Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 64

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[64] Invisible (4)

However, even the seniors of Class Two were only supporting actors compared to the recognition of men who had just entered the line.

A handsome man dressed in ready-made clothes and with his hair neatly turned over was looking up at the sky leisurely.

It was Ardino Fermi of Class One.

When Class One, the peak of the magic school, appeared, the atmosphere became solemn.Seriel also realized the seriousness of the situation and whispered.

“Even so, isn’t it strange that you came all the way to Fermi because you didn’t have enough class?”

“I didn’t come here for Shiro’s sake.Do you know what they have in common?”

“Well, I don’t know. It’s hard to get to know him”.

“That’s it,”It’s probably a research group that works in the dark.It’s like a black magisher.Of course, they’re on a different level.”

“Oh, yes, I’ve heard that the Shironet research group is quite notorious, too.But Fermi is very surprising.I don’t know about the others, but he’s popular, right?They’re so kind.”

“That’s why I feel even worse.I always feel like I’m up to something.Let’s ignore it anyway.I don’t think they’re seniors or anything.”

All 30 graduates were competitors.Every year, 10 graduates leave school and are given classes according to their grades in the graduation exam.Therefore, the current students of Class One were not in the top 10 in last year’s graduation exam.

The reason why it cannot be regarded as simply a loser is because it is at the top of the pyramid.In any competition, the higher the rank, the smaller the gap in skills.There is little difference in superiority or inferiority in class one.The condition of the day, the presence or absence of a strategy, concentration and choice will determine graduation and elimination.

None of the students ignored Fermi.Rather, I was surprised that the person who is currently at the forefront of the magic school visited the presentation of Class Five.

Fermi’s appearance spread quickly through word of mouth, and by the time the presentation was approaching, there was a series of lines that would remain full.

At last the entrance was opened, and the students rushed in.The front row was the seats of teachers, and the students filled the seats in the order they came in.Amy, who had been waiting for so long, sat side by side with Seriel near the stage.

“What are you going to show us?”

No matter how much I thought about it, the box office hit was strange.It was extremely rare to come to Class One at the presentation of a high-end class.It’s not just a presentation.Amy waited for Sirone to come out in a tense atmosphere.The fire in the hall went out.

* * *

A ray of light came down in the darkroom.The spotlight swept through the stage and illuminated the boy standing in the center.

“Good morning, gentlemen,”Thank you for coming to the presentation of the Psychic Science Research Council.My name is Ned, and I’m the president of the research group.Today, we would like to introduce the human soul.Now, let’s begin the presentation.”

A round of applause poured of applause.About three seconds after the spotlight was turned off, the stage brightened like dawn, and a bleak mountain scene was revealed behind the stage.

“The children have prepared a lot.”

said Alpeas, with a satisfied look.In general, presentations are evaluated by teachers, but this time Alpeas was also specially visited to examine Sirone’s achievement.

On the other hand, Shina has not yet been impressed.It is a great idea to replace the stage device with an electric tent rather than an artifact, but no matter how cool the technology is, it was a failure for the research presentation.

Ned, who moved to the end of the stage, narrated.

“Five or twenty years ago.Before the establishment of the Alpeas School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it was a small slash-and-burner village.It was a time when people who lost their country in the conquest war wandered.Today, we are going to tell you the story of a woman who escaped the war and entered the town of Hwajeonmin.”

When the dark field passed and the light came on, Iruki, dressed as a soldier, limped onto the stage.

“Oh, oh, oh! I’m hungry…”…I’m hungry… “

Laughter burst out from all over the auditorium.

“Haha! What’s that?”

“Well, Lany,”What kind of play is this?”

Nade supplemented the shortcomings through narration whenever Iruki’s lines were absent.

This is the gist of it.

It was the same with the soldiers who fled in the conquest war.

But they were not alive.

They were demons who wandered around the world deprived of their bodies by evil spirits and came into the Hwajeonmin village after smelling the raw flesh.

As Ruki disappeared behind the stage after showing off the eccentricity of the monkfish, Ned, dressed up as the male protagonist, appeared.

“Ah, my love, Ollia!”Why should a noble lineage like yours suffer in this mountain?If I could, I’d like to sell my soul to regain the glory that was brilliant, but I’m sorry I can’t.”

His vocalization and acting were quite good.However, the children who came because they thought it was a presentation were really confused when they entered the play.Moreover, when Cyrone, dressed as a woman, rushed out to the stage from the other side of Ned, she was stunned.

“Noah! Noah!”


The students burst into laughter, regardless of who they were.Shirone, with her waist-length blond hair, was really like a woman.He tightened his waist to emphasize the line, and even his chest showed what he had put in his clothes.

“Well, Amy,”

The absurd Seriel looked back at Amy.As expected, he was watching the play with a rotten smile.

Since Nade, a commentator, participated as an actor, the two communicated the situation through dialogue.

It was just a plot.

Noah and Olia promised the future under the control of the noble family, but the war caused the family to be scattered and eventually entered Hwajeon Minchon to continue their love.

“I missed you, Olya,”My love. My everything.I love you.”

“I love you, Noah,”

Shirone and Ned looked at each other and hugged each other.The next situation could be predicted by anyone.

The highlight of the play is the kiss scene of a lover.

Of the many audiences, the most excited person was by far Seriel.

“Are you really going to do it?”Huh? Really? What should I do?”

Amy swallowed her saliva, feeling unprecedented tension.I didn’t think men would really kiss each other, but if it was a play, it was a mystery.

As the tension of the audience increased, Cyrone closed his eyes and Ned slowly extended his face.

“Oh my god!”

From behind Ned, Iruki suddenly appeared and bit his neck.When the sound system screamed loudly, the surprised audience screamed.

No one expected Iruki to appear.This is because it is impossible to make such a production with only stage equipment.Shirone wrote the script for these points.He thought he could surprise people with his transparent cloak.As the tension increased, the audience gradually fell into the play.

After knocking down Ned, Iruki pretended to eat the flesh.The sound system mixed the sound of bone crushing, flesh chewing, screaming and screaming.

“No! Noah! Noah!”

When the soldier, who had eaten raw flesh, disappeared, Ollia held Noah in her arms and screamed.The story ran towards tragedy, and half-crazy Olina was pouring out a curse and killed herself with the dagger she had.The students remained silent in a solemn atmosphere at the sight of a man and a woman who died toward each other.

The darkness passed, and Nade, who returned as a commentator, reappeared on the stage.While everyone was waiting for his narration, Olya suddenly got up and burst into a crazy laugh.

“Hahaha! I won’t forgive you.I’ll kill them all.”

Ollina killed people at random before the audience could calm down.Then, with a tearful scream, he disappeared off the stage, and the story ended.

Ned walked up to the center and continued to explain.

“We discovered this story six months ago.Thanks to the old diary I found while tracking the history of the magic school.”

Ned took out a notebook.It was a notebook 520 years ago buried in the soil, but it was actually made in a hurry a few days ago.


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“Our psychological members immediately launched an investigation.Then I realized a shocking secret that no one knew.It’s the fact that the old spirits of that time are still wandering in this school.”

Ring, ring.

The bell rang backstage.The students listened to a familiar sound.It was a bell ringing at midnight.

“Every night at midnight, hungry devils roam about.This is the surest proof of the existence of the soul.”

The children frowned.This was because even after years of attending school, I didn’t even see a suspicious person, let alone a ghost.

“I don’t think you’ve ever seen a ghost.That’s what we did.According to supernatural psychic science, the soul has a property that is visible only to the eyes of the believer.It’s because the mental frequency has to match.That’s why we decided to hold a presentation.Now that you know the history of the original soul, your frequency is set.From today onwards, when the midnight bell rings, you will be able to see ghosts wandering about the nine heavens.”

Ned winked for the last time.

“If you’re lucky,”That’s it for the presentation.”

When Nade greeted and disappeared backstage, silence enveloped the hall.There was no applause, and the atmosphere was cold.

The students shuddered with betrayal and despondency.It’s called a research presentation, but it’s a classic theatrical performance.

“What? Was it just a joke?”I thought you’d show me something great.”

“We’re foolish to expect that.Honestly, how can I prove a ghost?I was completely taken in.Well, I shouldn’t have come.”

“Well, it’s like a five-star restaurant.Shironenny and Rukini have been talking a lot, but they don’t have much substance.Hey, let’s go. I’ve wasted my time.”

The voices of the students were heard here and there.They were studying while saving time to play, so it was a waste of time flying to such a childish presentation.

As the students left one by one, Mark and Maria descended the procession and greeted Amy and Seriel.

“Hello, sir. How are you?”

“Well, it’s been a long time,”

“What did you think about this presentation?”

Mark seems to have been equally absurd.In particular, since he knew Shironet’s genius, it was even harder to accept today’s presentation.

But Amy had nothing in particular to say.There was neither an excuse nor an excuse to pack.All it seemed was to be seen, and the presentation was over.

But Seriel was still on the side of Sirone.

“I’ve prepared something, but I’m afraid it’s a setback.Or time is running out.It’s probably like that.Right, Amy?”

“Anyway, it’s true that you failed.Anyway, I should have guessed from the moment I heard that I was hanging out with strange children.Let’s go now.”

As Amy left first, Seriel pouted his lips.

“Why are you so indifferent to your lover?”

“Ha-ha! That’s Amy’s charm.Perhaps the most upset person now is Amy.”

When I heard what Mark said, I felt sorry for her.

Even after the students left the lecture hall, the teachers were still unable to leave.To be honest, I didn’t even know what to write on the evaluation paper.

“What are you going to do with this?”I’d rather not do anything.’

In particular, the shock she received was enormous.I can’t believe I’m holding such a mischievous presentation in front of the principal, not anyone else.I was so nervous about how to cover up the situation.


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