Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 636

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[636] Last Gate (2)

‘You can’t handle it the most!’

Leaving behind the silent clamor of those who had been eliminated, Nade approached Sirone.


“are you okay. Let’s do our best to fight.”

“no. I don’t mean that.”

The activity of the electricity that wrapped around Nade’s body dropped and it shimmered as if he was sleeping.

It was a strange thing to have perfect control over magic assimilation, and the power exerted there would be beyond imagination.

“You are blessed, Sirone.”

Sirone did not answer.

“I could have done anything I wanted to do. If you fail, no one will criticize you, and all around you will be people cheering you on.”

Nade turned and started walking.

“But do you know? The fact that when you fought fiercely and accumulated the experience of victory one by one, someone was screaming in pain, deprived of even the opportunity to fight fiercely.”

Nade’s steps stopped.

“effort? experience? If you think you’ve done your best, you’re a fool.”

Nade finished his resolve.

“The reason I say this is because if it isn’t now, you might not hear it. If you fight me, you could die.”

As the resentment against the world and the nameless anger grew, the monster in Ned’s heart woke up.

“Give up. This is your final warning. you can’t beat me.”

“okay. I will give up.”

The Colosseum buzzed.

“If it makes your pain go away, if you can be happy, I can give up as much as I want.”

Nade gritted his teeth and lowered his head.

“… … That’s why it’s stupid.”

Nade, who instantly closed the gap with spark magic, reached out his hand in front of Sirone’s eyes.

“I said it had no roots. But you don’t know how beautiful what you have. Are you saying that getting first place in the graduation exam is nothing for the sake of a friend?”

“no. It’s an important test for my life too. Maybe more important than friends. but… … .”

Sirone was sincere.

“Nothing is more important than a friend’s pain.”

‘This is why I didn’t like it.’

This is why he hated fighting Sirone to the death.

When I’m with Sirone, my disgusting jealousy and anger toward the world seem so clear.

“Stop talking nonsense!”

After being hit in the face by Nade, Sirone spun around and fell to the floor.

“You are always like that! If you say that, do you think I’ll be impressed? Do you think the world will turn out the way you want it to!”

“If you put your mind to it, you can do anything!”

Cirone, who was touching the ground with both arms, stood up and shouted.

“So fight as best you can! Don’t let that anger ruin your life!”

“That anger?”

Hearing the sound of his reason being cut, Ned’s body exploded with power and surged into the shape of a thunder god.

“That’s anger!”


An electric roar erupted, and the audience covered their ears.

– I will kill them all!

When Nade’s hatred was realized through magic assimilation, Sirone also countered by invoking incarnation.

The moment the thunder god and the light angel that filled the Colosseum collided, all kinds of simulation figures jumped out of the analyst’s mind.

“Similar, but different.”

light and electricity.

The spectators as well as the scouts were mesmerized by the splendid magic battles that projected their own inclinations as they were.

The Thunder God’s hostility was so violent that even the light angels had no choice but to give it a shot, but Liz seemed to hear Nade’s screams contained in the roar.

‘Nade, you must not lose hope.’

The fact that he perfectly controlled magic fairy tales was a genius that was unprecedented in history.

But he doesn’t shine like Sirone.

-Everyone die! Friends, family, humans, everything disappears before my eyes!

“I won’t let you do that!”

Back to the end of the Colosseum, Sirone fixed both feet on the ground and activated Quantum Super Position.

“I will become a wizard!”

300 stacks of photon cannons bombard the Colosseum like a meteor shower.

-Something like a wizard… … !

Nade shed bloody tears and discharged a lightning bolt.

“I am a monsteraaaaaa!”

Tears welled up in Sirone’s eyes the moment he saw Ned’s face as he escaped from the flashing light.

‘No, Nade. You are not a monster.’

Baikal opened his mouth as the audience held their breath at the screams of Nade, who called himself a monster.

“If only I had been properly educated.”

If only I had been given the opportunity to polish my magic to the best of my ability with everyone’s encouragement and support.

“A talent that I would have reached someday after all.”

Who turned Nade into a monster?


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‘I’m sorry, Nade.’

Ballroom couldn’t raise his head because everyone around him seemed to be looking at him.

“… … no.”

Teria, on the other hand, still raised her fearful eyes and denied her son’s pain to the end.

“It’s not my fault.”

The shapeless Thunder God projected Nade’s hatred and formed a huge electrical net.

“I always thought you were a bright kid.”

Alpheas smiled bitterly at Olivia’s words.

“It wasn’t like that when I was younger. Well done. It is a miracle that I lived a normal life while embracing magic fairy tales.”

“It’s unfortunate. If only I had known a little earlier… … .”

“no. I want to believe it’s not over.”

Alpheas did not give up.

“A man becomes an adult when it becomes a nuisance to be angry. But youth don’t know compromise. Being angry means you still have a longing in your heart.”

Pure-blooded youth who wants no blemishes in life.

That’s why Nade, who ruined most of his life with hatred, may be more sick now.

– I’m a freak!

Sirone’s mental strength continued to decline just by the movement of His Highness, which filled the Colosseum.

‘Keugh! It’s really amazing magic power!’

– Who can understand my anger!

Captured by bandits, young Nade was left hanging dangling over a pit with thorns, with his hands and feet tied.

With his teeth biting only one rope, his tortured mind was slowly going mad.

Around the time when even the voices of ridicule could not be heard, the half-conscious Nade dreamed of swimming in the open sea.

A terrible nightmare where you can see land in the distance, but no matter how much you struggle with your hands and feet, you can’t move forward at all.

– Nade. Nade.

The nightmares of the time that were trapped in Nade’s unconscious began to be revealed again through the body of the Thunder God.

-Save me, Nade.

Teria rose to the surface like a water ghost and pressed down on Ned’s back.

‘Swim! Come with me, Mom!’

-I don’t want to do anything. so you save me

‘I can’t do it because it’s hard!’

-It’s okay even if you’re having a hard time. Because I have to be happy. Because I feel the best when I’m happy.


As if he was still biting into the rope, Nade closed his jaw until his molars snapped.

‘I want to live! I want to live too!’

-okay. So keep swimming! save me

‘No more! I’m not going to swim!’

-Then we’ll die together. your life will end


Waiting for his parents not to return, Nade wanted to let go of the rope in his mouth.

really… … I wanted to let go.

“What do you know!”

Sirone will not know.

What kind of pain it is to live the rest of your life without cutting off the rotten roots.

“How could I know!”

As the Thunder God’s electric shock intensified, the anti-magic’s shock wave surged at a tremendous speed.

There was no place to escape.

“Yeah, I don’t know! But don’t give up!”

At the scene where Nade’s life was vividly relayed through the voice of the thunder god, Sirone’s heart felt as if it would break.

“Fight till the end! You have to struggle to the end!”

Nade’s face twisted grotesquely.

‘Don’t talk nonsense!’

why wouldn’t you want to live?

However, even if he fought fiercely, the only thing he could get was Teria’s satisfied smile, and his heart would become more sick.

“I will die! I will destroy everything and die the most painful death!”

will die

Nothing mattered as long as I was able to make them suffer as they took responsibility and fled their lives.

“Still struggling? You don’t know anything about it, tell me to fight more!”

“okay! fight!”

“why! why me! Only I am in pain, why should I!”

As the Thunder God’s electric shock was applied with unprecedented power, Sirone’s mental strength, which boasted great durability, was shaken.

“you idiot! Why don’t you know!”

Even so, they can endure because if they collapse like this, no one will be able to prevent Nade from being destroyed.

“If we don’t fight… … If you don’t even struggle… … .”

Tears flowed from Sirone’s eyes.

“You sink!”

As the unprecedented magic was cast, numerous sirones began to overlap on one coordinate.

Quantum Super Position – Wheel of Fear.

At first it’s 2 stacks.

Sirone, who has expanded the Force Dimension, is the base, and in that state, the newly overlapped Sirone activates Quantum Super Position once again.

Then what will be the result?

Miro, who knew the answer, raised her eyes and shouted.

“it’s crazy! What were you thinking about that!”

Since the events taking place in the Force Dimension are independent, it is impossible to control them even if they feed back the overlap only once.

In other words, it was a cowardly fractal.

‘How are you going to control it?’

Even Sirone herself could not tell how many cases were overlapping.

Some sirones will stop overlapping, but if even one of the thousands makes a different decision, the fractal structure will start again from there.

In the end, it is trapped in the so-called quantum bubble phenomenon, where nothing can be done except superposition.


Under the weight of endlessly overlapping incidents, all sirones lost their activity, but desperately waited for the limit of control.

‘you can do it. It can be integrated.’

As the number of events increases, the variable also increases, and that variable will exponentially increase the number of variables that will occur in the future.


The moment he reached the limit of a variable he could control over all time, Sirone glared at the world with his eyes wide open.

Ultima System – Elysion.

Miro trembled as the unified Sirone stopped activating Quantum Super Position and raised her head at the same time.

‘There must have been a way like that.’

To others, it looked like a single Sirone, but Miro could clearly feel the terrifying presence inside it.

‘Also, maybe this is Macklein Guffin’s true ability… … .’

Quantum fluctuations.

‘Let’s live! Let’s live, Nade!’

As Sirone flew up into the sky and compressed the photons, a huge sphere of light shook as if a hole had been punched in the sky.

The power of God’s particles raised from the state of cowardice is equivalent to the state reached by Miro, Sammaekyung.

The scouts who encountered the stage of dehumanization lost even the will to analyze and just accepted the huge phenomenon.

‘Ah, my God. Is it like that?’

Alpheas shed tears of emotion.

‘I am… … Are you okay with this?’

The light of the Mirhi family.

The mistakes he made in his youth haunted him for the rest of his life, leaving him with the guilt of betraying his God-given talent.

However, at this moment, the genius who surpassed himself, who had been waiting for so long since the establishment of the magic school, appeared.

‘True light does not go out in darkness. That I, the human being, is nothing more than a tool to shine that light.’

It seemed that God was extending his hand from beyond the curtain of the world turning white.

forgive your sins

After decades of waiting, Alpheas knelt down and raised his head at the confident voice.

‘Ah, that’s why you’re showing me, lord. you made… … .’

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