Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 58

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[58] Gauge symmetry (4)

Armin recalled those days.

“Not being able to see is like losing space.As the space disappeared, so did the time.Then I realized it in the dark.The fact that the existence of the country is already out of time.That’s how the stop magic was completed.”

Shirone’s heart fluttered.I felt like I heard the essence of stop magic that the wizards couldn’t conquer for many hours.

“You don’t have to be so impressed.It’s not a particularly transcendent ability.It’s only possible within the radius of the Spirit Zone, and it’s very limited.”

Armin looked back at the frozen Cina in time.

“He’s a good brother.He is as soft-hearted as he pretends to be strong.Do you think so, Sirone?”

“Ha ha! Well, I don’t know if he’s soft, but he’s definitely a good guy.”

“What do you think now?”Is my sister beautiful?”

“Well, of course he is.It’s popular at school, too.”

“Then what?”Can we do something strange while the time is stopped?”

Shirone, who understood Armin’s words, blushed.

“What are you talking about?”Am I right, Mr. Armin?….”

“Don’t worry about it.It’s impossible.Currently, we are in a state where the mass converges to zero.If there is no actual mass, it will be dismantled, but the point is acceleration.That’s why stop magic is called the area of light speed.”

“That’s why Ned was so hard when he touched her.I couldn’t even fold my collar because I didn’t have any mass.”

“That’s right. It’s infinitely weak.But it is true that no one can touch us.That’s the real meaning of stop magic.How did you know I would notice?It’s simple, because I also had the same enlightenment as Sirone.”

“If it’s the same realization…–I don’t think so.”

“Yes. It’s an emotional function.”

Shirone’s heart pounded.There is a person in front of me who has experienced an emotional function that no one has given me an answer.It was also the highest wizard in the time series.

“Emotions are realizations of the essence.Since the essence is one, the wavelength between Shirone and me resonates.It’s also called a sense of portraiture.”

“What’s an emotal function?”

“It’s a gateway to infinity.Shirone opened it up.In magic society, these people are called “unlockers.”

Armin, who had been thinking for a while, asked a question.

“Didn’t you feel the ego disintegrating when you opened the mobile function?”

“That’s right! I thought I was really disappearing then.”

“If it had lasted, it would have,”When the mind transcends the end of the number, the spirit zone expands infinitely.But humans are finite beings.That’s why unlockers accept infinity through their own spirit zones.”

Shironet, who heard the explanation, said with a tearful face.

“What should I do?”Even the best wizards were careful, but I didn’t know anything at the time.Perhaps that’s why I have nightmares every night, and I feel a sense of portraiture when I’m alone.”

Armin relieved Shirone with a gentle smile.

“Of course it is.If you could control it from the beginning, you wouldn’t have opened the emotional function.The sense of portraiture is what Shirone feels to himself.for I still don’t know what enlightenment I’ve gained from the great expansion.”

“How can I know?”

“You’ll realize it on your own.It’s just that you can’t name what you already got.”


Seeing Shirone, with a troubled face, Armin recalled his former self.Indeed, no matter how much you say that you will realize it on your own, it could not have felt real.

“Well, then I’ll tell you,”What Shironet realized was that it was called gauge symmetry.”

“Gauge… symmetry?”

“The world must be perfectly balanced.But in reality, the symmetry is broken.Shirone experienced the separation firsthand.That’s probably the cause of the sense of portraiture.”

Shirone continued to recite the word gauge symmetry as a spell.But something magically didn’t come to mind.

said Armin, stroking Shirone’s head.

“You don’t have to worry about anything.I don’t mean to say nothing, but Shirone’s army will eventually arrive.Then you will understand what I mean.”

Shironet took a deep breath and nodded.My mind is not yet organized, but I could see that today’s meeting would be a huge turning point in my future.

“Thank you very much.If I hadn’t met Mr. Armin, I might have been in an overflow, as Mr. Sina said.”

“Unlockers are as close to each other as they share the same wavelength.Of course, that bond sometimes turns into a big fight.I’m glad you’ve been of some help.”

Armin looked back at Sina with a friendly smile.

“I think it’s time to leave the Time Room.I have to finish the painting before my wife comes back.”

“Oh, come to think of it, you said today was the last day, right?”

“Yes, I have a great name, but first of all, I’m a painter.Starting today, I’m going to pack up and leave in a few days.You won’t be able to see her for a while.”

“I’d rather tell the doctor…….”

Armin shook his head.

“Sina is still suffering.Even if I didn’t give up my magic, it wouldn’t bring back my lost eyes.Besides, I’m already married.I want to help her live her life.”

Shironet understood Armin’s feelings.I don’t want to see my younger brother who cares more about his life being tied up in the past.

“Yes, I’ll keep it a secret, too.Thank you very much for today.”

“I enjoyed myself, too.It’s Shirone.”

Armin covered his eyes again with a cloth.As he turned to the canvas, time began to go by.Ned and Iruki’s breaths were heard, and Shina’s smile rekindled her life.

Shirone felt as if he had woken up from a dream.I couldn’t believe I had a conversation with Armin just now.

Time flew by in high spirits.Armin, who completed the painting, turned the canvas back to Sheena.

“What do you think? Do you think it came out well?”

“Yes, it’s beautiful,”

“You’ve had a hard time.It was an honor to paint you.”

“My brother. We’re not strangers.”….”

A feeling of regret flashed through Sina’s eyes.Then, when I heard footsteps downstairs, I stood up in a fit of surprise, before I could say goodbye.Is it already time for your wife to come back?It was faster than usual, but I wasn’t in the mood to think deeply.

“Well, I’ll be going now.Come on out, you guys.”

Sheena tried to leave as if she were running away.At school, Shirone’s party was upset when she was more confident than anyone else, scared just because Armin’s wife was coming.

“Honey, are you drawing?”

Keira leaned forward.Contrary to expectations that she would be as calm as Armin’s personality, she was a cheerful woman in her early 20s.Her eyes met hers and she looked surprised.

“Oh, Mr. Caina?”Now that you mention it, it’s the day you’

“Good morning, Mr. Keira,”It’s been a long time.”

“I know. Why is it so hard to see your face?”You’re not avoiding me on purpose, are you?Whoo-hoo!


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Sheena seized her confused mind.

“Oh, I’m done with my brother.I’m going to go now.”

“I’m here. What’s the hurry?”Have dinner and go.”

“Thank you for your word, but I have an appointment…….”

“Hmm. This is suspicious.Honey, did you do anything suspicious with her when I wasn’t there?”

“Be careful what you say, Keira,”

Armin’s forehead was wrinkled.Shironet thought there was no such thing.The teacher was careful from beginning to end, but he said it was suspicious.

Cina, whose face was flushed, walked out of the room as if she were wearing a coat.Shirone’s party, who was upset, glanced at Keira and followed him.However, Kayla smiled and waved her hand, whether she had no sense or was feeling well-intentioned.

“Good-bye, little ones,”Next time you come, I’ll make you something delicious.”

Of course, no answer came back.Keira tilted her head and muttered in their cold manner.

“Oh, what mistake did I make?”What’s wrong with your expressions?”Did you really do something weird here?”

“Stop fooling around and come down.I want to say hello properly.”

“Well, if it’s your sister, she’s crazy.”

Armin quickly went down the stairs.She was waiting outside the door, perhaps not feeling well at this rate.

“I’m sorry, Sina,”My wife is very talkative.”

“It’s all right. I don’t know when we’ll see each other again if we break up.”Take care of yourself.Stay healthy.”

“Well, you do your best, too.Still, my brother is relieved to see that he is on good terms with his students.Honestly, I was worried if I could do well.Hahaha!”

Sheena burst into a smirk.There must be only Armin in the world who can treat himself as a child.He was the only one who shared memories of his immature childhood.

Shirone was touched.Now it was vaguely understood why the genius of the kingdom had decided to become a teacher, why he was so obsessed with overflow, and why he had kept away from men even when he was nicknamed “Sina of Ice.”

“Then I’ll go,”Let me know if you have time.”

“Well, I’ll see you when I’m settled.and Shirone, Nade, and Iruki.Do your best.I’ll hear your names from far away, if you’ve grown into great wizards.”

“Yes. I’m sorry about today.”

Shirone’s party expressed their sincere thanks.Without Armin’s consideration, things would not have ended so safely.

Armin remained there until the appearance of Caina disappeared.Then Keira, leaning against the door, folded her arms, said with a cold look.

“Armin, get a hold of yourself.I don’t know what will happen if I find myself up there in the air.”

Armin turned to Keira with a displeased look.She lived in disguise as a married couple for three years, but she was really unfriendly.

“No matter how I feel, it’s up to me.Just give me a mission report.Have you finished your investigation?”

“Perfect. There’s nothing more to see in Creas.I have to go to Calvera in the next 15 days.You have to go through a dangerous area, but there’s no problem with the armin in the mine, is there?”

“You don’t have to talk too much.I’ll keep my promise.”

said Armin flatly, but Keira was not relieved.Although selected from the top with excellent insight and genius magic skills, he was a freewheeling man who could leave the organization at any time.

“You didn’t tell her, did you?”

Armin did not answer.

“I don’t want to harm you.Of course, I know that there is no way to capture a reflection of eternity, but you are still a human being.The moment you betray your organization, everyone you love will experience hell.Not only the Synaes, but also the Oleifer school.”

It was a frightening threat, and it was true.The organization to which Keira belongs had enough power, power, and cruelty to survive.

No matter what happens, you have to keep the city.In that sense, I was lucky to meet Shirone.Today’s variable, which no one expected, will someday lead to an advantage.

“You don’t have to worry,”

said Armin, smiling as he looked back at Keira.

“Sina doesn’t know anything.”

In the moonlight, Shina (1)

As they returned to school, Shirone’s party looked anxiously at Shirona’s countenance.

The atmosphere was fine when she was with Armin, but she never knew when she would change her mind.


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