Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 637

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[637] Last Gate (3)

Even electricity could light up the darkness, but even that was just darkness in front of Sirone’s light.

Nade couldn’t bear the sacredness of embracing the whole world.

The presence of Sirone, which overlapped beyond count, was a kind of fear that Nade felt for the first time in a state of magical assimilation.

As that fear meshed with anger, the magical power level reached a new record again.


The Colosseum’s lights flickered as the system overloaded two thousand times.

Anxiety was further amplified because it was already getting dark, and people with sensitive nerves trembled with fear as they intuited a major accident.

“What a ridiculous graduation exam.”

Nade or Sirone, if it was only one of them, the 2,000 times system made with the best technology in the kingdom would never go down.

But now, both of them were recording figures beyond common sense, and no one could have guessed whether the system would be able to calculate them when they collided.

‘You don’t know, Sirone.’

Sirone, who has no roots from the beginning, does not know what it means to have rotten roots.

That contradictory pain that can’t be cut off and can’t be cut off.

“I don’t know!”

The lightning that spread in all directions came flying like a curve and hit Sirone with concentration.


Dozens of sirones per second were electrocuted and began to collapse.

However, the incident of cowardice bubbled up like a bubble, and supported the limits of fractal forever.

‘Let’s live! I’m going to live, Nade!’

The 2,000th bracelet was on the verge of being destroyed, but he did not hesitate.

Quantum Fluctuation – Photon Cannon.

The shock of air coward was converted into anti-magic just by the rushing mass wave, striking Nade’s brain.

‘My anger won’t go away like this!’

If it was anger that could be turned off in the first place, isn’t your life too miserable, having lived with only that anger?

Magic Fairy Tale – Brain Rebirth.


Without needing to control the ever-soaring mana, Nade just vomited all his power, and the shape of the Thunder God twisted into tens of thousands of strands and stretched out towards Sirone.

-warning! warning! system overload. Two thousand times the system is down. 10 seconds remaining. 9 seconds… … .

“Damn it!”

Amidst the energy of different attributes intersecting, half of the audience jumped up, and even the analysts cut off the main system to prepare for an emergency.

‘Look smart! my anger! My appearance as a monster!’

He seemed to hear the cry in Nade’s heart.

‘Nade, I know how hard it was.’

Anger feeds on people’s hopes and grows, so once you get caught up in it, you don’t know what’s really important.

‘but… … We’re almost there.’

At least Nade didn’t give up.

Relying on the vague light that one day they might be able to fly freely, they were holding on to the rope while waiting for their parents who would never return.

‘Now you have us! therefore… … !’

The quantum fluctuation restored the event lost due to the brain regeneration and increased the flash to the same size as the beginning.

“Let’s live! Nade!”

The moment the flash came down as if nothing was blocking it, Nade opened his mouth in wonder.

“ah… … .”

The holy light began to push away the magic fairy tale’s wrath.

‘Ah, Sirone.’

The bloody tears turned into a clear liquid.

‘you are beautiful.’

so much… … splendid

‘so I… … be friends with you… … .’

A gigantic light flashed and expanded, erasing Nade’s entire face.

After a long silence, everyone in the Colosseum slowly opened their eyes, as if the world had been born for the first time.

The long run of light made me feel as if the process so far was a dream, and the system went down 2,000 times as if it were true.

Of course, the guidance voice was not heard, and people finally came to their senses and looked around the battlefield.

“Me, over there!”

Nade collapsed sprawled in the center of the Colosseum, and Sirone gasps while watching it from a distance.

Realizing that the graduation exams were over, a burning feeling surged in people’s hearts.


Everyone shouted and jumped up, and a standing ovation circulated around the Colosseum in waves.

“Sirone! Sirone! Sirone!”

Nade’s name was not heard even once in the chanting that spread throughout the city of Creas.

‘It’s like this… … .’

Even if you shed bloody tears and suffer, even if you cry like a monster because you lived a hard life, no one cares about you.

-Fight till the end! I mean, keep fighting until the end!

Did Sirone know?

Is that why he shouted so earnestly even though he knew of the frustrating situation he couldn’t help?


Sirone, who was kneeling, raised his head.

We don’t know exactly when the 2,000th system went down, and the impact of Anti-Magic must have been enormous.


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Sirone was unable to stand up due to the loss of strength throughout his body, and approached Ned with his limbs struggling as if he were crawling.

“Sorry… … . I’m sorry, Nade.”

When the accident that was only aimed at the graduation exam was resolved, emotions flooded in.

As he sobbed and burst into tears, Nade’s lungs roared.

“Cheuk, cuck.”

While Sirone made a blank expression, Nade raised his upper body with a self-deprecating face.

“What, did you lose even after doing this?”

Disregarding friends, family, and even his own life, he spewed out everything from Magic Fairy Tales.

I thought that I could destroy anything in the world if I put my mind to it, so the current situation, blocked by the wall called Sirone, was absurd and embarrassing.

“Nade, are you okay?”

Nade looked at Sirone’s weeping face, then looked away.

‘How am I… … .’

It wasn’t that he didn’t even show his bare face without the determination to dig up his business card as a friend.

As the 2,000th system was restarted, a voice guidance was finally heard.

– West Nade. Confirmation of the second place in the final ranking for graduation.

The voices of the audience suddenly disappeared.

-Arian Sirone, the top passer of the Alpheas Magic School Graduation Exam. The data of 30 or more participants is transmitted to the red line.

“Honey, my son… … .”

Vincent and Olina opened their mouths in a daze, exhausted from being surprised any longer.

It was the most intense graduation exam in the kingdom’s history, so it took a long time for the audience to be filled with emotions.

“Rian, did you hear? did you just hear?”

Reina, who was tapping her brother’s shoulder, felt an unusual energy and turned her head to see Lian shaking with clenched fists.

was a little boy

He was nasty enough to tell him sternly when he hid in the library to avoid swordsman Kite, excellent enough to succeed in swordsmanship with a wooden sword he had never held before, and strong enough to defeat himself in a real sword match.

– Take responsibility for what you are responsible for.

Could anything more accurately describe his character than these words?

-But you don’t have to take responsibility for things you shouldn’t be responsible for.

I have no regrets about what my heart chose.

-Even if I die, I don’t regret being friends with you.

Because that boy is Sirone.

“Sirone eh!”

Ryan shouted with all his might.

“Let’s go! to the world!”

At the signal that Lian’s voice echoed throughout the Colosseum, the entire audience stood up and applauded.

“The best! It is the pride of Tormia Kingdom!”

“You will definitely become a great wizard!”

It was so loud that you couldn’t even hear the voices right next to you, and Miro and Poltar, who had embraced each other for the first time, jumped up and down, forgetting their embarrassment.

“Kyaaak! I’m the chief! Sirone is the chief!”

“I told you! I knew you could do it! After all, my eyes were not wrong! Oh wait!”

Foltar, who was delighted with his work, rummaged through his bag and hurriedly wrote down his impressions in a notebook.

On the other hand, Miro’s face became a bit sad as he looked at Sirone, who shyly greeted her as if she wasn’t used to praise.

‘I’m ready.’

Twenty-thousand times doesn’t mean you can fight more leisurely than real battles, but the gap between virtual and reality certainly existed.

If all the magic that appeared in the graduation exam had collided in reality, the result would have been different from today.

However, since everyone has fought at the same opportunity, it is also true that there is no more proven method than this, and the reason Miro is sad is precisely at this point.

‘Sirone, as of today, you have become the best student in the kingdom. But that’s why I have to take on more responsibility.’

The world Sirone had to fight in was a real mayhem that was so cruel that it could not be compared to the graduation exam.

‘congratulations. And I’m sorry.’

As one of the people who raised Sirone, he had already drawn what he would have to go through in the future.

‘It will be hell. You won’t want to endure it. You will shed bloody tears, Sirone.’

Even without mentioning the duty of the strong, humanity will eventually stand at the crossroads of destruction, and Sirone, as a member of the whole, must lead everyone.

‘So do your best to enjoy today. It’s your day.’

Just then, when Miro turned around with a smile on his eyes, a bald middle-aged man approached.

“Here you are, Miro. I couldn’t recognize him because he was wearing a hood.”

It was Fermi’s father, Enrique.

“Oh, but you still came as a son?”

“Because the atmosphere was a little different this time. But it fell.”

“I’m sorry. Have you met Fermi?”

“I left without saying anything. I wonder if I will try again next year, maybe even quit school.”

Fermi was also a power that Miro couldn’t throw away.

“don’t worry. He’s a kid who never makes a judgment call. Although that’s even more nasty.”

If it was Olga’s son, there would be no problem if he trusted him.

“Hmm, Mirora. where did you hear… … ! What, a maze!”

Foltar shouted, his eyes wide open.

I don’t know anything about the 20 referees, but I couldn’t forget her name, which was reputed to be the world’s best talent.

Foltar, feeling the cognitive dissonance at the sight of Miro inflating her cheeks and bringing her index finger to her, was trembling, but she wrapped her arms around her shoulder.

“I’m in the worst mood, so let’s go get a drink. Of course, as long as the uncle lives.”

“… … Are you really a maze? You don’t look like you’ve aged at all, what the hell have you been doing all this time?”

“Ho-ho-ho! Would you be shocked to hear the story? Enrique, what are you doing? let’s go.”

Enrique, who shook his head and followed him, asked.

“By the way, are you not going to meet Sirone?”

“yes I’m fine.”

Miro looked back as he walked toward the exit of the Colosseum.

“Because we will meet at a higher place.”

Amid endless applause, Sirone held out his hand to Nade.

“Nade, can you stand up?”

Nade chuckled and turned his head.

“it’s okay. don’t think of me as a friend You don’t even deserve it.”

“That said… … .”

That moment when Sirone was about to say something while furrowing her brow.

“you! You’ll have to speak up!”

Iruki ran over and punched Nade in the head.

“ah! Why do you hit me!”

Iruki’s finger came in front of Nade’s eyes as he turned his head.

“Why are you attacking me twice! Is that on purpose?”

Nade, who blinked for a moment, frowned.

“I don’t know! Your face must have called a fist! I’m not in a good mood, but I’m interfering.”

Iruki narrowed her eyes.

“What’s wrong with you? He said he was not interested, but even took the next seat.”

Thinking that he should stop talking, Nade looked back at Sirone.

“Anyway, don’t forgive me. I will be leaving The Three Musketeers from today.”

This time, Sirone hit her head.

“ah! Why, really!”

“Because it’s frustrating! Not fighting is not a friend! Friends are the ones who can fight and reconcile! Don’t you have that much trust?”

Nade, who was staring at me with gritted teeth, lowered his head with a sad expression.

“It’s just that I can’t forgive myself. I don’t know why.”

“It’s important to take life seriously, but… … .”

Iruki put his hand on Nade’s shoulder.

“You don’t have to live seriously, do you? All well done. Just shake it off and leave.”

Do you really deserve it?

At the time of questioning, Sirone held out her hand again and smiled.

“Let’s go eat, Nade.”


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