the magical society, breaking the school’s evaluation of being a jerk.In particular, Mykea Gauld, the current president of the Magic Association, has been a source of pride for generations.If the research group is cut off in their generation, they will have no face to go out to society and see them.

“Oh, I’m going crazy.What should I do?

It is said to give a month’s time, but it was only a political investigation to dismantle the research group.Above all, there has never been an official presentation at the Psychic Research Society.How can we logically identify the existence of ghosts or gods who may or may not exist?Ned, driven to a dead end, threw away all his face and clung to Sina.

“Teacher! Please give me a chance!”Is there any other way than a presentation?You know the truth, don’tOur research group is meaningful in itself!It’s the only research group that can criticize a magical society that only believes in logic!”

She didn’t even snort.

“So I’m just saying, please try to attack me.I can’t give in this time.It’s impossible to withdraw the agenda as it’s already on the teachers’ meeting.I want you to make the right decision.”

When Cina left the research group, the children sat down on the sofa with the sound of the iron door closing.My mind went blank as if I had just woken up from a dream.With a clang, Eastas’s tracheal device began to bring the lab back to its original location.

Gauge symmetry (1)

a leisurely holiday

On his usual day off, Shirone would be stuck in the library, but now he was sitting absent-mindedly in the central park.Iruki and Nade sat side by side beside him, and drank juice without hesitation.

“What time is it now?”

“I don’t know. It’s not night anyway.”

“You’re a genius,”

There was a cold silence.As Shironet sighed, two more sighs followed in a row.At last, unable to put up with it, Shirone jumped up and looked back at them and shouted,

“What are you going to do, Research Society?”Don’t you need to think about a topic to present when you’re like this?

“Well, let’s think about it.What are some research projects that we can get approved by the school?”

Ned shook his head.

“As far as I know, I’ve never given a presentation before.Of course, I’ve done a lot of interesting things, but the school won’t approve them as official research anyway.”

There is no way to raise the subject of supernatural psychological science to the professional realm.If such a method had existed, it would have already spread to the world in the name of science.

Shirone, who sat on the bench again, emptied his mind.I glanced at the legs of the passing girls and turned my head when I saw a woman who was sometimes developing, but my mind was blank.

“Oh? Look over there, boys.”

Ned pointed somewhere with a casual chin.A beautiful woman I had never seen at school was heading to the front door.I wore an ivory trench cord and heels, and the purple hair that I had permed came down to my waist and fluttered.

“Biologically, the design is good.”Who is it?”

“Is he a senior in the graduation club?”Usually, kids around my age don’t wear such mature clothes, right?”

While his friends were criticizing him, Shirone looked at him with his eyes wide open.Somehow the atmosphere was familiar.

“Are you, Mr. Sina?”

“Mr. Sina?”

Ned leaned out his upper body and examined it closely.It was certainly so.He did not wear glasses and untied his trademark neatly raised hair, but Cina was clear.

“Wow. That’s awesome.Does a person change like that?”

“I know. You’re a completely different person with your makeup on.By the way, Shiro, how did you know?Now that I see it, you have a good eye for women.”

“Huh? No. It just looks like it.”

The reason why Shironet saw through it at a glance was that he saw Shina’s head through the grass.But I couldn’t bring myself to say that the teacher had come at night, so I made up my mind.

“But where are we going?”I’ll put on makeup on you.”

“You’re off duty today, aren’t you?”It’s also a holiday.Maybe you have a date.”

“Isn’t Mr. Cina far from a man?”

“But I’m sure there’s at least one person I’If you’re 26 years old, you’re full of marriage.You should get married, too, don’t you?”

“Well, I mean……”

Ned’s thought-provoking eyes glistened in his head as he stroked his chin.

“Shall we follow him?”I’m curious.

“What are you going to do with me?”It’s your private life, isn’t it?”

“There’s nothing to do anyway.I don’t think I’m going to get the answer, and my head is going to explode.It’s a holiday anyway, so I’ll just have to come on.

Iruki was skeptical.

“Can you chase him without being seen?”He’s a certified sixth-degree wizard.Even if it wasn’t for the Spirit Zone, you’d have different eyes to look around.You’ll get caught soon, won’t you?”

“Well, here’s the deal.Iruki, you track down the teacher, and Shirone takes the interim contact.I’ll drop by the lab.”

Shironet saw through Ned’s thoughts.

“A transparent cape?”

“That’s it,”If you follow him in a cloak of transparency, even the teacher won’t notice.There’s no reason to open the Spirit Zone on a date.What do you think?”

“That’s a good idea, isn’t it?All right, then I’ll follow you from now on.Shironet, you bring Ned from the middle.”

Shirone sighed as Iruki rose from the bench and chased Cynah.Indeed, they were very effective children in this way.

“Then I’ll bring a cloak of invisibility.Shirone, don’t ever miss Iruki.You can move while checking the points, right?

Since the direction of the city is limited by an artificial structure called length, the approximate movement path can be determined by checking the point.It was important to judge the timing of the return at the midpoint as it should not be too far from Nade.

Shironet nodded helplessly.Even in this situation, I hated myself who had already finished calculating in my head.

“All right, but come quickly.I’m not confident for more than ten minutes.”

“Haha! You’re a Shiro!”I trust you!”

Ned rushed to the research group, and Shirone, who followed Iruki, returned ten minutes later and picked him up at the front gate.From then on, I ran fast and caught up with Iruki ten minutes later.As they came running, Iruki shook his head with a troubled look on his face.

“That’s strange,”

“Why? Did you miss the teacher?”

“No, but I almost missed it.Strangely enough, they are on guard around them.I thought it was a battlefield.”

“Oh, it’s getting more and more interesting.You’re not going to take money out of the pocket with things that are forbidden like us, are you?”


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Cironet looked at Ned pitifully.

“Teachers don’t do that.”

“Well, let’s go for now.From now on, I have a transparent cloak, so I can get closer.”

The three men covered themselves in their cloaks and chased after Cina.When I entered the common people’s area, the streets were crowded with people who came out to do business from the very dawn.Thanks to this, it was easier to follow.

She stopped at a two-story house.The three men leaned out of their cloaks and watched who opened the door.Then she looked around, and her face went in like a turtle.The hearts of the three were pounding.

“You’re on the lookout, aren’t you?”Who in the world lives in this house?It’s just a common house, isn’t it?”

The three curious men reappeared.I didn’t even commit a crime, but I didn’t think I had to be frozen.

A young man opened the door and came out.and as soon as he saw her, he gave her a deep hug.

“Well, how could that be?”…!”

Shirone’s party was shocked, no matter who it was.The nickname “Sina of Ice” refers to her major, but it was also given to her cold nature toward any man.But I can’t believe there was a man who had hidden.Looking back at each other’s faces, the three realized that it was real.

“What’s going on here?”It must have been a man, wasn’t he?

“You’ll find out when you get there.Let’s follow him in.”

said Shironet, in a fit of surprise.

“What? But how can I get into someone else’s house?”

“But it’s a little too much to go back to, isn’t it?”You have to know what you need to know.”

“The teacher is a maiden, so of course I can meet men.Why are you making such a fuss?”

Iruki had a different idea.Judging from the circumstances so far, there were more than one or two strange things.

“I smell something, don’t I?There is nothing wrong with the teacher seeing a man.But why did he hide it?It’s an official solo in school, right?And I’m also concerned about being wary of the surroundings.”

“That’s it,”That’s why I want you to check it out.”

asked Shironet, with a troubled look on his face.

“What are you going to do?”

“You can go through the underground warehouse.Don’t worry about it.Even if you get caught, it’s not a big trouble?After all, Mr. Sina has entered the house, and it is no stranger’s house.”

Shironet opened his mouth blankly.

“Isn’t that… very subjective of us?”

“I don’t know. I’m leaving anyway.I’m going crazy with curiosity.”

When Ned and Iruki left, Shirone sighed and followed them.I didn’t like the way they seemed to agree, but I didn’t know what I would do if I left them alone.

Arriving at the entrance to the underground warehouse, Ned looked at the iron gate.It was installed horizontally and tightly locked.

Taking out a device similar to a ballpoint pen from his pocket, he pressed the button and a sharp iron needle popped out.It was a key unlock device, one of Ned’s patented items.

In order to open the lock, it is necessary to accurately press the irregularities of the internal organs, but Ned’s device can adjust the iron core in units of 1/100 centimeters, making it easy to get the level of a commoner’s house.

Ned, who put the device in the lock, looked around with his tongue sticking out, and the moment he turned his wrist, the lock clicked open.

When the door opened and he saw the ladder going underground, Shirone felt dejected.

People spend the night with confidence just because there is a lock, but in the end, they seemed to forget that the lock was also made by humans.

As I climbed down the ladder, the scent of onions peculiar to the grocery store stimulated the tip of my nose.While Shironet closed the iron gate, Ned listened to the door to the first floor and looked outside.

“Well, it’s quiet on the first floor, too.Let’s go up there.”

The three men, covered in transparent cloaks, headed to the first floor looking like ghosts with only their faces floating.The living room and kitchen were all-in-one floors, and there were no people.As I went up the stairs to the second floor, I felt a movement in the room at the end of the corridor.I heard the voice of Shina.

“What are you doing? Hurry up.”

Shirone and Ned moved their facial muscles in a fuss, and Iruki put his hand on their lips.A man’s voice continued.

“Wait a minute. I’m not ready yet.Take off your clothes first.”

“When will your wife come back?”

“I went grocery shopping.It’ll probably take more than two hours.”

Ned could not control his excitement again.No, he had a look of astonishment beyond excitement.

Shirone felt the same way.I never dreamed that the man Mr. Shiina met was a married man.


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