Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 60

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[60] Sheena (3) under the moonlight

“Aha! You’re an educator, aren’t you?”Nice to meet you. My name is Cossain Silver, the fourth member of the aristocracy.My father is a clerk in Creas.With all due respect, I fell in love at first sight.It would be an infinite honor if you could give me the good fortune to take me home.”

Sheena wriggled up her upper body.Instead of looking at Silver, however, he supported his forehead with both hands and sighed.

“Sigh, I’m sorry to bother you,”I wanted to get a little drunk today.’

It seems that only bad things happen today.Aren’t you weak by your disciples, ignored by Keira, and now even strange men are sticking together?

There was a bitter smile on the lips of Sina, who thought so.Maybe it’s just like a woman who’s broken up now.

“Hoo-hoo. But there are people who say I’m good.”A woman like me with a cruel personality and a heartless heart.”

I’ve never felt love for anyone.When Armin appeared with Keira three years ago, he didn’t feel betrayed.But there seemed to be some expectation.I wonder what it would be like to see them again.But can it really be called love?

“I’ve introduced myself too grandly.I’m sorry about this.I met a woman who I never wanted to miss, so I wanted to look good.If it’s rude, I hope you’ll forgive me.”

“It’s all right. I’m tired, so please go.”

Sheena was really tired.Of course, it is not difficult to sober up with the spirit of a certified sixth-class wizard, but the unrealistic haze of alcohol was still needed.

“It’s not chivalry to leave a woman alone.I’ll take you to the carriage.Lean on me.”

When Silver seized her by the shoulder and tried to help her, Shirone’s party immediately protested.

“What are you doing?”Don’t mess with the teacher.”

“There seems to be some misunderstanding, and I’m going to take you there.”It’s none of your children’s business, so you should go home now.I’ll just have to take the coach.”

Silver tried to help her by force.Then Cyrone seized him by the wrist.In front of Shina, Silver’s face, who was a good sheep, was instantly distorted.Being ignored by a woman can be tolerated for a desired purpose.However, his pride was not acceptable to be treated like this by a child.

“Hey, you insolent little thing,”Where did you learn this?Let go of this hand when you speak nicely.”

“The teacher said no.Please leave now.We’ll take care of you, sir.”

“Because the little ones are so cute.I saw earlier that you were the ones who made me drink. Do you know what you’re up to?Where’s your school?Do you all want to be expelled?”

Shirone’s face turned cold.The reason for bringing up the school was to pressure Cina.This is because if a teacher causes an accident in such a place, he or she will be talked about.

said Iruki.

“In conclusion, you’ve been looking this way for a while.I don’t think it’s your business, then.And just to tell you one more thing, the teacher here isn’t the kind of person you are.”

“You? Did you just call me you?”

“Then I’ll call you you, what do you call yourself?”Should I call him a pervert?

“You brat!”

Silver turned his drunkenness into anger and grabbed Iruki by the collar.However, as soon as he felt a tingling sensation in his side, his hands lost strength.The impression of Silver crept back, clutching his stomach.

“What’s this?”

Ned was generating electricity from the palm of his hand.

“Get out of here. I’ll break your bottom next time.”

A Honam-type man, who was waiting to use force, approached Silver with a serious look on his face.

“Hey, they’re students of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

“Magic School? Alpeas Magic School?”

Silver’s expression wasn’t good either.The magic school was different from the school attended by ordinary aristocrats.Furthermore, the Alpeas Magic School was one of the five most prestigious kingdoms in the country.

Silver rolled his eyes and focused on figuring out what was going on, and Iruki laughed and approached him.

“I hear you’re going to kick us out of school?”

“No, it’s…….”

“I’m MERCODINE EVERKI.If you can kick me out of school, feel free to do so.”

“Me, mercodyne?”

I felt like I was all sober.No matter how provincial Crayas was, no one of the nobles in the Kingdom of Tormia did not know the surname Mercodine.

Of course, it was the first class of aristocrats, and it was the best literacy family that had never been deprived of the head of the king’s advisory body, “Yongneung,” for hundreds of years.

Silver’s pupils shook in a hurry, and Yiruki looked displeased as if he knew it.Wherever you go, there are so-called “family members” nobles.Nevertheless, the reason for scaring Silver in a hateful manner was to protect Cina.I know he has no guts to play tricks, but I cut him off because I might harm him by taking advantage of his weakness as a teacher.Of course, I didn’t think she would be shaken by this much, as an Olipharist.

“Let’s go, Silver,”Hey, Silver!”

The Honam man pulled Silver’s arm.Silver also thanked his friend for saving his face, and ran away with his tail off.After they had disappeared, Shirone’s party was still angry.It was obvious that they had no regard for themselves, given that they had played a trick on Sina.He must have looked even more ridiculous because he was so small.

“The water here is terribly bad.You can’t tell just by looking at the sign.Let’s not come again.”

“Well, let’s get out of here anyway.It’s getting dark, too.

“Teacher, are you all right?”

“Well, it’s all right.Let’s go now.”

Seena, supported by Ned, struggled to get up.She was annoyed by the sudden twisted flies, but she was not in a bad mood.What is there to be afraid of when his disciples are protecting him?Even a certified sixth-class wizard was only one woman outside who was accustomed to being escorted according to the laws of the aristocracy.

Suddenly the disciples looked cute.gladly calculated for dinner, she stumbled out of the door.

There was a moon in the sky.

As the moonlight poured down from the cloudless sky, Sina let out a sigh of joy.

I felt strangely good.Maybe it’s because of alcohol, but maybe it’s a new leap forward today.I felt that I could live my life for the first time out of the shadow of Armin.Maybe it’s because of alcohol, but…….

“Oh, I feel good.I’m very happy today.”

She looked up at the moon like a girl and spun round and round.Shirone’s party, who had just left the store, opened their mouths blankly.

Did alcohol melt her frozen heart for a while?

With her purple hair untied, she was beautiful in the moonlight.It was also fun to see the trench coat unfold like an umbrella.People wandering the streets at night turned to her, but no one was kicking their tongues or frowning.

That’s how lovely Shina was.

Shiro’s party didn’t want to stop him.Rather, I watched with interest the drunkenness that I had never seen before.

“That’s what you’re like, sir.This is unexpected.

“Maybe… we’ve got a scoop?”

Iruki’s eyes flashed and heaps of thoughtful.

“Well, you mean it could be used as a weapon, right?”Weapons that can prevent the dissolution of the research group.”

“I think it’s possible if you just make it right.She doesn’t have the nature of perjury.Wouldn’t you be embarrassed when you think of your memories?”

While Ned and Iruki were plotting, Shironet pointed to Shina and shouted,

“Hey! Over there!”

Sheena, who was hovering in the same place, twisted her steps.Like a spinning top that lost its rotational power, it was about to collapse soon.


It would be a disaster if I fell in front of people.Shironet supported her on her back, and Ned and Iruki grabbed her arms from both sides.


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“Sir, get a hold of yourself.We can enter the school only when the teacher is fine.”

“Well, I’m dizzy.”

Sheena staggered with a fork.I emptied a bottle of cognac in an hour and circled it dozens of times, would I be sober?It wasn’t a drink, it was a punishment.

“Hey, hey! I can’t do this.Shiro, you should carry him on your back.”

“What? Why me?”

“But you’re the strongest of us all.”

Shirone sighed.Three 18-year-old boys gathered, but they couldn’t sleep and eat because they were concentrating on magic training, so their physical strength was lower than their peers.

Perhaps because Sirone had climbed mountains and trees since childhood, he was more energetic than his friends.

“I can’t do it,”I’ll have you on my back, sir to carry me on your back.”

“Don’t make it so obvious that you don’t like it.Do you think there are many chances to piggyback a teacher?I’m rather jealous.”

Ned’s expression was nothing to envy.Instead, he grinned disgustingly with a relieved look.

“Well, if you can’t speak,”

Shirone, carrying Shirona on his back, moved on.Outside the aristocracy, the number of people decreased noticeably.Leisure activities were just a luxury for ordinary people who earned and ate from day to day.

“But Mr. Sina is surprisingly small.It’s really small on my back.I usually thought I was about the same height as myself.”

“It’s a psychological problem, isn’t it?Teachers always look big, don’t they?

“Is that so? But it’s surprisingly heavy.It’s getting harder.”

Iruki nodded and laughed.

“Hehe. He’s a human being, isn’t he?”All women are made up of bones, muscles and flesh.You didn’t think it was as light as a feather, did you?”

I didn’t think about it, but I expected it to be vaguely light.However, it could not be found that he had never even held a woman’s hand, let alone carried her.

“No! I know that much.But this is really hard.I don’t think I can make it to school.”

“If you can’t go, we can’t go either.Just hang in there.”

“Can’t we use magic?”You can fly it with air magic.”

“But I’m a teacher, but that’s a little…….”

When I remembered it, I thought it would look strange.At last, Shirone, who had been acting as a palanquin, grumbled again at the idea of unfairness.

“There are three men, and one woman can’t hold it. What’s wrong?”I’m jealous of Liane at times like this.If it were Lian, she could carry me on her back.I’d rather learn how to do it.”

Ned and Iruki remained silent.To be honest, I felt ashamed because I couldn’t carry a slender woman on my back.

But indeed, women were heavier creatures than I thought, and they, who knew nothing but books, had not the slightest force.

“What can I do? All I did was breathe.I’m confident in using my brain.”

Iruki flicked his finger.

“Well, let’s use our brains,”Learn the schema right now.What do you think, Shirone?Can you do it?”

“Does that make sense?”What should I do with the schema all of a sudden?”

“You can try,”In my case, I did the Spirit Zone at once.You didn’t do it, did you?”

said Ned.

“No, I did it at once, too.I got the hang of it, and it worked right away.”Sirone, how about you?”

Shirone, who was groaning under the weight of Shirona, looked up.

“Huh? Oh, I did it at once.In fact, I didn’t even know it was a Spirit Zone at the time.”

Can I enter the Spirit Zone without knowing it’s the Spirit Zone?I thought that was just like Shirone, so I giggled.

“It’s unusual, though,”Anyway, that’s why I want you to try it right away.Isn’t the basic principle the same?”

It turned out that Iruki’s words were plausible.Of course, there is aptitude, but challenging was not a loss.

“Should I? Should I really give it a try?”In fact, my arm is so stiff that I’m about to die.”


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