Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 639

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[639] People leaving (2)

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After the personal greeting, Reina officially joined hands and spoke on behalf of the Ogent family.

“Congratulations, Sirone. I knew you could do it too.”

“thank you.”

Sirone also bowed her head.

Without the support of the Ogent family, it would have been even more difficult to achieve the wizard’s dream.

“Ho-ho-ho! to be thankful Thanks to that, Ogent’s name became known to the world. You can’t pretend you don’t know later.”

“of course. After I graduate, I will go to say hello to the head of the household.”

In any case, since he took the top spot, it was obvious that various organizations would reach out, and wherever he was, he was with Lian.

“Here you are.”

When Iruki’s father Albino approached, Sirone greeted him nervously.

“hello. This is Iruki’s friend, Arian Sirone.”

“Sirone, don’t be too formal. Just think of it as air.”

Iruki became anxious at the albino’s words that he dared to meet Sirone and leave.

“I heard a lot about Iruki. Please take good care of our son in the future.”

“Please. They are friends.”

When the albino held out his hand, Sirone grabbed it.

“It’s not always like that when you go out into society. There could also be diplomatic problems.”

“Ah, but… … .”

“Today is a big slope. Please work hard for the kingdom of Tormia from now on.”

The albino’s words clearly had the intention of incorporating Sirone into their country.

“Why does my father decide other people’s future? It’s Sirone’s life, so let him do it on his own.”

The magic department was in charge of the contract, but as the head of the dragon, such a talented person could not be taken away by another country.

“It’s not even your life. I want to hear what Sirone thinks.”

It was clear that it was difficult to speak openly, but Sirone spoke openly.

“Nothing has been decided yet. I am thinking of making the best choice for me.”

Iruki let out a breath with a relieved expression.

“You thought it would work? Isn’t your hair really rusty?”

‘That’s why you’re still far away, kid.’

Iruki will follow in the footsteps of the albino and enter the dragon mine.

As the brain to oversee the kingdom’s policies, it would be a world of difference whether Sirone was present or not among the horses he could move.

It was the father’s heart that he wanted to put Sirone next to his son in advance.

‘Anyway, if it’s a friend, there’s no need to be too harsh.’

Albino, who had given up his greed, approached Vincent to relieve the stiff atmosphere.

“Congratulations. You raised his son wonderfully.”

When the highest nobility bowed, Vincent did not know what to do.

“no. We didn’t do anything.”

“Of course you would.”


When Vincent looked up, the albino smiled benevolently.

“The best parents are those who trust and watch over their children.”

“Oh, is that so?”

The albino, who had calmed down, turned around and spoke to Sirone.

“Come see me whenever you have a chance. It will be more helpful than your stupid son.”

“yes. thank you.”

Sirone also readily accepted this time.

Iruki, who was following his father as he moved, looked back and asked.

“Are you coming later?”

“Of course I should go. See you at the party.”

The tradition of holding a small party for successful candidates on the night after the graduation exam was the same this year.

“Sirone, when are you going?”

Amy, who had sent her family back, came over.

“Yeah, I have to go now.”

Amy, who passed Sirone right away, bowed her head to Vincent and Olina.

“hello. How have you been?”

“Heh heh, what the heck… … .”

While Vincent covered up the awkwardness caused by the difference in status with a broad smile, Olina took Amy’s hand despite her timidity.

“I had a really hard time.”

“Hehe, there’s also Sirone.”

It was a woman’s instinct, and Reina, who watched it, felt sick to her stomach.

Lian greeted her warmly, as if it was her sister’s feelings.

“Amy, that was really cool.”

“Lia An.”

Lian hugged Amy, who was running fast, and lifted her with force until her shoulder blades were crushed.


Amy, screaming mischievously, stomped her feet and came down when Caden approached.

“Are you going to the party?”

There is no doubt about the joy of passing, but it was heartbreaking to meet those who failed.


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“huh. gotta go Do you want to go too?”

It is manners not to spoil the mood of the successful applicants, but it was the last chance for Caden to confess to Maya.

“no. With what qualifications do I go? I wanted you to give it to me instead. congratulations.”

“If that’s the case, I’d rather go with you. Maya should know enough by now.”

There would be no rush during the graduation exam, but when everything was over and I looked back, there was no way I wouldn’t know that Caden had protected Maya.

“That’s why I don’t want to go. Maya… … I hope you don’t get hurt.”

“Do not get hurt. This is the graduation that Maya desperately wanted. Rather, there are many things I want to say to you.”

Cayden shook his head.

“I want you to forget even that.”

“Anyway, stubbornness.”

Amy, who was on her back, let out a snort.

“What are you going to do next? I hate to say this, but I’m sure you’ll pass next year.”

Because there is no Maya.

The Red Cross will do anything if you don’t want it desperately.

“no. I’ll go back to my family If it wasn’t for Maya, I would have left the school.”

“Hmm, then what are you going to do now?”

“You have to think slowly. and… … .”

Cayden turned to Sirone.

“I have no intention of getting involved in your life, but Maya did her best for you. don’t hurt I won’t forgive her if she makes her cry.”

“You won’t forgive me?”

The last words touched Lian’s heart.

“I can’t accept that. I don’t know the circumstances, but Sirone will take care of it anyway.”

“If you don’t know the situation, get out. What are you?”

Blood rose in Lian’s temples.

“Ogent Lian. It is Sirone’s sword.”

“Sirone’s sword?”

Recalling the oath of knighthood, Cayden finally looked at Lian’s face.

“Ah, Ogent.”

Being from a famous swordsman family, Cayden had heard things before entering magic school.

“I heard that the Ogent family had a blue-haired man who didn’t have this much talent, so it must have been you.”

Even with a brief conversation, Lian realized.

In life, there will always be people you hate for no reason, and this dishonest guy in front of you will become one of them.

Just like his older brother Rai.

“Yes, I am the blue hair. But I guess you don’t know this. That there is no one who did not kneel before those who talked about their talent in front of me. Would you like to kneel here too?”

Caden burst out laughing.

“I believe in the size and play around… … .”

Even if it was Ogent, Cross, the best swordsman family in the kingdom, could not give up on it.

When Cayden applied a light press technique, Rian felt her body grow and widened her eyes.

A chill ran down Cayden’s spine as the technology was destroyed.

‘What is this?’

At the swordsmanship academy, he had encountered countless deaths, but it was the first time he felt his body split in two as vividly as he does now.

‘This guy… … It’s a ghost.’

It seemed as if the lives of the countless people he had cut down so far were being washed away.

‘I’m pretty blunt too.’

Conversely, it meant that he was far away from the battlefield.

‘It’s a sword.’

The time to reach a certain level was not important to the Red Cross, so I didn’t feel particularly nervous.

“Remember, Ogent Lian.”

As Cayden left, Sirone turned to Lian and said.

“We are going to the prom now, Rihanna, would you like to come too? I will also introduce you to my friends.”

“no. Today I’m going to have fun with my school friends. After graduation, come to Ogent’s home. For the time being, my parents will be staying there too.”

The Ogent family was already aware that Sirone’s graduation could bring an external force to the family.

“Ok, thanks.”

Their consideration was warm and their thorough thinking was reassuring.

Amy grabbed Sirone by the arm as Lian took her family to the carriage.

“Let’s go too. You should have fun.”

“Okay, let’s go!”

For the first and last graduation exam, I was thinking of drinking until I was drunk.

until you get really drunk.

* * *

Seven fingers pressed the piano keys with a bang.

Then, a mad melody rushed in, and the performer, Frings, swayed and sang with his eyes wide open.

“Sweet lover! oh! my love!”

Beside him, Fjord was poisoned and playing the violin.

Even the cracking voices and the bizarre cacophony were enjoyable, and a drinking party was held where the successful candidates and their acquaintances gathered.


Sirone, Iruki, and Nade sat down at the table and clashed beer glasses.

They were exhausted from fighting from morning to evening, but their hearts seemed to fly away.

“Big! It’s cool!”

Nade wiped his lips and looked around the party.

“Come to think of it, it looks like Maya isn’t coming.”

Cayden asked Amy to convey the words, but in fact, Sirone had some intuition.

‘Because the goodbyes are over.’

Iruki said.

“The lichen didn’t even come.”

“You must have lost your self-esteem. Because I was completely overwhelmed by Nade, who is of the same type.”

“It may not be the only reason. I thought I would have a big fight with Fermi, but he was unexpectedly cold-hearted.”

“Hmm, since I passed anyway, I guess I won in the end?”

“Not coming to the prom means you’re going to ride the black line. If you look at it like that, there’s nothing good about being entangled with us, right?”

“Well, because my father is a hired killer.”

“Ahahaha! Ahahahaha!”

Then I heard Amy’s laughter from the center of the hall.

“uh? Amy dances.”

A blush bloomed on Amy’s face as she held hands with Seriel and spun around.

“Passed! Wow! Seriel! I passed!”

“congratulations! congratulations!”

The eyes of the three people who had been staring at her in awe slowly turned away from her.

“I must have been drunk. Isn’t it dangerous?”

“What did we not drink? Leave it alone. It’s red-faced, so I’ll take care of it.”

At least today, every action will be innocent.

Meanwhile, Dante is meeting Closer and Sabina outside the party.

“Are you really not going to come?”

“it’s okay. You can’t break tradition. and… … I want to taste it when I’m really happy. I mean next year.”

Dante fully understood that feeling.

“Anyway, I’m sorry it turned out this way.”

Sabina said.

“Those who pass will pass. I feel a little better now.”

Everyone had potential, but the slightest difference made the difference between passing and failing.

Closer asked, turning to Sabina.

“Aren’t you going to see Nade? Or at least ask Dante to deliver the words.”

There was no way she didn’t know her feelings for Nade, but Sabina shook her head again this time.

“no. I can’t go to Nade yet.”

As Nade did in the past, those who stayed in school could not hold back those who went out into society.

“excuse me. I’ll go in.”

At that time, Liz asked for forgiveness from Dante and the others who were blocking the entrance.

“Ah yes.”

It was near midnight, so Dante, who had moved out of the way, stared at Liz.

She was a beauty, and it gave off an air of maturity to be called an acquaintance of a graduate.

“Wow, pretty. Who is your lover?”

Sabina asked, but Dante and Closer didn’t know.

‘Ha, what should I do? Should I just go back?’

Liz’s heart started pounding again as she stepped down the stairs.

‘No matter how you think about it, it’s strange. They’ll see me as a crazy woman.’

What would Nade think if he didn’t even come to the graduation exam and stormed into the party?

However, even after thinking about it for hours after the exam, I couldn’t bear to turn around.

Liz took a deep breath as she heard the grotesque music coming from inside the door.

‘Let’s think again while counting to ten. one. two.’

Just then, the door burst open and Nade, who was looking back, appeared.

“Puhahaha! hey! Anyway, that was too much! huh?”

He was about to go out with his friends to have an affair, when he saw a familiar face somewhere.

‘what? Are you drunk?’

Liz, pale and tired, raised a stiff hand in greeting.

“Oh, hello, Nade?”


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