Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 62

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[62] Invisible (2)

“Have you thought of anything?”

“Let’s set up a psychological trap.For example, in this way.”

Shirone brought his friends together and explained the operation.Ned and Eruki were silent when they heard the story.added Cyrone, who had lost a little confidence.

“It’s not necessarily this way, but if you do it, won’t the odds go up?”For example, if you want to use a keyword…….”

Iruki shook his head.

“No, Shirone, I think it’s all right.It’s not enough, it’s definitely going to be a successfully.This is quite mysterious.This way we can use the presentation as a double track.”

When the overall picture was drawn, Shirone’s party began to work out detailed strategies.

“That’s the rest of the question.How can I make a ghost?

The technical part was Ned’s major.When he got up from the sofa and tried the lightening shadow, another nade made of an electrical afterimage appeared.

“This way, you can create a real ghost shape by demonstrating a lightening shadow.But no one would be fooled by this much.For now, I can’t move.”

“Then I’ll think about it from there.What should I do to make the ghost’s shape move?”

“This is what comes to my mind right away.For example, if you want to get the Lightning Shadow to work, you can use magic at a tremendous speed.”

Ned moved on with a series of lightening shadows.Although disconnected, the afterimage seemed to be walking.

“Well, you can use an optical illusion to make it look real, right?”

“Yes, but magic alone has its limits.Moreover, I can’t increase the number of people at my level.”

asked Shironet.

“How about using a mechanical device?”

“It’s not as easy as it sounds.Even if you’re making a device, there’s a lot to consider.The biggest problem is that people don’t fall for just moving.If you really want to look like a ghost, you have to be responsive to external stimuli.”

For Nade, who has built hologram devices, it is not a problem to implement ghost visions.But if you don’t respond to people’s behavior, you’ll soon notice that it’s fake.

said Iruki, who was struggling with something.

“People’s reactions……how about predicting in advance?”

“You’re predicting the reaction?”

“It’s about introducing the theory of complexity.They analyze and program all the public behavior patterns.It’s as if you’re getting feedback, but it’s a huge amount of information.We need a medium and a control device to communicate information.”

“Hmm. It’s information.There is indeed a limit to my electricity.Then… Ah!”

Ned looked back at Sirone.

“Photon output! There was a photon output from Sirone!”

“Aha. With photon output…….”

Shirone thought there was a possibility.Although it is a magic trick learned to take a targeting test, I heard that in the cutting edge of the magic society, research on transmitting information through photon output is in full swing.

“Now you’re in order.Ned makes a hologram device.I’m going to make a program to fit in the device.It’s the photon output of Sirone that sends my program to the device.You’ll probably need a lot of power. Can you do it?”

“I must do it,”It’s an opportunity that I got.”

It was a ray of light in the dark.Ned was thrilled just to have hope for what he thought was impossible.

“I can do it.I can keep the research group.Of course, on the assumption that there will be no accident.”

“If you succeed, the school will be overturned, right?

“I don’t think so,”It’s going to be a mess.I’ll try to hang it here.Besides, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.Hahaha. I’m already looking forward to the teachers’

Shiro’s party looked back at each other and smiled meaningfully.At the risk of the existence of the supernatural psychological science research group, an unprecedented event in the history of the magic school was about to break out.

* * *

Shirone devoted his time to enhancing the power of photon output.The key was to increase the strength of the output while increasing the retention time.Photons without mass cannot be used as attack magic because they cannot apply physical force, but this time, such characteristics have become an advantage.This is because you can go into any warehouse in Eastas and train.

Shirone increased concentration and started photon output with his two hands out.A ray of light spread round the wall.First of all, it was time.If I couldn’t withstand it for 10 minutes in this state, it was only possible to increase the output.

Shooting photon output for 10 minutes is beyond the level of the class five, but Ned’s hologram device and Iruki’s complex system equation were the same challenge anyway.

“I have to do it,”I’ll…

Shironet gritted his teeth and endured.After three minutes, I lost consciousness.At the time of the speed gun test, it only lasted a minute with a single photon output.Compared to that, it was a remarkable growth, but it still fell short of the target.

“Gasp! Gasp!”

With all my strength, I held out for 3 minutes and 20 seconds, and I had to extend this time to 10 minutes in the next 15 days.After measuring the record, I always took 20 minutes off.It was a training that could put your life at risk if you neglect your rest.

Sitting down, Shirone paid attention to the noise from the next room.Ned seemed to have entered the welding process.I decided to take a break to look at the situation there.When I opened the door of the next room, Ned was buried in all kinds of parts.

“Hey, are you here?”How long is the output time?”

“Well, I’ve increased it by twenty seconds.What about you?”

“As you can see, I’m still working on the engine.”

“Can you make it on time?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll have to guess.Originally, prototypes take time.It’s hard to correct errors in the production process.That’s why I’m taking the time to be meticulously.

“I see. By the way, what happened to what Iruki said?”

“Oh, that one? I got it yesterday.This one.”

Ned threw a finger-thick rope at Sirone’s feet.The outer shell was made of rubber, and a quartz-like transparent membrane penetrated the interior.It was a special request from Iruki to his father, who was the head of the mine.

Since 300 holographic devices were scheduled to be installed at the elementary elements of the school, it was impossible for Sirone to test photon output on all devices alone.

At first Ned remembered the mirror.It was a method of transmitting the photon output to the mechanical device using the total reflection property of light when the syrone initiates the photon output.However, there were too many sections where light had to bend to realize it as a reality.

Ned wondered what it would be like if there were much more mirrors.It has been concluded that creating a tunnel through which light passes by attaching a mirror to a small hose can have the effect of bending light like differentiating a straight line.

Ned proudly announced the fact.He added that if he could make it, he would sit on a pile of money from that day on.

But Iruki broke the ice.My father’s letter, which arrives every month, contains various issues of magic society, because the same thing that Ned said was already introduced in his letter a few months ago.The name was “optical fiber.”

I couldn’t describe Ned’s disappointment.Even the ivory tower, which runs on the cutting edge of magic, was a field that had just been developed, so even Iruki felt sorry for it.

But when he received the goods and analyzed them, Ned shook his head.Engineering technologies that were so delicate that they could never be made at their current level were accumulated.

“But you had the same idea as the ivory tower,”Ned is really something, too.’

Shironet took the fiber-optic and examined it closely.I couldn’t tell what was great by looking at it.

“But I managed to save it.”

After the welding, Ned stood up rubbing his red eyes.

“Even the ivory tower is in its early stages, so you can’t expect its performance.Let’s give a demonstration first.There’s something I’ve made a tester for.”

Ned handed over the modified fiber to Shirone.Unlike what was shown earlier, there was a transparent bead at the end.

“What should I do with this?”

“Just grab it and start the photon output.I’ll calculate the efficiency, so try it now.Instead, you have to pour it all out.It’s important to measure the maximum.”


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Shironet grabbed the crystal ball and started the photon output.The break time was over anyway, so there was nothing rough.A light source was formed in his hand, and the crystal ball shone palely.The needle began to shake in Ned’s device connected to the optical fiber.Ned, who had been watching the instrument panel until three minutes past the output limit, said in a sullen voice.

“Oh, you’re right, Iruki is right.This is an early development.Well, should I thank you for this?”

“Is it that bad?”

“It’s only 18 percent efficient.I mean, only 18 percent of the light you send will reach your destination.”

“18 percent….”

The moment he heard it, Shiro’s heart sank.In other words, if the transmission efficiency is 18 percent at a time when it is far from maintaining the photon output for 10 minutes, the output must be increased five times as high as it is now to be only 100 percent.

“Shiro, can you do it?”If you don’t increase the output, you’ll never succeed.The magical high-power energy cannot be realized even by machines.”

Shirone nodded as if he were in a ditch.

“I’ll give it a try. Practice and I’ll figure it out.”

“You can really do it, right?

“Yes, don’t worry.I’ll do something about it.Then I’ll go back to practice.”

“Really? You’re really going to do it for me.

cried Shirone, turning his head as he left the door.

“I told you!”

* * *

Shirone stretched out over the warehouse, gasping for breathless.The aftermath of the photon output for half a day went beyond the mind to the body.

“Whoo! Whoo!”

The last time photon output is 3 minutes and 20 seconds.There was no difference from the record I measured in the morning.However, it was a record that was reached while his mental strength was exhausted, so it was as good as having results.Considering that the record fell to 2 minutes and 34 seconds an hour ago, it was effective to rush at the last minute and 34 seconds.

“But that’s not enough.How can I achieve 10 minutes like this?

It may have been impossible from the beginning.In that photon output is injection-type, mental power consumption is much faster than single-acting active magic.It was only possible in the professional world to maintain such magic for 10 minutes.

“Oh, I don’t know.I’ll try again tomorrow when I’m fine.”

Ned opened the warehouse door and came in.

“Shiro, are you done?”

“Well, I can’t do it today.I need to get some rest for now.”

“I’ve only seen Spark, and I’m so tired.It’s past midnight.Let’s ask Yiruki to come back.”

Has it already become like that?When calculated, it was only photon output for more than seven hours.It was a life-threatening level of training.If the school found out about this, it would surely impose a ban on magic training.

Shironet struggled to get up.Ned’s appearance was also not a word.His eyes were hollow and his face was red from long exposure to electric light.

When I returned to the research group, Iruki spread out the bird’s-eye view of the school and was quickly playing with a pen.Considering the variables that will occur on the day of the operation, the behavioral pattern was interpreted as an equation.

Ned looked anxiously at the figure.Shironena herself, and Iruki, too, seemed to have not moved since she had her hips attached.

“What do you say, Lucky?”Can you calculate it well?”

said Iruki, keeping his eyes on the notebook.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make it in time.”

Ned was heartbroken that his excessive greed seemed to hurt his friends’ bodies.

“Was it too much to ask?”To be honest, calculating all the behavior patterns of the whole school is…….”

“I can do it,”I can do it.Don’t talk to me.I’m busy right now.”

At the end of the sentence, Yuki shut up.The formulas were writing frighteningly fast on the notebook.


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