Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 61

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[61] Under the moonlight, Sina (4)

Ned instigated it.

“Try it, try it said.First of all, you have to project the image of your body from a state of immobility.And then….”

“I know what it is, too,”Wait a minute.Let me concentrate.”

Shirone closed his eyes when his friends closed their mouths.a state of selflessness just before entering the Spirit Zone.From there, it reflects the image of the body and awakens the senses of the whole body with insight!

“Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”Oh, no, I can’t.It’s getting harder.”

said Iruki, holding back his laughter.

“You fool, do you really think you can do it?”Being specialized in the Spirit Zone means that you are completely incapable of schemas.”


Ned burst into laughter, and Cyrone looked back at them with his axe-eyed eyes.

“I won’t do it!”Change!”

Eventually, the three of them took turns carrying her on their backs.

Ned, however, spread out half the distance Shirone had walked, and Yiruki could not move ten steps at all.

Shirone, who carried Cynah again with his shaky arm, was absurd.

“Hey, don’t we look so pathetic?”

“It’s not polite of you to say out loud what you need to think, Shiro.”

After Ned’s words, the three of them shut up.But that didn’t mean he was in a sense of shame.I was just too tired to talk.

By the time I got to school, Shirone suddenly spoke to me.

“There you are…Let’s not do that.”

“What do you mean? Which one?”

“Negotiating with Mr. Sina about what happened today.”


It was true that Ned was also guilty of conscience.However, the existence of the research group was at stake, nothing else was at stake.

“But there’s no good way,”Have you come up with a plan to save the research group?”

“No, but I think it should be separate from that.To be honest, today……it must have been a very sad day for Mr. Shina.I don’t know exactly, but that’s how I feel.”

It was a fact that everyone felt.I said goodbye to the person I had kept in mind since I was a child.Sheena was a strong person just by drinking a drink.

“But isn’t it strange to be so sentimental?”What’s the reason we live?You’re a dead body except when you use your head.At times like this, you have to be cool-headed.There is no way to save the research group right away, so is there any need to overdo it?”

Iruki’s words were also convincing.If you make a wrong decision because you are biased toward emotion, the future that will unfold is a series of hardships.

Ned’s heart sank quietly, too.

“Well, to be honest, Mr. Cina is the type that is hard to deal with.There’s no weakness.How could we have thought of this?It is true that it is a golden opportunity.”

Iruki agreed.

“He has a rough personality, he’s meticulous in planning, and he’s meticulous in managing students.Especially you’ve you heard of it.You even talked about going out with Shirone to stop overflowing.What can we do against an opponent who is so close?”

“These things…!”

Sheena, listening with her eyes closed, choked up.I was depressed and tired, so I tried to carry him on my back quietly, but I couldn’t listen to him.

“But now I know,”

said Shironet.

“Why did the teacher choose to be a teacher, and why he was so obsessed with overflow?Mr. Sina doesn’t want us to walk the same path as her.”

“Well, but…….”

“No matter what you do, it’s important that you truly care for us.But what about us?You’re trying to attack the teacher’s painful past with your weakness.I don’t think the senior members of the research group want to see their juniors so broken.”

This time, Iruki could not refute it.The wizard always seeks efficiency, but if he is too focused on efficiency, he misses something really important.

“…you always hit the nail on the head at times like this.”

said Ned, who had made his decision.

“Well, let’s keep the teacher’s business secret today.What do you think, Rudy?”

“I have no complaints if I can’t relate to the work of the research group.To be honest, I think Mr. Shiina is the best in education.”

“Well, we’re the bad guys.There are few teachers who take care of their students as well as Mr. Shiina.Besides, you’ve really cut me some slack compared to what we’ve done.”

said Iruki.

“I’ll let you go this time.”It’s a research group. If the three of us put our heads together, we can find a solution, right?”

said Shironet.

“Then that’s how you do it, isn’t it?Even if you are to be disciplined tomorrow, what happened today will be taken to the grave.Don’t ever say it!”

“Good! Sold!”

When I got out of the hope torture, I felt better.Shirone’s party walked with a lighter mind than before.No one knew that Shina, who was on Shironet’s back, had opened her eyes for some time.

I saw the main gate of the magic school.Shironet, half exhausted, found a guard standing with a torch and stopped.It was not midnight yet, so the overtime team was not leaving work.

“What should I do? If I go back to this state, I don’t know what kind of rumors there will be.”Besides, we’re going out without permission, aren’

“I can’t do it,”Let’s use magic from here on out.I’ll float Mr. Caina, and you’ll hold him.”

“Wait a minute. Put the teacher down for now.Iruki, help me.”

As I bent my knees, the weight on my back suddenly disappeared.Shiona stood upright as Shiona looked back in astonishment.His drunken appearance disappeared, and his eyes were as clear as starlight.

“Sir, sir?”

Shirone, feeling dejected, sank to the ground.If you were able to walk, what would become of yourself that you had worked so hard to carry?

“Are you sure you’re all right, sir?”

“Well, did you really think I’d get drunk.

Shironet let out a heavy breath and wept.

“But why have you ever……?”

“If you’ve eaten an expensive meal, you’ll have to pay for it.You didn’t want to suffer this much?Anyway, come with me.If you want to go in beautifully.”

Shirone’s party followed Shirona as if possessed.The guard who recognized her greeted her with sleepy eyes.

“Oh, good night, Mr. Sina,”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”

“But… Did you go out with the students?”

“Yes. I brought him out on a field trip.”


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“Oh, I see,”I’m glad you’Have a comfortable night.”

Although the school regulations prohibit students from entering at night, there was no doubt that Shina, who has a high reputation on campus, said it.

Shirone’s party, frightened, quickly walked past the school gate.I was nervous that the guard might call me from behind.When she reached Central Park safely, she turned around and stared at them.


Shiro’s party finally felt it.that he had returned to the Alpeas School of Witchcraft.

“I’ll let what happened today go.”

When something completely different came out, Shirone’s party glanced at Shirona with astonishment.

“I’ll give you another month from today.That’s the best bargaining chip I can offer.”

Shiro’s party realized what they were talking about.Initializing the grace period meant trying to win a real game.

“Find a way to convince the school in a month.Whether you hold a presentation or bring a ghost, it’s up to you.If you’re really proud of the research group, fight the school and get what you want.That’s my view of education and the way I love my students.”

Shirone’s party was choked up.I couldn’t believe that Cina, not anyone else, had told me this.

“Yes! Look forward to it!”I’m sure you’ll surprise the school!”

“That’s right! It’s not our style to get caught up!”Let’s really think about it and try it this time!”

Seena smiled bitterly as she looked at her students who had regained their confidence.It is true that anxiety is relieved first when their motivation is high, but on the other hand, I was looking forward to what great work they could do.

“Hoo-hoo. Try your best.”I’ve had enough of my students.”

Invisibility (1)

Shirone, who visited the research group later than usual, looked at Ned and Iruki lying on the sofa and raised their hands helplessly.


“Did you sleep well last night?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know if I slept.What about you?”

“Same, what are we going to do now?”We had a meeting all night yesterday, and we didn’t get any good ideas.”

said Shironet, sitting on the sofa.

“I must make a decision today.Let’s take measures.”

“So how?Supernatural psychic science is an invisible phenomenon.But humans don’t believe in invisible things.”

The same story was repeated last night.Tired of even speaking, they stared blankly at only one place.I felt empty in my head and blank.How long had it been, Shirone’s eyes returned to focus.

“Why don’t you change your mind?”

Ned and Iruki sprang to their feet.I don’t know what words will come out, but it was definitely different from the patterns that have appeared so far.


“So that’s the dilemma we’re facing.There is no way to show the invisible.”

“Yes, that’s a big problem.”

“So, I mean, if it’s invisible, you don’t have to show it.Should I say that I’ve been clinging to the impossible?I think it would be better to try not to show it.”

Saying that it doesn’t matter if you don’t show it was also in line with saying that there was no need for a presentation.But my friends were not disappointed.Rather, I was lost in thought, perhaps because I realized something.

“What you can’t verify means you don’t have to verify it.”

“That’s it,”The reason why I joined the research group is not because you showed me something.Then wouldn’t it be the same for everyone else?”

A smile crept around Iruki’s mouth.

“Why didn’t I think of that?”That’s right. We didn’t have to verify it from the beginning.We didn’t have to show them what we didn’t know.On the contrary…….”

“You make them believe in invisible things, don’t you?”

Ned was convinced that this was the answer he was looking for.Immediately he left his seat and rolled over, hugging Shirone.

“Shiro! Come here!”You saved our research group!You may take my first kiss!”

“Go away!”

While Sirone and Nade were making a great deal of money on the sofa, he was lost in thought.The real difficulty was from now on.

“Then what shall we do?”Shirone’s words are the solution, but you have to have the character of a presentation anyway.In the end, we need tangible results.”

Ned returned to his seat.Shirone swept his messy hair, too.It wasn’t the time to play around.

“Let’s think about it.What are you going to show me?”

The three of them put their heads together.Once the strands were caught, there were endless ways to come up with them.The point was something that would make you believe in the invisible.

“Wouldn’t it be better to be auditory?”It’s easy to design.”

“Effective, though.But it doesn’t work.We must also consider whether the school will accept it.”

“Then let’s go with the visual.If you can, your hearing ability. Put everything you can into it.”

“Then what do you visualize?”Supernatural or psychic?

“The supernatural is not popular.I think a ghost would be good.”

Ned raised his hand.

“I vote for the spirit, too.There must be a soul, a ghost, a ghost, or a phenomenon, which of these?”

said Shironet.

“Don’t you think ghosts are better?”It’s intense.”

“But wouldn’t it be childish?”

Ned looked skeptical.But Yiruki saw that Shirone was right.

“I think ghosts are better.The key is to penetrate people’s thoughts strongly.”

“Well, it’s childish no matter how many times I think about it.”

said Shironet.

“The first thing to think about is the effect.The other thing is a secondary problem.I don’t think you need to give up.”


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