Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 630

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[630] Two Systems (3)

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Even if it was 2,000 times, the power of two-thirds of the photon cannon cast by Ataraxia would not be able to handle.


When Fermi collapsed on the floor and struggled, without hesitation anyone stopped the battle and looked around.

“Fermiga… … .”

He is screaming and suffering.

Students who knew him, as well as teachers, saw the sight for the first time, and the Colosseum was enveloped in silence.

“12 million crashes?”

In reality, the entire radius would have been devastated. Rather, it was fortunate that it was 2,000 times converted into numbers.

“Power is not the issue. It doesn’t have much mass, but it plunged at a speed far exceeding the speed of sound.”

If God’s punishment uses high-altitude potential energy, angel’s punishment creates kinetic energy through the reversal of time and space.

The power itself is nothing compared to God’s punishment, but the precision strike ability using incarnation and the high-speed projectile that cannot be avoided even with instant movement were insufficient to explain even with the name of over power.


Glaring at Fermi, who was spreading across the ground and shivering, Sirone let out a rough breath.

The incarnation is a state, but the angel’s punishment had to consume mental power because it was grafted with magic.

“It’s down to a percentage figure of 27 percent.”


For a moment, the meaning of the world was blocked and mental power began to recover through Immortal Function.

“30 percent. 32 percent. It goes up again.”

Elizabeth was no longer surprised.

“It’s a near-perfect mechanism.”

It wasn’t just the use of high-efficiency magic, but numerous functions were endlessly combined as needed.


When Fermi stood up screaming, the audience felt fear as if they were reading a scene from a horror novel.

“Did you survive that?”

Elizabeth reported.

“Spirit gauge is 50%. It’s magic.”

It was impossible to fill half of the mental power without an equivalent exchange.

The Deal of Depreciation – The Devil’s Penalty.

The efficiency of magic could be doubled by giving up the ownership of all property earned through eating out, but once cast, magic was magic accompanied by the risk of contract cancellation.

“I changed my mind.”

Fermi only glared at Sirone.

“I will drop you.”

Transactions in depreciation-detonation strength.


Dense dark clouds gathered in the sky like a whirlpool, filled with flames as if on fire, and a blizzard of lightning raged.

“Climate magic detonation force. The damn black line.”

The red line archmages are supported by the kingdom, but the black line wizards have always needed money.

Of course, the archmage Pentaros, who was also ranked in the top 100 most dangerous people in the world, wouldn’t pass on magic for a mere piece of gold, but it was also true that he would lend it for free if it was interesting.

“I made a deal with the intention of destroying the balance of the graduation exam. This is a clear attack on the red line. We have to protest against Pentaros at the association level.”

“The agreement was not broken. Because he didn’t come out on his own. Anyway, that’s not the problem. Detonation steel controls all phenomena in the natural world.”

Fermi floated like a god and looked down at Sirone.


Flames of fire fell simultaneously with lightning strikes, and sharp hailstones rained recklessly like a localized shower.

As the wind, sharper than the blade, swept past, Sirone’s mental strength gauge began to degrade horribly.

‘It’s a great power. I’ll be pushed away like this.’

It is time to counterattack, but Fermi was not even visible because it was buried in dark clouds.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! How does it feel to be a frog in the well?”

In front of the ferocious phenomena created by nature, other participants could not even dare to dig into them.

“it’s annoying. What kind of graduation exam does magic like that appear in?”

As Luman said, it was the highest level of magic on the black line, and even the teachers at the magic school could not guess the power of magic that went against the laws of nature.

“Great overpower. Fermi won’t last long either.”

“The percentage numbers are dropping fast. Calculated at my current pace, I will be exhausted in 5 minutes.”

Ignoring the aftermath, I only intended to drop Sirone.

‘I can’t give up here!’

As he burrowed into the dark clouds of the detonation river, a huge electric charge clung to him, and electricity flowed through his entire body.

“The only way to catch a demon is to go to hell.”

“Sirone’s mental strength is rapidly depleting. Exhausted after 3 minutes.”

The sound of thunder from the dark clouds echoed through the Colosseum.

‘I won, Sirone.’

Fermi looked at Sirone’s increasingly pale face with pleasure.

‘Should I do another year? Let’s have fun together.’

After this battle, he will be eliminated as well, but wouldn’t hell be a fun place with Sirone?


As Sirone, who opened the immortal function, squeezed the photon cannon with all her might, Fermi quickly retreated.

‘It’s enough to avoid it.’

At that moment, my head started spinning and the landscape was distorted dizzily.

“what… … ?”


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“It’s about time.”

Boyle, sitting in the audience, turned to Pandora.

“Is it time?”

“Scent magic, paralyzing pleasure. It’s a strategy Master Mael taught me. It is colorless and odorless, so you won’t be poisoned without knowing it. The downside is that it takes a long time.”

“To Fermi?”

“I accumulated little by little. Because it was the only way I could fight. I didn’t even get to that level in the end… … .”

Pandora looked up at the detonated river.

“At least bite your heels.”


A photon cannon flew right in front of Fermi, who twisted his nose.


He screamed and leaned his upper body as if he was about to break, and a flash of light passed by his ear.

‘I’m not the type to be bitten by insects!’

When Fermi spread his arms wide, the detonation river rumbled and a powerful electric shock struck Sirone.


1 second to here.

‘Poems of fire!’

Sirone, who approached with numerous golden lines, compressed the single-shot Photon Cannon.

“this… … !”

Back and forth, each time I calculated the space to avoid in my head, the afterimage of Sirone scattered in all directions, and finally, a flash of light pierced Fermi’s abdomen.


– Participation number 1. 2,000 broke away from the system.

There was shock in everyone’s eyes looking up at the dark clouds.

“Fermiga… … I was eliminated.”

When the dark clouds over the detonation river disappeared and Fermi fell to the ground, everyone who knew him was stunned.

“Fermi’s Eating Out Diet is definitely a wonderful magic.”

Alpheas looked at the end of his student and said bitterly.

“But a wizard’s pride cannot be bought with money.”

In the consciousness of moving away, Fermi caught sight of Sirone floating in the position of the victor.

‘Incarnation art.’

And numerous magics associated with that incarnation.

“That… … .”

Fermi’s eyes closed.

‘I can’t buy it no matter how much I pay.’

With a thud, his body fell to the ground.

No one accepted him, and he was just watching indifferently as he lost consciousness.

“Porridge, is it dead?”

Olivia answered the questions from the audience.

“The impact was smaller than expected. It’s an automatic response algorithm.”

Alpheas burst out laughing.

“I really can’t stand it.”

It could be said that it was Fermi-like that he was so confident and was thinking about the possibility of defeat.


Cirone, who came down to the ground, grabbed her chest and throbbed.

“I’m pretty weak. Well, it’s natural.”

No matter how excellent the system was, the recovery efficiency was bound to continue to drop.

‘Now there are 15 left. Fermi is out and Syrone is tired.’

It was the moment when graduation became a reality in everyone’s head.

‘5 people, 5 people have to be eliminated.’

While everyone was looking at each other, Luman raised the corner of his mouth.

‘The team is down, but… … .’

From the start, crowd control technicians didn’t need allies.

‘I control the battlefield!’

Crowd Control – Anthill.

As Luman concentrated, his flesh trembled, and a huge amount of dirt rose from the outside of the Colosseum and covered it in the shape of a dome.

“It’s a great size.”

“It is a maze with anti-magic applied. It will be difficult to get out of that.”

The fact that the crowd control wizards came to the fore meant that they had perfect confidence.

“damn! What are you thinking?”

Confined in a hemispherical labyrinth where no light enters, each participant casts Shining Magic.

‘Hehe, the clever guy.’

Only Fjord, located in the center of the dome, realized his intention and shook his shoulders.

“You dare to use me?”

But it was an excellent strategy that I had no choice but to follow.

“Then I’d be happy… … .”

Fjord’s hands drew a circle, radiating green light.

Mass destruction magic? Fryers.

A huge amount of toxic gas exploded around him and sped through the complex tunnel.

“It’s poison magic! The mental strength levels of most of the participants are dropping rapidly.”

“Does the one who perseveres graduate?”


It is not possible to look inside the anthill, but the audience’s faces turn pale at the sound of screams coming through the walls.

‘exit! Where is the exit?’

In addition to being in a three-dimensional maze, anti-magic was hung on the walls, so it was difficult to clearly identify the location even in the Spirit Zone.

“Not a bad situation.”

Richard, who had detoxified the poison coming into his body, spewed gas through the exit port on his side, and Fisho walked around the dark tunnel wearing a large beetle that detoxifies the poison like a gas mask.

“I will end here.”

Insect Magic – Parasite.

Half of his right arm was mushy and crumbled to a paste, then transformed into the upper half of an insect resembling a pill bug.

It was a parasite called Argones given to him by his teacher Keylor.


Amy jumped out of one of the six tunnels and stopped.

‘A fisho, of course.’

Her crimson eyes flashed quickly, but the shock of the deadly poison was dropping her mental power faster than that.

‘I’m at a disadvantage here.’

In addition to being an enclosed space, it was a loss to face a fisho that could detoxify the poison.

‘Is the scapegoat Amy?’

If I were to judge my feelings toward her as likes or dislikes, they were always close to likes.

‘He always works hard.’

To put it likewise, it was the heart of an older brother who had compassion for his younger sister.

“It’s a pity. You were unlucky to meet me.”

“You are talking nonsense! Where is the luck for the graduation exam?”

Seeing Amy, who was still strong, relieved her conscience a little.

“I won’t treat you harshly.”

When Fisho raised his right arm, Argones opened his jaw wide and let out a groan.

‘I need to find Maya!’

Cayden ran frantically through the tunnel of the anthill, looking for Maya.

‘I won’t be able to stand it.’

It was not a shock that Maya, who was weak in spirit, could not handle, even if the other participants did not know.

‘wait! Maya!’

Cayden moved his feet even faster as he calmed down his mind, which had been disturbed by the shock of the deadly poison.

‘That’s it.’

Falling down in the clearing of the anthill, Maya blinked like a dying animal.

I did my best, but it was a pitiful test in which luck was everything rather than skill.

‘Now I won’t be able to go to school anymore.’

Since he has to feed his younger siblings, he will have to go back to the Mystic Tribe and do business.

At that moment, footsteps were heard, and someone’s silhouette shimmered in the poisonous gas.

‘I can’t even fight anyway.’


The moment she heard the voice, her eyes widened.


Seeing Sirone’s face approaching without warning, his heart started to beat.

‘no. How hard I’ve endured… … .’

Maybe someone more precious than life.

“Maya, are you okay?”

A friendly voice unbolts the bolts.

“Huh, black.”

In the end, Maya, who was crying, cried like an idiot.

“To Sirone… … .”


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