Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 606

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[606] To someone (4)

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* * *

Liz, who stayed up all night waiting for Oscar, buried her head in the table, leaving the cold coffee unattended.


Even when I came to Creas after taking a long vacation, I had no idea that my heart would be so distraught.

‘He met another woman?’

It was unimaginable until he heard from Nade, but it was true that Oscar did not come unannounced.

‘Nade is not one to lie.’

How did it come to be like this?

I just wanted to see him one last time before making a promise to Oscar for the rest of my life.

“Don’t move!”

In Alchemist Wiz’s warehouse, Nade killed 6 wizards in an instant.

Just as she was about to deal with the one remaining wizard, the concentric circles of flame that restrained Liz flared up.

“Don’t lift a finger. If you do nonsense, this woman will die.”

Time-sharing technology was far from a wizard from the guild, and the only way left was to threaten Nade with Liz as a hostage.


When Nade calmed the electric shock that wrapped around his body, a smile appeared on Wiz’s face.

“it’s okay! Dispose of it!”

The wizard hesitated because he couldn’t cast any other magic while holding Liz.

However, it was foolish to honestly say, ‘I can only do this.’

‘This is why people from the street… … .’

Wiz, who realized from the wizard’s concerned expression, frowned, and soon found a new solution.

‘That’s it!’

If you shoot Nade with the Ultrix, which emits electrical energy, it will burn without a trace.

Liz’s face went pale as Wiz activated the Ultrix.

“Nade! Run away!”

“Shut up.”

The wizard who scared Liz warned Nade.

“Don’t move, if you want to save the woman.”

Having said that, I wondered if the deal was worth it, but surprisingly, Nade took a completely disarmed stance.

“Do whatever you feel like.”

“Nade, why… … ?”

Looking at Liz with an expression of incomprehension, Nade raised the corner of his mouth bitterly.

“Well, why?”

Even for Nade, who recalls the day, the decision at the time remains unknown.

Maybe he just wanted to end it.

“Mr. Wiz! hurry!”

shouted the sorcerer, who thought he had to get rid of Nade before he changed his mind.

In the meantime, powerful electrical energy was condensed at the ejection port of Ultrix, and it was ready to burn the object in front immediately.


Liz, who saw Nade exposed to the Ultrix defenseless, made the only choice.

‘I must die.’

As I stepped out of the concentric circles of flame, the flames soared to the ceiling.


At the same time as Nade shouted, Wiz fired the Ultrix.


The electricity that jumped out at the speed of light hit Nade, and he closed his eyes tightly, unable to bear to see even the cruel Wiz.


When he opened his eyes to Nade’s moans that were still going on, an unbelievable sight was unfolding even for him, a pensioner with 30 years of experience.

“I-what is that?”

A ruthless electric shock was wrapping around Nade’s body.

“Immune to electricity?”

If it were a human, no, it would be impossible with the body of a creature.

If it’s the only possibility, there’s only one.

“no way?”

At that moment, Nade’s body disappeared like lightning, cutting through the wizard’s flames.

Liz, who was in Nade’s arms before she knew it, lifted her head.



Nade, whose face was covered with veins rising from his neck, was biting his teeth as if desperately holding back something.

“This is nonsense… … .”

The magician finally realized when the flames that had missed their target lost their power and went out.

Spark, which can be said to be the best movement skill in the electric shock class.

However, unlike photon-type teleportation, it was a magic that could not be cast without special equipment because it burned even the wizard’s body.

“Run away. now… … I can’t stand it.”

Nade, who had pushed Liz away, turned away with an uncontrollable murderous intent.

“Blood, avoid!”

The moment Wiz and the wizard scattered in different directions, Nade let out a scream and released the seething power.


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At the same time as the warehouse flashed, thousands of electric currents were twisted sharply like wires and pushed forward.

* * *

“you… … this child.”

Nade, struck by Lightning Thunder, bent over, trembled, and raised his head with terrifying eyes.

The moment their eyes met, Oscar felt as if all his blood evaporated.

“How can electricity… … !”

The reaction of those who first encountered Nade’s anomaly was always the same.

And those who are unfamiliar with magic are terrified, but those who are versed in magic are all shocked and think of one thing.

“Magic fairy tale?”

Or call it horsepower match.

As a phenomenon in which the mind of a wizard completely coincided with magic, the anecdote of the ice queen exiled to the Leth Mountains was representative.

However, this is a phenomenon that even a wizard with a normal mindset cannot approach.

This is because magicians are basically people with strong reason, and magical assimilation is the most irrational state of mind, in which the mind matches the phenomena of nature.

That’s why wizards caught in magical fairy tales brought disaster wherever they went, and those words were always miserable.

‘No, it’s impossible.’

Nade apparently had a normal conversation with himself a little while ago.

However, the image of Nade approaching while wrapped in electricity was clearly electricity itself.


At Nade’s declaration, Oscar hurriedly cast teleportation.

A lightning bolt fell on the spot where he was bending and devastated a 20-meter radius with an absurd thunder.


A scream erupted spontaneously from Oscar’s mouth as he rolled to the floor in the shockwave.

An electrical accident, not a human accident.

Like the energy of electricity, the only emotion that came to mind in Nade was the natural desire to destroy everything.


A completely distorted face, blood vessels were all protruding, and blue light was radiating from the eyes.

‘Die. really die.’

Destructive instinct without purpose.

The appearance of a natural phenomenon manifesting itself as a human and walking away was exactly the same as the horror Frings had experienced before, and Oscar trembled.

“Buy, buy people… … !”

As the spark was cast, Oscar’s body arrived at a distance of 100 meters.


When Ned crashed into the trunk of a tree, a powerful impact hit the back of his head, and a squeezing voice was heard.

“why… … It did?”

The moment he heard that question, Oscar, like Frings, found a glimmer of hope.

‘I still have reason left.’

I don’t know how that is possible, but it was obvious that if I didn’t answer the question, I would die.

“What, what did you say?”

“Why did you bring Liz? If success is so good, wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t bring him in from the beginning? Shouldn’t she have gone to that woman?”

“I told you not to come! I mean conflicted, me too… … . It was the only way for me to join the association, even though I was not from a prestigious background.”

“That doesn’t answer.”

“Really! I mean, I loved Liz too!”

It was sincere, but it was a wrapped truth.


Oscar’s heart sank, and his heart sank to the bottom.

“I did it because I didn’t know! It might not go well, and I didn’t want to miss Liz, so I brought her!”

In the face of human weakness, which cannot be said to be bad, Nade’s power grew stronger.

“Please save me. If you kill me, Liz won’t even know I cheated on you. I will resent you!”

That kind of thing was good.

What Nade really feared was the guilt of killing the man she loved.


However, the phenomenon of magic assimilation, which he desperately suppressed, was destroying Nade’s spirit as if he had reached the limit of his patience.

“go. quickly here… … .”

The moment Nade’s hands gave out and Oscar collapsed, the final limit was cut.


The screams of Oscar as he struggled and crawled on his limbs were drowned out by the din of electric shocks exploding in all directions.

“Sah, save people!”

Electricity slammed after him like the fangs of a beast.

I was already insane, and I didn’t even notice that my pants were damp from incontinence.

Oscar breathed like a beast and turned his head to see Nade, completely engulfed in electricity, rushing at him with white eyes radiating.


The moment the most miserable scream in my life broke out, someone rushed at me like the wind.


When Sirone, who blocked Oscar’s way, cast a beam, Nade cast a spark and moved at a right angle.

As soon as the first curtain touched her skin, Sirone was dazed at the unusual reaction speed that she evaded.

“Iruki! hurry!”

When Sirone called, Iruki immediately landed and took Oscar with him.

They were waiting for Ned, who was killing him at the Dolphin Inn, from afar, and when he took Oscar and cast space movement, they heard an explosion and ran all the way here.

“Sirone! Avoid you too!”

As long as the magical assimilation phenomenon had already occurred, there would be no distinction between friends and family to Ned.

“Nade! it’s me! Wake!”

Sirone shouted without giving up, and Nade disappeared at the same time.

The sound of gripping exploded, and Nade, who had come in front of me before I knew it, tore off half of Sirone’s face with his hand.

A second in the future until hearing the sound of a face being crushed by a powerful electric shock and exploding.

‘Poems of fire!’

Sirone hurriedly turned his face back and saw Ned’s hand clawing past him.

Without time to think about anything else, after casting teleportation after another, Sirone stepped back 30 meters and stopped with her hand on the ground.

“Heo-eok! Huh! Huh!”

My heart was beating like crazy and my whole body was shaking as if I had been electrocuted.

One of the two legs supporting the weight gave way and snapped.

‘That’s why I said no.’

Iruki, who was already out of range, clicked his tongue.

The current Nade was magic, not a wizard, and electricity, not a human.

The electricity that has been distorted with murderous intent.

‘It’s not horror. My friend.’

Anyone would feel absolute fear in front of Nade, but Sirone did not give up and got up.

“Nade! It’s me, Sirone! Please come to your senses!”

“Sirone… … .”

The light in one of Nade’s eyes went out, and a human-like voice leaked out.

“Nade! come to my senses… … !”


But it was short-lived, and Nade cast the spark magic again, spreading the plasma thickly on the floor.

The spectacle of lightning flashing everywhere and the grotesque distorting and blending of natural phenomena seemed to me like a scene from somewhere in the distant universe.

“How could that be?”

Oscar, who watched the battle with a distraught expression, murmured.

‘A senior year student?’

His pride as a wizard rose as he got public recognition, but he had never even thought that such a ruthless and unreasonable fight could exist.

‘Are you still friends?’

Iruki also looked at him in awe this time.

Being able to face Nade’s transcendent murderous intent head-on proves that Sirone’s spirit is also at the highest level beyond the fear of nature.

‘But Sirone, you know?’

Even so, it was good to end this fight even for a second.

“There is no limit to magic assimilation.”


Nade, who couldn’t catch Sirone, let out a scream, and the electric shock exploded and burned everything.

“Die! We will die!”

Oscar couldn’t even think of avoiding the waves of electricity that surged like a tidal wave.

‘I can’t stop this!’

Looking at the gigantic natural phenomenon, Sirone stretched her arms behind her.

‘Yes, Iruki. Seeing it in person is definitely different.’

He had no choice but to admit that to stop Nade, he too would have to be prepared to die.

“Golden Armed Forces!”

The moment Sirone shouted as he grabbed Armand’s handle, Nade rushed at him with thunder.


Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 605Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 607
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