Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 56

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[56] Gauge symmetry (2)

“Aren’t you going to wear it today?”

“Well, straighten your back a little more.”

“Like this?”

“Well, then,”Raise your legs slightly.”Yes, it is that so?”

The faces of the three were flushed red.Of course, since they are adults, the relationship between men and women can work.But it was an affair.When the school became known, the life of a teacher in Shina was over.

“Then shall we begin?”Don’t move.”

“Don’t worry. You’ve been holding it in until now.”

Ned looked back at his friends angrily.Shirone and Iruki nodded as they guessed what he was going to do.

There is no border in love, but considering the feelings of a wife who lost her husband, it was right to end it here.

Ned’s hand was trembling as he grabbed the doorknob.If you wait a little longer, you can complete the on-site inspection, but I didn’t want to see the teacher I respected.

The doorknob turned rough, and the three of them rushed into the room without saying who came first.

“You bad boy!Mr. Sina!I’m really disappointed!”

Ned’s cry was buried in silence.

Shirone and Iruki, who were ready to close their eyes, stared at the landscape in a completely different room than they had imagined.

Seena, sitting in bed, turned to the door.There was a large canvas standing across from her.

“Huh? Huh?”

Shirone’s party was all mouth like fish.An idea crossed everyone’s mind.It was an event where great misunderstandings, misunderstandings, and distortions occurred at the same time.

“What? What are you doing here?”…?”

The same was true of Shina, who was surprised.His face flushed when his disciples suddenly entered his private place.But the shame was for a moment, and he soon frowned.

“Did you follow me?”

“What? No, that’s not it.Let me tell you what happened. We were just sitting in the park and spacing out.But Mr. Sina suddenly walked by.So… “

“In the end, you followed him, didn’t you?

“I’m sorry!”

Shiro’s party shrank at the same time.In her character, it would not have ended with a scolding.However, contrary to expectations, no more sparks fell.When I opened my eyes, I saw Cina in thought.

“How in the world did you follow me?”’

I tried to be as careful as I could to keep an eye on my surroundings.She didn’t go into the Spirit Zone, but her eyes were not so clumsy as to be followed by students.

“What are you hiding behind you?”Give it to me.”

Ned shook his head with a frightened look.But when something similar to living came out of Shina’s eyes, she hurriedly held out her cloak.Sina, who snatched it violently, looked at her missing arm and looked at it with an absurd.I looked around my waist like a skirt, and this time it was cut off from the waist.

“Ned, is this the patent you’re proud of?””


“You really made it, didn’

“But I didn’t put it on the black market!”I have that much conscience.”


Shina’s sigh shook their shoulders.But she didn’t nag any more.Being followed as a certified sixth-class wizard was more immature than the mistakes of his disciples.

“But why did you come into this room?”Even though you know you’ll get caught.What’s the point of disappointment?”

said Cironet in a trembling voice.

“At first, I followed him as a joke, but when I saw the teacher hugging a man, I followed him in.I overheard a conversation outside the door and thought I was having an affair, so…….”

“What? Boo, affair?”

Sheena’s face turned red as a beet.It was the first time that she had shown such a panicky appearance.

“What do you mean an affair? How can you look at me and say that?”

returned Ned, with a flurry of impatience.

“But it is!”How can you not misunderstand after hearing such a conversation?I’d rather take off my clothes than try this posture.”Who the hell is that?”

Ned pointed to the man who was still hiding behind the canvas.

“Do you mean me?”

Following his warm voice, the chair squeaked.After a while, a man appeared over the canvas.

Shiro’s party looked blank.He was a handsome man in his late 20s with blond hair to his waist.But the reason why I was really surprised was not because I was handsome.I could see a rag wrapped around his eyes.He was blind, and he was a painter.

“What is it?”

Shirone’s face turned pale.The sense of portraiture felt every night began to envelop the whole body again.

“What’s wrong with you? Why at such a time?”It’s never been like this during the day.’

His hair stood up and his bones froze.Ned, feeling a little responsibility, said, as he took a long deep breath, holding his shaky wrist.

“Hey, it’s Shiro said.Are you okay? Don’t worry too much.Will the teacher kill us?”

“Huh? Oh, no.I’m all right now.”

Shirone gradually regained his comfortable appearance.It was a tremendous chill that was incomparable to the usual sense of portrait, but as such, the disappearance time was also fast.

“Sina, stop it and forgive me.I don’t know what’s going on, but I think you’re teaching students

“What are you talking about?”That’s why I can’t forgive you any more.Even if it’s a follow-up, you broke into someone else’s house without permission.Anyway, I’ve learned only the bad things like that.

The man smiled benevolently.

“But you’re a disciple.The teacher must have thought it was all right to be at home.”

Ned, who caught the opportunity of a meeting, stepped in.

“Ha-ha! That’s what we actually thought.It’s true. Sirone doesn’t lie, so ask him.I would never have come in if it were just someone else’s house.We are not petty thieves.”

Shirone nodded one after another.

“Yes, indeed, Ned told me so.I’m sure I heard it.”

She touched her head as if she were in trouble.It was even disgusting to see his innocent eyes twinkling to live somehow.

“How can such naive people do this?”Anyway, clever things…….’

It was absolutely not something to say when he followed the teacher hiding in an invisible cloak, and came in after opening the lock of another’s house.

Despite the situation, the man was only smiling.Above all, I was happy to see the disciples of Shina.

“My name is Armin.Shinawa has been like a brother and a sister since childhood.I studied in the Olifer school, too.”

Armin held out his hand and Ned held it together.


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“Ah, I see,”We apologize for our foolish misunderstanding.I’m sorry to drop by without notice.”

cried Sheena fiercely.

“It’s a break-in!”I’m trying to change it to a door.”

“Hehe. That’s why I said I was sorry.To be honest, we’re happy that the misunderstanding of Mr. Shiina has been resolved.”

“I’m sorry, sir,”I had a strange misunderstanding.”

Sheena put her hand on her waist and exhaled.It was the same for her that she felt awkward in the situation where she encountered her disciples in a private place, so there was silence for a while.

“For now, sit down and talk.I’ll get the tea first.”

Armin quickly stepped aside.The blind man walked out of the door at the right pace, and Shirone’s party was surprised again.

“Who is that, sir?”And what did you mean by telling me to take off my clothes?That’s why I misunderstood you.”

Sheena shook her head as if she had no doubt.

“My brother Armin is of the same age as me.He was also expected to be the greatest genius in the history of the Oliver school.Now I’m a painter, but since I was a child, I’ve been much more talented than I have.”

“You’re a great man, aren’t you?But I don’t know if I should ask you this question, but how come your eyes……?”

As Cina’s face darkened, Ned felt guilty as if he had asked a question.Fortunately, however, she soon relaxed her expression and spoke calmly.

“To save me, my brother lost his eyes.”

“What? Because of you?”

“At the age of nine, I fell into an overflow.I was afraid of everything when I had a vague idea of the world.I think I cried every day.It was a terrible pain to think about now that I think about it.”

Sheena smiled bitterly.

“It was Mr. Armin who saved me.It led me to the light in the dark.At that time, Armin was eleven years old.”

Even if she was 11, she was still a child.Nevertheless, saving Cina from overflow was a part of how outstanding Armin was.

“You overcame the overflow with Mr. Armin’s advice.”

Sheena shook her head.

“No, I wasn’t such a strong child.He was a proud little boy who lived in favor of the Oliphar family alone.At that time, I hated my brother.He used to talk to me like a habit.I mean, whatever comes to you, you shouldn’t look away from it.Every time that happened, I was annoyed.You close your eyes because you’re scared.I couldn’t stand it, so I had to run away.Whoo-hoo. Come to think of it, I was such a fool then.”

Shirone could not imagine Cina, a certified sixth-class wizard, crying in fear.

“How did you overcome the overflow?”

“I didn’t want him to come and visit me, so I went out to the mountains, the fields, and the river.Armin found me easily, but every time I did that, I ran away again.One day when the game of hide and seek continued….and the incident broke out.”

Sheena frowned painfully.

“It rained for a few days during the rainy season.I walked around the river on such a bad day.Come to think of it, it might have gone by like that.Unfortunately, however, the bank that was blocking the upstream collapsed.I, who was downstream, was swept away by the river without knowing anything.It was such a flood that it flooded half of the town.”

Sheena recalled what happened 17 years ago.

I couldn’t even scream and fell into the river.When I struggled to get up, it was a completely different view from the river where she was already.Building debris and livestock were floating upstream, and sharply broken trees were floating downstream.

Sheena experienced the fear of death for the first time in her life.

“Save me. Somebody please……!’

I know that no one is coming.Far from the school, this place was in the middle of a stream and swamp where people did not appear.It’s a river now, but no one would think that a little girl would be here.

The water quickly swelled up.The land seemed so far away that the wading was impossible.The silgaecheon Stream, which used to go to pick up pebbles, turned into a large 25-meter-wide torrent.The color of the water was black, and as the current cracked in the rock, numerous vortexes were formed.

“Help me! Somebody help me!”

For the first time in her life, Sina made a humble appearance.The pride of being the only daughter of Oliver, one of the ten major continental schools, lost her authority in the face of Mother Nature.Even his natural talent could not overcome the raging river.All she could do was cry for help.


As she heard God’s revelation, she raised her head with all her might.Armin was waiting on a precariously curved branch over the river.

“Hey! Hey!”

“Give me your hand!”

Armin reached near the surface of the water.As soon as Cina tried to hold his hand, she was swept away by the sudden stone water and submerged into the water.


When Cina reappeared, her legs, not her face, were floating.Armin was obtained without delay.He quickly dived on the swift current, caught Cina, and pulled her face out of the water.Siena, who drank water, was out of her mind.

“Poo-ha! Poo-ha!”

“Sina! Wake up!We have to get out of the river!”

“Save me! Save me!”

The whirlpool was out of the way, but there were more rugged obstacles waiting.Armin expanded the Spirit Zone to avoid obstacles.It was the only way he could do it at the age of 11.


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