Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 618

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[618] Decisive Day (2)

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* * *

In Richard’s room, where various mechanical parts were rolling around in a mess, a mechanical sound was heard.

It was quite eerie to see mirrors installed everywhere and servicing one’s body with tools, but it was something that had to be done one day before the graduation exam.

The lid was open from the right chest to the side, and the core power organ attached to the heart glowed red.

The detached right arm was caught between the two legs, and after waxing, he grabbed the forearm and attached it to his shoulder.

Following the sound of the machine scratching an itch, the five fingers wriggled like octopus legs, and the ball bearings in the elbow part rotated, performing movements that are impossible for humans.


Richard was satisfied.

‘Next is system synchronization.’

When I closed one eye and adjusted the brain waves, a blue light shimmered inside the machine-made iris.

Numerous measurement information changed in real time in the blue field of vision as if submerged in water.

Richard’s father, Einka Marto, was the owner of Ainka Pension, the second largest alchemy foundation in the world, and the director of the BioRobotics Lab, a strategic weapons development department under Valkyrie.

The fact that the immediate family members of such families were willing to commit themselves to experiments with a less than 30 percent chance of success was indicative of the family’s tendencies.

Even implanting a mechanical device in the brain had less than a 4% chance of success, but Marto did not hesitate to open the eldest son’s skull.

‘Hehe, we have a lot of brothers.’

Having remodeled 35 percent of his body at the risk of his life, what he gained was the trust of the Foundation’s board of directors and biologically impossible powerlessness.

‘Clike fix.’

As I extended my right arm and entered a command, a cross mark appeared at the final point where my fist was aiming.

‘Activate battle simulation.’

The scenery in the room turned into a forest, and numerous monsters jumped out from between the cover and ran towards Richard.

‘Equipped with a flame magic stone.’

The elbow joint was greatly shaken.

The magic crystal used by Richard was not a disposable product sold on the market, but a special product of Ainka Alchemy, and it was a state-of-the-art material that mass-produced ‘Essence of the Spirit’, which is only 17 in the world.


As the right arm repeatedly moved forward and backward with a hollow sound, a virtual fireball burst out and knocked down the monsters.

‘Replace the Magic Stone. chill.’

The elbow spun with a chiming sound, and this time sharp ice spikes shot out.

The automatic location tracking function calculated the current coordinates and acceleration of the monster and selected the target to hit first, and Richard just had to shoot accordingly.

After annihilating 200 monsters, the mission end signal appeared and an analysis chart appeared.

There were 3 monsters that approached within a radius of 20 meters, and the click error rate was 0%.

‘Disable battle simulation.’

Richard raised his eyebrows as the dense forest disappeared and returned to the scenery in the room.


Ainka Richards (Seventeenth in the senior class).

Major: Engineering in alchemy.

Special note: 35% of body modified with alchemy technology. The next head of the Ainka Foundation.

* * *

Amy and Sirone sat side by side on the bed, silent for a while.

“… … .”

The reason your heart beats just by being next to you is probably because it’s a special day.

‘Whatever the result… … .’

Today, the possibilities they dream of become a harsh reality.

“Can I pass?”

Aimee, who has never left someone else to judge for a moment, but I really wanted to hear it this time.

“of course.”

It was the same with Sirone that even if it was a lie, she needed confirmation.

“You did your best. Think of the days we worked hard.”

“But that’s all the same. If you fail here… … .”

One more year to fight.

No, can we really fight more?

“I have no confidence. I’ve worked hard, so I want to leave it to the will of heaven… … That doesn’t work.”


Sirone grabbed Amy by the shoulder and turned her back.

“You are not inferior to anyone in your senior class. I can vouch for it.”


“okay. you are one of the best students Take a hard look at yourself. No matter how fierce the competition is, as long as you don’t make mistakes, you can pass.”

Listening to Sirone’s words and thinking about it, it was definitely so.

I analyzed the graduating class for a year, and if you take the exam normally, you will definitely get good grades.


When the tension disappeared, it felt like I could see Sirone’s face for the first time.

‘What will happen to us in the future?’

Sirone read Amy’s eyes and said.

“We are us. No matter what the outcome is, my heart won’t change.”

Even if both of them pass and move on to a wider world, only their hearts will reach.


The world seemed to close its eyes at her small voice, and Sirone slowly brought her face closer.

“no way… … mi.”


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The sound was muted, and Amy lifted her chin gently.

Just before a monument is erected in the history of the two as they become close enough to feel each other’s breath.

‘Wait, I was a little while ago… … .’

Amy’s eyes flashed open.

“Sirone, wait a minute. Time for now.”

“uh? huh?”

Sirone, who was completely leaning on Amy, hurriedly backed away and blushed.

“Why, why?”

“that is… … It seems to be in trouble right now. in fact… … .”

When Amy pointed to the bathroom with her gaze, Sirone realized too belatedly.

“Ah, it was.”

From a woman’s point of view, the first kiss after vomiting would be a truly terrible memory.

In an embarrassed atmosphere, Sirone slapped both knees.

“Hmmmm, I can’t.”

Unable to hide her disappointment, Amy, feeling remorse, hurriedly added:

“It’s not because I really don’t want to do it. Really. therefore… … .”

“I know. I’m fine too.”

As Sirone smiled and comforted her, Amy lowered her head shyly and looked at her.

“Go now… … Shall I brush my teeth?”

Sirone, who was staring at Amy’s cute face, couldn’t hold back her laughter and collapsed onto the bed.

* * *

No one in the 30 thought they would be eliminated tomorrow.

No matter how the rankings of the senior class were decided, surprises do happen, and everyone had prepared a trump card to pass.

“A strategic alliance?”

In the garden behind the graduating class building, Binder, Suabi, and Luman were having a private conversation.

“okay. You guys are utilitarians. My suggestion wouldn’t be bad.”

Binder, who hosted the meeting, said while touching his horn-rimmed glasses.

He barely managed to pull up in class two, but he was an excellent theorist who received 100 points in theory in the advanced class and a perfect score in the senior class battery implementation evaluation without difficulty.

“As you know, I got perfect marks in all classes of basic magic. However, it is true that there are no special advantages.”

Suabi and Luman also listened to the coldly analyzed words.

“But with your help, my balance could be your best weapon. It means that if Suabi’s buff is focused only on me and Luman’s crowd control ability creates a situation, I can compete with anyone in my senior year.”

Elcrass Binder (20th place in the senior class final).

Major: A branch of magic analysis science.

Special note: Master of 36 types of prescribed magic designated by the association.

“Hmm, that makes sense.”

While Suabi took it positively, Luman snorted.

“Do you honestly think it makes sense? That way, in the end, only you benefit. If you go into high competition, the team will eventually break up.”

Luman had gained more weight from binge eating for a year, but his head was still spinning fast.

“Maybe it is. So I’m going to make a suggestion. If a situation arises in which one of the three of us has to drop out, I will be the first to give up.”

This time, Luman had no choice but to think a lot.

“Hmm, instead of monopolizing the utility, it seems that you will take the risk as well. But how can I believe you?”

“There is no way to prove it. You can write a side contract if you want, but even that won’t give you 100 percent confidence.”

“That’s right. What if you hit the back of the head?”

“That will never happen, but then you will be branded a coward for the rest of your life. Not a bad suggestion for you guys anyway. The current contract is possible because each other’s shortcomings are perfectly complemented.”

Binder would be the only one in the senior class who would ask for utility even while claiming to be eliminated first.

“I will.”

Suabi raised her hand first.

“Out of the six events of the graduation exam, four events are affected by interpersonal combat power. From my point of view as a utility, there is nothing to lose by working with Binder. Because we are strong in the remaining two events.”

“If I add to that, it will be perfect.”

If Binder and Suabi had already made a decision, Luman would also drive them to maximize the synergy effect.

“good. Let’s make a team of three. But there is a condition. The next person to be eliminated after Binder is Suabi. If that doesn’t work, I will give up this negotiation.”

It was a selfish remark, but Luhman’s ability to control crowds was absolutely necessary as he could turn the tide of war in an instant.

“good. I’ll do the second one. But to be clear, this is a strategy that we try on the premise that all three of us pass.”

“don’t worry. Because I’m the only one who has crowd control in my senior year. Whether it’s 15 to 15 or 1 to 29, I’ll take control of the situation however you want.”

Podran Ruhmann (16th place in the senior class).

Specialty: Crowd control series of trap magic.

Special Features: Gluttony. Excellent situational judgment skills.

“good. Then you run like this. Let’s make sure that the names of the three of us are included in the successful applicants tomorrow.”

As the sun went down, all 30 graduating class members completed their preparations for the ultimate kill.

* * *

The morning of the graduation exam day was bright.

The students were waiting in their rooms to be called, and in front of the large Colosseum, where the graduation exams were being held, scouts from all over the world, students from advanced classes, and parents of the final exam participants had already arrived and formed a sea of ​​people.

“Scouts, please enter first and take your seats!”

When the person in charge opened the west door, a group of 287 scouts dispatched from 65 countries under the Red Line moved forward.

Most of the parents gathered here were the best people in the kingdom, but the eyes of the scout who would analyze the future of their children contained the earnestness of parents.

Knowing that fact, scouts only faced the front or disappeared, reviewing pre-received student profiles.

“The years are free. That troublemaker is already taking the graduation exam.”

A man who looked exactly like Iruki got off the dazzling carriage.

All of the parents fixed their eyes on the appearance of the leader of the dragon, the Mercodyne Albino.

“It’s Mr. Albino.”

It was quite shocking that he, the brain of the kingdom, was personally observing.

“The fact that Mr. Albino came… … if?”

“Where is that word? Iruki had so many accidents.”

When Iruki’s mother got off, the eyes focused on him in a different way from an albino.

It was Magellan Arganes, an incredibly beautiful woman in her mid-thirties, the best actress in the kingdom.

Humans resemble gods, but Arganes is a woman who represents the kingdom of Tormia in terms of beauty, to the extent that it has become popular to say that Arganes is more beautiful than the gods, and her name is already known worldwide.

“It is a goddess.”

Everyone agreed with the words of someone who had forgotten the face of an aristocrat and spat out inadvertently.

“I never thought I would see Arganes in person… … .”

For parents, today was a historic day.


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