Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 583

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[583] In the name of God (2)

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* * *

The eyes of all scramble participants were fixed on a point in the sky.

Electricity generated on the ground discharged the atmosphere, and lightning fell again from the sky.

“What is that?”

Hersy was too busy admiring the spectacle to even put off the analysis.

The only time he saw that level of lightning as magic in real combat was when the Electric Monster Licorn faced a professional wizard.

‘This is where Nade is.’

Lightning strikes so violent that you wouldn’t even dare to search with sonar.

And finally, a huge light flashed like a crack in the world, and a roar exploded from the top.

It was quiet after that.

* * *

‘Nade! wait!’

Sabina quickly went back the way she had come.

Even she didn’t expect Nade to have this much magical power.

‘The biggest problem is… … .’

Once the magic is embodied, its effects are tangible to the wizard as well.

If it was a thunderbolt enough to devastate the top of the mountain, there was no way that Nade would be safe.

“Yes… … !”

Returning to the battlefield, Sabina couldn’t bear to call her name and was nailed to the spot.

Everything collapsed to ashes, leaving only Nade standing on the ground.

‘It was like that then… … .’

The horror she felt when she was lynched by Nade struck Sabina’s heart again.

It’s not just because you’re weak-minded.

What was happening to Nade right now was definitely a ‘phenomenon’, and it was an aura of real danger.

Where Nade had walked, Frings, his moustache burned, was lying limbs apart.

The moment Nade, with a thunderbolt in his right hand, reached out to stop breathing, he opened his mouth.

“… … save me.”

The reason why the sincerity of a lifetime is contained in these short words is because Nade is really going to kill himself.

If murderous intent has a level, Nade’s place is pure brutality without a speck of dust.

It is different from killing animals to eat or humans killing to have.

‘There is no purpose.’

That is why it is safe to call it nature.

Just as typhoons, earthquakes, and lightning have no meaning in killing living things, they were predators located at the top of the pyramid of killing islands.

“Why should I let you live?”

Frings looked at Nade and looked up to the sky as if running away as soon as he saw his face.

I couldn’t bear to watch it even for a second.

On the contrary, Nade was observing everything in Frings as if he had the corpse of his prey in front of him.

The trembling of the body in fear, the desperate breathing of the creature.

Then, when he found a bandaged finger, he raised his foot and stepped on his hand.


“Don’t make a sound.”

The sound disappeared as if cut with a knife.

“Huh! Hmm! Whoops!”

Frings’s nostrils clung in terror as Nade moved closer to his face.

“Don’t breathe.”

breathing is gone

“okay. die like that.”

‘I can’t breathe!’

The reason why I couldn’t think of dying anyway even if I didn’t breathe was because Nade was scarier than death.

‘Am I dying… … .’

“say it. Why can’t I kill you?”

Just as he was losing consciousness, Frings’ eyes flashed open.

‘There is still hope!’

What I felt in the second question was a bit of humanity.

‘It’s not completely over the line. No, are you desperately suppressing it?’

I don’t know how that is possible, but it was clear that it was the last chance to live.

“If you kill me… … is expulsion. will go to jail The powerful people of the kingdom will kill you.”

“doesn’t care.”

The humanity disappeared from Nade’s voice again.

“Black! Whoops!”

A cry escaped from between Frings’ teeth.

“Think. Let her head roll. because i don’t know So you convince me.”

Nade declared.

“Give me three seconds.”

“Huh! Whoops!”

Frings closed his eyes tightly and sobbed.

‘Think! I have to think of it!’


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The brain of a creature about to die was searching for an answer at an unprecedented speed.

All energy began to be released as the brain, the nerves connected to the brain, and the cells of the whole body coordinated.

‘There must be a reason why I can’t kill.’

A unique brain neural pattern that had never appeared before flashed, and all the knowledge I knew came up in its entirety.

When he couldn’t find an answer there, he finally began to trace his past experiences.

The day I decided to become a pervert, overflow, my baby sucking my mother’s milk… … .

The fetus in the womb, the embryo, the two feeble experiences of being separated into sperm and egg, and reaching the end… … .



Frings’ eyes flashed open.

“If you kill me!”

Afterimages of electricity shimmering in front of the retina.

“I can never come back.”

“… … .”

Frings continued, writing out all the air in his lungs.

“You are desperately holding back. If you cross the line here, you… … can’t come back therefore… … .”

A squeezed sound crawled out of his throat.

“Save me… … .”

He grabbed Nade’s hand and the electricity went off.

“Take out your MasterCard.”

Unaware of how his broken finger twisted, Frings rummaged through his pockets.

“Tear it up.”

When the card squeaks and separates, Nade gets up and leaves.

Every time he heard footsteps, Frings’ body convulsed.

‘Nade… … .’

Sabina reached out to Nade as he walked away.

I’m glad he didn’t cross the line.

‘but… … .’

What I realized today is that I can’t get close to you.

No one in the world will be able to handle him.

As long as he doesn’t give up.


Sitting on a charred rock, Nade covered his cursed face with both hands and exhaled.

The original face was revealed through the realization of the facial image.

Thanks to the cool pouring, I regained my reason to some extent, but what was flooding me was bitter regret and self-loathing.

‘face. This face!’

Even without a mirror, the image of his mother stuck in his mind spoke of him as he is now.

“Damn it!”

The two hands that were covering his face stood up like awl.

Every time he scratched his skin with his fingernails, red lines of blood were drawn across his face.


Just hearing Nade’s shouts made Frings gasp.

“Huh! Hmm! Whoops!”

Tears welled up in his bloodshot eyes as he sucked in the air.

Nade, Frings.


* * *

After the scramble royale on the 6th day, the Sirone team gathered one after another in the hideout.

“Iruki, what happened? Why is Nade… … ?”

Upon arriving, Sirone asked.

According to Lulu’s signal, Nade left the area and was judged outside the field.

Iruki waited for the other team members without a word.

Sabina, who appeared helpless, shook her head at the silent gaze sent by Iruki.

‘Hmm, did that happen after all?’

I won’t be able to see Nade for a while.

‘Because it’s been like that before.’

The bloody battle in the middle of the night when it was raining passed through my mind.

‘Still, no deaths have been reported. You kept it until the end. Good work, Nade.’

“Iruki, tell me. What happened to Nade?”

Iruki pondered for a moment.

However, if anyone else knew about it, he would have preferred not to be known to Sirone.

“Sirone, Nade likes you more than me.”

“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“So trust me. Everyone has secrets they want to hide. You did too.”

“But I… … .”

“Yeah, I told you. So listen for yourself. Nade will definitely come back to us. Let’s focus on the confrontation for now.”

Sirone kept her mouth shut.

After a while Dorothy arrives and finally Amy truds through the bushes.

“Amy? What are you like?”

Just like Sirone at the end of Scramble Royale on Day 1, he was covered in dirt.

“I’m not kidding, Kayden.”

Sat down in her seat, she stuck out her tongue and said.

“They chase me like they have rabies… … . Sirone, how did you endure this?”

“Could it be that the target has changed to you? cowardly… … .”

Amy shook her head resolutely.

“no. This is a problem between the two of us. I have personal feelings that I need to release. Anyway, I’ll be in charge of Caden tomorrow as well. Is that okay?”

In a situation where Sirone had to stop Eden anyway, there was no one better than Amy.

“okay. Since we have the upper hand in the number of people, it would be better to put at least one person in shackles.”

“That’s right, come to think of it, the eyelashes are also retired. I couldn’t attend the midterm call because I was fighting with Caden, what happened?”

“You negotiated with me.”

“with you?”

Given Sirone’s personality, there was no way he would agree to such an agreement.

“There must be some other reason, right?”

“huh. It’s about Istas, but it’s complicated to explain. Once you win Scramble Royale, you will definitely hear it.”

Iruki arranged it.

“Currently, the number of scrambles we have collected is 28. There are 30 opponents.”

“sorry. I wanted to at least match the number.”

Iruki shook his head at Dorothy’s words.

“This is good enough against insect magic. Only one day left until tomorrow It will be a real sword fight between me and Hercy.”

Sabina asked.


“Me and Dorothy will team up and move. Hercy will be paired with Fishaw. We will use the scrambles we collected today to stick together, and at the same time, we will collect the scrambles that will be summoned tomorrow to match the strongest hand.”

“In a word, it becomes a real card game.”

“It’s that kind of game. But there are many external variables. First of all, Amy must take charge of Cayden, and Sirone must destroy Eden’s infinity.”

“Then shall I destroy my hand now?”

To deal with Eden, it was good to make Sirone infinite as well.

“I have something to check before that.”

Iruki asked.

“Did you cast Ataraxia during the day? how was it?”

Everyone paid attention to Sirone.

“To be honest, it’s a really strong defense. Even if I increased the output more, I probably wouldn’t have destroyed it.”

The power of the Photon Cannon that passed through Ataraxia was shocking because my friends had also experienced it many times.

“That’s about it… … .”

Iruki came up with a new idea.

“If you want to give Sirone infinite, you need to use 12 scrambles right now.”

○○○○○○ (Infinite), which would destroy Sirone’s ●○●●○● (Extinction), and Infinity, which Sirone should have, were needed separately.

“Then there are two infinity? Aren’t you okay?”

“Then the enemies will also make 2 infinity. war from then on. But this is pointless. As long as you have scramble, you can make infinite at any time, then the combined team with fishoes has an advantage.”

“Then what do you plan to do?”

“From now on, it’s up to Sirone. Eden’s defense, can you really destroy it?”

As Sirone hesitated, Amy asked.

“What does that mean?”

“If Sirone can break the shield, I won’t break Sirone’s hand.”

“Then Eden might call Kang, right? Bring your MasterCard.”

“That’s why it’s a one-time opportunity. It’s the 6th round of scramble, i.e. the last one. If Eden doesn’t have the Master Card, he can’t cast Kang anyway, and the match ends when he destroys the shield.”

said Dorothy.

“Instead of that, you can save 12 scrambles. Also, if Eden has the Master Card, then we can make 2 infinity.”

“That’s right. Tomorrow is definitely a showdown of combinations. It would be a waste to spend 12 scrambles on Sirone right now. that’s why i’m asking Sirone, if you can break Eden’s shield, I’ll use 12 scrambles in a card game with Hercy. can you do it?”


Sirone raised her head after thinking carefully.

“you can do it.”

It was something I had to do.


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