Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 568

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[568] Opening (4)

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The six people gathered in the hallway were silent between the still anger and the momentary relief of tension.

At least, Sabina, who was objective about this issue, asked.

“what do you think about it? The coalition team’s proposal.”

“The graduation test pass card came out of the calculation that our team included foreigners. I participated in scramble just by lowering the ranks. I thought that if the condition was to pass the graduation exam, it would definitely work.”

Dorothy asked at Iruki’s words.

“Is this a situation where I have to say I’m sorry? I was the one who asked to accept the offer in the first place.”

“no. You made a reasonable request. A team where one person has to sacrifice doesn’t deserve to exist. It’s a game where teamwork is important.”

‘It’s cold.’

With Dorothy feeling that way, Sirone said.

“I have no complaints about Dorothy’s judgment either. Personally, it’s a bad suggestion, but it’s all for a purpose. If we criticize Dorothy, we, who brought in strangers before that, become worse.”

Nade drew attention to his friends.

“Okay, let’s be garbage from now on. There is no end if you follow your feelings. We are only looking at efficiency.”

Everyone agreed, but it was also difficult to speak out, and Nade, as chairman, took the lead.

“Honestly, I think it’s a good suggestion.”

Sirone nodded.

“I am of the same opinion. Although I don’t like the idea of ​​putting human emotions on condition.”

Actually, I want to cancel Scramble Royale right now and declare war on Kayden.

However, if you think about it rationally, the mere fact that Amy wasn’t entangled in Kayden’s request was half the success.

‘I’m sorry, Amy. But if Cayden tries to do something to you, I’ll never be able to fight.’

Even if it means accepting a waiver.

Iruki glanced at Amy and said.

“As Sirone said, if emotions are excluded, it may not be a serious problem. Anyway, even if Sirone confesses, Maya won’t accept it if it’s like this. I can tell you in advance.”


Amy couldn’t hold back and showed her emotions.

Seeing her teary-eyed face biting her lips made everyone feel solemn.

‘Yes, Iruki is right.’

However, he is so resentful and his pride hurt that he cannot easily change his mind.

said Sabina, who understood her heart.

“Amy, if you really hate it… … .”

“2 people.”

Amy stopped talking.

“Two pass. Otherwise I won’t.”

In the exam for 10 students to graduate, there was a big difference between 1 and 2 students, but no one objected.

“okay. Let’s go with two people. don’t worry too much you know? We will win unconditionally.”

Instead of answering, Amy glared at Cayden at the study meeting.

‘I will never forgive you.’

After Nade finished reconciling their opinions, and took the women in, Iruki, who was left in the hallway, asked Sirone.

“Are you really going to be okay?”

“huh. I’m honestly glad If Amy was included in the rewards and rewards, I… … .”

“No, not that.”

Shirone corrected her expression and looked at Iruki.

“It means graduating two people. Amy didn’t lose her temper either. She must have decided that giving Dorothy and Sabina even room to play the two cards would motivate them to fight for their lives. But you know what? In the graduation exam, you and I are competitors at the end. If the two of them are protected by Fermi, the difficulty of passing will inevitably rise.”

Only then did Shirone realize that and smiled.

“huh. doesn’t care.”

And in the next moment, Sirone’s face became as cold as ice.

“Because I’m waiting for that day to come as soon as possible.”

Iruki felt a chill chill as he watched Shirone’s back as she returned to the study group.

‘Fermi, so far everything has been going your way… … .’

Iruki, who entered last, closed the door.

‘Sirone really won’t be easy.’

* * *

Ten hours had elapsed since the consultation began.

The faces of the 12 people were full of fatigue, and the lower eyes were gradually getting sunburned.

Hercy, who recorded all the issues that had been decided, moved on to the last agenda.

“All that remains now is fine-tuning. Any comments?”

Nade said as if he had been waiting.

“Even if there is a dead person, I will not ask for any responsibility.”

The voice was not high, but the aggression against the opponent’s team reached its peak.

“good. We’re the same, so let’s discuss this right away.”

Hersi, who writes on paper, recalled what Fermi had told her before coming to Istas.

“Arman? What is it?”

said Fermi, frowning.

“It’s Sirone’s object. If possible, it would be better to leave it disabled for this scramble royale. No, it is essential.”

“essential? Is it such a powerful object?”

“It’s not dangerous.”

When Fermi said it was dangerous, he meant it was really dangerous.

“With a weapon that powerful, the opponent would never give up, right? Can we come to an agreement?”


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Fermi laughed and pointed at Hercy.

“In that case, I suggest this.”

After thinking, Hersey said.

“This time, we propose. Sirone’s Armand cannot be used in Scramble Royale.”

‘I know Armand.’

It was the moment when it was confirmed that Fermi was behind it.

“That is unacceptable.”

Sirone firmly shook her head.

He didn’t want to show any signs of relying on weapons, but he was more eager to destroy his enemies immediately.

“It is an activity that has nothing to do with school. I will use Armand, and if you want to use weapons, feel free to do so as well.”

“If you want to be stubborn, you can’t. But if that happens, we will have no choice but to use the card of conversion.”

Nade snorted.

“What cards do you have to offer? I must have heard something from Fermi, but nothing is worth exchanging for Armand.”

“Is it really so? If I had listened to Fermi, wouldn’t you have listened to Sirone?”

“What are you talking about?”

Hersy raised her index finger and said.

“If Sirone doesn’t use Armand, we won’t use Fermi’s chip either.”

Sirone bit his lip.

‘Alas, there was such a way.’

“Since you already know, it will be quicker to understand. Currently, Fermi has about 10 billion gold worth of magic. By the way, the magic that Fermi has used so far is expensive, at least a few million gold. Let me tell you, if you use Armand, Fermi is at his mercy and he is ready to give all his chips to the combined team.”

Sirone came out strong.

“joy! Let’s see… … .”

“Yes, I heard that it is a great weapon. But even so, you can’t lead the game alone. On the other hand, all six of us will be strengthened.”

‘Hersey’s words have some truth. Force is necessary, but it is not a game more important than teamwork.’

This is because there is a rule in place to block force if defeated by Kang.

Also, if you take out Armand, you have to fight against an allied team that uses magic worth 10 billion gold.

“I’ll start reconciling opinions. See everyone.”

Sirone held the 11th secret meeting with the team members.

“As you’ve heard, you’ll need to revise your strategy the first time. I never thought Fermi would be so interested in Istas… … .”

Nade touched his chin and said.

“From the beginning, we expected that the alliance team would taboo Iruki’s cancellation. Eden’s defense magic is the natural enemy. But it’s Armand… … .”

“If it’s worth 10 billion gold, it’s sure to be a match where our side is dragged. Which one is more efficient?”

The only one who could judge was Sirone, who perfectly knew Armand’s function.

“Let’s accept it. The magic of 10 billion gold definitely doesn’t taste good. But not under this condition.”

Iruki clearly pointed it out.

“Then, do you think Armand’s efficiency is higher? If it’s for our safety, we don’t have to worry about it.”

“no. As Hercy said, I think the balance is right. I mean let’s stab some more. I don’t remember, but if Fermi saw Armand’s ability in Undercoder… … .”

Sirone had insight into the unknown probability.

“Even if it means a little more loss, I will choose to ban Armand. If it’s Fermi’s personality.”

said Nade.

“The maximum is higher. okay. So why not ban Eden naked?”

Sabina said.

“But that’s just one way of implementing magic, right? It’s like banning Dorothy’s Hickory. If we risk our legitimacy and fall, there is room for us to be attacked as well.”

“There are more important things than that.”

said Amy.

“Anyway, if Iruki’s cancellation isn’t taboo, there’s a way to check Eden’s defense magic. Rather, what will help us in this situation is to seal the Ahnchal’s Demonic Eye.”

Sabina asked.

“But the eye patch didn’t come off even during the graduation exam, right? Will you really break the seal in Scramble Royale?”

“It is not a matter of probability. If there is even a 1% margin, there will be confusion in judgment at the decisive moment. So it’s better to seal it now. Especially because the temples have many secrets.”

Anchal’s origin was the Jincheon Empire across the sea, with a completely different culture from the place where Sirone and his party lived.

Kashan, who occupied the western and central continents, and Gustaf in the eastern continent, Jincheon in the east, and the emperors of these three empires were the three emperors who currently ruled the world.

“Anchal’s major is mental magic, and her affiliate is welcome. However, unlike Arin, it is unfamiliar because it is grafted with Eastern technology.”

If Arin fundamentally infiltrates the opponent’s mind, Anchal shocks them from the outside with an illusion close to reality.

To borrow the words of the scout at the graduation exam, it was a strength equivalent to death, the fourth level of the survival test, and if she made a blade of illusion and stabbed it, it meant that the spirit would be shocked with the strength of the fourth level ‘cutting down’ that Sirone had passed.

“Anchal’s illusion magic is closer to omnipotence than omniscience. If the seal inside the demon’s eye is broken, the strength won’t be level 4.”

You have to deal with such an illusion for 7 days.

Considering the number of students in the graduating class who passed the 4th stage ‘cut down’ at the time of the survival test, it was better to block it.

“good. It seals the magic eye of the eye.”

After agreeing, Sirone returned to the study group and proposed to Hercy.

“I will accept it. However, I’ll bet on unlocking the seal on the eyes. If you accept that, I will also ban the use of Armand.”

The facial expression, which had not changed until now, frowned.

‘I was trying to break the seal.’

While Iruki was certain, Hercy looked back at her eyesight and asked her intentions.

“What are you going to do?”

Anchal, who quickly corrected his expression, nodded.

“good. I had no intention of breaking the seal anyway.”

I thought it was better.

‘Scramble Royale isn’t everything. Even if I win here, I have to fight the Golden Ring again.’

Then the bell announcing midnight rang.

“This is the end of the discussion. If you have anything more to add, tell me now. I’m going to type it on my jersey now.”

Hersy asked, taking out a piece of paper and a pen.

“doesn’t exist. Now all that remains is to stick.”

After 12 hours of intense discussion, there was nothing left to say.

There were parts that were regrettable, but there were also parts that benefited, so most of them were satisfied with this negotiation.

When Hersey wrote down the issues on Judge’s paper, a whopping 48 memos piled up.

“Then let’s begin.”

Hersie, who took turns putting the paper into his jersey, entered the last record and pressed the lens that looked like a buzzer.

A blue light flashed from the lens with a clicking sound, and Lulu’s voice was converted into an electrical signal in everyone’s head, and it was plugged in in an instant.

Scramble Royale begins.

waiting time. 10 hours 58 minutes 32 seconds.


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